Red Paddle Co Board Reviews

We will be outlining all of the boards as well as accessories under the Red Paddle Co umbrella. We will be reviewing the lines, telling you who it’s for as well as eye-popping innovations that come from them

Red Paddle Co is one of the most innovative brands in the industry and this is all down to one key detail. They design almost all of their products (Including the boards!) in-house. This makes Red Paddle Co one of the most innovative paddle board brands out there as they are always pushing the limits in making changes to their boards and accessories to make them better and better each year. 

Perhaps the biggest thing that new paddlers notice when they look for Red Paddle Co SUPs is the price tag. Are the boards worth the premium price tag? We answer this and more below. 

Red Paddle Co SUP Review Lines

Below are the ranges of the Red Paddle Co Lineup. Red Paddle makes a wide range of different paddle boards for a wide range of purposes. Below we will entail what SUPs will suit you and your environment best. 

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Ride 9’8″9’8” X 31” X 3.93”21.38 Lbs198 LbsRecreational/ Surfing$$$$$$

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Ride 10’6″10’6” X 32” X 4.7”21.89 Lbs220 LbsRecreational$$$$$$$

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Ride 10’8″10’8” X 34” x 4.7”23.1 Lbs265 LbsRecreational$$$$$$$

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Compact 9’6”9’6” X 32” X 4.7″15.95 Lbs209 LbsRecreational$$$$$$$$$$

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Compact 11’11’ X 32” X 4.7″20 Lbs242 LbsRecreational$$$$$$$$$$

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Compact 12′12’ X 32” X 4.7″22.3 Lbs265 LbsRecreational/ Light Touring$$$$$$$$$$$

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Sport 11’11’ X 30” X 4.7″21.34 Lbs198 LbsRecreational/ Light Touring$$$$$$$$$

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Sport 11’3″11’3” X 32” X 4.7”24.9 Lbs242 LbsRecreational/ Light Touring$$$$$$$$$

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Sport 12’6″12’6” X 30” C 5.90”26.12 Lbs265 LbsTouring$$$$$$$$$

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Voyager 12′12’ X 28” X 4.7″26.9 Lbs242 LbsTouring$$$$$$$$

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Voyager 12’6″12’6” X 32” X 5.90”30.35 Lbs330 LbsTouring$$$$$$$$$

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Voyager 13’2”13’2” X 30” C 5.90”30.09 Lbs330 LbsTouring$$$$$$$$$

Jump to
Tandem 15′15’ X 34” X 8”41.56 Lbs700+ LbsRecreational/ Touring$$$$$$$$$$$

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Elite 12’6″12’6” X 28” X 5.90”26 Lbs242.5 LbsRacing$$$$$$$$$

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Elite 14’14’ X 32” X 5.90”26.35 Lbs242.5 LbsRacing$$$$$$$$$

Jump to
Dragon 22′22’ X 34” X 8”TBA4 RidersRacing/ Touring$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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Whip 8’10”8’10” X 29” X 3.93”17 Lbs198 LbsSurfing$$$$$$

Jump to
Activ 10’8″10’8” X 34” X 5.90”24.2 Lbs265 LbsRecreational/Yoga$$$$$$$

Jump to
Wild 11′11’ X 34” X 5.90”27.2 Lbs330 LbsSurfing/ White Water$$$$$$$$

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Snapper 9’4″9’4” X 27” X 4”17.6 Lbs132 LbsKids$$$$$$

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WindSurf 10’7″10’7″ x 33″ x 4.72″24 Lbs265 LbsWindSurfing$$$$$$$$

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$ – $200, We do this as prices fluctuate over time

Red Paddle Ride Range


BoardDimensionsBoard WeightMax CapacityMaterial
Ride 9’8”9’8” X 31” X 3.93”21.38 Lbs198 LbsMSL Fusion
Ride 10’6”10’6” X 32” X 4.7”21.89 Lbs220 LbsMSL Fusion
Red 10’8” 10’8” X 34” C 4.7”23.1 Lbs265 LbsMSL Fusion

Who It’s For

The Ride range is ideal for paddlers who are new to the sport of paddle boarding and want a solid all-around board that will feel stable in the water. The Ride range comes in the 9’8”, 10’6”, and 10’8” ranges. 

The smallest is best for smaller paddlers or those who have a bit of a surfing background and may want to catch a wave or two. The 10’6” is the most popular paddle board in the Red Paddle Line-up and will be a good option for most paddlers. Up to about 243 lbs. 

