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In this Body Glove Performer 11 Review we will be going through all things good and bad as we go over one of the most commonly seen paddle boards in North America. 

Chances are if you are researching this board you have heard just about everything. I know this because we did a lot of research on this board which provided a treasure trove of responses with different people. 

Both staff members at Inflatable SUP Authority have tested this board with Zia having paddled multiple generations of Body Glove Performer boards

Hop along with us as we discuss the entire package that comes with the board as well as an in-depth look at its on-water performance, the board’s features and how we feel about it. 

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What Did We Think of the Performer 11?

This is the 2022 version with the 3 permanent fins.

Having put this board to the test side by side with the Nixy Monterey and the Gili Meno 11’6” we found that value-wise this board is great for getting beginners onto the water and boasts a good level of stability and maneuverability. Some of the things the board could improve on are its tracking ability and the board’s overall speed. 

From an onboard features and accessory point of view this board rates above average with boards of similar price points. Things such as electric pumps and patented handle drink holders scored well while things like the quality of the paddle and bag could use some improvements. 

We go through all of this more in-depth below. 

Body Glove Performer 11 Paddle Board Review Ratings

Below is how we ranked the Body Glover Performer 11. All the scores are the averages of each rating category. Click the links below to jump to each section!

Total Score: 7.5/10 (Average of Below Accumulated Scores)

What We Liked About the Performer 11

  • The Performer 11 Can be found at a good price point: Can be found for a cheap price in Costco. Especially in the offseason. 
  • It is a good starter board: The Body Glove 11 Performer is a great pick for those who want to try out stand-up paddle boarding thanks to its affordable price and fairly stable design.
  • Stable for Beginners: With this board it will take the average paddler 1-2 sessions before they can fully stand on this board. While it’s not the most stable board in the history of stand-up paddle boarding it does boast a 34” inch width that makes a more stable platform for beginners to feel comfortable standing up on.
  • Comes with an electric pump!: The Body Glove Performer 11 now comes with an electric pump so you don’t have to buy one once you realize a manual one is a pain in the a** ! Not only do electric pumps save you back-breaking effort but they also give you more set-up time while the board is being pumped up.
  • Maneuvers well for an 11’ SUP: The One fin now provided with 2023 and beyond Body Glove Performer 11 boards makes the board feel more maneuverable compared to SUPs that have a 2+1 longer center fin set-up.
  • Comes with Everything Needed to Get Started: Just set the board up, inflate and you will be able to hit the water in no time. Just make sure you get a PFD!

What We Didn’t Like About the Performer 11

  • Just Okay Tracking Ability: When we did a head-to-head paddle with this board compared to the Nixy Monterey and the Gili Meno 11’6”, one of the noticeable differences was that the tail of the Performer wagged more which means you could only do a few paddles each side before alternating to keep a straight course. 
  • No Clearly Stated Warranty Policy: While I have stumbled upon a previous model’s warranty policy being 1 year. There is nowhere on the current Body Glove site that talks about a warranty policy for their inflatable paddle boards.
  • Permanent Fins on Older Models: Thankfully the 2023 Body Glove model rectified it but in previous models, The Performer 11 would have 3 permanent fins which would just take up space in the rolling process. Making the board harder to fit back into the bag. 

Who Should Be Using the Body Glove Performer 11?

Paddling the 2023 Performer 11 against the Meno 11’6″ SUP in West Kelowna

The good news is that this board is built for most paddlers who are starting out or have a bit of a background in paddle boarding. While it is tempting to think of this board as a “touring board” due to its pointed nose it’s simply not meant for that purpose.

The width of the board is too wide and the width of the tail is too wide to be classified as a true touring board. The board also has a bit of bend to it which also slows it down a little bit. 

For a recreational paddler, these make little difference. Especially if you are only out paddling for an hour or two. Which I feel this board is best suited for. 

What SUP Activities Can the Body Glover Performer be used for?

Below are some uses that you can use the Performer 11 for…

Recreational Paddling

Taking the Body Glove Performer out for a light paddle

We already mentioned this above but where can you take this board? Being one of the most popular boards around, I’ve seen this board in coastal conditions, lakes and bigger slow-moving rivers. 

The board can be suitable for both paddlers young and old although it will be a bit better suited for paddlers that are a bit taller like in the 5’9” and up range. Traditionally eleven foot boards can be a bit more challenging to maneuver. Although the Performer 11’s fin setup does give the board more maneuverability compared to most 11’ boards. More on that below. 

Light Touring

Is this my number 1 candidate for day touring past a few hours? Simply put… No. But that doesn’t mean this board can’t do it. This board will require switching sides more often compared to paddle boards with the typical 2 +1 9” center fin set-up. 

