Best Paddle boards for Yoga

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Have you ever gazed out in the distance and seen someone performing a child’s pose or downward dog on a paddleboard and thought — why? 

Well, there are numerous benefits of this holistic health practice. Not only will it tone your legs and arms, but it can help you improve your breath control, refresh your body, increase your mindfulness, and boost blood circulation.

Instead of pounding away on the pavement for miles and miles — sometimes only leading to knee pain and joint aches. You can choose a long-lasting exercise program that will help with your flexibility, toning, and core strength. But one of the first things that you should consider is choosing the best paddleboards for yoga before getting on the water.

But why? Aren’t all paddleboards virtually the same? In short, paddleboards are built differently based on your individual needs and specific preferences. If you are an expert SUP yoga athlete, then you may choose a different type of paddleboard. If this is your first time on the water, you may choose a more stable and wider board to avoid splashing in the cold water below.

Finding the best paddleboard for yoga is crucial. After doing extensive research on professional review websites and using e-commerce sites, we have done enough research and analysis of past user experiences to find the most highly-related paddleboard for yoga. Plus, with extensive personal experience paddling in Ontario and British Columbia, our first-hand expertise with SUP yoga makes us uniquely qualified to choose the best paddle boards for yoga

Keep reading to see the best paddleboards for yoga and how we came up with our rating system.

  • Durability – We chose durable paddleboards that are long-lasting for multiple seasons. 
  • Price – The best paddleboards for yoga are not always the most expensive on the list, but combine durability, stability, and high-quality material.
  • Versatility – Paddleboards for yoga need to be versatile to work in various water conditions. 
  • Design – Not only do we want a paddleboard that can do it all, but we also want paddleboards for yoga that are functional AND stylish. 

5 Best paddle boards for Yoga

Below are our top picks for yoga. Some similar qualities you may pick up on is the fact that they all have sufficient deck pad space, all are 32″ wide or more and they all are good paddle boards for lakes.

(Top Pick)
Nixy Venice G4

Nixy Venice G4

  • Dimensions: 10’6 X 34” X 6”
  • Weight: 23 Lbs
  • Max Capacity: 350 Lbs
  • Material: Dual Layer Fusion Laminated Drop Stitch
  • Best For: Small to Medium Sized Yogi's.
(Premium Pick)
Hala Asana

Hala Asana

  • Dimensions: 10’6 X 34” X 6”
  • Weight: 24 Lbs
  • Maxi Capacity: 275 Lbs
  • Materials: PVC Construction w/ Welded Seams
  • Best For: Paddlers who want a very well made stable SUP.
(High Capacity Pick)
Gili Meno 11'6

Gili Meno 11'6" XL

  • Dimensions: 11’6” x 35” x 6”
  • Weight: 24 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 485 Lbs
  • Materials Used: Dual Layer Fusion PVC
  • Best For: Bigger/ Taller SUP Yogi's 
(Design Pick)
Bluefin Aura

Bluefin Aura

  • Dimensions: 11' X 32” X 6”
  • Weight: 26 Lbs
  • Max Capacity: 400 Lbs
  • Materials: Triple Layer PVC
  • Best For: Medium sized paddlers who want a good looking board.  
(Budget Pick)
Serenelife Free Flow

Serenelife Free Flow

  • Dimensions: 10’5 X 30” x 6”
  • Weight: 19.6 Lbs
  • Max Capacity: 275 Lbs
  • Materials: Military Grade Single Layer PVC
  • Best For: Paddlers who want a stable budget paddle board. 

1. Nixy Venice – (Editors Pick) 


  • Length: 10’6”
  • Width: 34”
  • Thickness: 6” 
  • Materials: Exo Surface Laminate and military grade PVC composite coating 
  • Weight: 23 pounds 
  • Maximum Capacity: 350 pounds

Total Ratings 8.8/10 (Average of Below Numbers)

  • On-Water Performance: 8
    • Stability: 9.5
    • Tracking: 8
    • Speed: 7
    • Maneuverability: 8
  • SUP Construction: 9
  • Board Features: 9
    • Deck Pad: 9
    • D Ring Placements: 9
    • Deck Bungee Placement: 8
    • Action Mounts 9
    • Handles: 9
  • Accessories: 9
    • Backpack: 9
    • Paddle: 9
    • Pump: 9
    • Fins: 9.5
  • Set-Up/ Take Down: 9

Why is this board good for SUP yoga?

