iRocker Paddle Board Reviews

iRocker paddle boards offer some of the best options for mounting and accessories, making them a favorite amongst SUP enthusiasts. Infact the Blackfin series was voted the Best Inflatable Paddle Board on Inflatable Paddle Boards Owners Facebook group.

If you want to head out for a day-long trek with the pup or the kids, and maybe an ice chest or camping gear, then iRocker inflatable paddle boards are one of the best options out there. 

In these iRocker Paddle Board reviews, we’ll take a deep dive into each irocker inflatable SUP. Then, we’ll go over company details, like their warranty policy and customer service prowess. Finally, we’ll compare iRocker to a couple of SUP Brands

I’ll also talk about some of the boards I’ve tried like the iRocker All Around 11 board and give you my thoughts on how it felt paddling, what it’s like to set-up and more. 

So, if you’re looking for an in depth no BS iRocker inflatable paddle board review, read on. We’ll give you all the need to knows. 

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iRocker Paddle Board Reviews Compared

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
All Around Ultra 1010’ X 32” X 6”19.8 Lbs260 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$

All Around Ultra 1111’ X 32” X 6”21.4 Lbs290 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$$

Cruiser Ultra10’6″ X 33″ X 6″21 Lbs300 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$

Blackfin Ultra CX10’6″ X 32.5″ X 6″19.8 Lbs320 lbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$$

Nautical Kids9′ X 32″ X 6″17.5 Lbs220.5 LbsRecreation$$
Nautical 10’6”10’6” X 32” X 6”20 Lbs240 LbsRecreation$$$
Nautical 11’6”11’6” X 32” X 6”22 Lbs265 LbsRecreation$$$
All Around 10’10’ X 32” X 6”24 Lbs370 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
All Around 11’11’ X 32” X 6”26 Lbs435 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$

Cruiser10’6” X 33” X 6”25 Lbs400 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$$$
Sport11’ X 31” X 6”25 Lbs385 LbsRecreation/ Light touring$$$$
Blackfin Model X10’6” X 35” X 6”27 Lbs450 LbsFishing/ Recreation$$$$$
Blackfin Model XL11’6” X 34” X 6”29 Lbs485 LbsFishing/ Recreation/ Light Touring$$$$$
Blackfin Model V12’6” X 32: X 6”30 Lbs485 LbsFishing/ Recreation/ Touring$$$$$$$

Nautical: A budget-friendly line that offers iRocker’s functional design with fewer accessories, making them great for families or those just starting out. 

iRocker: A mid-level series that offers some of the best value given their price. You get the features and accessories that iRocker is known for, but you don’t have to spend a fortune. 

Blackfin: iRocker’s premium series features a few high-end design points, including carbon rail siding and compatibility with top accessories like fishing mounts. 

Nautical Reviews

The iRocker Nautical boards feature 2-ply PVC stitching and minimal features. But, for a budget-friendly SUP, they still offer exceptional quality.  

For a More Indepth View on Nautical Paddle Boards Click Here.

Nautical 10’6″ – (Budget Pick)


  • Length: 10’6″
  • Width: 32″ 
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials:  2-Ply PVC stitching
  • Weight: 20.78 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 240 lbs

Who It’s For: 

The iRocker Nautical 10’6″ is an ideal board for first-time paddlers on a budget. It’s also great for families who may need to purchase multiple boards at once.

On Water Performance

The Nautical 10’6″ is a very lightweight board at just over 20 lbs. That makes it easy to carry around. Unfortunately, the board doesn’t track very well compared to other iRocker options. 

Otherwise, this board is very similar to the iRocker All-Around 10′ but with fewer accessories. 

Like the iRocker All Around, it offers good stability and decent speed. It’s not going to move as fast or as nimbly as a touring board, but it works well for fair-weather cruising.  

Board Features and Design

Most budget boards don’t offer the cargo capabilities that make the Nautical 10’6″ stand out. If you’re paddling as a family or with pets, this board works well because it allows you to carry ice chests, gear, and small passengers. 

A bungee cargo area at the front and rear of the board makes it easy to bring your sandals, backpack, or other items along. 

Side handles at the front and back of the board give a place for small children to hold on. And a rear action mount allows you to attach other 3rd party accessories. 

