Best Paddle Board Dry Bags 2024

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You are out on the water, you bring an old backpack with you and keep it at the front. Only to later come back and realize everything is soaked inside. The phone, the car keys, the food and the change of clothes! all ruined! 

This costly mistake could have been fixed with a simple drybag purchase that could have prevented your belongings from getting wet. How the heck are you going to dry yourself off with a wet towel?

Well, the good news is you don’t have to make that mistake again!

Below we will go through a wide array of drybags that have different styles and uses that are all suitable for most paddle board dimensions. Dry Bags are some of the Best Paddle Board Accessories to accompany you on your trip.

Let’s jump in!

Best Paddle Board Dry Bags That Fit on Most Decks

Below are our top picks of the best dry bags. A lot of them have different price points so if there’s something that we consider to be more expensive we will put a “premium” label on it. 

Best Sup Dry Bag List

  1. SUP -Now Stand Up Paddle Board Deck Bag – (Top Pick)
  2. Earth Pak Dry Bags – (Most Varieties)
  3. Mustang Greenwater 35 L Submersible Deck Bag – (Premium Deck Bag Pick)
  4. iRocker Waterproof Backpack Cooler – (Backpack Cooler Pick)
  5. Mustang Bluewater Roll Top Drybag – (High Quality Dry Bag Pick)
  6. Nixy Drybag 10 L – (Compact Pick) 
  7. NRS Expedition – (Premium Multi-Day Pick)
  8. Seattle Sports Deluxe 15L Paddle Board Deck Bag – (See Through Pick)
  9. Gili Dry Bag – (Design Pick) 
  10. Yeti Panga Backpack – (Premium Backpack Pick) 

1. SUP -Now Stand Up Paddle Board Deck Bag (Top Pick)

  • Sizes: 15” x 12” x 4”
  • Materials: Water-proof Aquastop material
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Attachment: Deck Webbing or cords included

If I were to use my past experience, I was asked to design a custom deck bag specifically for paddle boarding. It would probably look something like that. In fact, the SUP-NOW “Hangar” deck bag is designed by a company that designs products specifically for stand-up paddle boarding.

Ease of use is the name of the game here as the bag is designed in such a way as to make belongings easy to get out. This is actually a rarity in stand-up paddle boarding as oftentimes you find yourself fiddling for gear, especially the small stuff that takes away your paddling reaction timing. 

With the Hangar bag, you get 2 mesh side pockets that can hold two water bottles, both can be enclosed by pulleys. You get a mesh pocket on the front for gear that you need easy access to as well as bungee webbing with lashes at the front to put things like wet towels, clothing, or other stuff you don’t mind getting splashed. 

On Top of this, the SUP NOw Hanger comes with a lifetime warranty as well as a waterproof phone case. It also comes with 4 clips, 4 suction cups (fiberglass boards) as well as a shoulder strap for easy carrying. 


  • One of the best-designed dry bags for Paddle Boarding
  • Pockets are placed perfectly on the board
  • Everything is very easy to reach
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Can hold 2 Water bottles as well as 10 cans inside
  • Highly rated by customers


  • Attachment points are sewed onto the mesh which isn’t ideal

2. Earth Pak Dry Bags (Most Varieties) 

  • Sizes: 10, 20, 30, 40, 55 L
  • Materials: 500 D PVC
  • Closure Type: Buckle 
  • Attachment: Deck Webbing or Clip-on

While this may not be the highest quality pick it will be something that most of you who paddle board will appreciate. This particular drybag comes in 5 different sizes which allows you to store anything from car keys, phones, wallets, change of clothes as well as food. 

The dimensions of this bag range from 8” x 8” x 15” for the 10 L to 11” x 11” x 20” for the 40 L size. Usually, for a casual day at the lake, You won’t need much more than a 30 L dry bag in my personal experience. But a lot of this depends on what you want to bring with you. 

As a bonus, for any size drybag, you purchase from this company, you will get a free cell phone case. Unfortunately, the cellphone case is fairly small and a lot of bigger more modern cell phones won’t be able to fit inside of it. 

One of the drawbacks to it is that this bag CAN leak if fully submerged for prolonged exposure. However, being that this bag will be attached to deck bungees this should not be too much of a problem. For most paddle board use, all you really need is for the bag to be water resistant from splashes from waves and/ or your paddle. As long as its securely attached to your SUP it will do the job just fine


  • Fully Water resistant
  • Comes in 5 different sizes
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Made to be durable with 500 D PVC and welded seams


  • Could use outer pockets
  • Will Leak if submerged for a decent period of time

3. Mustang Greenwater 35 L Submersible Deck Bag (Premium Deck Bag Pick)

  • Sizes: 35 L
  • Materials: 420D Hypalon fabric, waterproof YKK Aquaseal zipper
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Attachment: Deck Webbing or cords included

If you are paddling in rougher conditions where being both leakproof and waterproof is super important then I suggest the Mustang Survival Greenwater 35 L deck bag. Instances such as open water paddling, white water SUP or SUP touring are where this bag would shine

The Greenwater deck bag is made to be as waterproof as you can get when it comes to deck bags. The bag is made of 420 D Hypalon fabric (usually more durable than PVC) and has welded Aquaseal zippers that ensure water does not leak in no matter what types of water get thrown at it. 

