Best Giant Paddle Boards

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Looking to take a giant paddle board out with some friends and explore some of your local waterways but want a quality board?

We’ve done the research on the best multi-person paddle boards that you and your friends/family can hop on and paddle off on. 

We will inform you about what we believe the top boards are and lay out a full guide as to the things you need to look for and why they are so important. 

If you are looking for a guide on 2 person paddle boards click here. 

Best Giant Paddle Boards List

Below are our picks for the best giant paddle boards. We don’t search on Amazon and give you picks but rather, put extensive research into our picks and choose manufacturers who have a high construction and customer satisfaction pedigree

Top Giant Paddle Boards

1. Gili Manta Ray (Editors Choice)


12’ Manta Ray12’ X 45” X 8”35 Lbs725 LbsMilitary Strength PVC, Dual Chamber
15’ Manta Ray15’ X 56” X 8”52 Lbs1150 LbsMilitary Strength PVC, Dual Chamber

Why Is It a Good Multi-Person Pick?

The Gili Mantra Ray is a great pick because this SUP comes with all the features you would expect from a Gili board. Things like action mounts, Scotty mounts, and 5 rows of bungee deck webbing transform this board into a great family or party platform with increased activity possibilities

The Manta Ray, like the Megalodon, comes in the 12’ and 15’ ranges which give you the flexibility to choose the size for the right amount of people. Another noteworthy feature is the fact that this SUP actually comes with 4 5” side fins! We will explain more about what this means for on-water performance below. 

On-Water Performance

If you were to compare the performance of the Megalodon versus the Gili Manta-Ray SUPs. The Manta Ray would have an edge on tracking thanks to its 5” detachable fins. In my testing I do see a significant difference between Multi-person SUPs that have glued-on shorter side fins vs detachable 5” fins which are larger. One thing to note though, is that larger fins mean more resistance in the water which detracts from your speed. 

Gili Manta Ray 12’: Like the Megalodon models, this board will be the easiest to maneuver and steer. The good thing with the clip-on fins is that you can adjust the fin setup to your crew’s exact liking to get the right balance between tracking and maneuverability. For more tracking add more fins, for more maneuverability take some off!

Gili Manta Ray 15’: The maximum rated weight capacity of 1150 lbs the Gili Manta Ray makes this the more stable board but also the one that will take more effort to go due to the 17 lb higher board weight. To paddle this behemoth I recommend that you have at least 4 paddlers a side to get the board moving. Like the Manta Ray 12, you can also adjust the fin setups with this. 

Board Features and Design

What I really appreciate about this board is the fact that they added all the bells and whistles like they have done with their premium all around SUPs. Harry wants to go fishing? Add a rod holder to the Scotty mount or action mount. Jenny wants something to keep her drink in place. Add a cup holder to your SUP to avoid that refreshment from rolling off the side!

Want to document the entire journey? Add an action camera mount to the front of the board to record and let the good times roll! 

What I also really like about this package is the amble bungee deck webbing, D rings as well as paddle holders on each side which really helps you transform this SUP into just about anything. The bungees are even big enough to hold a hard cooler. 


  • The folks at Gili thought of almost everything when it comes to this SUP
  • Lots of action mounts, Scotty mounts to put add-on accessories to make your trip even more enjoyable
  • I like the fact that the fins are detachable which allows you to adjust how well the board tracks or maneuvers
  • One of the better tracking giants SUPs out there with a wide width range
  • Lots of D rings to add coolers or strap on whatever you need


  • We do wish there were more colors with this SUP
  • The board is pretty wide which will create more drag in the water

2. Isle Megalodon (Still Water Pick)


Isle Megalodon 12’12’ X 45” X 8”34 Lbs650 LbsMilitary Strength PVC, Dual Chamber
Isle Megalodon 15’15’ X 56” X 8”50 Lbs1050 LbsMilitary Strength PVC, Dual Chamber

Why Is It a Good Multi-Person Pick?

The Isle Megalodon is a great pick due to the variety the manufacturer has available. You can choose between the 12’ or 15 picks depending on how many people you want on the board. The 12’ can hold about 2- 4 people while the 15’ can hold up to 6 adults depending on the sizes and weights of the individuals. 

The deck pad is a nice addition as it has a smooth embossed deck pad in the front followed by a diamond-grooved deck pad at the rear for more traction on a slightly less stable area of the board. With a 45” width on the 12’ and a 56” width on the 15 foot the Megalodon will be about as steady of a board as you need to go for a paddle with friends and family. 

On-Water Performance

The On-water performance of the Isle Megalodon will ultimately depend on the size of the board that you choose. 

Isle Megalodon 12’: This board will be easier to paddle, easier to maneuver, and easier to track because of the decreased dimensions compared to the 15’ Megalodon. Fewer paddlers on the board complicate things a bit less. This board is also 16 lbs less in weight which will make simple maneuvers like turning around or paddling on one side easier compared to the 15’. 