 What Customers Think

Most customers say this board is a great value given the price. There are a few complaints around its tracking capabilities, with many citing that it works best with a kayak seat rather than standing

Overall, though, customers with small children or those buying for a family find this board to be exceptional. It’s certainly better than the other budget-friendly boards available. 


  • Very affordable
  • Good for calm water cruising
  • Excellent cargo space 


  • Subpar tracking 
  • Comes with fewer accessories
  • Works for novices, but won’t grow with you as a paddler 

Nautical 11’6” – (Larger Capacity Budget Pick)

Nautical 11'6"


  • Length: 11′ 
  • Width: 32″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials: 2-Ply PVC stitching
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 265 lbs

Who It’s For 

The Nautical 11’6” is a budget-friendly paddle board ideal for larger riders. It’s also ideal for those who want to carry more passengers or gear than will fit on the 10’6″.  

This novice-appropriate board is a great choice for families who want to get out on the lake but aren’t looking for much in the way of agility. 

On Water Performance

With a wide width, lightweight, and long length, the Nautical 11’6″ offers good stability and decent maneuverability. 

Its tracking capabilities aren’t the best, nor is this board fast. But, for gentle cruising adventures, this inflatable SUP is a fantastic option

Board Features and Design

The Nautical 11’6″ gives plenty of length, making it great for transporting smaller passengers. Feel free to take your kid or fido along for a rip around the lake!

It features graspable side handles so kids can stay onboard and two bungee cargo areas for gear and coolers. 

The board also features a rear action mount, perfect for a go-pro camera. Plus, there are D-rings suitable for attaching a kayak seat, making the board usable in choppy conditions

What Customers Think

Like the Nautical 10’6″, this board has some issues with tracking.  

Some customers also complain about the included single chamber hand pump. It can take a while to inflate this board. This is why I bought a good quality electric pump so I never have to manually pump anything again!

Overall, though, the Nautical 11’6″ offers exceptional value with all the right accessories for family traveling. 


  • Affordable
  • Generous length for cargo and passengers
  • Great stability


  • Doesn’t track well
  • Issues with provided hand pump
  • Not fast 

iRocker Reviews

The iRocker line of SUPs offers exceptional quality at a good price. Each board in this line features 3-layer PVC stitching, a 3-year warranty, and many features and accessories. 

iRocker All Around 10′ – (Smaller Person All-Around Pick)


  • Length:10′
  • Width: 32″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials: 3-Ply PVC stitching
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 370 lbs

Who It’s For 

If you’re an intermediate boarder with an adventurous streak, this board is a great pick.  But beginners can also paddle this no problem. In fact, my friend bought this exact model and he was standing within 15 minutes!

It’s ideal for cruising through calm to moderate waters and offers exceptional cargo storage. That makes it great for longer paddling excursions and general cruising. 

On Water Performance

The iRocker All Around 10′ offers good stability and maneuverability, making it ideal for carrying coolers, small pets, and other necessaries through calm to moderate seas. 

That said, at 10′, it’s not as stable as longer options, especially if you’re a larger user. 

This board isn’t the fastest, but it does track much better than the Nautical series. That means you’ll be more efficient as you navigate lakes and streams. 

Board Features and Design

The iRocker All Around 10′ offers similar features to the Nautical series, including two bungee cargo areas and removable side grips for passengers. 

On top of that, though, you’ll find four action mounts for iRocker or third-party accessories

Plus, this SUP comes with a higher-end paddle, upgraded backpack, and a better hand pump. So, you get more efficient paddling, easier traveling, and faster set-up. 

What Customers Think

Customers say this is a wonderful inflatable SUP, especially for families and those who paddle with pets

Many cite the 20 included D rings as being of particular benefit. And, the many included accessories are a huge plus. 

However, several customers also point out that purchasing an electric pump is a good idea. Inflating this baby with a hand pump, even a dual-chambered triple-action one, seems to take forever. 


  • Offers tons of D-rings and action mounts
  • Upgraded accessories for easy traveling and use 
  • Better tracking than Nautical series


  • Even with upgraded pump, inflation takes time
  • Not ideal for larger users 
  • Not very fast 

iRocker All Around 11′ – (Larger Person All Around Pick)

Irocker All Around 11 pic
(2020 Version)


  • Length: 11′
  • Width: 32″
  • Thickness: 6″ 
  • Materials: 3-Ply PVC stitching
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 435 lbs 

Who It’s For

Whether you’re of average size or a bit above that, the iRocker All Around 11′ is an excellent SUP option. 

