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In this review, we will be going over the Nixy Manhattan G4, the most advanced board in the Nixy Paddle Board Lineup

User beware, the Nixy Manhattan is no recreational SUP by any means. If you are looking at this board you should at least have a good amount of experience on a SUP or be prepared to fall into the drink a lot of times until you get your balance right.

When used properly this SUP can be used as a lethally fast tool for exercise and competitive paddling. It is also a great workout companion for those who want to keep performance at a steady pace!

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What Did we think of the Manhattan g4 sUP?

We will just get this out of the way. If you are relatively new to paddle boarding this may not be the best board to get unless you have a lot of patience and tenacity. The Manhattan G4 is a thinner touring board that thrives in speed and tracking but gives up quite a bit when it comes to stability. If you are set on a touring board but are not fully confident in your balancing skills check out the Nixy Manhattan G4 Plus!

Arguably this is where our “non weighted” ratings scale can be seen as a bit deceptive. However, in terms of everything else this board perfoms quite well and is a well built SUP provided you can stand on it.

As with most Nixy packages the Manhattan G4 touring SUP does not disappoint in accessories and some of it’s onboard features. Although there were points deducted for the smaller bungee deck storage space and no bungee deck webbing on the back of the board.

Curious How we rate it? Read on below!

Nixy Manhattan G4 Review Ratings

Below is how I Rated the Nixy Manhattan G4 model. Click the Links below to jump to each section in the article

Total Score: 8.6/10 (Average of Below Numbers) 


  • One of the Best Priced High-Quality Touring SUPs
  • Fast in the water
  • Kick pad allows you to maneuver the board better
  • The bag is great quality and leaves plenty of space for gear
  • Once you get momentum and stability in the water you want to keep that clip which means a better workout for you
  • Tracks very well but will require precision strokes
  • Included Paddle is sufficient to use with this pick (It doesn’t suck)
  • Has some great innovations (more below)


  • If you are a newbie and this is your first choice you will be in the water a lot!
  • Hard to be stable while still
  • Taller folks may have a harder time keeping balance, especially when still
  • Could use some rear storage for those going far distances

Who Should Be Using the Nixy Manhattan

The Nixy Manhattan is the most advanced SUP in their lineup and should be treated as such. The ideal user should have some degree of experience and comfort balancing on a SUP

Of course, if you are willing to take on the challenge as a newbie I won’t dissuade you but just be prepared to have a lot of “learning falls” until you get the hang of it

One customer put it beautifully. She mentioned that your entire body has to be relaxed when paddling this board. And this is true. When you first get onto a SUP you are often tensed up and tight because you are trying to anticipate what the board will do. 

With the Manhattan more so than other SUP boards you have to pretend it’s like a bicycle and get forward momentum to be able to balance properly. 

If you are looking for a reasonably priced paddling training board that is high quality and quick then it’s a solid pick. Below we will be letting you know what SUP activities you can use this board for. 

What SUP Activities Can The Nixy Manhattan Be Used For?

Being an advanced board means your uses for it become a little more pigeonholed. This is no board for taking the kids on or fishing from unless you want to spend more time with the fishes in the water as opposed to fishing for them! (I tried ok!)

Touring Paddlers

The Nixy Manhattan is a great board for touring purposes. If you have a destination you want to get to and you want to get there fast then it’s a great pick. After you get used to its handling you will be able to cruise at good speeds and even navigate through small to moderate chop efficiently. 

I do wish this board did have a couple of rear bungees to store smaller gear for those paddling further distances though.

Training Purposes

If you want to build your paddling muscles and paddle at a good velocity, scrap the Peloton and get out in nature with this board! (I’m just kidding about the Peloton)

For SUP touring you can burn up to 615 – 708 calories per hour which is comparable to running which burns about 650 calories. If you live close to a body of water this is a great way to stay fit and in shape without needing to pay a monthly membership. As they say, nature is the best healer!

SUP Racing 

You can definitely enter this in some SUP races. Will it be the inflatable touring SUP in the 12’6” class that is the one to beat? Probably not as some brands like Starboards Touring S boards have boards with the same dimensions that are about 2 lbs lighter. They also have a higher cost of materials to their board though.

But brands like Starboard are also more expensive compared to what you get with the Nixy Manhattan. If I’m honest the difference would be very small and negligible between the two boards. Only if you were a seasoned racer would you notice it. 

