Atoll Paddle Board Reviews

In this review I will be going over the Atoll paddle board line including my recent test with the Atoll 11 Aquamarine paddle board which I got the chance to paddle at Salt Spring Island British Columbia. As I paddle the Atoll 11 more in different environments I will continually go back and update this article.

Let’s dive into the board’s specifications and design, the company’s policies, and help you figure out if an Atoll iSUP would suit your paddleboarding preferences. 

In the end we will also compare Atoll to other Paddle Boarding Brands that are similar to its stature. 

The Atoll Board Company has only one line of inflatable paddleboards. This line has four different color styles, which are 11 feet long and have a standard design. 

This is quite a different philosophy to other inflatable board manufacturers but it allows them to target their resources on improving an already great line. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivity Price
Atoll 9′ 9′ X 30″ X 6″19 Lbs160 LbsRecreational$$

Atoll 11′11′ X 32″ X 6″21 Lbs550 LbsRecreational/

What Did We think of the Atoll 11 Paddle Board?

Its a yes from me!

We thought the Atoll 11 SUP was one of the better boards that can fit a range of introductory to intermeidate paddlers. The board is one of the most durable in the market. You can clearly feel it when standing on the board. It is definetly one of the most stable 32″ wide boards I’ve ever stood on. This allows the board to open up to all kinds of SUP activities such as SUP yoga, fishing and even expedition paddling.

Perhaps one of the most shocking relevations we had was that the board’s stability did not get in the way of other on-water metrics such as tracking, speed and manueverability. You can even do some day touring to multi day touring on this bad boy (or girl) no problem!

We highly reccomend this board as a great all use board that can be relied upon due to its super tough construction. It’s price point is also very good which is why it’s on mid-range boards I reccomend most to recreational paddlers.

Atoll Paddle Board Review Ratings

Below is how I Rated the Atoll 11 inflatable paddle board. Click the Links below to jump to each section.

Total Score 8.2/10 (Average of Below)


  • Suitable for beginners and experienced paddlers
  • Versatile usage 
  • Well built from high-quality materials
  • Stable and rigid
  • Lightweight
  • 15 stainless steel D-rings
  • Multiple stylish color options
  • Expansive accessory bundle 
  • Universal fin box 
  • Front neoprene grab handle
  • Affordable 


  • Lacking rear bungees
  • Nothing stands out too much with the accessories
  • Side fins do not come off

Who Should be Using the Atoll Inflatable Paddle Board?

Atoll paddle boards are perfect for beginners in the sport. Its stability, rigidity make it so that anyone looking to try their hand at paddleboarding, or paddleboard activities like fishing and yoga, will find success. 

The variety of accessories available makes it usable for SUPers with plenty of experience under their belts as well. Sometimes, as an experienced paddler, you want something you can easily transport on hikes or backpacking trips, which this board delivers a great lightweight package that’s easy on your shoulders.

The company also offers Military Discounts for active personnel and veterans and discounts for healthcare workers and first responders. They are firm believers in supporting the individuals who sacrifice their time, energy, and lives for American citizens. To take advantage of these discounts, applicable customers need to contact the company directly for more details. 

What SUP Activities can the Atoll 11 Be Used for?

Because the Atoll 11 is one of the most lightweight and versatile boards it can be used for more activities than many other all-around boards in its class. It can be used for..

Recreational Paddling

You can tell its March in Canada by my toque!

This will be the reason why at least 80% of you will be getting this board. And from my first impressions with the Atoll 11 it’s a great board for just that!

For those of you who are newer to the paddle boarding game the Atoll 11 provides a great pick for those that want to get their water legs. 

In Fact to increase the stakes I tested this board on a small lake in Salt Spring island Canada in March (where the water was probably just above freezing). Don’t worry it was a small enough lake and I had folks with me for safety.

In my mind I was a bit hesitant to try to stand in these conditions, but I urged myself to do it. Once I was standing on the Atoll inflatable paddle board I felt confident standing on the board. More on how it is handled in the On-Water performance section below. 

SUP Fishing

Lots of D rings means lots of possibilities with this inflatable sup. If you are the type of fisherman who likes to string together their own set-up and contraptions then the Atoll 11 sup is probably one of the best boards to do that with! 

Its 15 D rings allows you to add your own bungee rigging to tie down coolers, boxes or fishing crates to go along with you. 

The only thing that I think would add to this board… Is if it had mounts on it like the iRocker and Nixy boards have. With those mounts you can screw in rod holders, cameras and drink cup holders.

