NIXY Paddle Board Reviews

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) inspires breathtaking scenery, fitness, health, and even expanded spirituality through connecting with nature. Those who want to participate but are not yet equipped with the right SUP or Inflatable SUP (ISUP) will get to know an outstanding high-end lineup of NIXY paddle boards in the article below, starting with a bit of the SUP company history.

NIXY is a family-owned business founded in 2015. The company’s stated mission and philosophy communicate a desire to bring adventure and personal fulfillment by exploring the outdoors. In addition, they are OBSESSED with constructing excellent SUPs at reasonable prices.

I have a Nixy Newport G4 so I can directly tell you about all of my dealings with the company as well as how the board is to set-up, paddle and if it’s worth it. In Fact I clocked well over 40 hours on the G4 last year in many different water conditions. 

– Editors Notes
Nixy Newport G4 Pic

Are you in? The review is about to begin! (Doors fans get it) 

NIXY Paddle Board Reviews

There are currently 5 different types of Nixy boards that you can choose from and 6 different packages. 

Our review covers something for everyone, including the all-around and beginner-friendly Newport, the yoga and fitness enthusiast favorite Venice, the super portable and dynamic Huntington, the distance cruiser and angler-favorite Monterey, and the seasoned SUP enthusiast and racing-favorite Manhattan.

The Huntington comes in two different types of packages. The Huntington Compact and Ultra Compact. The main difference is that the Ultra compact has a smaller bag included for travel. It is able to fold up more compactly thanks to a folding line on the deck pad. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Newport 10’6’’ X 33” X 6”21 Lbs300 LbsRecreational/ Light Touring$$$$

Venice10’6’’ X 34” X 6”23 Lbs350 LbsYoga/ Recreation$$$$

Huntington9’6’’ X 32” X 6”18.75 Lbs250 LbsTravel/ Fishing/ Recreation$$$$

Monterey11’6’’ X 34” X 6”25 Lbs400 LbsTouring/ Fishing$$$$$

Manhattan12’ 6” X 28” X 6”23 Lbs350 LbsRacing/ Touring$$$$$

Manhattan Plus12’ 6” X 30” X 6”23 Lbs350 LbsTouring$$$$$

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NIXY Newport Series – (Editors Choice) 

Nixy Newport G4 Pic


  • Length: 10’6″
  • Width: 33″
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Materials: Dual-layer fusion PVC with laminated woven drop-stitch construction and carbon fiber side rails
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 300 pounds

Who It Is For

The NIXY SUP Newport series is an all-around great paddle board choice no matter the buyer’s preference. A wide range of features and good marks in all categories provides a solid frame of reference to which to compare other boards to.

The Newport series is a great board that you can grow with. Meaning if you are a beginner and want something that’s easy to learn as well as a board that can keep up with your growth as a paddle boarder it’s a solid pick. 

In Fact this is still my favorite all around paddle board I’ve tested to date!

Seasoned paddle boards will also have a hard time finding fault with the Newport series. However, those who want something more specialized may find a better option with the other paddle boards listed below.

On Water Performance

The Newport series brings excellent responsiveness and maneuverability in both calm and choppy waters.

Nixy Choppy Water
First Day Testing and the waters were choppy!

Good overall tracking means little need for correction. However, taking the Newport through rougher waters, paddlers will notice a greater need to course-correct as the board tends to meander a bit.

 The first time I tried it was in late March. The waters were choppy and windsurfers were out. Paddling against the tide was difficult but I was more than able to keep up with the thinner profiled iRocker 11 All Around board that my friend was on

Authors Note

A width of 33 inches supplies ample stability. That said, beginners taking a Newport into faster-moving waters will do better to kneel or sit while paddling.

In the speed category, the Newport series isn’t bad at all. However, keep in mind this particular series isn’t designed for racing and it appeals more towards beginners and casual day paddling use.

Board Features and Design

The NIXY Newport inflatable paddle board brings a number of impressive features and accessories. The carbon fiber hybrid paddles are a noticeable improvement over the previous generations. The kits’ paddles offer elegance and remarkable performance.

Nixy Rear
Pro Tip: Life is better with speakers

The Newport series includes a three-stage action pump called the Typhoon. It’s a bit heavy but it pumps the board in about five minutes and is quiet enough to converse over. 

