iRocker All Around 10 Ultra Review

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In this review, we will be going through all the features of the iRocker All Around 10 Ultra. 

The All Around 10 Ultra is meant to be iRocker’s response to the compact phenomenon that is beginning to happen with Inflatable Paddle Boards. As with Nixy and Red Paddle, iRocker has jumped onto the compact bandwagon. 

Some of the benefits of these compact boards are the fact that they 

  1. Take up less room
  2. Weigh less
  3. Easier to carry
  4. Have improved technologies in them

What do we mean by all this? Follow along with our Subsections to see exactly how the All Around 10 Ultra ranked compared to not only other Ultra series boards but other compact SUPs within its price range. 

What Did we Think of the All Around 10 Ultra SUP?

The All Around 10 Ultra is built for smaller- medium sized paddlers who want a compact package to travel around with them. While we found throughout our research that it was not the most stable board for beginners it did well in our manueverability ratings. Making it a great SUP to paddle bodies of water that have more obsticles such as rivers, mangrooves and coastlines.

Much like the All Around 11 Ultra, we loved the accessories that came with the All Around 10 Ultra . Things like the newley designed compact backpack and the electric pump make setting up the board so much easier compared to traditional all around ISUPs. What we wern’t a fan of was the paddle which we get into below.

IRocker All Around 10 Ultra Review Ratings

Below are my ratings on the iRocker All Around10 Ultra Line which I used to directly compare the All Around 11 Ultra, Blackfin CX as well as the Original All Around 10. 

You may notice that this SUP scored the exact same score as the All Around 11 Ultra that I personally reviewed. Most of the features (minus the dimensions) are the same. The only major differences I found were in Stability (lost half a point) and Maneuverability (gained half a point). 

It should be noted that these were my findings. A person who is smaller in stature may actually find this board better suited to them stability-wise than someone like myself who is 6’1”

Total Score: 8.7 (Average of Below Scores)


  • One of the more lightweight Inflatable Boards
  • The backpack/ package is supremely well thought out
  • I like the smaller container that comes with the SUP to store smaller misc accessories
  • Comes with an electric pump 
  • This is a fantastic board for those who are 5’10” and under
  • The board features improved technology compared to the original 10 (more below) 
  • Handy removable deck bungees
  • Maneuverability is this SUP’s big strength


  • The paddle has more flex due to the 4 attachment points
  • The deck pad should go further back, hard to do pivot turns on slippery PVC
  • Handle gets in the way of kneeling I found

Who Should Be Using the All Around 10 Ultra

The iRocker All Around 10 Ultra is best for people who are under 5’10, who want a board to not only learn on but also grow with. 

The All Around 10 Ultra is a great board for both beginners and intermediates/ advanced to go paddling on. Especially if space is at a premium.

It should be noted that if you are considering starting off on this board. Your life will be made a lot easier being around 5’10” and under. I say this just because of pure physics. The larger the board’s surface area, the more stable of a surface you have to stand on. 

The new Ultra lineup has been notorious for underestimating its width by an inch or so. While this may not sound like much, an inch can make a pretty significant impact on the stability of an inflatable paddle board. Especially if you are taller.

For taller folks, it’s best to have about a year of SUP experience behind you before trying this little number out full-time. She may not be as stable, but she will be more maneuverable than comparable boards like the All Around 11 Ultra and the Blackfin CX.

Of course, the other major advantage of this SUP is portability. I know for a FACT I would be hearing my friends complaining nonstop if I brought a regular-sized ISUP with us in the van up to my friends’ cabin at 100 Mile. “Derek!! How the heck are we going to fit a paddle board with all the food/drinks and clothes that we are bringing up!” They would exclaim!

Well, this year I did not hear this as this particular ISUP fit perfectly in the corner of the van with all the other supplies that were brought up. Well done iRocker” 

– Editors Notes

What SUP Activities Can the iRocker All Around 10 Ultra Be Used for? 

The Compact package of the iRocker All Around 10 Ultra will give you a wider range of possibilities available compared to most other ISUPs. 

Recreational Paddling

This is what 80% of you will be using this SUP for. It’s a great board for casual paddling purposes and as stated above, is a great companion for road trips since it does not take as much vertical space. For small vehicle purposes, think half a trunk vs a full trunk that a bigger SUP bag like the Original 10 would use up. 