SUP Expeditions and Camping

Atoll Paddle Board Loaded

If you were looking for a SUP that was somewhat easy on the wallet that you wanted to go on excursions, the Atoll 11 is a great board for that. Not only is it one of the more lightweight packages around but it also is tested with one of the best weight capacities. The Atoll company themselves managed to test it to 550 lbs with multiple people on it.

Add to it the fact that it has 15 D rings and its 8 free D Ring locations  means you can strap whatever gear you want to the back of the board with your own bungee set-up. 

The Atoll paddle boards all around – touring hybrid profile allows the board to travel far distances without being a pain to paddle. Although if you plan on doing that I highly recommend you upgrade your SUP paddle. 

Hiking Trips

One of the things that really stand out with the board is the fact that both the board and the bag are about as lightweight as they come. There are other manufacturers that have a similar weight on their boards but have added weight on the bag because of the wheels. 

On top of that the bag has more than sufficient padding to not dig into your shoulders as you are on longer treks. It is also more tightly packaged to allow you to to hike up to that small isolated lake and enjoy a nice mid day paddle before trekking on. 

SUP Yoga

While the looks of the Atoll 11 may not be a SUP yogi’s first choice, it does provide an ample platform to practice some moves. Its diamond shaped grip pad gives you a good amount of traction while its stability and longer length makes it a stable platform to perform some moves.

Kayak Hybrid

Like many other packages, the folks at Atoll do provide you with a kayak hybrid package that you can purchase separately. This allows you to transform your paddle board into a kayak while still providing 4 free D rings for other cargo for the important things like coolers. 

Atoll 11 On-Water Performance 

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Total On-Water Score8.5 /108.0
Stability Score9 /108.3
Tracking Score8 /107.8
Speed Score8 /107.7
Manueverability Score8 /108.1
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

One of the things that the Atoll 11 rated highly in is the great on-water performance you get with the board. It’s on-water performance is one of the highest rated of the SUP boards we tested. We will explain why below.


I hate to repeat myself but the stability of this board was fantastic. Before getting the board I did some research online and this was the most common compliment of the Atoll 11 board.

Upon testing it, it was true! In my test I made things a bit more high stakes than normal by testing the board out in a small lake in the beginning of March.. In Canada (Salt Spring Island to be exact). 

Upon first standing onto the board I felt that its primary stability (How the board feels rested on the water) was great. Upon paddling, standing still and maneuvering the board I never felt any quick snaps that made me have to correct mid maneuver

Overall paddling on this board I felt safe and at no point did I feel like I’d tip into the cold lake. Beginner paddlers, if stability is one of your main concerns the Atoll 11 is a fantastic board to start and grow with!


The tracking ability of the Atoll 11 was solid. In both casual paddling and faster strokes I felt that the board did exactly what it was supposed to do. 

Tracking FactorPaddle StrokesAverage Paddle Strokes (All Around)
Paddle Strokes
To Keep Straight Course
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

I could feel a slight difference between this board vs inflatable boards that have longer 5” side fins. But the difference was not massive by any means. 

The only time I found that tracking was a bit of an issue was when wind hit me head on when I was going from a stand still. It briefly pushed the board but I was able to get it back to tracking straight with some momentum.


Atoll’s gliding speed was good both with casual paddling and stronger strokes. While I didn’t push the board to the absolute max, my first impressions were that the board’s hydrodynamic profile created minimal drag while paddling

The boards slightly pointed profile coupled with its 11 foot frame and 32 inch width allowed the board to glide at a good pace. More on this when I get some comparative speed tests done!


Upon doing some sweep strokes and simple turning maneuvers while the board was still the maneuverability was more than adequate.  The factors that help this board’s maneuverability are the small side fins which make it easier for water to flow over them when doing a sweep stroke maneuver.

Paddle StrokesAverage Paddle Strokes (All Around SUP’s)
Paddle Strokes for Reverse Sweep Stroke4.54.2
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

On the other hand the board’s 11 foot length makes you have to put a little more umph into the sweep stroke. But that’s standard with most 11 foot makes.  

If I were to compare the maneuverability of this board compared to the iRocker All Around 11 I would say the Atoll 11 would get the nod thanks to the smaller side fins and its narrower tail.

Atoll 11 Specifications Deconstructed

  • Type of Board: All Around
  • Length: 11’
  • Width: 32”
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Volume: 238 L
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 550 pounds for multiple riders
  • Recommended PSI: 10-15 psi
  • Materials: Polyester drop-stitch fabric, Dual Layered PVC

The Atoll stand up paddle board is made of a machine laminated dual layer PVC. From the feel and looks of the board, it’s constructed in a similar way to other boards that are labeled as “fusion layered” or “MSL Fusion material. 