Out of all the manual pumps I’ve tried from board packages this one is the best. Infact friends who have 2 stage pumps often come to me to borrow the Typhoon after I finish pumping my board up.

NIXY has a great reputation for the backpacks they offer to lug your paddle board and accessories wherever you go. 

The Newport series backpack offers 15 cargo hooks, extra padding in the shoulders and hips, side pocket drainage, ample central storage for the pump, three wheels to roll instead of carrying, special fin holders, and an overall comfortable and easy to manage backpack.

 The backpack is by far the best of the All Around board packages I’ve handled and set-up. There is so much room to put things like phone cases, smaller pfd’s dry bags in the front pocket.

Another feature I like is the fact that there is a compartment on the side to place the paddle. This leaves you a lot of space in the bag to put the pump as well as a smaller accessory. 

Authors Note

Last but worth mentioning, the Newport series comes with a ten-foot hybrid leash.

Many optional accessories are available, such as an electric pump and a premium SUP kayak seat.

What Customers Think

Customer reviews show this series is great for beginners and casual day paddlers of all shapes and sizes paddling through calm and smaller chop.

Overall, reviews for the NIXY Newport G4 series are EXCELLENT

The only complaint was that the fins could be difficult to attach and screw into place. Although this complaint was from an older generation, Nixy. The fins have a built-in screw system now and are not that much longer to set up compared to snap-in fins like the iRocker. 


  • Great for beginners and intermediate, suitable for everyone else
  • Tracking is excellent in calm waters
  • Maneuvers well
  • Solid primary and secondary stability
  • Many well-thought-out features and accessories capabilities
  • Versatile in terms of use
  • 3 removable fins add to the overall impressive stability
  • Good value


  • Tracking suffers in high wind and choppy conditions
  • Shorter refund policy for a high priced item
  • Difficulty attaching fins

NIXY Venice Series -(SUP Yoga Pick)


  • Length: 10’6″
  • Width: 34″
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Materials: Laminated woven drop stitch technology with military-grade PVC with carbon side rails
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 350 pounds

Who It Is For

The NIXY Venice G4 series paddle board is for much of the same crowd as the Newport but with more focus on stability. If you are a balance challenged beginner or just want a stable platform to stand on, Venice is a good pick. However, beginners and novice paddlers will better appreciate the board’s added width and top-notch stability.

Dedicated to fitness, fishing, and leisure, the Venice series is excellent for doing yoga on the water or any other activity that requires greater cargo or weight support. The elongated deck pad makes it one of the best SUP Yoga boards out there!

On Water Performance

The Venice ranks as our top pick in the category of stability. A slightly greater width means chilling, exercising, fishing, and cruising are very comfortable on these NIXY inflatable paddle boards.

Tracking and paddling in the “cruising” category also receive top marks. However, with greater width comes slightly reduced speed compared to other NIXY options.

Nixy Venice

That said, the speed and maneuverability of this board will impress those expecting a slow-going style cruiser. Like the Newport, the Venice is a versatile board that is feature-rich with many strengths and very little in the way of weaknesses.

Board Features and Design

The sturdy new design comes in blue, aqua, and purple. The G4 also brings quite a few new features from last season’s model.

Authors Note: The biggest difference between the Venice and other Nixy models is how the deckpad spans almost the entire board. This bodes well for SUP Yogis. Often their main complaint about the paddle boards is that they have to watch their footing to make sure they are placed on the deck pad. 

It’s incredibly lightweight, easy to carry around with a well-placed grab handle. The inflation and air valves are also well placed, making for quick and easy packing and unpacking.

Venice’s kit offers the same essentials as the Newport: an excellent roller backpack, three-piece adjustable carbon-fiber hybrid paddle, triple-action adjustable pump, three fins for greater stability and tracking, and a ten-foot hybrid leash for safety.

What Customers Think

Customer reviews of the NIXY Venice G4 ISUP couldn’t be better. Honestly, we could not find a single bad review of the board itself. The only complaint was little availability in shipping to countries outside the US.

Mostly, Venice owners love their versatile new SUP and report enjoying it in calmer waters such as rivers and lakes.

They also mention exceptional customer service from NIXY and high-quality working accessories.