Paddling With a Small Passenger

The Performer 11 can be paddled with a small to medium-sized dog or a small child. Although it would not be my number 1 pick for this purpose. The board’s nose is pointed which can make the small passenger in the front feel a bit less stable. 

When looking for a paddle board for a smaller passenger you want a board that is wide but does not aggressively taper at the nose. An example of this would be the iRocker Nautical 11’6” which is still within a similar price point. 

Body Glove Performer 11 On-Water Performance

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Total On-Water Score7.758.0
Stability Score8 /108.3
Tracking Score7 /107.8
Speed Score7.5 /107.7
Manueverability Score8.5 /108.1
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

On-Water Performance Score: 7.75/10 

Having tested the 2023 version of this board directly against the Nixy Monterey and Gili Meno 11’6” here are some of our thoughts on the performance of the board.

Performer 11 Stability

I felt the Performer 11 did a fairly good job at being an overall stable platform. Especially upon our first impressions of standing.

However, comparing it to the 35” wide Meno 11’6”. It was noticeably more bouncy in the water which meant you could feel the ripples of the waves coming through the board rather than the board simply running across it. 

But when compared to the Monterey, the Performer 11 did feel a tad bit more steady. This is because the Monterey has a skinny nose and tail while the Performer 11 has a skinny nose but a wider tail. Giving the board a wider more stable base to stand on. 

Smaller-framed folks will have an easier time standing on the board simply because of physics. 

  • Small person on 11 ft board = More stability
  • Larger person on 11 ft board = Less stability

Performer 11 Tracking 

I feel like this was one of the areas in On-Water performance that hurt the Body Glove Performer 11 the most. Compared to the 2+1 fin set-up of the Monterey and Gili Meno 11’6” you could noticeably tell that you had to do more correcting on the Performer 11 to stay course. 

Tracking FactorPaddle StrokesAverage Paddle Strokes (All Around)
Paddle Strokes
To Keep Straight Course
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

The Performer managed to get 3-4 strokes per side before you had to change course to stay in a straight line. While the Meno 11’6” and Nixy Monterey only needed around 6-8 strokes a side depending on wind conditions, waves etc.

Editors Notes

Performer 11 Speed

The Performer 11 offers okay speed but the main thing that gets in the way is the board’s tracking ability. Because you get about 3-4 strokes before you correct it does slow the board’s momentum down a bit. 

On top of that the board’s 34” width and wider tail also increase the drag. When completing the speed tests against the 3 boards, we found that the Monterey was the fastest, then the Meno 11’6”, and finally the Performer 11

A lot of this was down to tracking but another part had to do with the stiffness of the board. The Performer 11 featured more bend compared to the other two boards which also hampers the hydrodynamic profile of the board by a slight margin. 

As mentioned above just because a paddle board has a “pointy nose” does not always make it a touring board.

Editors Notes

Performer 11 Maneuverability

On-board shot on the Body Glove Perfomer 11
Paddle StrokesAverage Paddle Strokes (All Around SUP’s)
Paddle Strokes for Reverse Sweep Stroke44.2
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

This is one of the areas that the Performer 11 pleasantly surprised. For an 11’ board, I felt that it maneuvered quite well, especially compared to the aforementioned Meno 11’6 and Monterey. This is primarily due to the single slide-in fin and the wider width of the board

The 2023 Performer 11 features one slide in fin which replaces the 3 equal-sized permanent fins. The lack of an elongated fin gives the board more maneuverability and less tracking ability. This is good if you are in environments that require more turning such as mangroves, smaller bays, or rivers. 

Another factor that helps this is the board has more of a “U” banana type of bend which means more of the board is out of the water compared to other all-around paddle boards.  

Body Glove Performer Stats Deconstructed

  • Type of Board: Recreational
  • Length: 11’
  • Width: 34″
  • Thickness: 5.4″
  • Weight: 24 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 320 Lbs
Rating FactorScoreAverage Score (All Around)
Construction Score78.3
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

The Body Glover Performer’s current 2023 board offers a a 3 layer PVC construction as well as 3 layer side walls and stringers to try to keep the rigidity of the board. Triple layer PVC construction is starting to become the standard for cheaper entry level boards. 

So while this is not my personally preferred material it can be durable as long as you take proper care if it. This means rinsing the board off of any ocean water or dirty lake water before packing it away for a significant amount of time. Also leaving the board out of direct sunlight for an extended period of time will directly help the board’s life expectancy. 

Keep in mind manufacturer warranties do NOT cover damage from external items” 

Editors Notes

One of the features I do like is the fact that the board has a rubber landing strip on the bottom of the nose to protect the materials from scrapes when breaching the board on land. Less scrapes = a longer-lasting paddle board plain and simple. 