Rating FactorScoreAverage Score (All Around)
Construction Score9 /108.3
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

Like most paddle boards reviewed on this site it features a drop stitch core that is woven into the machine laminated dual layered PVC. Recently, Atoll added reinforced seams to make an already durable board just that much more indestructible.

Paddling on the board it very much kept its shape while being thrown into above freezing water. When standing on the board it felt very solid and stable, more on this below. 

Atoll SUP Profile 

The Atoll 11 inflatable paddle board is a hybrid between the differentiating styles of the Nixy Newport G4 and the iRocker All Around 11. If you look specifically at the tail you will notice that it’s not as pointed as the Nixy Newport Board but it’s also not as broad as the iRocker All Around 11.

This inbetween profile allows the Atoll 11 to cut through the water amply while still still being a remarkably stable board for 32”.

One of the first things I noticed was that similar to the iRocker All Around 11, there was not a lot of play with this board. Meaning when I was standing and paddling the Atoll board did not rock back and forth too much. This primary stability allows the Atoll to be a fantastic board for beginners.

The board’s shape also allowed it to glide on the water smoothly with each stroke. When putting a bit of umf in each paddle stroke the board responded well accordingly and the smooth glide continued on. 

The tracking on this board was good but I couldn’t help but think that the permanent plastic side fins could be keeping the board from tracking better. Boards that have detachable side fins typically are an inch/ inch and a half longer, which keeps the board glued to a straight line when paddling. 

Whats on Deck

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Board Features Score98.1
Deck Pad Score8.5 /108.3
D-Rings Score9 /108
Deck Webbing Score7.5 /108.1
Handle Score7 /108.2
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

While the Atoll 11 SUP board may not have all the bells and whistles like mounts and camera holders. It does give you space to use some of your imagination to stack gear onto this board

Atoll Deck Pad

The spec of dirt proves I used it! 😛

The deck pad of the Atoll 11 paddle board is diamond grooved which I feel gives you more grip compared to smoother deckpads. Although I did manage to get some slime on the board somehow. Do I want to know what the slime was? …No. I did find that the slime and dirt was a bit harder to get off compared to a smoother deck pad. But it did mostly all come off in the end.

The deckpad takes up about 2/3rds of the board which I feel is a good SUP to deck pad ratio for a paddle board. This is great for having increased grip to stow things on the board or even do some SUP yoga on a sunny afternoon. 

Atoll D Rings  

The Atoll Board features 15 D Rings on its board in total. 

  • 6 D Rings on the Front Deck for the Bungees
  • 8 D Rings on the Middle to Back of the Board
  • 1 D Ring on the back for Ankle Leash

I do like it when SUP manufacturers provide 6 D Rings with bungee deck webbing for the ability to store smaller cargo. I find 6 is better than 4, especially when it comes with storing cargo like bags and soft coolers. They also keep the paddle stowed in place better. 

The remaining 8 D Rings leave a wide range of possibilities. Some combinations I’ve brainstormed were..

  • Kayak Conversion Kit with Cooler (All 8 D Rings Used) 
  • Yeti Cooler With Fishing Crate (6 D Rings Used)
  • Camping Gear strapped to the back (6 D Rings Used)

If you are a do-it your selfer then I’m sure your mind will be racing with possibilities. 

Atoll Bungee Deck Webbing

The Atoll 11 paddle board has 3 rows of deck webbing which I appreciate in a paddle board. A few ideas of things you can store include:

  • Water Bottle, Dry Bag
  • Speaker, Dry Bag
  • A Soft Cooler, Water Bottle
  • Holding the Paddle while in Savasana
  • Hold a fishing rod while paddling

Again, I’ll let your imagination wander with this ;). 

The only thing that I thought Atoll could have done better is having rear bungee deck webbing. A lot of SUP brands today provide rear deck bungee deck webbing. Which is more ideal for casual/ recreational day paddling.

This may mean that Atoll would have to shift or lose a few things like a row of D rings. Which in hindsight, may go against the thought of the Atoll being a do-it-yourself backpacking board to begin with. 

Atoll Handles

The Atoll 11 inflatable board features a handle in the middle to pick up the board and a handle at the rear that allows you to drag the board on its nose, away from the fins. The handles are covered with neoprene which helps your hands when you are walking longer distances to and from the shore line. 