  • Multiple great upgrades from the previous model
  • Top-notch stability
  • Super lightweight
  • Added deck pad width for fitness routines or extra kayak seat
  • Ample storage and added weight capacity


  • Reduced speed compared to other NIXY models
  • Limited international availability
  • Limited refund policy for high price item

NIXY Huntington Series (Travel Pick)


  • Length: 9’6″
  • Width: 32″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials: Laminated woven drop stitch technology with military-grade PVC
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 250 pounds

Who It Is For

The NIXY Huntington is our top pick for compact portability and performance ISUPs. Weighing in at just under 19 pounds makes this the lightest weight option on the list.

Intermediate and seasoned paddle boarders who want something easy to lug around and don’t mind less deck space will still find plenty of features and high performance. Because the 250-pound weight capacity is significantly lower than the other options, smaller frame people (200 pounds and under are best) will find this board is perfect for them.

Buyers looking for a board that travels great in their vehicle and on the hike will find the Huntington doesn’t sacrifice performance, features, or fun for its reduced size.

On Water Performance

NIXY Huntington paddle boarding is surprisingly stable for its size, turns on a dime, and offers a fun ride across various water conditions. However, a shorter length and a dual fin setup mean there are some performance drawbacks.

Namely, speed and tracking are noticeably traded for the compact dimensions. That said, those looking for an ISUP workout will find the Huntington’s deck center to be exceptionally accommodating

Board Features and Design

The Nixy Huntingtons

Here we have a smaller board with a boatload of features that compares nicely with the other NIXY choices on this list. 

Paddle boarders will find an easy nose-grab handle on the front of the board, ample front and back cargo bungee cords, a center carrying handle, durable reinforced carbon fiber side rails, premium EVA traction pad, a rear grab-handle, plenty of stainless steel D-rings, and four action mounts for additional accessories.

The kit includes the standard NIXY wheeled backpack, Typhoon pump, adjustable three-piece carbon fiber hybrid paddle, hybrid ankle leash, repair kits, and removable fins.

A SUPER lightweight frame has the NIXY’s FUSIONTech construction with liquid PVC and hardy drop-stitching as a companion.

The NIXY Huntington series comes in two slightly different, compact and ultra-compact models. Weight and capacity are the same for both. The difference is in how each of these folds up when deflated. 

The compact is inside the same feature-rich NIXY bag that’s used for the Newport and Venice models. It’s a comfortable bag but is considerable in size. The NIXY Huntington ultra-compact comes with a significantly smaller backpack optimized for hiking. The benefit of the size reduction is especially noticeable when trekking through dense foliage.

What Customers Think

Like the other NIXY products, customer reviews of the Huntington series complain of availability outside the US and some shipping errors.

On the positive side, this paddle board receives glowing reviews that speak of a noticeably lightweight and easy-to-use product. Quality of materials, water performance, and yoga-ready stability are also mentioned.


  • Lightest weight option
  • Ideal for any travel conditions
  • Added carbon fiber side rails
  • Significantly upgraded durability from the G3 series
  • High-response maneuverability that makes for extra fun paddle boarding


  • Shorter board means reduced speed
  • Reduced tracking performance
  • Limited availability outside the US
  • Limited 30-day refund window for  high price item

NIXY Monterey Series – (Capacity Pick)


  • Length: 11’6″
  • Width: 34″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials: Dual layer PVC FUSIONTech laminated, laminated woven drop-stitch construction and reinforced carbon fiber side rails
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 400 pounds

Who It Is For

The NIXY Monterey SUP is the new kid on the paddle boarding block designed for long-distance expeditions. With its large amount of deck pad space and a whopping 400 pounds of weight capacity, it’s ready to be LOADED with gear and an additional passenger for an all-day fishing trip or long-distance touring.

Compared directly to the other NIXY boards in this review, the Monterey reigns as the distance and storage king. Besides dimensions and added weight capacity, it showcases most of the same great NIXY features.

Long distance and angling enthusiasts will find this board super handy. 

On Water Performance

What it gains in size, it does so on the water in terms of performance. The board has great glide and ample speed due to its considerable 11-foot 6-inch length.