This board works well for beginners and pros who want an easy-riding board, especially if they have kids or pets who want to ride along. 

On Water Performance

When I tried the 2020 model I thought it was super stable. Thanks to the board’s 11’ length it also tracked well while paddling in coastal oceans. 

You had to put a bit more effort into the maneuverability of this board but I was impressed with it!

All Around 11 on water perfomance pic

Because of its longer length, the iRocker All Around 11′ offers more stability than the 10″ model, especially for larger users

As an all around board, it’s not exactly fast or agile, but for gentle days on the lake. 

Board Features and Design

Like other boards in the IRocker line, this SUP offers exceptional cargo storage. There are bungee holds on the front and rear. There are also side handles for passengers. 

Plus, the board offers plenty of D rings and four action mounts. So you can attach a kayak seat or go-pro camera. 

Unfortunately, the board isn’t as light as the Nautical options, and even with the included ergonomic backpack, it can be tough to lug around. 

If you’re a smaller user, you’ll probably want to stick with the All Around 10′ or the Nautical line. 

What Customers Think

In general, customers seem very impressed with this board, especially if they have kids or pets that ride along. The ample cargo space and D ring options make family days at the lake or river easy. 

However, a few complained about the board feeling sluggish and heavy. These complaints came mostly from smaller users who would probably benefit from a shorter board.  


  • Good stability, especially for larger users
  • Ample cargo space
  • includes fishing rack, extra D rings, and four action mounts


  • Can feel heavy and sluggish
  • Not comfortable to carry on back
  • Takes a long time to inflate with included hand pump

iRocker Cruiser 10’6″ – (Stability Pick)


  • Length:10’6″
  • Width: 33″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials: 3-Ply PVC stitching 
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 400 lbs

Who It’s For

If taking a recreational cruise around your local lake or bay is how you hope to spend the day, this iRocker cruiser board is fantastic. 

Good for beginners and families, this board won’t provide the nimbleness of some of the higher-end Blackfin boards, but it will give plenty of stability. 

On Water Performance 

The Cruiser 10″6′ is a wider board, making it slightly more difficult to gain speed. 

However, what you lose in speed, you gain in stability which makes this a much more stable board to learn on. 

It’s also ideal for carrying passengers, whether they be kids or pets! 

As an iRocker board, it’s stiffer than the Nautical line, which means it provides better performance. Tracking isn’t an issue, and for a cruiser, it maneuvers well. 

We wouldn’t take this board into tricky swells, but it should do great in calm to moderate waters. 

Board Features and Design

The Cruiser 10’6″ is a favorite for long trips, and it has the cargo space to match that function. It features two bungee cargo areas, 20 D rings, and front and rear safety grips. 

We also love the squared-off tail, which makes balancing a little easier, even if you have a squirmy toddler riding along. 

What Customers Think

Customers love how stable this board is, especially for beginners. Many said they went from kneeling to standing in under an hour. 

They also mentioned that the board does well in light ocean waves, similar to what you might encounter in a sheltered bay. 

That said, stability comes at the cost of speed. Some users felt like they were being anchored or pushed back. In other words, the board can feel pretty sluggish. 


  • Very stable board
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Lots of cargo space for longer ventures


  • Can feel sluggish
  • Not for use in tricky conditions
  • Not ideal for advanced users 

iRocker Sport 11′ (Speed Pick)


  • Length:11′
  • Weight: 31″ 
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials: 3-Ply PVC Stitching
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 385 lbs

Who It’s For 

A confident beginner might enjoy the iRocker Sport, but it really caters to agile and athletic boarders looking for speed

On Water Performance

The iRocker Sport 11′ isn’t as stable as the cruiser or all around boards in iRocker’s line. Instead, it provides ample speed and agility thanks to its narrow width and sleek tapering

It handles somewhere between an all-around and a touring board, making it fun for those who want to maneuver quick turns. 

Board Features and Design

The iRocker Sport 11′ is all about nimbleness and speed, so it doesn’t offer much cargo space. There is a front bungee area, but it’s limited. 

The board also features two action mounts and 16 D rings for accessory connectivity. There are three removable fins, just like all iRocker boards, that you can easily switch out for river-suitable options. 

What makes this board stand out is the raised EVA foam kick pad which offers increased control when making quick turns. The thin frame also helps with maneuverability, making this a fun board to ride in surfing conditions. 