Atoll 11 Accessories

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Accessories Score7.5/107.9
Backpack Score7/108.1
Paddle Score7/107.8
Pump Score7/107.6
Fin Score8/108.1
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

The Atoll board comes with the standard accessories that you find with many inflatable SUP’s. A fiberglass carbon coated paddle, a Hiking/ Carry Bag, a Dual Action single chamber pump as well as a repair kit, center fin and instructions with a sticker kit. So what are they like and do they do their job well enough? I’ll explain the details below..

Atoll Backpack

The Atoll Bag is made of good quality heavy duty materials. From what I believe to be heavy duty nylon material. If you are looking for something that separates this board from cheaper Amazon/ big box store picks it will be the bag. And if you are an avid hiker you are in luck!

The Atoll 11 bag is probably one of the best when mixing minimalist design with comfort. The bag does not have any wheels so this makes it lighter than many competitors in its price range. 

In my mind the subtraction of wheels can be seen as an addition or subtraction depending on what you are using the board for. If you are a bit lazy like me and you like to wheel your bags to the set-up location then this may not be the absolute perfect bag. But if you are going on long treks and want something comfortable and lightweight to wear then it’s about as ideal as it gets.

I walked up a few smaller hills with it and it felt comfortable to wear while not being too heavy. I originally had some trouble replicating Atoll’s folding technique and putting it back into the bag but once you get the hang of it it can all fit with some re-arranging. 

Atoll Paddle

In my on-board video I mentioned that the Atoll paddle reminded me a lot of what Tower provides with their paddle boards. After some research I found while they look similar they are constructed a bit differently.

The Atoll paddle is made of a fiberglass shaft that is coated with carbon fiber. It’s blade is made of nylon composite material and weighs 1 pound and 13 ounces. The shaft can extend from 66 inches to 83 inches. The Tower has a fiberglass shaft with ABS plastic blade.

Upon paddling the board I found the Atoll paddle to be lightweight. I tried an array of different strokes including sweep strokes, casual forward paddles and more powerful strokes. The paddle felt more than up to the task and the handle contoured my hand sufficiently, giving me enough confidence to make the strokes I needed

While some of you may just think a paddle is just a paddle you will notice after trying different brands from different budgets that the paddle actually makes a big difference. After a few hours an aluminum paddle will feel like you are paddling a barbell. 

Atoll Pump

I’ll have to admit that while I inspected the pump I did not use it on the board. As stated in my review video I injured my back a few months ago so I just used the Outdoor Master Shark II Electric Pump

The pump is pretty bare bones. Great if you are hiking and you don’t want a lot of weight in that bag but not so great when it comes to pumping up the board in a quicker time period.

From what I inspected the pump is dual action meaning it has 2 settings.

  1. Pumping air in both the up and down motion
  2. Pumping air in the down motion

You use the 2nd setting when the board becomes harder to pump. 

Atoll Fins

Atoll Fins

I had mixed emotions when it came to the fins of the board. On one hand I love how Atoll uses FCS fin box installation for its center fin. Meaning as you get more advanced you can play around with different fin set-ups. Atoll has a few available.

Fins Available on Atoll website:

  • 4.6” River Flex Fin
  • 8” Flex Fin
  • 9” Race Fin
  • Replacement fin 

The shorter flex fins like the river fin are ideal for shallower water terrains. 9” Race fins are more ideal for touring use on lakes and coastlines. 

The thing that I was not as big of a fan of was the fact that Atoll’s side fins are those standard plastic ones that stay attached to the board. While this is by no means a deal breaker. I could tell slight differences in tracking compared to the Nixy Newport and iRocker All Around boards that have 5” side fins that add to straight-line tracking.

Atoll Leash

The Atoll leash is pretty standard with what you get from SUP brands, in my testing it was comfortable to wear thanks to its neoprene material that goes on my ankle. I also appreciated the swivel base on both the lash and ankle parts.

Atoll Add-On Accessories 

As you get used to the board or want to expand your collection of paddleboard accouterments, there are a variety of additional accessories that you can purchase for use with the Atoll 11’ SUP. 

  • Fitness Dock for SUP Yoga Instuctors
  • Adjustable carbon fiber paddle 
  • Replacement fiberglass paddle with nylon blade
  • Conversion kit (1 Atoll kayak seat, 1 Atoll kayak paddle adapter) 
  • Onyx M-16 Belt Pack
  • Replacement Travel backpack 
  • Beach backpack
  • Replacement Hand pump
  • Outdoor Master electric pump 

All of the additional accessories available for Atoll products make it easy for those interested in getting the most out of their inflatable paddleboard to do so. 