The Monterey’s stability rivals that of the Venice, again due to its widespread, which makes it great for anglers who plan to bring a tackle box, dry bag, and additional storage. The Monterey also features 10 action mounts that can accommodate fishing rod holders, cup holders, go pro and phone adapters to document your journey. 

The three-fin system, when employed, makes for excellent tracking. However, this board does best on smooth water.

Maneuverability, while not bad, is where this board suffers compared to the others. Big boards just don’t turn like their smaller, more nimble cousins. So it’s best to use this board

Board Features and Design

The NIXY Monterey, being the heavy-weight long-distance champion that it is, brings high-performance dual-layer PVC construction but with improved durability and rigidity. 

In addition, it comes with over 18 D-rings for storage and versatility, ten action mounts, and an additional two Scotty mounts. The Scotty mounts can be used for SUP fishing racks that are able to hold even more gear and give you that extra stability while casting. 

Accessories include the standard three-piece adjustable 90-degree carbon fiber hybrid paddle that’s lightweight, triple action hand pump, the three-wheel backpack, a hybrid ankle leash, three removable fins, and the repair kit.

In terms of portability, this larger scale paddle board can deflate and fit easily into the same great NIXY padded backpack comfortably within five minutes. That said, inflation delivers a considerable eight-to-ten-minute workout. 

Authors Note: I personally decided enough is enough and I got myself an eclectic pump!

What Customers Think

Customer reviews are currently sparse because this is a new addition to the NIXY lineup. However, the few we found online speak to great value, comfort, convenience, and an all-around excellent expedition/ fishing board.


  • Excellent stability and speed
  • Top-of-the-line quality materials
  • Great value
  • Additional space allows for another passenger, two kayak chairs, or a canine friend
  • Ample brackets and D-rings for plenty of gear


  • A wider berth means diminished maneuverability
  • Complaints about shipping/availability for international purchases
  • The 30-day refund window could be longer considering the item’s price

NIXY Manhattan Series – (Racing/Touring Pick)


  • Length: 12 feet 6 inches
  • Width: 28″ Inches
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Materials: Dual layer PVC with FUSIONTech laminated woven drop-stitch construction and reinforced carbon fiber side rails and stringers
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 350 pounds

Who It Is For

The NIXY Manhattan G4 series is a performance-specialized paddle board for advanced ISUP enthusiasts looking for speed and touring capability.

It’s the most extended board on the list and the narrowest, which gives it speed but isn’t great for fitness activities, or fishing trips that require plenty of gear and added comfort.

Those looking to race will find that this SUP compares exceptionally well with many higher-priced brands and comes with the added accessories and kit.

On Water Performance

The NIXY Manhattan is FUN to paddle, if anything. Glide, speed, and tracking are outstanding, making this a great option to sprint calm waters for short or long distances.

While longer and narrower, stability remains impressive, albeit not nearly as much as buyers will find with the Venice or Monterey. The Manhattan is fast and fun, but beginners may do better to rest on their knees before trying to SUP.

Board Features and Design

The Manhattan ISUP brings NIXY’s proprietary FUSIONTech construction, making for high-quality durability and stiffness. It also keeps the board lightweight while supporting a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Manhattan buyers get the added carbon fiber rail system, three-piece adjustable hybrid paddle, Typhoon tri-chamber hand pump, padded three-wheel backpack, a hybrid leash for added safety, removable fin, and repair kit.

An added construction feature is a center top and bottom carbon fiber stringer that enhances the on-water performance which gives you better glide and speed. Something you will find in many high quality inflatable touring boards.

What Customers Think

Customer reviews speak to a well-made board that retains air pressure over long periods and performs great in various weather and water conditions.

As advertised, buyers report calling this board FAST!

Excellent accessories and lightweight, easy portability mean people can take this board to where rigid straight boards cannot go.

Areas of complaint include issues with missing kit pieces and the capability and storage capacity of the D-Rings and bungee tie-downs, as these seem limited by comparison to the other NIXY board series.