For those who are bigger or taller, the 10’8” will be ideal as it features a 34” width coupled with an extra 2 inches length making it a more stable pick. 

On-Water Performance

The Ride range will be one of the more stable boards in the Red Paddle line-up. These SUPs are meant as the All-Around range for Red Paddle that allows beginners to paddle in a wide array of different environments. Whether it be yoga, light touring, recreational paddling or even a bit of fishing. The Ride is the Jack of all trades board where it won’t do one thing extraordinarily well but it does have the capability to do many different activities

The 9’8” has a bit more of a pintail that allows you to do a bit of surfing on it. Its recommended for about 209 lbs for stand-up paddling so if you are bigger you can still choose this board, just know that the learning curve may be a bit more difficult in flat water. 

Some SUP activities you can use the Ride 10’6” and the 10’8” include fishing, yoga, or even light touring purposes. One of the things that really help with fishing and particularly yoga is the fact that the board has an expansive deck pad. Meaning you will find grip across a lot o the board giving your grip and confidence to move around as you gain more experience. 

Board Features and Design

The Ride series has a few features that are helpful to have in an all-around SUP. For one it comes with the signature flat straps at the front of the board. These straps are ideal to stow bigger items on the board. New for 2022 is a small loop on the bottom row. This allows you to have a place to put smaller items like a water bottle for instance. 

The Ride series comes with a twin-fin set-up that stays on the board. Red Paddle claims it’s indestructible but we personally would like to see a US fin box on these fins like they do for their more performance-oriented models. This will allows you to control the tracking and maneuverability of the board a bit better as well as give you more fin options.

The series features two texture deck pads which I believe is quite handy to have. The grippier “diamond grooved deck pad is towards the back to help keep gear in place as well as help keep your foot stable while doing step-back turns. The board also features an M6 thread mount that you can mount a go pro on to document your journey located at the front of the board. 


  • One of the more stable boards on the market that are of similar dimensions
  • Board can be used for a wide range of different activities focused on stability
  • Craftsmanship and attention to detail, especially on deck padding are impressive
  • Two textured deck pad is great for those learning more advanced maneuvers like pivot turns
  • The series should fit most body sizes


  • I wish that the fin system would be a US Fin box to add more options for the paddler
  • Board will paddle like an All Around board due to dimensions so there will be some limits in terms of speed or long-distance paddling
  • Does not come with a paddle

Red Paddle Compact Range


BoardDimensionsBoard WeightMax CapacityMaterial
Compact 9’6”9’6” X 32” X 4.715.95 Lbs209 LbsMSL Fusion
Compact 11’11’ X 32” X 4.7”20 Lbs242 LbsMSL Fusion
Compact 12’12’ X 32” C 4.7”22.3 Lbs265 LbsMSL Fusion

Who It’s For

The Compact range is for those who want a lightweight non-intrusive board to go with them. This range of boards can fit into the includes bag which is roughly the size of a school backpack!

The compact range is for a wide range of different paddlers with different builds. In fact, they maintain the same weight limit ranges as the Ride spec paddle boards! Which is a pretty remarkable feat considering these boards fold in half lengthwise! This board comes in 9’6”, 11’, and 12’ lengths.

On-Water Performance

The Compact series offers a wide range of on-water performance depending on the board you select. If you get the 9’6” board you have a board that’s a pretty good pick for surfing and recreational use for a smaller person. 

The 11’ board acts more as an All-Around/ Touring hybrid board in that it’s in the 32” width range but has a bit of length to allow the board to have a bit better tracking. This would be the model for those who want a good mix of stability, maneuverability, and tracking to the board. 

The 12’ Compact is one of the first “touring” compact boards that I’ve come across which makes it an exciting addition for 2022. Its longer length and slightly slimmer profile allow the board to travel longer distances without breaking as much of a sweat as a compact all around SUP. 

Board Features and Design

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the Split deck pad, and offset board features. The deck pad is designed in such a way as to go with the board folding pattern so that the folds in a certain pattern. This is a handy guide as I found with the All Around 11 Ultra board I often had to do and re-do the folds to make the board compact enough. 

For me, the 12’ is the board that has the most note-worthy features due to its long-distance usage. The board features two rows of D rings at the back that will allow you to attach gear to the back of the board while staying balanced. The board also has handles at the sides to quickly pick up for sprints. 