What Customers Think

Experienced customers say that this board is fun. It allows them to practice advanced skills and play in mild surf

That said, beginners tend to find this board a little too challenging. And, more advanced users note that it can’t handle bigger waves. 

So, its use is a bit limited. You’ll want to stick to small chop or gentle water conditions.  


  • Great for intermediates looking to improve their skills
  • Provides speed and nimbleness
  • Fun to ride in light surf 


  • Not very stable
  • Not for bigger waves
  • Limited cargo space 

Blackfin Reviews

Blackfin is iRocker’s premium line. These boards feature 3-layer PVC construction, high-end accessories, and carbon rail sidebands for better performance capabilities. 

If you are looking for a more indepth review of the Blackfin Paddle Boards check here.

Blackfin Model X – (Premium Stability Pick)


  • Length: 10’6″
  • Width: 35″ 
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials: 3-layer PVC stitching with carbon rail sidebands
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 450 lbs 

Who It’s For 

The Blackfin Model X is ideal for adventurers who want a stable, premium board fit for activities. If you like fishing, snorkeling, or exploring new shoreline spots, you’ll probably get a lot out of this SUP. 

On Water Performance

With a 35″ width, this is iRocker’s widest board option. With that width comes exceptional stability, making this board ideal for activities that involve more balance like SUP Yoga or fishing.

Despite the wide girth, the Blackfin Model X has good maneuverability. It’s not fast, but it does track well, especially compared to iRocker’s non-premium SUP options

Board Features and Design 

Like all Blackfin boards, the Model X features carbon side rails that increase the board’s durability and rigidity. They also stiffen the board, which makes for better performance in an inflatable SUP. 

This board also features a fishing rack mount, so if you like to drop a line, this is probably the board you’ll want. 

On top of that, the Model X is compatible with a sand spear attachment, allowing you to anchor along sandbars

There are also eight multi-use action points and 20 D rings, so you’ll be able to use this board for all sorts of adventurous activities. 

What really makes this board stand out is its width. Because it’s so wide, beginners have no problem standing up on it. 

What Customers Think

Larger users or users that bring along bigger pets, like huskies and labradors, tend to love this board. 

Beginners love it, too, with many claiming they could use it for yoga almost right away. Though, the cargo areas limit the deck space. 

That said, the extra width isn’t for everyone. Customers looking for agility and speed were a bit disappointed with this board. 


  • Very stable and ideal for beginners
  • Ample cargo space and mounts for adventures
  • Fishing rack mount
  • Sand spear compatible 


  • Not fast 
  • Decent but not stellar maneuverability 
  • Limited deck space for yoga  

Blackfin Model XL – (Big Guy Premium Pick)


  • Length:11’6″ 
  • Width: 34″ 
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials: 3-layer PVC stitching with carbon rail sidebands
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 485 lbs 

Who It’s For 

The iRocker Blackfin Model XL is meant for taller riders (over 5’8″) seeking speed and adventure. It’s ideal for camping, fishing, and maneuvering in most water conditions.  

On Water Performance

Blackfin paddle boards can handle most water conditions, whether you’re in the ocean or navigating the calmer waters of a lake. It’s relatively fast but still stable, thanks to its generous length and width

The Model XL tracks straight and gives smooth gliding, making activities like fishing far more enjoyable. However, if surfing is your aim, we’d probably pick something more short and snappy. 

Board Features and Design 

Like other Blackfin models, the XL is compatible with a fishing mount and with a sand spear, both of which are essential for many adventurers

This board can also convert into a double kayak by attaching two compatible seats. 

On top of that, the board offers bungee areas in the front and rear, perfect for carrying gear. There are also twenty D rings and eight action mounts, so attaching other accessories and necessities is easy. 

What Customers Think

Outdoor enthusiasts seem to love this board—many remark on how stable it is, even when carrying extra gear or small pets. 

That said, there were a few complaints regarding the glue that holds pieces in place. On some boards, it seems to be visible on some parts. This is purely an aesthetic complaint, but we thought it worth mentioning.  