The Nixy Venice G4 board is perfect for SUP yoga. Not only does it have a bigger width and thickness than other SUP options on the market, but the additional features like deck mounts make it useful for those who want to broadcast their flexibilty to the world.

Featuring a high-quality build and materials, high levels of rigidity, additional stiffness, excellent stability, and a wider deck pad for yoga and other exercises. The deck pad in this pick covers more of the board than any of the other picks. Meaning you don’t have to worry about mis-footing on slippery surfaces.


The board contains carbon fiber side reinforcements, side rails, and drop stitch technology to increase the durability and the rigidity of the construction for long-term use. With the ability to maintain its shape after numerous hours of the war and multiple seasons, the stability of this board is never in question. 

Plus, this board does not feel flimsy — the lightweight, but extremely strong, paddleboard provides ample stability and rigidity for long-term use. I’ve used the sister board the Newport for over 40 hours of use and it feels super solid.

Board design

The board design of the Nixy Venice G4 board is suitable for both SUP and paddling use. The performance is even comparable to more advanced-user options, such as 32” boards that are known for their speed and versatility. However, the extra width of the 34” Nixy Venice G4 increases the stability and support for new yoga athletes, without compromising performance. 

The board design features a larger rear cargo area, push-to-lock inflation valve, woven drop stitch for a lighter construction, and five new action mounts for accessories like action camera and phone mounts. 

I personally have a Nixy Newport G4 so in my experience Nixy makes fantastic boards that are feature rich.


The Nixy Venice G4 stand-up paddleboard contains additional accessories compared to previous models and other boards on the market. The best paddleboard accessories included in this purchase are the 16 D-rings, 5 action mounts, three grab handles, a removable bungee system, and removable side fins.

All of these useful accessories are essential in making this a useful, beneficial, and perfect choice for beginner yoga athletes who need to remain stable and confident on the water. In addition, this Nixy Venice G4 stand-up paddleboard contains a G4 typhoon hand pump, a hybrid leash, and a G4 backpack.

  • G4 Typhoon hand pump – The hand pump is a dual high-pressure triple action hand pump that inflates up to 29 PSI, contains an accurate pressure gauge, and features portable and foldable legs.
  • Hybrid Leash – The leash features a durable and high-quality polyurethane cord that makes it useful for the long term.
  • G4 backpack – The three-wheel and heavy-duty backpack make transportation easy, comfortable, and functional for customers. 

What customers think 

According to user reviews on Amazon and Nixy Sports, the Nixy Venice G4 board earned favorable rankings among consumers. Previous customers stated this SUP board is very well built, contains numerous accessories, provides a high quality board for the price, and is very sturdy and stable for beginners. 

You can see Our Full Nixy Venice Review here


  • Extremely stable for a beginner-friendly SUP board
  • The dual-layer construction adds extra rigidity
  • The carbon fiber paddle is extremely lightweight
  • The traction pad is wider and grippier than the previous model
  • 2-year warranty for added customer confidence 


  • The paddle holder is not in the best spot
  • Not the fastest option for consistent cruising 
  • Not available in the United Kingdom and Europe 

2. Hala Asana (Premium Pick)


  • Length: 10’6”
  • Width: 34”
  • Thickness: 6” 
  • Materials: Thick PVC construction 
  • Weight: 24 pounds 
  • Maximum Capacity: 275 pounds

Why is it Good for SUP Yoga?

Why should users choose the Halasana over other SUP choices? The answer is easy — with numerous features that are classic to the board’s original construction, and extremely suitable for stand-up yoga, this board is a shoo-in for one of the top SUP choices for beginners.

Featuring a glide rocker and flat middle, this board provides optimal traction and grip that keeps beginners on even in the most difficult of yoga poses. Not to mention, the thicker PVC construction is extremely durable and can withstand multiple seasons on the water. 