All the Compact models come with twin clip-on fins that are easy and quick to install. The package comes with a 5-piece high modulus carbon paddle, the newly refined Titan II pump, and the Compact backpack with customizable lumbar support for those longer treks to the water. 


  • Backpack takes up little space
  • The new 12’ model opens up a lot of possibilities for those into touring]
  • Made with high-quality in-house tested MSL pact technology
  • Boards can take on a good weight capacity like the Ride Line-up
  • Still features the two textured deck pads


  • Quick-release fins while handy, keep you limited to only Red Paddle Fins
  • 5 Piece paddles typically have more play in them than 3 piece counterparts

Red Paddle Sport Range


BoardDimensionsBoard WeightMax CapacityMaterial
Sport 11’11’ X 30” X 4.721.34 Lbs198 LbsMSL Fusion
Sport 11’3”11’3” X 32” X 4.7”24.9 Lbs242 LbsMSL Fusion
Sport 12’6”12’6” X 30” C 5.90”26.12 Lbs265 LbsMSL Fusion

Who It’s For

The Sport range is best described as a line-up of SUPs for those who want their boards to go just that little bit further and just that little bit farther. This is a range that can be good for paddlers between the beginner stages all the way to the advanced stages of paddle boarding. The Sport range is an ideal lineup to grow with as you gain more confidence in paddle boarding. 

The Sport Range comes in 11’ 11’3” and 12’6” ranges. For those who are still relatively new to paddle boarding but want to grow with the board, we would recommend that 11’3” SUP as it has an “All Around Width” of 32”

Smaller paddlers who have some experience and a bit more tracking and glide performance are recommended to check out the 11’ range. Its recommended capacity is capped off at the 210 lb weight range.

Finally, we have the longer 12’6” which is more of a true touring board for those who want to cover a greater distance with less paddle correction. 

The best way to describe this range of boards is a perfect in-between of an All-Around SUP and a true touring board. Thankfully the learning curve with these SUPs is not too steep which allows you to get into performance paddling almost instantly. You just need to perfect your SUP strokes ;).

On-Water Performance

The Sport series will be a step up from most all-around paddle board makes and models for a few reasons. For one the board’s more narrow and gradual shape allows it to cut through the water better to allow for better tracking and glide. However, it’s not thin enough to be almost impossible for a beginner to ride. As its stability will still be manageable for most new paddlers. 

In fact, many beginners look at the Ride line but decide to upgrade to the Sport due to this line’s higher ceiling. That is, because of the board’s longer length and more slender profile which allows this to be a perfect stand-up paddle board to grow with as you build more blocks in your skill set.  

This SUP can also carry a good amount of gear as well. Although if you were looking to do longer overnight trips I’d look at the Voyager line

Board Features and Design

There are a few things that really make this board a step up from the Ride series design-wise. One of the first things to mention is the fact that this SUP has a US Finbox which allows you to change fins based on your environment. Paddling a big lake? Use a touring fin. Paddling a shallow river? Use a shorter river fin. 

If you look behind the fin box you will find Red Paddle’s “Speed Tail” which is a lip at the back of the SUP that helps add a bit extra glide to the board as you are paddling along. It allows for cleaner water flow while reducing the drag that most SUPs create from their tail.

Finally, the SUP is compatible with Red Paddle’s RSS stiffening system which comes with the board. This further strengthens the rails of the board and allows it to have less bend and flex through the water as you are doing those more vigorous paddle strokes. This in turn gives the board more glide through the water because the flex is reduced. Red paddle estimates by up to 40%.


  • A great board for those who are in paddle boarding for the long run
  • Comes with cleaver patented innovations like the Speed tail and RSS stiffening system
  • The single fin US fin box is the right pick for this board
  • A great board to use for day touring purposes
  • Stable enough to learn on for new paddlers, (especially the 11’3” Sport Model)


  • I would have liked to see the V hull the Voyager uses on this SUP
  • The price is almost the same as a true inflatable touring board

Red Paddle Voyager Range


BoardDimensionsBoard WeightMax CapacityMaterial
Voyager 12’12’ X 28” X 4.726.9 Lbs242 LbsMSL Fusion
Voyager 12’6”12’6” X 32” X 5.90”30.35 Lbs330 LbsMSL Fusion
Voyager 13’2”13’2” X 30” C 5.90”30.09 Lbs330 LbsMSL Fusion

Who It’s For

The Voyager range is Red Paddle’s true touring board that comes in a 12’, 12’6”, and 13’2” spec range. The Voyager range is best meant for folks who have experience in paddle boarding and either want to take the step up in touring or have experience in touring but needed a high-quality inflatable model. 