And for those wondering, serious SUP racers can burn anywhere from 1125- 713 calories per hour

Speedy Kayak Hybrid

If you still don’t have your touring legs under you there’s no need to worry. Nixy offers a kayak conversion seat and kayak blade that allows you to transform this board into a kayak.

With the kayak set up you get the efficiency of strokes while still keeping yourself perfectly balanced on the board! This is a pretty underrated set-up idea but it can help you keep up with your sea kayak friends!

Nixy Manhattan On-Water Performance

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(Touring ISUPs)
Total On-Water Score8.58.37
Stability Score7 /107.5
Tracking Score9.5 /109.17
Speed Score9.5 /109.17
Manueverability Score8 /107.67
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

Okay, this is the part you’ve been waiting for! How does the Manhattan perform on the water? In terms of pure speed and tracking it is by far the best performing in the Nixy line-up.


The famous 63 year old grandma Victoria S! (Her Photo)

This is where the rating gets a bit tricky. Because the Manhattan is a 28” board which means that the stability is compromised. If you were to compare standing on say the Newport compared to the Manhattan you will have a tough time, especially if you are taller in stature. 

The key to getting the most out of the stability is to get a good amount of forward momentum going with the board like you would a bicycle. To understand the stability of the Manhattan I’m going to quote Nixy Customer Victoria S. 

First of all, I’m a 63 year old grandma-not a racer or anything-so this is a review from that point of view. :relaxed:️

I’ve had a Newport for about 3 years, which I adore, but was looking for some speed and distance. 

I expected to be able to go faster and track better on the Manhattan-but the way it was different from the Newport surprised me. Because it’s less stable I quickly learned you’ve got to stay loose (which is an important skill I’m always trying to learn :relaxed:️). 

I relaxed my knees, then my hips and then realized-yes, even those ankles need to relax! I began to feel at one with the water. My paddling technique quickly improved AND I was going faster! The board just requires it of you

– Victoria S (Nixy Customer)

When migrating from an All-around to a thinner profiled racing/ touring board just be prepared to have a few tumbles in the water until you get it right!


Even though the Manhattan only features 1 fin it still has the best tracking of any of the Nixy models. In fact when paddling it you only need to correct it every once and a while as the board will, for the most part, go straight as an arrow.

The board’s needle-nose design, 12’6” length and 28” width help make this the best tracking board Nixy has ever made. So if you have a big lake to paddle in or you are confident that you can paddle long distances near coastal shores it’s a solid board to choose. 


Let’s be honest, this is one of the big reasons why you are looking at this board. You’ve done the All-Around thing and now you want something quicker out of the box! I see you!

What makes this board particularly attractive is the fact that you can get good speed for under $1000. Most Inflatable touring boards dip over that price range. Example  Red Paddle Co 12’6” Sport Inflatable is marked to be about $1700!

In terms of the speed element, it is one of the most common compliments Nixy customers have about this board is how fast it can go when you get going. If you are a strong paddler you should be able to go 3.5 mph and over (no current or wind) with just firm strokes. 


If you were to look at the length and width of the board you would automatically think that maneuverability would be its weakness. But Nixy had a good fix for this. 

On the Manhattan, Nixy incorporated a stomp pad on the back of the board that allows you to do pivot turns to compensate for the maneuverability issues you would have otherwise encountered. 

If you are migrating from an All Around board to a touring board like this one you will have to take some time to do some practice runs to learn this technique. Here’s a video to help you learn below. 

Nixy Manhattan G4 Specifications Deconstructed

  • Type of Board: Touring/ Racing
  • Length: 12’6″
  • Width:  28″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Volume: 335 L
  • Weight: 23 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 350 Lbs
Rating FactorScoreAverage Score (Touring ISUP)
Construction Score9 /109
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

The Nixy Manhattan like many other Nixy boards use woven drop stitch material that is surrounded by double fusion layering (2 strips of PVC are often machine pressed together). This technique saves time, materials, and weight which makes these boards just as strong as double or even triple layered boards with less glue used. 

This results in a lighter board to carry. Remarkably the Nixy Manhattan only weighs 23 lbs which is pretty lightweight for a 12’6” board. 

Like other Nixy SUPs, this board also features carbon side rails that help with the rigidity of the board to keep it stiff while under pressure from the weight. It is also a great layer of protection against any scrapes you may incur on the sides. 

Something that is unique to this board is the top and bottom carbon stringers that flow the length of the board. This adds further rigidity to the board profile that requires it to be stiff while under the pressure of your weight. 

This technology can also be found in other more expensive inflatable touring models like StarBoard, NRS, and Red Paddle SUPs. 