Containing multiple rigging points, reinforced leash, removable neoprene cover, and stable 34” base for additional stability, the Hala Asana board is one of the most reliable choices for beginners who want to improve their yoga skills if budget is not an issue.


For a board that has a slightly narrower width than other options on this list, you may think the stability is going to be the deal-breaker here. However, the 34” width does not cause any extra rockiness or instability on the board. Instead, the heavy-duty construction and reinforced materials make this an extremely large board. Coupled with the square tail and the increased width, the Hala Asana board is stable for use in choppy and still water. 

Board design

The Hala Asana board is designed for performance and stability. Featuring four soft rigging points, 4mm EVA deck pad, soft step-flat handle, 8” center flex fin, 1.5” raised stomp pat, and nose and tail handles for carrying, this board is perfect for those who want a reliable and performance-oriented option.

Plus, this board is lightweight. Even though it contains durable and thick materials, the lightweight weight of just 22.5 pounds is easier to carry than other heavy-duty options. Plus, the rider capacity of 275 pounds still makes this a functional and safe option for beginner riders who want to begin their SUP yoga career. 

Hala makes some of the highest quality boards available on the SUP market.


The accessories are nothing short of amazing in the Halasana board. Featuring a repair kit, hand pump, lever-lock carbon travel paddle, tail D-ring, cloth tail and nose handles, croc skin EVA deck pad, and a rolling backpack, this board is not only easy to use but also easy to transport.

The most common accessories to use with this board include the Outdoor master Shark II HP SUP Pump, SUP ankle leash, 4.5” gummy fin, 9” race fin, and the backpack for easy transportation between the car and the water. 

What customers think 

The Hala Asana board has earned consistently high reviews in various categories on ecommerce sites. According to user reviews on Amazon, the Halasana board earned a 5 out of 5 stars and the customers lauded the lightweight construction, easy maneuverability, easy transportation, beginner-friendly construction, and streamlined design. 


  • 3-year warranty for extra user confidence
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Increased agility and mobility due to the raised rear stomp pad
  • Easy to inflate for beginners
  • Improved glide performance and higher distance covered
  • Middle handle grip makes it easy to carry 


  • At the higher end of the price spectrum compared to other choices, coming in at just under $1000 for the entire kit 
  • Not the widest option on the market for beginners
  • One of the heavier options

3. Gili Meno (All-Around Pick)


  • Length: 10’6”/11’6”
  • Width: 35”
  • Thickness: 6” 
  • Materials: Dual-layer military-grade PVC 
  • Weight: 23 pounds 
  • Maximum Capacity: 350 pounds

Total Ratings 8.3/10 (Average of Below Numbers)

  • On-Water Performance – 8.1
    • Stability 9.5
    • Tracking 8
    • Speed 8
    • Maneuverability 7
  • SUP Construction – 9
  • Board Features  – 8.3
    • Deck Pad 8
    • D Rings 8
    • Deck Bungees 8.5
    • Action Mounts 8.5
    • Handles 8.5
  • Accessories – 8.5
    • Backpack 8.5
    • Paddle 8.5
    • Pump 8
    • Fins 9
  • Set-Up/ Take Down – 8

Why is it Good for SUP Yoga?

The Gili Meno is a smart option for SUP yoga due to the stability of the constitution. Featuring dual-layer PVC material and carbon fiber rails, this stand-up paddleboard is extremely rigid for beginner use and new yoga athletes. But why is this crucial for SUP yoga? If your board is too flexible,it can loosen your footing causing you to take a dip. However, for those with the Gili Meno board, you never have to worry about this happening. 


The Gili Meno board is extremely stable, featuring a wide and comfortable deck pad that covers a large part of the SUP. With added grooves for foot and hand support, a rear diamond pattern for toe grip, and three grab handles for increased functionality, the stability of this board is never in question. 

Board design

The board design and materials used in the Gili Meno board are arguably the features that set it apart from the rest of the pack. The durable construction, stable size, durability, and overall performance of the Gili Meno board make this a lightweight — but extremely rigid — option. 