The 12’ Voyager is meant for smaller paddlers who are up to a maximum of 220 lbs. If you are a medium to larger paddler who wants to bring more gear on the trek then either the 12’6” Voyager or the more performance-oriented 13’2” Voyager boards will be more suited for you. 

On-Water Performance

The Voyager line-up is meant for paddlers who are in the intermediate-advanced level of paddle boarding who want a board that will go that extra bit farther. The longer and sleeker profile of the Voyager allows for the board to paddle longer distances all the while being complimented by the RSS stiffening system that allows you to load the SUP up with more gear. 

The tracking and glide of this board will be one of the best inflatable touring boards in the industry thanks to innovations like the V-hull and the speed tail. 

Stability and maneuverability will be some of the weaker points, especially for beginner paddlers. Not to say it’s impossible (nothing is impossible!) but for brand new paddlers the learning curve on how to stand and maneuver the board properly will take a bit of time to learn.

Board Features and Design

The Voyager has some really good hydrodynamic features that are hard to replicate from other manufacturers. We’ll start with the most note-worthy innovation which is the V-Hull nose. The nose in a few ways reminds me of a kayak’s nose in that it’s pointed and has a keel that runs to just about the middle of the board. 

The V-Hull helps increase the board tracking as the nose is the first point of contact with the upcoming water. It’s also helpful if you put on smaller fins as you have the confidence that the board will still have decent tracking to it. 

Along with the V-hull, this lineup also includes the RSS rails which will help the board’s integrity. Especially if you are loading the board up with a lot of gear for those overnight paddles. 

Besides the classic flat bungee system that Red Paddle incorporates on all of its boards. They also feature 2 to 3 rows of D rings in the back 


  • One of the best inflatable touring boards on the market
  • Has 2 US fin boxes for a dual fin set-up
  • Speed tail and V hull help the board glide better and go faster
  • Lots of room to store overnight items, especially for camping
  • Board is relatively lightweight for its size


  • Won’t be the best board for beginners to start off with
  • Maneuvering this board quickly and decisively will take some more advanced SUP techniques

Red Paddle Elite and Dragon Range


BoardDimensionsBoard WeightMax CapacityMaterial
Elite 12’6”12’6” X 28” X 5.90”26 Lbs242.5 LbsMSL Fusion
Elite 14’14’ X 32” X 5.90”26.35 Lbs242.5 LbsMSL Fusion
Dragon 22’22’ X 34” C 8”TBAUp to 4 RidersMSL Fusion

Who It’s For

The Elite and Dragon range paddle boards are meant for one purpose and one purpose only. SUP Racing! These are the thinnest boards in the Red Paddle line-up that are designed specifically for glide, speed, and tracking ability. 

People who use these boards will either be intermediate looking to get into the SUP racing class or advanced paddlers/ racers who want something more compact as opposed to a 14’ Hardshell racing SUP. 

The 12’6” is meant for the 12’6” racing spec while the 14’ as you would guess is for the 14’ racing spec series in SUP races. The Dragon series is for tandem paddlers of up to 4 people!

On-Water Performance

If you have ever heard of race boards or seen them in action you know that they have superior gliding performance over other specs of SUPs. Because well, that’s what they’re supposed to do! 

In the case of these boards, they will have some of the best innovations and designs for racing because they along with other Red Paddle Co boards are tested at Coastlab at the University of Plymouth. Think of this facility as a wind tunnel for F1 cars. Only it’s a tank of water and the boards are tested to decrease the amount of drag they produce while in the water. 

These boards are then tested by Red Paddle Co’s test team and given direct feedback from experienced SUP racers. 

Board Features and Design

Like the Voyager, the Elite series features the iconic V Hull which is located at the bottom and adds more tracking to the first point of contact, the nose. 

To further the rigidity of the nose, the Elite series featured Forward Flex Control (FFC) which is a rod system that stiffens the front of the paddle board. The front end of the paddle board is the most overlooked but most important section of a SUP. It uses a two-part carbon rod that is clipped into the mounting sections towards the front and keeps it locked in place to combat wake or whatever else you may encounter. 

On top of all this, the Elite also features the RSS stiffening system which is in many of their paddle board line-ups as well as rail raisers on the side to allow you to easily get your board back in control when things get a bit choppy out there.