This is a decent board to learn on, although if stability is your main concern, I would recommend going with the wider Cruiser Ultra or the All Around 11 Ultra if you are a bigger individual. 


Not only is this SUP great for road trips, but it is also a good pick for RVing or even air travel. I should note though, that airlines like Delta have since updated their carry-on capacity to be 22” X 14” X 9” compared to the Ultra Bag that just falls a tad bit short at 10″ X 16″ X 21″.

Still, we reckoned this would be a great contender for any Griswal family station wagon adventure!

Light Touring

The lighterweight of the board coupled with the 2 fins makes this a good contender for some touring. IF you are a smaller framed individual. Bigger guys such as me have had a hard time getting a complete stroke in because we have to worry about the stability of the board when paddling at a faster rate. 

Kayak Hybrid

Can the iRocker All Around 10 Ultra board be fitted into a kayak hybrid just like the original series? 

Yes, it can! The All Around 10 features 4 free D ring locations on the deck of the board that allows full kayak conversion kit capability! This can be found sold separately on the irocker store. 

iRocker All Around 10 Ultra On-Water Performance

How does the All Around 10 on water performance compare to not only the original 10 but also the Ultra 11 and Blackfin CX? 

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Total On-Water Score8.18.0
Stability Score7.5 /108.3
Tracking Score8 /107.8
Speed Score8.5 /107.7
Manueverability Score8.5 /108.1
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested


Stability is all about the body size of the beholder. In my case, I would find that the All Around 10 Ultra would feel like the least stable of the Ultra series boards. 

However, for someone under the body size 5’10”. They may feel more comfortable paddling this board then something larger like the Ultra 11 SUP.

As a result, I kept the stability rating the same as the All Around 11 Ultra. Simply due to the fact that this board is not the ideal Ultra board that I would personally pick for myself (6’1” 185 Lbs). 

For those who are smaller in stature, you will in all likelihood feel that this board does not have the same feel as the original All Around 10 board. It will feel a bit more unsteady due to the fact that its width is miscalculated by about an inch from what iRocker says. 


We already mentioned some of the specific 2-center vs 2+1 fin details in the Fins section above. So how does this board compare in tracking compared to the other Ultra boards? 

On average, this board will track the least compared to the Ultra 11, Cruiser Ultra and the Blackfin CX. This is simply due to the fact that this board is shorter in length compared to the above. 

Having said the above, the area of tracking that can be improved upon the most is your paddle stroke. If you strike the water closer to the board, it will track better compared to a paddle stroke that is further away. 


One of the more noticeable advantages that the Ultra 10 has to the classic, is its acceleration and maintained clip while paddling at a good pace. Because this SUP is effectively 4 lbs lighter it is easier to get going. The difference between the two SUPs is pretty noticeable. 

My friend did a test on this between his All Around 11 vs the Ultra All Around 11 and one of the first things he remarked was the difference in paddling acceleration between the two. 

If you switch out the 5 piece paddle to the 3 piece the pace difference will probably be a bit more significant to boot. 


This is where this ISUP will shine compared to most iRocker models (with the exception of the Nautical Kids). This will be the most maneuverable board than pretty much any of the other Ultra boards thanks to its shorter length. 

This makes the All Around 10 a super responsive board which is ideal for smaller paddlers such as older kids or smaller adults. This will also be a great SUP to paddle in jaded coastlines, mangroves as well as windy rivers with calm waters. 

IRocker All-Around 10 Ultra Specifications Deconstructed

  • Type of Board: Recreational
  • Length: 10’
  • Width: 32″ (lots say an inch smaller)
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Volume: 298.5 L
  • Weight: 19.8 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 260 Lbs
Rating FactorScoreAverage Score (All Around)
Construction Score9 /108.3
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

One of the biggest differences you will see when comparing the iRocker All Around 10 to the All Around 10 Ultra. Is that this Ultra model is about 4 lbs lighter than the All Around 10 original series

But how does iRocker do this?

The main reason is the fact that this SUP manufacturer has moved to a cross-threaded drop stitch material instead of linear. This means the board has a stiffer construction with less materials involved

Think of this as a wicker chair that just had strands going lengthwise. If you sat on it you would feel some play. Now imagine your typical wicker chair that is threaded in the “t” pattern. It would be much stronger and feel more secure on your back because of the additional support of the cross threads. This is sort of how cross-threaded drop stitch works.  