The dual-layer construction is not only stable but is extremely reliable for consistent use over multiple seasons. When you fully inflate the Gili Meno board, it doesn’t feel like a lightweight board, but rather a stable and reliable option for beginners and advanced users alike. 

Furthermore, the design of the board is extremely important for performance use. Although you want to have a stylish and aesthetic board, the design of the board is more important for consistency and versatility — and Gili Meno can do just that. Featuring a tri-fin setup, comfortable deck pad, three grab handles, four removable safety handles, 18 D-rings, and five action mounts, the Gili Meno is stable and secure for SUP yoga. 


The accessories on this SUP board include 18 D-rings and a paddle holder. The 18 D-rings make it possible to bring your extra yoga luggage along with your day trip on the river, whereas the paddle holder makes it easy to transport between your car and the water. 

In addition, the Gili Meno SUP contains a lightweight carbon fiber paddle, backpack to fit all of your accessories, Gili Meno dual-chamber pump for easy inflation, and neoprene cuff leash to fit any ankle size. Optional accessories that can make your SUP experience more comfortable include a paddleboard anchor kit, kayak conversion kit, SUP rod holder, and cup holder. 

What customers think 

According to user reviews on Amazon, the Gili Meno inflatable stand-up paddleboard had consistently high ratings. Users stated the board is very sturdy, easy to put in a bag for transportation, contains multiple adjustment straps, and fins that are easy to install for beginner use. 

You can see Our Full Gili Meno 11’6″ Review here


  • Includes the fin kit and additional accessories in the iSUP package
  • Very stable and rigid for beginner use
  • Versatile to choose from either the longer or shorter size
  • 2-year warranty for added user confidence
  • Features dual-layer construction for added durability 
  • A percentage of the profits helps clean up the ocean 


  • Not the fastest option on the market for long-term cruising or high speeds
  • Hard to remove the bungees
  • Does not contain any logo stamps for improved grip 

4. Bluefin Aura Fit (Design Pick)


  • Length: 10’8”
  • Width: 35”
  • Thickness: 6” 
  • Materials: ESL Construction
  • Weight: 23 pounds 
  • Maximum Capacity: 200 pounds recommended weight, 350 pounds total weight 

Why is it Good for SUP Yoga?

The Bluefin Aura Fit stand-up paddleboard is a well-rounded option that is a smart choice for beginners who want to start SUP yoga. Featuring a wider surface than most SUP options on the market today and an affordable total price, this stable and rigid SUP is good for yoga, hanging out on the water, and various other activities for beginners.

The well-built and reliable construction not only provides beginners with higher peace of mind. It makes it easier for new users to learn the basic yoga positions on the water without fear of falling in. featuring a long deck that is covered completely with high-grip material and a rounded tail, this board is performance-oriented for yoga-specific use. 


This stand-up paddleboard option is extremely stable and useful for beginners and larger users. The wider width and the high weight capacity can support most adults with different body shapes. Due to the bigger size and the expansive width of this paddleboard, this is a smart SUP option for ringing more accessories, bringing your pet, or bringing your kid along for the ride!

Not to worry, although the recommended weight of 200 pounds is not extremely high, proper weight management and distribution allows bigger users to use this paddleboard for SUP yoga with no issues. 

Board design

The board design of the Bluefin Aqua Fit board focuses the majority of its features on stability. With a longer length of 10’8” and a width of 35”, bigger users and new yoga athletes do not have to worry about rocking on this rigid board. 

The tracking, solid glide, and larger size make this a smart choice for those who also enjoy bringing more accessories on the water during a multiple-hour excursion. Plus, this board contains maple features that make it ideal for yoga use. 

This board contains various design features that are essential for beginner athletes, such as the ESL construction, 5 D-rings, removable bungee cargo system, four carry handles, raised kick pad, and croco-diamond deck pad. 