Nixy Manhattan Board Profile

The profile of this board is different from all other Nixy models. The needle nose and thin profile allow the board to cut through the water very efficiently while creating little drag in its wake. 

While standing still you will have to be quite the talented balancer to stand on this board. But once you get moving the needle-nose design is able to actually cut through chop instead of being swayed with it like what happens with all-around boards.

Of course, if you are expecting this profile to beat hardboards with a similar profile in a SUP race you will be left with a slight disadvantage. 

In Fact, Isle Surf and SUP did a speed test that compared a hard 12’6” touring board with a 12’6” inflatable SUP.

The differences in speed on a relaxed stroke were 3.78 mph for the inflatable SUP vs 3.96 mph for the Hardboard. In an intense stroke the inflatable SUP clocked in at 4.88 mph while the hardboard managed to go 5.21 mph.

On Average, the Hardboard was just 6% faster than the inflatable touring board!

So if portability is more important than the 6% difference it may be a good ideal to take a serious look at this board. 

What’s on Deck

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(Touring ISUPs)
Board Features Score88.1
Deck Pad Score8.5 /108.5
D-Rings Score7 /107.3
Deck Webbing Score8.5 /108.2
Action Mounts Score7 /108.5
Handle Score9 /108.75
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

The Nixy Manhattan does not have as many of the bells and whistles as its cousins the Newport G4 and the Nixy Monterey. But it shouldn’t! If you want a board built for pure pace then you have to shed off some of the creature comforts of the All-Around boards. 

Manhattan Deck Pad

The Nixy Manhattan features a Non-slip soft stamped, grooved, and UV protected traction pad which provides you with enough grip to keep your feet planted while paddling forward. 

We already touched on the fact that the stability of the board may not be what you are used to. But Nixy gives out a helping hand by providing a deck pad with slots on it like the Newport G4.  But unlike the Newport, these slots are closer together which ensures that your feet have a grippy surface when leaning into those power strokes. 

The full deck pad itself takes up about half the room of the SUP. And really for a touring SUP that’s all you really need. You always want to place your feet on the widest part of the board and make pivot turns towards the back. 

Speaking of pivot turns, the Manhattan features something that the other Nixy models do not already have! That is the stomp pad in the back of the board. Turning a behemoth 12’6” board while trying to stand still can be a tricky feat.

But with the pad, you can place your foot on the stomp pad, stamp down and do a quick pivot turn to do some quick maneuvering. This will no doubt take some practice on this board but once you get the hang of it it will feel like second nature to you! 

More on this in the Maneuverability section where we show you a video on how to do this. 

Manhattan D-Rings

The Nixy Manhattan G4 features 10 D rings on the board with 6 occupied with the bungee deck webbing. There’s one at the front for towing (we recommend being seated for this) and one in the back for your ankle leash.

The 2 free D rings can be used to strap a kayak seat to it and use the vessel as a speedy little kayak hybrid. You could try figuring something else like perhaps a cooler, although the possibility of tipping will be higher with this SUP. 

Deck Bungees

The Manhattan features 3 rows of deck bungees at the front of the board. They can also be removed for you if you want to figure out another configuration. 

Some things you can use with these deck bungees include:

  • Water bottles (highly recommended if you are hauling butt) 
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  • Dry bag with your valuables
  • Small soft cooler

Just remember, there’s a good chance that whatever will be on there WILL GET WET so plan accordingly!

Nixy M8 Action Mounts

The Manhattan features 5 action mounts 

  • 2 on the front of the board (last row of D rings)
  • 2 at the rear
  • 1 on the tail of the board (On the Tail D ring)

While you can technically use any Nixy products for these I would stick to action camera mounts, Cell phone holders, Camera Mounts, or Perhaps a drink holder. 

I would personally avoid putting a fishing rod holder on this particular board. As it will be nearly impossible to retrieve it let alone deal with a flopping fish coming on board while paddling


Like all Nixy boards, the Manhattan comes with 3 different handles. 

  • 1 in the Middle (With Neoprene cover)
  • 1 on the front of the board (plastic covering)
  • 1 on the rear of the board (plastic covering)

On my Newport I mainly use the middle handle to carry the board around (it’s light enough!). I sometimes use the front and rear handle to guide the board when it’s in the water as well. 

But I highly advise against dragging the board along any hard surfaces as consistent dragging will decrease the life of your board!