For starters, I love how you can take advantage of the kayak conversion kit to get both the kayak seat and the paddle adapter and turn your stand-up paddleboard into a kayak.

The adapter turns your existing paddle into a dual-headed paddle that you can easily remove when you are no longer kayaking. The best part about the adapter is that it fits easily alongside your regular paddle in any Atoll travel backpack, making transporting them both less of a hassle. 

The seat is fantastic. It features a padded cushion with a backrest that is supremely comfortable for all-day excursions without lacking support and durability. It has adjustable straps, so you’ll be able to achieve the perfect fit for your body, and it is as easy to install as it is to remove. You can go from paddling to kayaking and back again as many times as you want in one outing. 

Atoll Paddle Board Set-Up/ Take Down

Rating FactorScoreAverage Score (All Around)
Construction Score8/108.2
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

When I set-up the Atoll 11 I used the Outdoor Master Shark II Pump, so I will be detailing my experience with this set-up instead of with the manual pump that came with the board.


I will be posting a video in the future detailing the full setup but here were my thoughts on the Atoll 11 set-up for the first time. As I get more miles on this board I’ll update accordingly. 

Something I’d personally recommend is noting exactly how Atoll had their board folded and make little marks on the board with a permanent marker as to where the folds are. 

-Editors Note

As what’s usually the case with most inflatable boards, setting up the board first time will take like 10 to 15 minutes to figure out but getting the bag back into the bag takes longer because you have to refold the board. Oftentimes your first folding try will not fit the bag properly so you have to try again until it does.  

About the Atoll Company

Atoll Boards side by side

Atoll Board Company has been producing top-of-the-line inflatable stand-up paddleboards (iSUP) since 2014. Their headquarters are in Huntington Beach, California, and combine their love of the earth with their passion for paddle sports like paddleboarding. 

They show their passion in their signature line of stand-up paddleboards, which are purposefully designed to be perfect for people of all ages and sizes. Below we go into detail on the things that really matter, warranties and returns, customer service and what customers think. 

Atoll Warranty and Returns Information 

You will have your new paddleboard quickly when you purchase from Atoll. The inflatable stand-up paddleboards ship within two business days and will arrive at your doorstep between 2 and 10 business days. Most people receive theirs within three days.

All orders within the United States ship for free. International customers are responsible for any VAT, duty, or other fees. If the item receives a refusal at customs, their policy is not to refund the purchase. 

The warranty and return policies are generous. If for some reason, you don’t love your Atoll 11 SUP,  the company has a 60-day return policy for any Atoll product, as well as a 30-day return policy for third-party products. Customers are only responsible for shipping fees, with periodic restocking fees of up to 15% applied if the item has any damage or missing parts

Each Atoll iSUP comes with a 2-year warranty that holds up against any defects that may occur during use. This applies to the board only, not any of the accessories. This warranty isn’t as long as the 5-year warranties available from Bluefin, Hala, or Red Paddle. However, the return window is comparable. 

Atoll Customer Service

Atoll has outstanding customer service, especially when compared to similar manufacturers. 

On Amazon, Atoll has 4.9 out of 5 stars. Users report that customer service is incredibly responsive, with broken or missing parts issues resolving in a matter of 1 to 2 days

To get a hold of someone at Atoll for questions or concerns, all you have to do is send them a quick email. You’ll find the customer service reps to be friendly, timely, and helpful. 

I’ve been very pleased with how they operate and how responsive they have been with my requests on my 2022 Atoll board so far.

– Editors Note

What Customers Think

The Atoll SUP board has excellent reviews, from the superb customer service to the overall usability and design of the board. 

People who use this board report that it is firm, stable, and well constructed. They like that it is lightweight without being chintzy or lacking support and that it has an outstanding rigidity to the surface that feels just like a hardboard. 

Furthermore, they like the number of D-rings available to attach miscellaneous items to the board. The removable bungee cargo system at the front is also a big seller for people who want a little bit of extra deck space. 

Users are big fans of the double-action pump that comes with the inflatable board. A small, hand-held pump inflates the board in about 15 minutes. It uses high-quality materials and bright yellow, making it harder to lose. Some users have reported that the pump hose is slightly stiff for the first couple of uses though. 