The board also has a kick pad located towards the rear of the board to help with those quick pivot turns you need to maneuver around buoys. 

Understandably the Dragon series needs to be a bit more simplistic due to the fact that it needs the capability to hold 4 people! One main difference of the Dragon board is the fact that it has multiple valves for quicker inflation and deflation


  • One of the best-performing race boards out there
  • Lots of smart innovations like the Forward Flex Control system
  • V Hull further improves the boards already superior tracking ability
  • Very quick in the water
  • Lots of research and development done for this series


  • Won’t be easy to maneuver or stand on for beginners
  • Setup time will be longer for both the Elite and Dragon series

Red Paddle Whip MSL


  • Dimensions: 8’10” X 29” X 3.93” 
  • Materials: MSL Fusion Technology
  • Weight: 17 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 198 Lbs

Who It’s For

Finally! An inflatable paddle board for surfing purposes! In fact, we actually ranked this as the best inflatable surfing paddle board! The main reason comes down to innovation and attention to detail. I would only buy this board if you are heavily into ocean or white water surfing. 

It’s funny when you look at any Amazon board you will see things like “Good for surfing, touring, recreational” only to try to surf the board and realize that not a lot can be done. Ultimately it’s because the board is 6” thick and has rounded rails which can’t cut into waves. Red Paddle went about this differently thanks to their 3.93” rail. 

On-Water Performance

The metrics we use for this board will be different than others on this list as it’s meant for surfing purposes! Will this board be better than designated hard paddle surfboards? Unfortunately, inflatable SUPs still are not at the same level just yet. But this is a great step in the direction of having a usable and most importantly portable inflatable surf board

This designated inflatable surfboard can do so primarily thanks to its 3.98” rails which allow you to have more control of your board as you are cutting into waves. While this board technically can be designed for some recreational use it won’t be the best choice for that purpose unless you are a smaller paddler.  Take a look at the 9’8 Ride for better recreational paddling and stability in flat water. 

Board Features and Design

Stiffness is the name of the game in SUP surfing. While I can’t ever say that an inflatable paddle board will be stiffer than a hard SUP the Whip comes as close as it needs to. With its MSL fusion process along with its patented RSS battens the WHip holds its composure when being moved around on the surface of the wave. 

One of the other noteworthy features of this board is the wide expansive deck pad. The deck padding takes up 4/5th of the board which allows you to have plenty of grip for whatever sort of surfing fits you and your body type. There is also diamond-grooved deck padding at the back as well as a US fin box that will allow you to play around with different surf fins. 


  • Probably one of the best if not the best choice for inflatable SUP surfing
  • Features a wide deck pad for lots of different footing
  • US fin box allows you to experiment with fins
  • Boards 3.98” width allows you to use the rails better than most inflatable boards


  • Not the best board to be paddling for recreational purposes
  • Board will not be very stable in flat water
  • Due to the dimensions, tracking in flatwater conditions will be restricting

Red Paddle Activ


  • Dimensions: 10’8” X 34” X 5.90” 
  • Materials: MSL Fusion Technology
  • Weight: 24.2 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 265 Lbs

Who It’s For

SUP yoga has been one of the stand-up paddle boarding crazes that have received more and more momentum. In fact, most SUP manufacturers have a designated yoga board now and Red Paddle Co is no different. The Activ MSL inflatable yoga board offers one feature that many SUP Yogis want the most. A massive expansive deck pad to perform many different positions. 

The Active is also a good pick for recreational paddling thanks to its steady 34” width. It’s a great board to start off with as well as it can double as a recreational SUP and a board to do your fitness/ yoga practice on!

On-Water Performance

The Activ will be one of Red Paddle’s most stable boards thanks to its SUP yoga designation. Its 10’8” platform allows it to be stable for most sized beginners as well as intermediate paddlers. 

The board will track much like many other wider all around boards and can be used for day paddling in most reasonable conditions like lakes, calm coastal waters, or bigger rivers. In fact the board has a lot of similarities to the 10’8” Ride paddle board but it’s thicker and has more volume to it

Board Features and Design

The biggest thing that SUP Yogis will care about is the large area that the deck pad covers. This SUP’s deck pad is also two-textured. Meaning like most Red Paddle boards there’s a flat deck pad with little gloves on the front and middle of the board and diamond-grooved padding in the back for more advanced maneuvers like pivot turns. This is also a massively underrated pick for dogs to use thanks to the expansive deck and the board’s stability

The only thing that I wish this SUP would have was at least a few D rings so that you can have the option to store smaller things with you like water bottles etc. With this SUP you can’t really bring too much gear with you. 