Nixy Manhattan Accessories Explained

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(Touring ISUPs)
Accessories Score98.8
Backpack Score9 /108.8
Paddle Score9 /108.8
Pump Score9 /108.7
Fin Score8 /108.3
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

One of the first things that my paddleboarding friends notice when I bring out my Nixy Newport is the quality of accessories that the board comes with. The Nixy Accessories for the most part is the same for 2022 as the board I got in 2021 with only slight modifications to the bag.

Nixy Bag

One thing you commonly see in the SUP industry is that you get a good to great quality board and then you get the bag… And it’s just a tightly packed nylon bag that looks ok when you first get it but putting everything back in becomes a pain. 

This is not the case with any of Nixy’s products as the bag is one of their best features. Some of the things I like best about the Nixy bag is that it:

  • Can comfortably fit both the SUP and Pump with no struggling
  • The thick padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to wear
  • The 3 wheeled design allows you to roll the bag in a variety of different terrains
  • The front pocket can hold quite a bit of extra gear, I sometimes put my PFD in mine
  • The side paddle holders are brilliant because you don’t have to struggle to try to fit them in the bag
  • Has handles on the front and sides of the bag for carrying convenience
  • Features waist and chest straps for those longer walks to the water. 

As mentioned above my bag is the 2021 edition. For 2022 they made some modifications to the back of the bag. Now it features a big back pocket that you can slide the shoulder straps into so that they are not dragging when you are rolling/ transporting the bag. 

Overall in my opinion Nixy makes some of the best SUP bags in the business. While they may look a bit bigger than other more “compact” SUP bags it’s a heck of a lot easier to get the board back into. And I would take that any day of the week!

Nixy Paddle

The Manhattan G4 package comes with a NIXY G4 Carbon Fiber Hybrid Paddle which measures:

  • 67”- 84” Long
  • 28.5 shaft diameter
  • Weighs 1.54 Lbs (25 Oz)
  • Nylon Blade Width 90 sq inches

This is the same paddle that comes with every Nixy board. And to be honest I like it! I even had a Carbon fiber paddle that cost me about $150 but I found myself using the Nixy spec paddle more!

Having paddled with it for well over 40 hours I can say it’s a good paddle that has held up to the task while still being lightweight. 

But if you are looking for something that’s more lightweight I’d advise looking at Nixy’s own 3 Piece 100% carbon fiber paddle which comes in 3 blade varieties

  • 86 square inch for paddlers under 145 lbs
  • 88 square inch for paddlers under 140 lbs – 190 lbs
  • 94 square inch for paddlers under 140 lbs – 190 lbs

All of these varieties have an adjustable range of 69 -84.6”. I’m not going to try to up-sell you on the paddle too much here but consider this scenario. If you got a Ferrari would you not want to spend a bit more of the extra money to get the more powerful V10 engine instead of the V6? 

All of this is down to performance and preference. If you just want something that comes as is there is nothing wrong with the paddle that comes with it. In Fact, I like paddling my Newport with the hybrid paddle as is! 

But if you are planning to train vigorously and want the board to be as lightweight as possible, spend a bit extra for the lighter-weight paddle ;). 

Nixy Typhoon Pump

In my manual pumping days, I would have said this is probably one of the best manual pumps you can get with your SUP. And I still stand by that. It’s a 3 stage pump that allows you to control how much air goes into the board.

So starting off you will want to have “all cylinders firing” so to speak with stage 3. I keep it here until I get to about 7-8 PSI. Then I switch to stage 2 which until that gets hard to pump till finally, I keep it at the final cylinder “stage 1” until I get to 15 PSI. 

However, I injured my back recently (unrelated to pumping) and decided it’s important for my recovery to just use an electric pump. Nixy offers the Nixy Ventus which can pump up 10 boards in a row!

I haven’t used the Nixy Ventus yet so I can’t speak firsthand about it. I personally use the Outdoor Master Shark II and have been pretty happy with its performance so far. 

Nixy Fin

Unlike most of the other Nixy models, this one only uses 1 center fin! But in this case, it’s fine as 1 fin means less water resistance when you are hauling butt on your Manhattan. 

The most important thing is that Nixy does feature an FCS fin standard box which means you can use other fins that have the same “FCS” or “US Fin Box” designation. If ever there was a board to experiment with fin set-ups it would be this one!

Nixy Leash

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the leash. But I will say, using it on my Newport paddle board it is comfortable to wear. The leash featured 2 swivel points at the base of the attachment point and the base of the ankle brace.