See the video below for a further explanation. FYI “Woven” and “Cross Threaded” are essentially made in very similar ways. They just have different names

In terms of PVC construction, the iRocker rep that I talked to was a bit tight-lipped about it. But from some clues he was talking about it seems that iRocker has moved to a “fusion” dual-layer PVC. Much like Nixy, Red Paddle, Star Board, and a lot of other big names out there. If this is the case then this would further explain the ultra 10’s weight reduction. 

All Around 10 Ultra SUP Board Profile

In this example, we are mainly interested in comparing the All Around 10 Ultra to its original cousin. Since those are the two boards that have the closest dimensions to each other. 

One of the biggest differences you will notice from first impressions is, of course, the split deck pad. This is one of the main reasons why you are able to fold the 10 Ultra into such a compact package. Into a “hotdog” as they would say. 

The board has also been measured by other reviewers and has been stated to by about an inch or so smaller width-wise. We are not entirely sure why iRocker lists the wrong stats for this, but we will give them the benefit of the doubt since this is a new product for 2022. 

A few other things to point out is the fact that the handle is off-center. In my experience, this is not a deal breaker at all and it has some advantages. The main thing I wasn’t a fan of though was the fact that the handle does get in the way of your shin if you are kneeling.  We will go into more detail about differences and what they mean for you below. 

What’s On Deck

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Board Features Score8.68.1
Deck Pad Score9 /108.3
D-Rings Score8.5 /108
Deck Webbing Score8.5 /108.1
Action Mounts Score7.5 /107.8
Handle Score9 /108.2
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

Below we detail all the onboard features of the iRocker All Around 10 Ultra board. 

IRocker All Around 10 Ultra Deck Pad

As mentioned above we have the split deck pad of the All Around 10 Ultra SUP that helps with folding. In my experience with the All Around 11 Ultra board, and the Blackfin CX, the deck pad is comfortable to stand on and will cover your feet in most positions. 

The thing that I wasn’t a fan of was the fact that the deck pad does not run to the rear of the board. This is not a problem if you are a beginner and you just want to paddle around. 

BUT if you want to progress your skill level and try more advanced maneuvers such as pivot turns it makes things more difficult. This is because unlike the original iRocker boards or boards like the Gili Komodo, there is no deck padding at the back of the board. 

So if you are practicing pivot turns on this board like I was for an hour at my friend’s cabin, the slippery PVC certainly makes you much more mindful of where you place your foot on the board.

This is definitely not the easiest board to learn Pivot turns on!

– Editors Notes

iRocker Ultra 10 D Rings

The Ultra 10 features 15 D rings on the board compared to the 20 D rings of the original All Around 10. While this does give you a bit less to work with in terms of deck rigging and onboard storage it will still be sufficient for most recreational paddlers who want to bring a dry bag and a few other accessories with them.

There are also 4 free D rings housed in the middle of the board that allows you to mount a kayak seat (kayak conversion kit) or even a hardshell cooler to sit on as well. 

All Around 10 Ultra Deck Bungees

One of the more subtle differences between the All around Ultra 10 and the original All Around Ultra is the fact that this board has 5 (3 in front 2 in back) rows of bungee deck webbing as opposed to the 6 (3 in the front 3 in the rear) that the All Around 10 has. 

This does mean that this SUP cannot take as much gear, not just from a deck webbing perspective but also from a maximum capacity perspective. The Max capacity is over 100 lbs less on this board

Still, for its intended use of hosting smaller adult paddlers, this won’t be a deal breaker the majority of the time. The 260 lb weight limit will be more than enough for a paddler under 5’10 to bring some gear or even a small child aboard as well

Another thing you may notice if you looked closely is the fact that the All Around 10 Ultras Bungees have snaps on them that allows you to remove them easily. I personally like this feature a lot as this makes it a lot easier to carry a small passenger along for the ride. 

All Around 10 Ultra Action Mounts

Another area where the All Around 10 has shredded off some accessory weight is losing one action mount. On the original, they have 2 action mounts on the last bungee deck webbing row of the front of the board and 2 just before the bungees at the rear housed on the deck pad. 

They got rid of those rear placements and have instead opted to put it on the far rear of the board where the rear D ring is located (for ankle leash). From personal experience, I actually prefer when the mount is further to the front or rear of the board. This gives you a better view and allows more possibility for wide-angle shots where you can see your environment better. 