  • Large expansive deck pad
  • Board is thick which gives you more clearance from the water
  • Underrated pick for dogs
  • Good for paddlers of most sizes


  • No bungees so you can’t carry anything significant with you
  • May be more than you want to spend for a yoga board
  • No real Red Paddle Innovations like in other lineups

Red Paddle Wild SUP


  • Dimensions: 11’ X 34” X 5.90” 
  • Materials: MSL Fusion Technology
  • Weight: 27.2 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 330 Lbs

Who It’s For

For those into White Water Paddling, this is a great SUP to jump on and get surfing. In a way, it’s Red Paddle’s response to Hala’s white water paddle board lineup. This board is ideal for those who have some experience in river/ white water paddling thanks to its pointed tail. 

On-Water Performance

The WIld is meant to be a nimble board to dive in and out of foaming white water rapids. Its 34” width allows it to be stable enough to have some confidence to be able to keep your footing while diving in and out of those foamy rapids. 

The Wild features an uplifted nose rocker which allows the board to go over rapids without stomping down into the water. You can also paddle this SUP in calm water conditions as its dimensions mimic more stable flatwater SUPs. 

Board Features and Design

Probably one of the first things that white water enthusiasts would want to know about is the fin setup. In this case, the Wild MSL board features a tri-fin setup where the middle is US fin box spec and the supporting fins are Red Paddles two-click fin system. 

Like many other Red Paddle SUPs, this board features a two-textured deck pad with smooth grippy textured in the middle of the board and diamond-grooved padding in the back. For more grip when you have to step back to do some quick pivot turns. 


  • All fins are removable for customization
  • Deck pad design is handy for white water purposes
  • A specialty designed and tested by pro white water paddlers
  • Board can be used in flat water conditions as well


  • Board used to come in a shorter size but that was discontinued
  • Hala has more innovations when it comes to White Water SUP like the stomp Finbox

Red Paddle Snapper MSL


  • Dimensions: 9’4” X 27” X4” 
  • Materials: MSL Fusion Technology
  • Weight: 17.6 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 132 Lbs

Who It’s For

The Red Paddle Snapper is meant specifically for kids! In Fact, it was ranked #3 in our best Kids SUPs list labeled as the premium pick. There are a few kids SUPs that will be made as well as the Snapper as the board comes with Red Paddles patented in-house MSL fusion technology and Red Paddle’s rigorous testing and in-house development. 

The Snapper is designed for kids who would be around the ages of 5 to 11 years old due to its lighter maximum capacity. The board is also almost an inch thinner than the bigger Adult Ride SUPs which keeps it from having bigger/ taller teens have a comfortable ride on it. 

On-Water Performance

Where this SUP will shine is maneuverability. Its 9’4” length allows you to maneuver the board with much less effort compared to 10 – 11 foot SUPs. Its stability is good for smaller riders or more experienced riders who have an intermediate skill set.  This could even be a handy board to hit the surf with thanks to its pointed tail you can make quick turns in some surf. 

The 9’4” Snapper won’t be the quickest board in the Red Paddle lineup, nor will it track the best. But its 27” width and dual fin setup do allow your child to have more tracking capabilities than most kids SUPs. 

Board Features and Design

If there’s one thing that kids are notorious for it’s losing things. Thankfully with this SUP, the board has molded on fins which means that as soon as the board is blown up, it’s ready to go!

The Snapper, like all the other adult series, features a 3-point bungee system with Red Paddles’ famous flat bungees. This allows your children to have some responsibility in carrying some smaller items like deck bags, dry bags, or even a small cooler that has food and snacks. 

The Snapper does not have a large carrying capacity though, so cargo should be limited to smaller items. Thankfully on the last row of bungees, there’s a small sectioned-off area where you can fit a water bottle in it. 