Body Glove Performer 11 Board Profile

The Performer 11 features a pointed nose and a wide tail to try to give it that mix of touring and stability. I personally feel there are better boards out there that achieve this balance but the price tag of those will undoubtedly be more. 

While the shape has stayed the same over the years the on-board features have changed a bit. 

What On Deck on The Body Glove Performer 11?

The Body Glover Performer has featured a few new additions for 2023 while keeping a lot of the older ones that have gone through generations of boards dating back to 2017. 

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Board Features Score7.7 /108.1
Deck Pad Score8 /108.3
D-Rings Score6.5 /108
Deck Webbing Score8 /108.1
Handle Score9 /108.2
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

Below is what is included on the deck. 

Performer 11 Deckpad

The deckpad takes up about ⅔’ s of the overall surface of the paddle board which is about average of many all-around boards. The 2023 version has gone from a diamond-grooved deck padding like in previous years to a smooth EVA embossed deck pad

We personally prefer diamond grooved deck padding, specifically in the back when you want to add extra grip doing more advanced maneuvers like pivot turns. Pivot turns are when you are standing on the tail of the board and using your paddle to make a circle shape around the board. Having extra grip while doing this is a whole lot more helpful.

Having said this the 2022 and onward models do feature divots engraved in the board that show you where to position your feet and give you more grip when standing up and trying some super cool maneuver.

Performer 11 D- Rings

The board features 12 total D rings 10 of which are used by front and rear deck bungees. We’ll get to that in a second. 

The board offers two free D rings towards the back of the deck pad which you can use to mount coolers or perhaps even a kayak seat that has 2 attachment points. This gives the paddle board an extra level of customization which is a bonus for a SUP in its price range. 

Performer 11 Deck Bungees

New for 2023 is the rear bungee deck webbing. To which we say “Finally!” A lot of entry-level boards like the iRocker Nautical have rear deck bungees and I for one appreciate them. 

I usually like to put things that I don’t use as often on the back of the board. Also, the gear in the rear bungee system tends to not get as wet as the gear in the front bungee system.

The six-deck bungees in the front offer more room for bigger items such as backpacks, dry bags etc

Be warned, despite the board’s increased rocker (amount the board’s nose/ tail points up) your gear will most likely get wet from going over waves, having the paddle hover over when switching sides, etc. This is due the the SUP’s pointy nose which is meant to displace (or cut through) waves as opposed to riding over them. 

Performer 11 Mounts

The Performer 11 features an action camera mount at the front of the board. I personally feel this is the best location for an action mount, especially when taking “selfies” and wanting to get a full shot of both you and the environment you are paddling in.  

There is also a little hook mount for towing which is not something you always see on paddle boards. But I will say I have been towed behind a boat on a paddle board and it is great fun! I just prefer holding onto the wakeboard handle attached to the rope as you get better stability and control while cruising around the lake.

– Editors Notes

Performer 11 Handle

One of my favorite features about this board is the patented handle. The handle can be used as a bottle holder which I believe is one of the best innovations Body Glove has put on their boards

It serves as a much better alternative to keeping those cans or bottles strapped under bungee deck webbing. Only for those cans and bottles to move when the board encounters any sort of movement. 

It’s also easier to reach when squatting down and grabbing the bottle from the handle as opposed to bending down and moving forward and shuffling everything around. 

I do wish that they gave this board more than one handle though. I personally think they should have put a handle at the nose and tail of the board to make it easier to carry with two people. I also like the handles in those areas because its easier to guide the board when it’s in the water. 

Body Glover Performer 11 Accessories Explained

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Accessories Score7.7 /107.9
Backpack Score7 /108.1
Paddle Score7.5 /107.8
Pump Score8 /107.6
Fin Score7.5 /108.1
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

As the Body Glove generations went on, their accessory packages have as a whole improved. The 2023 generation now comes with an aluminum paddle, and electric pump as well as a bag removable fin, coiled leash, cell phone drybag, and repair kit.

Performer 11 Backpack

The bag has evolved its look for the 2023 generation of boards. It’s a basic bag that features 1 main zippered pocket to put the board in as well as a top handle shoulder/ waist/ chest carry straps and some smaller side pockets.

In my mind it’s not the best bag but its also not the worst. There is room for improvement. Off the top of my mind, I would add things such as padded shoulder straps, a front pocket and more padded shoulder straps like the Nautical series has. 

There have also been some reports that smaller paddlers tend to sometimes hit their heads on the bag when it is properly fastened to their backs. 