Some things that you can add include:

  • Cup Holder
  • Cell Phone Holder
  • Go Pro Mount
  • Fishing Rod Holder
  • Vibe Waterproof Speaker

IRocker All-Around Ultra 10 Handles

The handles are also placed slightly differently. Specifically in the front and the middle of the board. I’m not sure what it is, but having the handle on the very tip of the board just seems weird from a pure aesthetics point of view. 

One would even jump to conclusions that this handle may get in the way of the water line, but it doesn’t. The front handle will definitely be soaked after a SUP session and if you get a board that has white on it, it will get stained over time and use, unfortunately

That brings us to the weird off-center handle. Again, aesthetics-wise it looks weird, no doubt about it. But having the handle off-center does have its advantages. Often times smaller/shorter-statured people have a hard time getting their arm fully around the board. This makes the SUP that much more difficult to carry to the shoreline (especially if there is wind!).

With this newly designed handle you can flip the SUP to where the handle is a shorter distance to your shoulder and can carry it a heck of a lot more easily. This design is especially more handy for older children who want to carry this SUP to the shoreline. 

There are also handles on the rear (relatively unchanged from the original) as well as the 4 child handles at the front and rear where the deck rigging is. 

All Around Ultra 11 Accessories Explained

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Accessories Score8.6 /107.9
Backpack Score9.5 /108.1
Paddle Score7.5 /107.8
Pump Score9 /107.6
Fin Score8.5 /108.1
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

This is one of the most impressive areas I found with this board. Read below as I detail what I think about their design and how useful they can be. 

IRocker Ultra All Around 10 Backpack/ Bag

I have gotten a few quality SUPs over the years that have given me some impressive bags. In terms of compactness, this one will probably be my favorite of the SUPs I own!

This is the area where I truly give iRocker a lot of credit for this design. From the outside, it looks like an overstuffed -oversized drybag. But when you open it up it actually is shocking how you can not only fit an adult-sized SUP into it but also the electric pump,  fins, repair kit, and even the paddle! 

What’s great about the All Around 10 Ultra bag is that the bag specifications are the same as the other Ultra boards which means, when packing this SUP down, this will be the easiest out of the Ultra series to put back into the bag! And this is also the most compact due to the 10’ size. 

The bag comes with a pouch that is very handy to put your smaller accessories inside. When first opened up it comes with the electric pump and hose, repair kit, fins, alligator clips, and instructions/ stickers. The electric pump and hose take up about 80% of the pouch if folded properly so just keep that in mind if there are other accessories you wanted to add.

In terms of pockets and do-dads, the bag is also well-designed, especially for its compact sides. First off it comes with bungee lacing at the front which is handy for securing some of those bigger accessories like a kayak seat. 

In front, there is a front pocket that does not have anything stored inside after the initial purchase. I personally like to store the add one in here like the cell phone holders, go pro mounds, or even single rod mounts in here. But they can also be used for smaller speakers or extra clothing you want to bring. 

The bag features side pockets on the outside and the inside which can be secured with velcro. Much like the font, these can be used for smaller accessories you want to bring with you. 

Finally, on the inside side of the bag, there are lashes on the sides. This is where you put your folded-up paddle! If folded correctly, you will be able to fit all the pieces inside. 

When this bag is completely folded up it zips from the front and gets folded much like a dry bag. No it’s definitely is not waterproof but its design is clever and in my experience has saved me some space and some scolding from friends about the room. 

All Around 10 Ultra Paddle

My relationship with this paddle is a bit of a love/hate dynamic. On the plus side, I love the fact that this paddle can get so compact and can fit in the bag without too much struggle.

On the other hand, I can’t help but notice how this paddle affects on-water performance when you are paddling at a more vigorous pace. The paddle feels like it has a lot more bend compared to the 3 piece paddle. You don’t notice this as much when casually paddling, but when putting more force into each stroke it’s pretty obvious. 

The reason it does this is because of its 4 connection points compared to the 2 that normal 3-piece paddles have. These 2 extra connection points give the paddle more bend, as a result, the paddle has more flex which means less power will be transferred per stroke. 

The paddle weighs 2 lbs and goes from 77”- 86”. This is another problem I found with the All Around Ultra 10 series paddle. The 77” minimum height will be bigger for a lot of shorter people who decide to choose this board. The reason for this is that the adjustment part has to be shorter to fit properly into the bag. 

To solve this problem you can get a 3 piece iRocker paddle from the website or better still, get a composite paddle if you are serious about on-water performance. 

