Paddle Board Deals

Welcome to our long-awaited deals page! This page is constantly updated just about every month and redirects you to the current deals that are available. 

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We may also be able to give you discount codes and coupons to make sure that you save money on a SUP that you can truly enjoy! 

See This Page to see Deals on Used Paddle Boards.

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Atoll Paddle Board Sales

Atolls off-season ISUP Sale is here! Currently, Atoll has a few sales just before black Friday.  Click the Links/ Button below to look at the deals on Atoll’s website. 

  • All 2022 11’ Atoll Paddle Boards 
  • All 2023 11’ Atoll SUPs 
  • All 2023 9’ Atoll Youth SUPs
  • 20% Off all Atoll Accessories
  • Buy 2 Boards Save $100
  • Buy 3 Boards Save $150
  • Buy 4 Boards Save $200

For buying multiple boards use the Promo Code: “BulkDiscount” to save on the purchase price. To read our reviews on the Atoll boards click below. 

Bluefin SUP Sales

Bluefin is one of the bigger SUP manufacturers out there. As a result, they have distribution in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Australia. When you click the link below it will send you directly to the country your browser is set to. The deals will be in your local currency and should reflect similarly to what we have below. 

  • $100 off Bluefin Cruise
  • $100 off Bluefin Aura SUP Yoga board
  • $100 off Bluefin Cruise Junior
  • $100 off Bluefin Sprint
  • $100 off Bluefin Cruise Tandem 15’ (Rated Best Tandem Board)
  • $100 off Bluefin Voyager
  • $150 off Bluefin Cruise 12’ + SUP Package
  • $150 off Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10’8 SUP Package
  • $150 off Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12’ SUP Package


Bote Aero HD

When you first sign up to the website and subscribe to their newsletter you get 10% off of your first purchase. 

  • 25% Off Breeze Aero 11’6” Native Eclipse,
  • 25% Off Breeze Aero Native Eclipse
  • 25% Off Breeze Aero Classic Teak
  • 20% Off HD Aero 11’6” Bug Slinger
  • 20% Off HD Aero 11’6” Bug Slinger Package
  • 20% Off HD Aero 11’6” Classic Cypress 
  • 20% Off Breeze Aero 10’8” and 11’6” Packages
  • 15% Off Wulf Aero
  • 15% Off Breeze Aero 10’8” models (Other than above)
  • 15% Off HD Aero 11’6” (Other than above)
  • 15% Off HD Aero 12’4”
  • 15% Off Flood Aero 11
  • 15% Off Rackham Aero 12’4”
  • 15% Off Flow Aero 8” (Kids)
  • 15% Off Rackham Aero 11’
  • 15% Off Rackham Aero
See Deals

Click the button above to see BOTE’s deals. We use the Button because BOTE classifies each variety of product differently so it’s best just to see what variety you like for yourself. 

Gili Paddle Board Discounts

Gili currently has a sale on top of the already discounted prices where if you buy a paddle board you get a Free Electric Pump! This is a limited-time offer. 

To read our Gili Paddle Board Reviews click here. 

iRocker Paddle Board Sales

iRocker has some early Black Friday Deals to be had. To make this easier I will be joining the deals below based on brand. iRocker has distribution and sales channels in Canada, the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe so if you click the button you will be brought to your home distribution center where you can take advantage of some of iRocker Deals

  • Up to 50% Off on iRocker Ultra Boards
  • 75% Off All Accessories and Gear
  • Save $25 on Apparel over $100

Click here to see our iRocker Paddle Board Reviews

Nautical Sales

Below are some of the discounts on Nautical Boards

  • 20% Off Nautical Kids SUPs
  • 50% Off Nautical SUPs

Click Here to see iRocker Nautical Reviews

Blackfin Sales

Interestingly enough, the Blackfin Ultra CX has remained the same price. But if you are looking for a hardboard you are in luck! The Blackfin SX Hardboards are on sale!

  • 50% Off Blackfin SX Hardboards

Click here to see our Blackfin Reviews.