Performer 11 Aluminum Paddle

The Performer 11 comes with an aluminum shaft paddle which is fairly standard with entry paddle boards but not necessarily my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, aluminum paddles are just fine for recreational paddling for an hour or so. But they are heavier compared to fiberglass and carbon hybrid paddles

You really start to feel the difference when you start paddling over 2 hours + straight. There is little information out there on what material the paddle blade is. Having looked at some of their other Glove kayak paddle models I will be led to believe that the blade is fiberglass reinforced.

Performer 11 Electric Pump

In 2022 Body Glove took some inspiration from iRocker’s Ultra lineup of boards and decided to include an electric pump in their kits along with a manual pump. For 2023 the Performer 11 now just comes with an electric pump. We can only speculate but I feel this was done to reduce the weight of the package and add a tad bit more profit margin. 

I’ve come across people who have had mixed feelings with electric pumps but I personally like them. They take less effort from you all the while giving you time to set up the board or pack away everything in your trunk. 

Performer 11 Fin

New for 2023 Body Glove has finally listened to critics about its permanent fin set-up that have been on the board from its inception and added a middle slide in fin instead. Hurray!

While this drastically improves the folding process of the board I feel like Body Glove could have done a proprietary fin system. Where all 3 fins snap in and out. 

In my experience, slide-in fins can get jammed up, especially when heat expands the plastic. Sometimes you have to use a rubber mallet to get the fin to go in properly. I also noticed that the Performer uses the same style fin as BOTE boards like the HD Aero.

– Editors Notes

These fins have a good amount of surface area to give the board a bit more stability but I feel they are not tall enough. A dolphin fin would help this board track a bit better in my mind. 

Performer 11 Leash

We won’t spend too much time on this one but the leash is comfortable to wear and ideal for most flat water environments. Special note, if you plan to bring this board in faster moving waters like class II or III rapids or some surf, get a straight leash as its less likely to catch onto things below like rocks and vegetation. 

Body Glove Performer 11 Set-Up

Rating FactorScoreAverage Score (All Around)
Construction Score7.7/108.2
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

Setting up the Performer 11 is the easy part

Connect the electric pump to the car turn on the pump and set the PSI to 12-15 PSI and away it goes!  While the pump is doing its thing you can take this time to remove the paper packaging from the board and set it up how you like. 

Whether you want to put cargo in the bungees, screw in your action camera, or just crack open a cold one and listen to tunes the electric pump makes things a breeze (minus the noise pollution and people glaring at you for ruining their peaceful serenity). The main things you have to put on are the leash and the slide-in fin onto the board. 

In our experience, the 2023 Body Glove Performer is a much easier board to set up and put away compared to previous models due to the newly added slide-in fin. 

We found everything fits in the bag if the board is folded tightly and correctly, but it may take you a few tries until you get your perfect fold down

About Body Glove Paddle Boards

Body Glove has been in the inflatable paddle board game since 2016 with the Performer being one of the most popular paddle boards ever being sold. 

A big part of this is their partnership with Costco to which they can sell their boards for a sub $400 price point. Chances are if you are in North America, the most common boards you will see are the multiple generations of Body Glove Performer 11 paddle boards along the waterfront.

Body Glove Warranty

Unfortunately, this is not the easiest information to get a hold of as Body Glove does not specify anything on their warrant sections on inflatable paddle boards. They just have information on warranties for PFD’s and wetsuits. 

Having dug around a bit I have found previous generations of Body Glove manuals stating that the warranty period is 1 year. So we can only assume that has carried over for current years. 

If you buy the Performer 11 from Costco you get the 90-day return policy along with a month off of your Costco membership. 

Where to Buy the Body Glove Performer 11

You can purchase the Body Glove Performer from 3 main platforms. Their website, Costco and Amazon. Most folks buy from Costco because of the benefits of the 90-day return period and the reduced price. 

The absolute best time to buy a Performer 11 is in the off-season which is October – November time. The current year models are priced to clear which means even more savings for you!

Comparable Boards

Below are comparable boards to the Performer 11 that are similar from a price point perspective.

iRocker Nautical 11’6”

While it lacks that pointy nose, the Nautical 11’6” is a good candidate for stability and offers a better package accessory-wise. The board also has more action mounts and can be found at a similar price point. This particular model is best suited for taller folks but there is also a 10’6” version. 

You can see the Full Review on the iRocker Nautical 11’6″ here.

Bote Breeze Aero 11’6”

The Breeze Aero can be had at a slightly higher price point. While the Performer 11 features a Handle holder for drinks, BOTE has the Magnepod which is a magnetic holder that holds magnepod cups. The Breeze also does not include the rear bungee deck webbing area that the new Performer 11s have. 

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