  • ESL construction – The Exo Surface Laminate Technology provides rigidity and firmness
  • 5 D-rings – Suitable for dry bags and extra accessories
  • Removable bungee cargo system – Increases the deck space
  • Four carry handles – Provides versatile transportation options
  • Raised kick pad – Firm place to push down your rear foot for extra stability
  • Croco-diamond deck pad – Increases traction support 


There are various accessories on the Bluefin Aquafit board that make this a suitable option for beginner SUP yoga use. Some of the most important features include the repair kit, leash, backpack, and a pump.

The repair kit features two items to help repair any small holes and tears that occur on the sides of the board. The leash can fit around almost any ankle size and helps keep you safe after falling in the water. The backpack is great for protecting and transporting your gear. Lastly, the dual-action pump increases the ease of use and pump-up speed. 

What customers think

According To user reviews on Amazon, customers rate this paddleboard extremely highly in 72 ratings, earning a 4.3 out of 5 stars. Users state that the SUP is extremely large, making it easy for stabilization and beginner use. Although users state the paddleboard is heavier than carbon fiber paddle boards due to the aluminum construction, users enjoy the shoulder straps and stability.


  • Wide and stable for beginner SUP use
  • The kick pad and rounded tail increase agility and maneuverability while on the water
  • Crocodile skin deck pad is cushioned and high-grip
  • Handle placement allows for easy transportation and carrying possibilities
  • Affordable compared to other SUP alternatives
  • Funky design and aesthetic for a unique style 


  • The single chamber pump is slower to use
  • The smart-lock fins are not easily customizable
  • Larger and beginner paddlers may struggle with the transportation and handling of this stand-up paddleboard the first few times of use 

5. Serenelife Free Flow (Budget Pick)


  • Length: 10’6” 
  • Width: 32” 
  • Thickness: 6” 
  • Materials: Drop stitch and high-grade reinforced PVC 
  • Weight: 19.6 pounds 
  • Maximum Capacity: 275 pounds 

Total Ratings 6.5/10 (Average of Below Numbers)

  • On-Water Performance: 7
    • Stability: 8
    • Tracking: 7
    • Speed: 6
    • Maneuverability: 8
  • SUP Construction: 6
  • Board Features: 6
    • Deck Pad: 6
    • D Ring Placements: 6.5
    • Deck Bungees: 7
    • Handle: 5
  • Accessories: 6
    • Backpack: 5
    • Paddle: 6
    • Pump: 6
    • Fins: 6
  • Set-Up/ Take Down: 7

Why is this Good for SUP Yoga?

The SereneLife Free Flow board is a great option for beginners who want to try a new sport without costing a fortune. This board can provide all of the basic performance benefits that new yoga athletes need, such as stability, accessories, and durable construction, without the higher price of many other boards. 


The SereneLife Free Flow paddleboard doesn’t just come alone. No, it contains many accessories that make it easy to put together a beginner starter pack that is suitable for SUP yoga. Truthfully the accessories in my mind are acceptable but nothing to write home about. One thing that irked me about this board was that it was hard to put back into the bag!

Even though this option is a budget choice, this doesn’t mean it lacks quality for beginners. The SereneLife Free Flow is great for any entry-level and beginner SUP riders who want to purchase a recreational paddleboard without breaking the bank. Not to mention, the numerous features, accessories, and stick construction make this a smart choice for the first few months of learning a new sport.


The SereneLife free Flow board is more stable than you may think. Despite lacking width and having only 32” compared to other boards’ 34 or 36” across, the 32” provides plenty of stability for most still-water paddle boarding. Even though this might not be stable enough for choppy waters or rivers, beginners aren’t going to be out on fast-flowing water anyways. Therefore, the 32” of the SereneLife board is plenty for lazy water and practicing beginner yoga poses. 

Board design 

The board design of the SereneLife Free Flow is perfect for learning to stand up while paddleboarding with your friends. With three bottom panel fins for additional tracking, you can easily paddle around the nearby lake with ease and confidence. Plus, the quick inflation of the board and travel pack makes it a breeze to bring from your car to the water’s edge.

In addition, the drop stitch and reinforced PVC construction — did we mention it was waterproof and resistant to corrosion? — is perfect for long-term use. And we love that the board comes in four bright and fun colors, making you stand out on the water on those sunny and hot days. 