Isle Surf and SUP Sales

Isle has a flash sale Friday where a few of their items are on sale. Isle has distribution centers in the United States, the UK as well as Europe. 

  • $400 off Megalodon SUPs
  • $300 off Isle Pioneer
  • $200 off Isle Explorer 2.0 and Sportsman and Grom inflatable paddle board
  • Free E-Pump with purchase of Switch Kayak + SUP Hybrid

Nixy Sports Deals

Nixy has some pretty good sales on all of their boards. Nixy now ships their SUPs to Canada as well. 

  • $300 Off Nixy Newport, Venice Cruiser and Tahoe
  • $230 Off Nixy Huntington Compact
  • $200 Off Nixy Monterey, Manhattan and Manhattan Plus
  • $130 Off Huntington G4 Compact Paddle Board

Click Here to see Nixy Paddle Board Reviews

Red Paddle Deals

Red Paddle is one of the premier SUPs in the industry with inhouse designs. They have distribution and sales channels in Canada, United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, France and Germany. 

Red Paddle has an Outlet that currently has 20% off its clothing. 

Sea Eagle Sales

Sea Eagle is not a company that we talk a ton about on this site but their SUPs are strong and they have some of the best packaging deals I have seen. You can purchase the SUP you want based on what kind of accessories you want to add.

  • Sea Eagle has a sale up to October 31st on its Needle Nose SUPs (NN126, NN14) and their Longboard (LB 11) 

Thursosurf SUP Sales

Also known as the SUPs with the classic wood finish that mistakes them for hardboards. Thursosurf has distribution in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Europe

  • $200 off WaterWalker 120, Expedition 150, Max Multi-Purpose SUP
  • $180 off Expedition 13B
  • $150 ogf Waterwalker 126, Tranquility Yoga SUP, Prodigy Junior SUP
  • $50 off Adept Youth SUP

Other Deals

Below are some other deals on SUPs from E-commerce stores.


We are not going to disclose a complete list of deals here because, well there are just way too many. But we can direct you to the deals page! We generally don’t recommend anything under $300 regular price here unless you are using it for limited use. 

Greenwater Sports

Greenwater Sports is a great retail outlet that sells premium inflatable paddle board brands. 

  • Save $200 – 440 On Red Paddle SUPs
  • Save $120 – 266 on SIC Sups
  • Save $57 – 107 on Fanatic SUPs
  • Save $70 – 80 on Tahe Beach SUPs
  • Save $110 -$116 on Starboard SUPs


Below are some deals from REI

  • 15% Off select paddles and PFDs
  • 20% Off Red Paddle SUPs (Voyager, Ride, Sport, Compact, Activ)


Below are some common FAQs we get about Paddle Board Deals and Prices. 

When is the Best Time to Buy an Inflatable Paddle Board? 

The best time to buy an inflatable SUP is in the fall period. Especially just before Black Friday/ Cyber Monday is when you will typically get the best deals

If you are reading this in the Spring/ Summer don’t fret! Often times SUP manufacturers will have some sales that go on. Specifically, around the 4th of July and March break time. 

What is a Good Price for a Paddle Board? 

A good paddle board from a respectable brand that features a good warranty will cost you around $600 and up. As you go up in price the materials in these boards improve which makes the boards last longer. 

In the fall you can get them for as low as $400 as manufacturer shift their attention to next years models. 

Why Are Inflatable Paddle Boards So Expensive? 

Inflatable paddle boards are expensive because of the materials, the labor, and the technology that goes into these boards. The higher the cost of the paddle board the more innovations are put into this board to make sure it’s a high-quality product. 

Are Cheap Paddle Boards Worth It? 

Cheap Paddle Boards that cost below $350 and below are not worth it because they skimp out on quality materials. This gives them worse on-water performance coupled with worse durability. 

With these boards, you never know when a seam may burst which makes it feel like you are playing paddling roulette. Buyer Beware. 

When looking for a paddle board, look for a board that has a good brand name that’s been around at least 5 years and a 2-year and above warranty against manufacturing defects.