IRocker Electric Pump

One of the best value-per-package items you can include in an iSUP package and finally, iRocker did it. Hallelujah! 

The iRocker 12V electric pump is a welcome addition to this SUP package if you plan to have your car parked reasonably close to the shoreline. Otherwise you have to buy the iRocker Battery pack or just get a manual pump for going off the beaten path. 

Overall my experience with the iRocker pump over the past few years has been positive. The only mishap I’ve had happen was that the pump broke my friend’s car fuse (it was an older car) after pumping 3 boards consecutively. Listen up and listen closely as this could save you a fuse!

For 1-2 boards using the cigarette lighter plugin is A-okay. For 3 or more boards use the crocodile clips! The crocodile clips can be clipped onto the car battery (red to red – black to black). This may just save a fuse in your car. I also like to keep the car running while doing this so that this process does not drain the car battery. 

iRocker 10 Ultra Fins

As you look at this design you are probably saying to yourself. “Hmm 2 center fins… Thats… Interesting”. 

I’ve done some testing in terms of tracking and maneuverability between these two 9” center fins and the regular center fin and 2 side fin setups. This is what I’ve found

  • The 2 center fins track better when you are putting more effort into your paddle stroke
  • The 2 center fins work better at tracking when you are battling external forces like the tide or wind. 

Where the 2+1 fin setups did better based on my comparative testing to the All Around 11 vs All Around 11 Ultra was casual paddling as well as maneuverability. Both with casual side strokes and sweep strokes. 

“iRocker helped their online reputation by listening to customer feedback. In this case it is the addition of the locking tethers. I have seen a lot of reports in the iRocker Manufacturing Defects and Customer Service Issues FB group stating that their fins came off mid-paddle due to the finicky snap-on mechanism. 

While this has never happened to me, it did also happen to a friend of mine who’s leash wrapped around the side fins and broke one of them off. He was unable to find it but bought a spare from the iRocker store.

– Editors Notes

 iRocker Leash

Minus being color coded not very much has changed here. It is still swivel based on both the ankle and tether portion and measured 10’ total. If you are thinking of trying out surfing on this SUP i’d recommend getting a straight leash. There’s less chance of this SUP rebounding and hitting you when you fall off in the surf zone. 

Set-up/ Take Down

While I do not have a huge amount of experience setting up and taking down this specific board. I’ll detail you on my experiences with the Blackfin CX Ultra and Ultra 11 boards as the process will be very similar

As like with most things that you buy new, the package is perfectly compacted. In fact, my first experience receiving the compact box was “That’s it!?”. Seriously you will never think that you actually got the full ISUP in that box!

Rating FactorScoreAverage Score (All Around)
Set-Up/ Take-Down Score9 /108.2
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

In terms of pure set-up time, you get a big advantage of being able to delegate the inflation process to the electric pump as that gives you time to set up other things on your board such as the fins, paddle and things that you are bringing onboard. The electric pump usually takes between 10 and 12 minutes to fully inflate the board to 15-16 PSI. 

As with most exercises involved with muscle memory, you may find yourself just rolling the SUP as is just out of pure habit. You CAN do that but it just won’t fit into the bag with the pouch! 

To fold the board in half properly I highly recommend deflating it using the electric pump. All that extra air that the pump sucks up will make the folding process that much easier. A board that folds easier makes for an easier entry into the bag which makes for a happy paddler!

As mentioned briefly above, one of the biggest advantages of getting the shorter inflatable board is the fact that they are usually the easiest to put away. iRockers bag dimensions are the same across all of their Ultra models so while you may take a bit more time perfectly packing away the Ultra 11. This SUP will be much easier to take down due to the fact that it’s a foot smaller and is less volume.

This means more room within the bag to comfortably pack the 5-piece paddle as well as the pouch that houses the electric pump, hose, repair kit, and fins.

The bag itself is pretty comfortable to carry. The main issue smaller people will have is actually lifting the 33 lb bag onto your back! 

Ideally, it would be nice for this SUP to have side handles so that you could handle it easier when you pull it out of the trunk. Much like the bigger SUP bags that come with the classic All Around 10 and 11 series. 

About The iRocker Company

iRocker is an iSUP company that started in 2013 founded by Steve Elder. Since its founding iRocker has been evolving its brand, including adding the famous Blackfin, Nautical and now Ultra lineups. 