You can see Our Full Serene Life Free Flow 10’5″ Review here


  • The heavy-duty and oversized backpack is functional and portable
  • Comes with an included leash for added safety
  • Features a high-pressure air pump for quick inflation
  • Comes with a repair kit to quickly patch any holes 
  • Comes with a 3-piece adjustable paddle 


  • Not the most stable option during choppy water and high winds
  • The seams are not very durable for long-term and consistent use
  • The paddle can fill with water during use 
  • The bungee tie-down area is smaller than other boards

SUP Yoga Board Buying Guide

Not sure where to start when looking for a SUP yoga board? Let us walk you through the steps below.

Things to Look for in a SUP Yoga Board

Deck Pad

The deck pad is one of the main features of the board that is conducive to stability and functionality. The deck pad should be at least ⅔ of the board length to ensure ample grip and beginner stability on rough waters. Furthermore, to make it soft and comfortable for your feet, the deck pad should be cushioned.

Extra stability

The board’s stability is essential to performing yoga moves while on the water. Especially for new users who are new at yoga and paddling the board, stability is key to avoiding numerous falls in the water. The main features that keep a board stable are the thicker construction, reinforced PVC construction, carbon fiber rails on the sides, heavier duty material, and balanced weight. Plus, a rounded hull adds extra grip and rigidity for choppy waters.

Nothing in the way

Having handles that get in the way can severely reduce the functionality of your board. Find a stand-up paddleboard with flat handles that are easy for transportation, but don’t knock your feet off the board during use. In addition, the mounts and bungee system should be out of the way and easily stowable while you are doing your downward dogs on the board. 

Bungee space

irocker deck bungee

Speaking of bungee cords, the board needs enough bungee space to properly store your gear and keep all of your much-needed accessories easily reachable. Plus, having a paddle holder as a bonus feature is one of the top distinctive characteristics that separate the best boards from the worst. 

Inflatable vs hard boards for yoga

When choosing a stand-up paddleboard for yoga, you might be wondering – can I save money by using an inflatable board or should I purchase a hardboard? There are distinct differences between the two that can help you choose and make your final decision:

  • Cost – Inflatable paddle boards are more affordable than solid boards, costing between $200 two $1500 compared to $700 to $2000+. 
  • Stability – Solid boards are more stable and rigid than inflatable boards.
  • Performance – Solid boards are better for consistent performance.
  • Safety – Inflatable paddle boards are safer since it is harder to hurt yourself.
  • Durability – Inflatable paddle boards are more durable than solid boards due to their bounciness, give, and toughness.
  • Storage – Inflatable Paddle boards fold to the size of a hockey bag while hard boards are…. Well, hard boards!
  • Portability – Inflatable paddle boards have more portability and transportation options than solid boards.
  • Setup time – Solid boards do not have a setup time, therefore making them the automatic winner in this category. 
  • Maintenance – Solid boards are easier to maintain over time. 

More on Inflatable SUP’s vs Hardboards here. 

SUP Yoga Tips 

Ready to hit the water with your new SUP Board? We recommend following these tips first:

  • No shoes – performing yoga with bare feet provides more grip and additional support.
  • Quick-drying clothesWearing quick-drying t-shirts and tight-fitting clothes is best for movement.
  • Sunscreen – Protect your skin against harmful UV rays by lathering up beforehand.
  • Sunglasses – protect your eyes and wear UV-400 blocking sunglasses from UVA and UVB rays.
  • Personal floating device – New in the water? Wearing a PFD provides additional safety. 

So what’s the best Inflatable SUP Yoga board?

The best SUP yoga board is the Nixy Venice. With an extremely stable construction and long-lasting durability, this board is suitable for advanced users and beginners alike to work on their yoga moves for years to come. 

If you are willing to spend a bit more we’d recommend the Hala Asana as the board with the highest quality materials and longevity.

For budget boarders the Serenelife Free Flow has my nod as it is one of the more stable paddle boards I’ve tested. 

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