  • One of the best Red Paddle Boards for maneuverability
  • The same quality of materials as other adult Red Paddle SUPs
  • Has 2 textured deck pad to allow your kid to try more advanced maneuvers
  • The Snapper could be a decent surfing board due to its shorter dimensions and pointed tail


  • The Board does not have a high capacity 
  • The board may be too thin for bigger/ older child paddlers
  • Not the most stable Kids’ board that we have reviewed

Red Paddle 15’ Tandem SUP


  • Dimensions: 15’ X 34” X 8” 
  • Materials: MSL Fusion Technology
  • Weight: 41.56 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 700+ Lbs

Who It’s For

The Red Paddle 15’ Tandem is meant for couples or families who want to do it all on the same board. This board has the heaviest weight capacity of any of the Red Paddle SUPs and is meant for long-distance touring

It’s also a great pick to haul a lot of gear on. This is thanks to the heavier weight capacity limit and the extra 3 rows of D rings located in the middle of the board. These D rings are spaced out enough to haul those bigger-sized backpacks, camping gear, and larger dry bags. All the while still having room at the front of the board for some smaller ins and outs like drybags, soft coolers, etc. 

On-Water Performance

The board’s long 15’ length will no doubt make this one of the best tracking boards in the Red Paddle lineup. Its 34” width also makes the board fairly stable although for newbies you will probably have to practice syncing your paddle strokes to properly maneuver the board. Tandem SUPs are often jokingly called divorce boards so make sure to communicate properly with your partner!

Of course, being a 15’ SUP maneuverability will be double the challenge as not only have you got a bigger/ longer SUP that takes up more surface area. But you also have two people on the board who need to communicate what the next action is. If you want a good day in the life video for tandem paddle boarding then I’d recommend watching this one

The width of the board is good for many families and offers a good amount of stability for 2 adults and 2 smaller children.

Board Features and Design

As mentioned above the board featured 6 rows for D rings or straps for lots of gear. What’s handy, especially for a heavier board like this is the fact that the board features handles on it for easy carrying between two people. You can both grab the board from the midpoints or from tail to nose to the shoreline. 

The Tandem features a slight V hull on the nose that allows the board to have more tracking ability at initial contact all the while allowing it to effectively cut through chop you may encounter

To help with tracking the 15’ Tandem has a dual fin setup that are both US fin boxes. Meaning you can experiment with not just Red Paddle fins but other manufacturers as well to tweak the board to its environment. 


  • The board has all the elements for great tracking ability
  • Board is extra thick to give it more rigidity and less bend\
  • 6 potential rows of mounting points on this board
  • Lots of carry points for two people to use
  • V hull was a good addition to the board


  • Not the best board for maneuvering
  • The extra thickness coupled with both of you paddling will cause more wind resistance

Red Paddle Co Patented Board Features

One of the biggest benefits of designing and creating inflatable paddle boards in house is the fact that you have full control of the entire manufacturing process This means you can build on already great ideas to make the boards even better. In fact it takes Red Paddle about 72 hours just to manufacture each board.

If you want to learn more about this process we highly recommend that you check this video  done by SUPBoarder where they did a whole factory tour of Red Paddle Co’s UK facilities. Below are some Red Paddle Innovations that they have come up with.

MSL fusion technology is significant because it’s an in-house design. In other words, no reliance on China to manufacture the board. 

The MSL process involves the thread structure being coated in adhesive which is formulated to create a bonding layer as well as a seal. The high-density PVC outer layer is then machine laminated to the adhesive layer without having to use gluing or things of that nature. This removes errors that can be made by humans in the manufacturing process which is what happens from time to time with most other inflatable paddle boards. 

Some other things Red Paddle has created for its boards include:

  • Raised Rails: Helps with control and rigidity
  • Twin Fin systems: New for 2021 and beyond
  • Speed Tail: To improve hydrodynamic glide on the rear of the board
  • Flat Bungees: Act straps that provide better pressure for securing larger loads
  • V-Hull: a hull displacement located at the front of the SUP that breaks surface water first and provides extra tracking and increased glide
  • RSS system: These are battens that slide into the sides of the boards to make them stiffer. Great for when you are loading up the board with gear or just want the least amount of bend possible
  • FFC Carbon Rod: Located on Red Paddle’s Elite Racing line. It’s a carbon rod that helps reduce board flex at the front half of the board

Red Paddle SUP Accessories

Red Paddle does not just innovate when it comes to its paddle boards but also its accessories as well. Starting off with their included accessories.

ATB Transformer Board Bag

Available in most paddle board packages (except for the Compact lineup) the ATB transformer bag is one of the best SUP bags we’ve come across. First off it has everything you would expect from a premium board company like wheels, synch straps, large entry points for your board, and pockets. 