  • Very stable for outdoor activities
  • Still speedy
  • Perfect for users over 5’8″ 


  • Glue is visible on some pieces
  • Won’t handle waves 
  • On the pricey side 

Blackfin Model V – (Touring Pick)

Blackfin V Pic


  • Length:12’6″ 
  • Width: 32″ 
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials: 3-layer PVC stitching with carbon rail sidebands
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 485 Lbs

Who It’s For 

If you’re an intermediate or advanced rider who wants a board with minimal drag that can handle all-day adventures, the Blackfin Model V is a fantastic choice. This is kind of like the Rolls Royce of inflatable paddle boards. 

On Water Performance

This Blackfin paddle board is meant for moderate water conditions, so it can handle a little chop but not too much. You wouldn’t want to surf with it, but for an all-day or multi dayn cruise, it’s perfect.

It’s relatively speedy thanks to its narrow width, and the maneuverability is fantastic. The Model V tracks straight and glides smoothly, offering minimal resistance, so you can enjoy carving your way down river inlets. 

Board Features and Design 

Like the other Blackfin models on this list, the Model V features compatibility with many top-notch accessories like a fishing mount and sand spear. It also has two bungee cargo areas, 20 D rings, and eight action mounts. 

The board comes with an iRocker paddle that’s one hundred percent carbon. The durable paddle is sure to handle well in most water conditions, which is important if you’re planning an all-day trip. 

This board stands out because of its narrower width and more tapered tail, which gives you speed and agility. So you can use it for your workout or for adventurous touring. 

What Customers Think

Customers say this board has as much speed as the iRocker sport while somehow maintaining the stability of a cruiser. 

They love that it allows them tons of versatility and that it comes with premium Blackfin features like carbon side rails and fishing mount compatibility. 

However, they point out that running into wind or waves presents problems for this SUP. It’s a premium board, but it’s still inflatable, and in rough conditions, it doesn’t handle well. 

Some users also noted that some of the paint flaked off after use. This is a purely aesthetic complaint, though, and probably has a lot to do with water conditions. 


  • Provides plenty of speed
  • Offers top-notch stability
  • Comes with durable full carbon paddle 


  • Cannot handle serious chop
  • Pricey for an iSUP
  • Paint isn’t as durable as the rest of the board 

iRocker Add-on Accessories

iRocker offers tons of add-on accessories. A few of our favorites include: 

Most users opt for an electric pump at some point in their paddleboarding career. It’s easier and faster than using the included hand pumps. 

Many also choose to invest in a cupholder. It’s a basic accessory, but you shouldn’t overlook it. After all, having your beer or coffee can be a game-changer on a SUP expedition. 

iRocker Customer Service

One of the reasons iRocker is a top SUP brand is because of their excellent customer service. As one user put it, they actually pick up their phone. They also tend to be prompt with responding to emails. 

Unfortunately, like any company, they sometimes get swamped. Around the holidays or during some of their larger sales, it can take a few days for customer service to respond to questions or complaints. 

In my friend’s case, he ordered around July of 2020 when COVID was a few months in. He had to wait for almost a month until he got his board.

When they do respond, though, they tend to make things right. 

iRocker Warranty and Returns Info

iRocker offers a 3-year warranty on their iRocker and Blackfin line boards. They offer a 1-year warranty for their Nautical SUPs

Those warranties only cover the boards, though. Paddles have a 1-year warranty, and included accessories only have a 90-day warranty. 

Compared to other brands, the warranty is pretty standard. Some brands like Bluefin and Hala offer 5-year warranties, but 3-years is above average of most iSUP companies

When it comes to returns, iRocker offers a full refund, no questions asked, if you return within 60 days. However, you should know that you’ll have to pay for the shipping. 

Where to Buy iRocker Products

iRocker products are available via online stores in all of the following countries:

You can also purchase many of the iRocker and Nautical line boards on Amazon, but you cannot buy iRocker paddle boards from 3rd-party retailers. 

Similar Paddle Board Manufacturers

If you’re considering a new iSUP, you’ve probably looked at other manufacturers like Bote and Nixy. 


Bote Paddle Boards
See Bote Reviews

Many say that Bote offers a better design, especially when it comes to the fins. They also rival iRocker for customer service. However, when it comes to accessories and attachments, iRocker has a bit more to offer. 


Nixy and iRocker boards are very similar in design, but Nixy boards tend to have fewer D rings making them a little less versatile for onboard accessories. 

However, in my experience they tend to be almost as rigid as the Blackfin boards because all of their boards have carbon side rails incorporated with fusion laminate PVC.  They also only offer a 2-year warranty and have a short, 30-day return policy.