The bag also features an easy-to-access zipper on the top which opens from one corner to the other. This allows you to see more of the contents within the bag instead of fiddling around inside the bag. The zipper is big and easily graspable which is a benefit for paddlers who only have a hand free to quickly zip and unzip the bag to grab one of their belongings

If you are looking for a bag just for recreational use you may want to look elsewhere as the price tag may be a bit too steep for what you would like to pay for a Deck bag. Look at the top 2 bags instead if you are on more of a budget. 


  • As Waterproof as they come
  • Made of high-quality Hypalon which lasts a long time
  • Salt waterproof
  • Can be taken on more extreme paddling conditions


  • Has a pretty hefty price tag
  • Overkill for recreational paddling or use as a day bag.

4. iRocker Waterproof Backpack Cooler (Backpack Cooler Pick)

  • Sizes: 30 L
  • Materials: Vinyl with welded seams
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Attachment: Deck Webbing

With paddleboard bags, I always look for companies that are in the SUP business or companies that have vast experience with them. In this case, iRocker is one of the biggest Stand-Up Paddle Board companies today, so they clearly have some input as to what works and what doesn’t when it comes to deck bags. 

The iRocker Backpack dry bag doubles as a fully insulated cooler! It was actually one of our picks in our Best SUP cooler article! You can fit up to 24 cans in this cooler with no ice and about 18 with some ice inside

iRocker states that the ice in this cooler lasts 12 – 72 hours. This is probably fairly accurate and depends a lot on what the weather outside is. On super hot days, it’s probably closer to 12 hours. Which is more than enough time for a day paddle. 

The backpack cooler has a lot of nice features with it as well including comfortable backpack straps (iRocker usually does a good job with its bags), a front water-resistant pocket as well as mesh side pockets for water bottles and bungee deck lacing at the front for items you want to be stored in the outside. 

Truthfully I do believe iRocker should have used a strap similar to the SUP-NOW cooler on the sides. As that would help hold water bottles better than the elastic band. In my experience, the elastic bands on the sides do very little to actually keep water bottles in their place. 


  • Acts as a Cooler which makes sit a good multi-functional deck bag
  • Lots of pockets for smaller items like phones, wallets
  • Ice retention between 12 and 72 hours
  • 3-in-1 functionality between backpack, deck bag, and a cooler


  • Will not be as effective in more hardcore environments
  • Bungees on side pockets can wear out which makes water bottles slip out

5. Mustang Bluewater Roll Top Drybag (High Quality Dry Bag Pick)

  • Sizes: 20 L
  • Materials: 210 Denier ripstop nylon
  • Closure Type: buckle/ rolltop
  • Attachment: Deck Webbing or clip on

The Mustang Bluewater is essentially the slightly higher quality version of other dry bag style bags on this list like the Nixy, or EarthPak that’s still at an affordable price point.

The Mustang Bluewater 20 L dry bag can be stowed under most bungee systems on your SUP. It can store things like dry clothes, food, or even smaller day bags for those bigger excursions. 

It features a cube-like square design that ensures that the bag does not roll around on deck. Something that’s actually pretty crucial, especially when the bag is not stowed and you are getting stuff out of it on deck. 


  • Fits most deck bungees 
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • From a good manufacturer 
  • Very lightweight


  • May blend into darker water conditions if it goes overboard
  • Made of a nylon material which is not as repellent as PVC

6. Nixy Drybag 10 L (Compact Pick) 

  • Sizes: 10 L
  • Materials: 500 D PVC
  • Closure Type: Roll Top Buckle 
  • Attachment: Deck Webbing or clip on

For those who don’t carry very much and want a small deck bag to accompany them on a few hours of paddling the Nixy dry bag may be a good pick. While definitely not the most feature-rich of the drybags the Nixy drybag is compact. Meaning it will be able to fit in most SUP bungee set-ups relatively easily. 

The Nixy Drybag is a great multi-purpose bag that can be used for many different uses, not just paddle boarding. In fact, a reviewer used this for a cycling adventure and it remained waterproof. 

But back to SUP, this bag does actually float, and when sealed properly with the buckle sealed it can sit in the water without your belongings getting wet. 

This particular dry bag also comes with a small pocket at the front to fit smaller valuables like wallets, car keys, or even a small phone. The dimensions of this drybag are 21” x 15.5” with the pocket size coming in at 5” x 6.75”. Be sure to measure your cell phone before considering it!


  • Very Compact Size
  • Can Fit most deck bungee setups
  • Has front pocket
  • Fully waterproof


  • Limited to daytime use
  • Not as much size selection as Earth Pak 

7. NRS Expedition (Premium Multi-Day Pick) 

  • Sizes: 48, 105, 190 L
  • Materials: heavy-duty TobaTex, Master seal zipper
  • Closure Type: zipper
  • Attachment: Deck Webbing or clip on

Another premium price tag model, like the Mustang Greenwater bag, this duffel bag is best used for multi-day trips in rougher conditions like the ocean or white water. Truthfully the 105 L and the 190 L are probably overkill for a SUP but the 48 Liter would make a solid addition to the front or rear of the board for those longer excursions.  