Perhaps the most revolutionary thing is the shoulder straps. Besides being ergonomic and comfortable to wear they actually are detachable. This means that you can take the straps off the bag and with two bagless carry system straps you can actually attach the back pack portion from the bag to the rolled up board. 

Titan II Pump

If you’ve read this blog for long enough you would know that admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of manual pumps. But if you did want to go the manual pump direction instead of electric I’d recommend the Titan II pump that comes with all 2022 range SUPs. 

The titan II pump comes with double chambers which are designed to contour your legs better when pumping due to the chambers being designed outward. One of the things I really like about the design is the fact that it has the hose is a double-ended Halkey Roberts Valve. I find with manual pumps oftentimes the hose gets unthreaded and comes off, but with the Halkey Roberts valve it secures into place while pumping. 

Other Red Paddle Innovations

Red Paddle has a host of other accessories that it uses including

  • Silent Air Removers for burping your SUP and silencing that TSSSSSSS noise. 
  • Waterproof SUP Deck Bag: Designed specifically for SUPs
  • Camera Mount
  • Cargo Net to hold things in place from above
  • Shoulder Carry Strap
  • Compact Bag (9’6”, 11’)
  • Compact Bag (12’)
  • 8” Flex Fins
  • 9” Race Fin
  • 4.6” Flex river fin
  • 9” Sport Fin
  • 9” Carbon Race fin

Red Paddle also designs clothes that are meant for not just paddle boarding but also other outdoor activities. They design:

  • Men’s Jackets
  • Women’s Jackets
  • Performance T shorts
  • Performance Long Sleeve
  • Hats and Beanies

Red Paddle Warranty and Returns Information

Because Red Paddle is designed in-house it has one of the best warranties in the industry. Red Paddle features a 5 year warranty on all of their boards from 2020 onwards. You do have to register the board 3 months after purchase though. 

Red Paddle offers a 30-day return policy although items being returned must be in pristine condition. There is a bit of confusion over returns on Red Paddle as there are sections on their website that say there are no returns and there are sections on their sites that says there are. However, in spite of all the confusion Red Paddle has a .02% return rate which is far lower than most SUP manufacturers. 

Where to Buy Red Paddle Boards

You can Purchase Red Paddle from specialty SUP shops like Greenwater Sports, Pumped Up SUP or even locally on their find a shop page

You can also buy Red Paddle from its website which has distribution to the United States, Canada, United Kinging, Germany, France, Spain, and Australia. I personally always like to buy from the manufacturer online as they have far more experience with their products than local retailers. 


Below are some common FAQs we get about Red Paddle Co.

Is Red Paddle Worth The Cost?

Red Paddle is worth the cost If you are looking for a high-quality board that will last a long time and has the lowest failure rate. Red Paddle’s demographic is ideal for more experienced paddlers who want a high amount of detail in their boards. 

Red Paddle boards won’t be worth the cost if you only use the board once and a while and are not looking for any performance-related features. 

Where Are Red Paddle Co Boards Made?

Red Paddle Co Boards are made in a facility located in South Devon where the boards are designed, made, and marketed. They also have a showroom attached to the facility as well. 

Are Red Paddle Boards the Best SUP Company?

It’s hard to say what is truly best because everyone’s expectations and needs are different. However, if the quality of manufacturing is your number 1 priority then Red Paddle is about as good of a manufacturer as you will get. This is thanks to the in-house manufacturing and design that they do with their boards. 

Can I Leave My Red Paddle Board Inflated

If it is for a short period yes you can although I would burp a bit of PSI out of them before using them so that the materials are not strained over time. 

Who Owns Red Paddle Co? 

John Hibbard is the CEO and Co-Founder of Red Paddle Co. The inspiration for the company came out of wanting to create the best quality inflatable paddle board possible and grow the SUP community as much as possible. 

Similar Manufacturers

Below are some SUP manufacturers that we feel can be in the same talk as Red Paddle.

Star Board

composite paddle board
photo by StarBoard SUP

Star Board, like Red Paddle co, dedicates a lot of its resources to making a high-quality inflatable board. StarBoard is famous for its hard racing boards but they also make inflatable boards that range from recreational, touring, and racing as well as surfing, yoga, windsurfing, and tandem. 


Honu is a relatively new player in the quality SUP game but they have fast been making a name for themselves. They make a range of high-quality paddle boards that range from recreational, surf, and touring boards.  They feature a 4-year warranty and use X weave drop stitch on their boards. 

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