It is now one of the global leaders in inflatable paddle boards with distribution in North America, Europe, and Australia. 

Recently iRocker started it’s below-the-water initiative in which they donate a portion of their profits to ocean initiatives like No Shoes Reefs which helps protect the world’s reefs from decay. 

iRocker Warranty Information

All iRocker, Ultra and Blackfin branded boards (including the All Around 10 Ultra) feature a 3-year warranty on their boards. Which is slightly above the average of the normal 2-year warranty that I see from other SUP manufacturers.

iRocker has recently extended its return policy to be 90 days from date of purchase. The items must be returned from inside the box and must be in like new condition with no visible signs of wear. Along with all the accessories that they included. 

Keep in mind that the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs. 

What Customers Think

Being a newer product you have to scour hard for unbiased reviews. One of the go-to places I like to look at is the iRocker SUP Owner Group!

Some customers have a hard time standing on the SUP, which I have heard is one of the hurdles for beginners with a few of the Ultra boards.  I came across a comment like this to illustrate this:

Tips on getting up on the new Ultra irocker 10’ 

I took it out tonight for the first time and couldn’t even get one foot into position whilst kneeling without nearly tipping myself off the board lol never had that happen before

A little disheartened by how unstable it felt but hoping it was something else and not the board

Charlie (iRocker Owners Group)

Usually, the biggest problems are

  1. The board is underinflated: You look at the instructions manual and it say “16 PSI” You put air in and you nervously look around as it keeps pumping, pumping and pumping. You think to yourself, “is this thing going to explode?”. Keep with it. It won’t explode on you, I promise :).I like to start off at about 14 the first time and then ease it to 16 on the next few goes. 
  2. You Need to Work on Your Technique: Practice makes perfect but sometimes you are just trying to stand wrong. I go through how to stand in my All Around 11 Ultra On-water performance review video below. 
  3. The Board is too small: If you are a bigger or taller individual and it’s clearly not working out. Exchange it for the All Around 11 Ultra board. 

Most of the other comments I found on the All Around 10 Ultra seemed to be positive, Molly stated on the iRocker Website:

This is my 5th paddle board. I am obsessed. All of my boards have had no issues I just keep buying new ones and selling the old ones. I was a little unsure about this board the first time I took it out being a smaller board but I am so glad I have it. It is a great board. I use this one when I travel or it’s quick trip to the water after work. TryRead more about This is my 5th paddle board. I am it. You won’t regret it!!!

Where to Buy the All Around 10 Ultra SUP

The best place to get the All Around 10 Ultra is from the iRocker Website. Not in the USA? No problem! iRocker has separates sites and distribution centers in the following locations.

  • iRocker Canada
  • iRocker Australia
  • iRocker UK
  • iRocker Europe
  • iRocker USA

Comparable Brands

Below are what I feel are some of the best comparables to the All Around 10 Ultra 

Blackfin Ultra CX

The Blackfin CX is actually one of my favorite SUPs in terms of pure performance, speed and maneuverability. The dimensions of the Blackfin Ultra CX are 10’6” X 32.5” X 6” so it will give you a bit better tracking as well compared to the All Around Ultra 10 board

This, like the All Around 10 Ultra, comes with a compact bag, 5 piece paddle, and an electric pump. 

See our full Blackfin Ultra CX Review here.

Nixy Ultra Compact Board

The Nixy Huntingtons

The Ultra Compact by Nixy will be less performance-oriented than the All Around 10 due to its size and shape. At 9’6” and 18.75 lbs it is about a pound lighter. 

One thing I will say is that I do find Nixy often has better quality accessories, especially when related to the paddle and fins. The fins are FCS which means that they can be used with any other fin manufacturer that has the same designation. The same cannot be said about the All Around 10 Ultra which uses its own proprietary fins. 

See our full Nixy Huntington Compact Review here.

So Should You Get the All Around 10 Ultra Board? 

I believe the iRocker All Around 10 Ultra is a great pic for you if it matches the following conditions:

  • If you want a board that is super compact
  • You want a board with good acceleration
  • You are under 5’10” 
  • You want a board that has some cargo room
  • Maneuverability is an important factor in your choice
  • You want a board you can take with you for road trips

One of the biggest upsides that this board will have compared to its other Ultra siblings is the fact that it will be the easiest board to pack back away. It also is one of the more maneuverable boards which is ideal for folks who are shorter in stature like smaller adults or preteens. 

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