Finally, users love the paddle that comes with Atoll SUP boards. The paddle is lightweight at 29 ounces with a fiberglass handle and a nylon blade that won’t get dinged up through long-term use.
Overall, the Atoll iSUP is an exceptional paddleboard with a great design, useful features, and a record of outstanding customer service. It is also reasonably priced, compared with other iSUPs of similar makeup.

Where to Buy Atoll Paddle Boards 

Atoll winter
Photo from Atoll FB Page

Atoll inflatable stand-up paddleboards are pretty easy to find. Just go to the Atoll Website! First and foremost, they have an excellent and easy-to-navigate website where you can view their entire inventory of boards and accessories. 

You can also find Atoll paddle boards on online retail websites like Amazon.

There are over 20 in-person retail locations scattered throughout the United States you can visit. The majority are in California and Colorado. However, they have third-party sites in:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Florida
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon 
  • New York
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • Vermont

They have four individual third-party vendors that sell the boards in Australia, Canada, and Guam as well. 

Similar Paddle Board Manufacturers 

Overall, my Atoll paddle board review has put Atoll towards the top end of the list regarding the best inflatable paddle board. But how do they compare to other similar manufacturers on the scene? 

Atoll vs. iRocker 

iRocker All Around 11 Presented

The paddleboard company iRocker is in Jacksonville, Florida, and has been in business since 2013. They have several models of inflatable paddle boards and are rapidly becoming a big name in the SUP world

But how do the two brands compare? 

Although both brands offer a large accessory pack with their boards and have 2-year manufacturer warranties, iRocker boards are generally cheaper than Atoll boards. The quality of their accessory pack is also a little better than Atoll, which is something to keep in mind if you tend to be hard on your equipment.

Similar to Atoll, iRocker boasts excellent customer service. IRocker believes in taking customer feedback to heart and making updates and improvements to their boards that people want to see. They want their customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase for the life of the board. 

The design of their boards differs a bit as well. For example, the iRocker All Around boards come in 10’ and 11’ options and have more color and pattern options to choose from. They craft them with a triple-layer PVC composite, making them heavier than Atoll’s boards. Finally, you can remove all three fins with specific models of iRocker boards. 

See our Full iRocker SUP Reviews here.

Atoll vs. Bote 

Bote is another U.S.-based paddleboard and water sports company that has been in business for about ten years. Their headquarters are in Walton Beach, Florida. 

Unlike Atoll, their main focus is not simply on stand-up paddleboards. They offer specific lines of fishing paddle boards, boards for extensive touring, boards for fitness enthusiasts, and more. However, they also manufacture kayaks, floats, and skiffs in addition to an extensive line of accessories. 

Bote has seven different models of inflatable boards, which use the same military-grade PVC the Atoll boards use. Their boards are between 10 and 12.4 feet long, and they come in a variety of bright colors and patterns. They have a sleek design with an entry rocker nose, thick rails for stability, and a stable platform. 

On the downside, standard Bote paddleboards can withstand about 25 pounds less than Atoll boards. They also only offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty for their products

The Breeze is a great starter board for beginners from Bote that compares well with the Atoll 11” iSUP. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, only the essentials that will keep you afloat in style. It is also affordable for the high-quality board you’re getting and a little bit cheaper than Atoll boards. 

For a Complete list of boards that compare with Atoll check out our Best Inflatable Paddle Boards List!

See our Full BOTE SUP Reviews here.

Atoll vs Hardboards

The average inflatable paddleboard like Atoll will weigh less than a traditional epoxy or hardboard. They are also easy to store and transport. Because they deflate, anybody can pack them into suitcases, taken on airplanes, or packed neatly into the bed of your truck or car trunk. 

Inflatable SUPs like Atoll are also incredibly durable, despite air filling them. This quality may seem strange if you’re thinking of an iSUP like a pool float. 

But in reality, the inflatable SUPs won’t crack or chip like hardboards thanks to the strength of the material they used to craft them. They also are generally softer and more comfortable to stand on for long periods. 

This is a very brief comparison, For something more in depth check out our Inflatable Paddle Board Vs Solid Board page. 

Should You Get the Atoll 11 Inflatable Paddle Board?

Atoll inflatable stand-up paddleboards are truly incredible boards that cater to a wide variety of activities and experience levels. In addition to getting a high-quality board made from sturdy materials, you will be sure to receive top-notch customer service and all of the quality accessories you need to get out on the water. 

In my experience you should get an Atoll 11 board if:

  • You want a high quality board for a decent price
  • You are a beginner to intermediate paddler
  • You want to go on muti-day excursions
  • You want to carry a lot of gear with you
  • You want to bring your kids or pup with you

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