The NRS company was originally built around river rafting so these guys know a thing or two about making durable PVC products. The duffel bag can be carried with the handle or the shoulder strap for times that you need to make a land crossing with your SUP. 

The buckles are also made of aluminum which reduces the likelihood of them breaking under pressure. Being a duffel bag it has a zipper opening. NRS has ensured that the zipper can remain waterproof by adding the TIZIP Master seal zipper.


  • Great for multi-day excursions
  • Can handle most elements thrown at it
  • TIZIP zipper is a high-quality brand


  • Overkill for recreational paddle boarding
  • Duffel bag can be bulky, especially some of the later sizes

8. Seattle Sports Deluxe 15L Paddle Board Deck Bag (See Through Pick)

  • Sizes: 15 L
  • Materials: Vinyl with welded seams
  • Closure Type: Zipper 
  • Attachment: Deck Webbing or cords included

The Seattle Sports Deluxe 15L Paddle board Deck bag is an accessory that is made specifically for both kayaks and paddle boards alike. This bag is better made for recreational outings though as the material is not as durable as some others on the list

The biggest reason why we chose this deck bag is because of the see-through window on the bottom of the bag. This is a really smart design as oftentimes you are just stuffing gear into a bag only to have to feel around for it later. With this bag, you can at least locate where that darn cell phone is within the bag. 

The bag comes with 4 buckle straps on the side as well as bungee deck webbing at the top to store gear that can afford to get wet like bathing suits wet towels etc. 


  • See Through window for gear is helpful
  • Good for most recreational paddle boarding
  • Is at least water resistant
  • Has good customer ratings


  • Not meant for more extreme paddle boarding
  • Some installation is required on your end before heading out
  • I personally think SUP NOw deck bag is better suited for paddle boards

9. Gili Dry Bag (Design Pick) 

  • Sizes: 15 L
  • Materials: Vinyl Coated fabric
  • Closure Type: buckle/ rolltop
  • Attachment: Deck Webbing or clip on

For something that’s an in-between size of the Nixy and the Mustang Bluewater, the Gili roll-top dry bag makes a perfect size bag for many types of daytime SUP adventures. This SUP will fit perfectly snugged into any SUP deck webbing and can fit in both front and rear SUP bungee areas. 

It comes with a shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry while carrying your SUP to the shoreline. For those of you who are environmentally conscious, it has some ocean charity designs on the bag. You can support them if you buy any SUP Gili has to offer. 


  • The design brings awareness to ocean charities
  • Comes in many different colors
  • Will be compatible with most SUP designs
  • A good size for most day bags 


  • I wish it could come in more sizes

10. Yeti Panga Backpack (Premium Backpack Pick) 

  • Sizes: 28 L
  • Materials: high-density nylon and thick TPU Lamination
  • Closure Type: zipper
  • Attachment: Deck Webbing or clip on

The Yeti panga may be a slightly controversial pick, especially when looking at the tan-colored model. From the outside, it looks more like a luxury bag you would find at a fancy luggage store. But this is a Yeti, and these folks know how to make durable coolers and dry bags. 

This particular 28 L backpack can fit into most bungee deck webbing systems or has loops that can be clipped onto the board D rings. The bag has a waterproof exterior that is made of a nylon shell covered with TPI lamination which makes sure your valuables can stay dry. 

Inside there are various pockets including a flap on the inside of the back and a mesh pocket on the front flap. This would be a good bag for bigger items that you don’t need too much access to. 

If it were up to me I would put some pockets on the outside and at least a water bottle holder mesh pocket on the side. 


  • Fits well in most bungee deck webbing set-ups
  • Actually a good-looking multi-functional backpack
  • Smaller pocket compartments can be handy for phones, wallets, etc.
  • It Has handles on the sides which makes it easy to grab


  • There should be pockets on the outside
  • It may be harder to grab stuff, especially with one free hand
  • The straps look like they could use more cushioning. 

So What Is The Best Paddle Board Dry Bag?

In terms of deck bag style, we felt that the SUP NOw Paddle Board Deck Bag “Hangar”. The way this bag is designed makes it easy to access items that need quick access such as water bottles in the side pockets and phones in the front pocket. 

The Dry Bag that has the most choices and variety is the Earth Pak Dry Bag. You can choose between the 10L, 20 L,  30L, 40 L, or 55L drybags to best suit how much gear you are bringing with you. 

The iRocker Waterproof backpack was the top backpack choice because of its 3-in-1 capabilities of being a backpack, a deck bag/drybag, and a cooler. Making it a great all-in-one bag. It also has mesh side pockets for drinks and a front pocket for valuables like phones, wallets, car keys, etc. 

Have you got a favorite Drybag that you felt didn’t get listed? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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