Isle Megalodon 15’: This will be the harder board to get going and maneuver. I would only get this board if you were sure that at least 4 other paddlers were going with you. Because of its large shape and weight, I would avoid going in tidal conditions with this SUP as it will be a pain to paddle going against the tide. Check your tide tables folks! 

Overall if I did have one thing I would add to the Megalodon it would be having proper clip-on 5” side fins. In my previous testing with other boards plastic side fins add very little to the on-water performance of the board because they are so short. Even if you added 2 side fins I believe the tracking on these boards will be greatly improved.

Board Features and Design

The Megalodon is relatively simple in design but unlike most other all-around SUPs it has an 8” width on both the 12’ and 15’ versions. In our testing 8” boards have added rigidity and strength which allows them to take on more people. 

The Megalodon series features 9 grab handles. There are 3 located on the front of the board, 3 in the middle, and 3 towards the rear of the board. This gives you plenty of options when you and your friends need to carry a 34 or 50 lb SUP to the water without having to struggle too much. 


  • You get two choices of boards based on the number of people you want onboard
  • The dimensions will make this board feel very stable in the water for multiple paddlers
  • The 8” thickness helps add extra rigidity to the board
  • The handle placements are in good areas


  • Boards do not come with the bag
  • I do wish the added 5” side fins on the board to help the board track better

3. Bluefin Mammoth (High Capacity Pick)


  • Dimensions: 18’ x 60” X 8”
  • Weight: 79 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 1102
  • Materials: 1000 denier PVC, Pro Weave Drop Stitch

Why Is It a Good Multi-Person Pick?

The Bluefin Mammoth is a board that can hold a lot of paddlers on it thanks to its astonishing 60” width and 8” thickness. The board is also 18’ long, making it the most stable board on the list thanks to these enlarged dimensions. This also means that it is advertised to hold up to 10 people making it a great family or party SUP.

In an ideal world this would be a SUP you would use to cruise the lake with some friends. The Bluefin Mammoth comes with a carry bag, 5 fins, a dual-chambered pump, and a waterproof phone case.

On-Water Performance

The Mammoth will be one of the best tracking giant SUPs on this list for a few reasons. The board has an 18’ length which gives the board a longer profile. On top of that the board features 5 full-sized 9” dolphin fins. This allows the board to keep a straighter track to offset the 60” width that this board has. 

We would recommend that at least 4 people use this board at a time as the board weighs 79.3 lbs which is by far the heaviest weight on the list. This will make paddling and getting up to speed a bit harder but as they say in Letterkenny, “More hands equals less work”.

The heavier weight along with the 5 center fins will also make this board a lot harder to maneuver. Thankfully the fins are clip-on so you can remove some fins you see fit to improve the maneuverability of the board. 

Board Features and Design

The Bluefin Mammoth features a composite drop stitch construction with a 7.8-inch thickness to make the board extra rigid while hauling all that weight. One of the things I do appreciate about this board is the fact that it has a large deck pad that takes up about 3/4s of the board

All of the add-on accessories are on the edge of the board which I feel is a good touch. This makes the deck pad clutter free and keeps a large number of people from tripping up on mounts and bungees. Speaking of bungees the Mammoth only has one area of bungee deck webbing. Interestingly enough,  the bungees are shaped in a pentagon-like formation which gives you more surface area to store all of your gear up front. 

As with the Gili Manta, the Bluefin Mammoth features an array of D rings, handles, and action camera mounts on the board to help make things easier for folks. There are 13 well places handles throughout the board which at least a few people will need to carry this SUP to the shoreline. 


  • A big deck pad free of clutter is good for multiple paddlers to keep from tripping
  • The board has well-placed handles to allow you to pick up the SUP with multiple people
  • The five 9” fins allow the board to track well for a behemoth board


  • This board is very heavy to carry and will take up a good amount of space
  • You need at least 4 people on this board to properly maneuver it around
  • The board package does not come with paddles
  • Construction does not need to be so heavy

Multi-Person SUP FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions we get about giant SUPs. 

How Much Are Giant Paddle Boards?

Giant paddle boards will start in the early $1000 price range normally and can go up based on the quality construction of the boards as well as the quality of accessories you have. 

Are Bigger Paddle Boards Easier To Paddle?

While it will be easier to stand on giant SUPs, they are by no means easier to paddle. It takes the effort of at least two people to maneuver and properly paddle a giant SUP as well as some coordination/ organization to properly get the board moving properly. 

Giant paddle boards should be saved for 2-10 passengers and not for a solo paddler as it’s dimensions make the board tricky to properly maneuver and tackle elements like wind and waves

Is A Thicker Giant Paddle Board Better? 

Yes, 8” thick SUPs will have more rigidity compared to 6” giant SUPs. Paddle boards that are 6” may be good for one or two paddlers but they should be left to all around boards. 

Paddle Boards that are 8” will be able to hold more weight due to their constructions and added materials such as more drop stitches and thicker layers of PVC involved. 

How Many People Can A Giant Paddle Board Support?

On average a giant paddle board can hold up to 3-6 people but this is all dependent on the board’s size and dimensions. The bigger the length and the width of the board the more people it can hold. 

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