About Nixy Sports

Nixy may not be the first name to come to mind when it comes to inflatable touring SUPs but they have long been innovating and leading the way when it comes to the quality they put into their SUPs.

As mentioned in the Nixy Manhattan G4 Specifications Deconstructed section Nixy incorporates a lot of cutting-edge elements onto their boards that many common SUP manufacturers ignore. Things like woven drop stitch material, and double fusion laminate PVC help ensure that their boards are durable. 

Materials like carbon side rails and carbon stringers that run the length of the board, top and bottom help ensure that its 12’6” length keeps its rigidity while you are putting some effort into each stroke. 

Nixy Sports is founded by Ale and Nicolas Artigas who have always pushed for cutting-edge designs and technology in their SUPs. 

To see more reviews on Nixy Paddle Boards Click here!

Warranty and Returns

Whenever you get a board, especially one that’s a bit more pricey like the Manhattan, you always want to make sure that the manufacturer can back up their claims.

Nixy comes with a 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their boards. 

In relation to inflatable touring boards, the 2 year warranty is a bit below the average 3 – 5 year warranties offered by companies like Red Paddle, NRS and Bluefin paddle boards. 

The return policy is more on point though. 

What Customers Think

One of the most common compliments that this and other Nixy boards get is how the brand treats its customers.

Customers like Tim O comment:

Great purchase. Came in 1 week. The board as well as the other items bag pump and leash are all top quality. I looked at a ton of different brands online and I am thrilled that this company is the real deal.

Chuck K also commented:

The company owner is highly responsive to emails and seemed invested in my satisfaction with his product. This is the best major purchase I’ve made on Amazon.

In terms of complaints, all I could find was one that had to do with the patch kit (2019 model). It had to do with the fact that the patch kit did not come with an adhesive. The same customer also commented something similar that I mentioned in that she wished that this board has more gear tie-downs. 

Admittedly there are not a ton of reviews out there for this particular model because it is a bit more of a niche product that is used specifically for high-performance paddling. 

Where to Buy the Nixy Manhattan

If you live in Canada or the US the best place to buy would be direct from the Nixy Website

In the continental United States Nixy offers free shipping on items over $100

When I received my Newport in Vancouver Canada, shipping came out to be $75 about a year ago. Sometimes you will incur duty from customers on international shipments. With paddle boards the cost will depend on the country you live in and how heavy the board is. 

If you are outside the United States and Canada you can check your local Amazon and save yourself the duty. Nixy sometimes ships their boards to Amazon fulfillment centers in different countries so keep an eye out!

Comparable Boards

Being an inflatable touring board with such unique dimensions, it can be a bit challenging to find something comparable but here is what we came up with.

Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Sport

Red Paddle is one of the premier touring boards in the world so perhaps it is a bit unfair to compare this board to it. 

The main differences are that Red Paddle manufactures their boards in-house using specific processes like their Rocker Stiffening System which is a stiff baton inserted to each rail of the board to ensure rigidity. You can take it out when it’s time to fold the board which is handy. 

Minus this board being slightly wider the main difference is the price range with Red Paddle going for almost 2X the price of Nixy. But it does feature a 5 year warranty. 

Gili Meno 12’6” Touring inflatable SUP Package

While the Gili Meno is a bit of a wider package I wanted to have a comparison from a competing All around board brand rather than the specialty ones like Red Paddle. 

The 12’6” Meno has more storage room thanks to its rear deck bungees It would also be better for larger paddlers thanks to its 31” width which would make this a more ideal pick for going longer distances in chopper waters. 

One thing that I appreciate about Gili boards is the fact that they come with different specification fins. The 12’6” Meno features one fin but comes with a 9″ Race Fin, 4.5″ Speed Fin, and a 3″ River Fin with the package.

See the Detailed Gili Meno 12’6″ Review here.

So Should You Get the Nixy Manhattan G4 Touring SUP?

If you are prepared to fall a bunch of times in the water for the first few trips I would say yes. 

The Nixy Manhattan is ideal for:

  • Touring
  • Training
  • SUP Races
  • Recreational Paddling with more speed

What’s appealing about this board is that it has plenty of innovations that rival boards that are almost 2 times its budget but they still manage to keep the board affordable. 

Best of all the Manhattan has mostly glowing customer reviews that have to do with both the board and its on-water performance as well as ordering and dealing with the company. 

If you have the need for speed and are willing to be patient to get used to the board’s behavior I would say it’s a great board to get!

Looking for or have a Manhattan and have some more information? We’d love to hear from you! Give us a shout on our Facebook page!

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