  • Lightweight and fast
  • Excellent performance for racing and long tours
  • Great fun for advanced paddle boarders
  • Great value and number of accessories compared to other performance racing ISUPs


  • Greatly reduced stability due to long narrow dimensions
  • Not beginner or novice-friendly
  • Limited international availability
  • Limited refund policy for high price item

Nixy manhattan G4 Plus SUP


  • Length: 12 feet 6 inches
  • Width: 30″ Inches
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Materials: Dual layer PVC with FUSIONTech laminated woven drop-stitch construction and reinforced carbon fiber side rails and stringers
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 350 pounds

who It Is For

The Nixy Manhattan Plus is the more stable cousin of the Manhattan series. The main purpose of this SUP is to make this board avialable to more people by making it 2 inches wider. This extra width makes the board more stable which makes it a more accessible board for a wider range of paddlers.

The Manhattan G4 Plus is meant for touring/ fitness purposes for those who want a board that will go farther and faster than most all around paddle board makes.

On Water Perfomance

The Manhattan Plus is a paddle board that specializes in going farther distances in a shorter period of time. As a result it will be one of the better tracking and faster boards in the Nixy line-up. Although not as quick as the original Manhattan board, the Manhattan Plus offers the paddler more stability.

This opens the board up to taller folks such as myself who may find touring on the original Manhattan a tad bit challenging. So for those newer paddlers who want to jump into touring this will probably be your go to pick.

Board Features and Design

The Manhattan Plus has almost identical features to the original Manhattan series in that it has both carbon side rails as well as carbon stringers on the top and the bottom of the board. This helps keep the boards rigidity when the paddler is putting more force into each paddle stroke. The less bouncy the SUP is the less drag it will have when paddling.

The Manhattan G4 Plus has 3 rows of bungee deck webbing as well as 5 action mounts compared to the original Manhattan’s 4. I personally would live to see Nixy incorporate some D rings in the rear for extra cargo seeing as the tail lenth is increased and can therefore have more carrying capabilies.

What Customers Think

This line-up was just released mid-summer 2022. So there are not a ton of reviews out just yet. However the ones that have reviewed it seemed to enjoy paddling it and using it as an upgrade over other all around boards that Nixy has in its stable.

So far its been mostly smaller paddlers who have reviewed this board so they all say the board is plenty stable. I would be curioius to see what taller paddlers think and if any have comparisons over the original Manhattan series.


  • The board is pretty quick in the water
  • Provides better stability than the original Manhattan
  • This board is more accessible for a wider range of paddlers
  • The accessories that come with this SUP are top notch!


  • I wish there were more bungees in the rear of the board
  • May still be unstable for taller paddlers
  • Maneuverability will be a bit of a tougher ask with this longer board

NIXY ISUP Add-on Accessories

NIXY accessory options continue to roll out. Currently, here are some of what paddle boarders can adorn their SUP with:

Each Nixy Board comes with a big backpack/ carry bag, a carbon hybrid paddle, Typhoon pump, leash and a repair kit

Backpack that comes with most Nixy boards

Action mounts offered on all the models, as mentioned earlier in this NIXY paddle board review, are popular for mounting GoPro cameras, smartphones, and fishing pole mounts.

Certain models like the Monterrey board have Scotty mounts on them that allow you to install fishing racks as well as fishing pole holders. 

However, the most talked about upgrades is an electric pump for any of these ISUPs. While the time it takes to inflate is roughly the same, even five minutes of manual pumping means considerable energy spent.

While the electric pump may just seem like extra money that you don’t need to spend, it’s definitely worth it. If you’re a tall guy who has some lower back issues this can take a toll. 

Trust me when I say this. Every time you see someone with an electric pump you curse yourself for not getting one. 

NIXY Customer Service

According to customer reviews, NIXY sports, the company itself, offers FANTASTIC customer service. Issues with shipping and missing parts do happen, but they fix them promptly. The official company sells through Amazon, making it a great eCommerce site to purchase a board. Buyers are hard-pressed to find any negative reviews.

Reviews boast of customer service staff being prompt, friendly, and offering helpful information such as shipping direction.

On the company’s homepage, you can contact them by phone or email Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, or interested buyers can connect through their social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

When I received my Nixy paddle board customer service was very easy to get a hold of by email. The shipping time from California to Vancouver Canada was shorter than I expected as well.

Authors Note

NIXY SUP Warranty and Returns Info

All the NIXY G4 series of paddle boards above have a single return policy and warranty. Buyers have 30 days to return any and all NIXY products they are not happy with for any reason to receive 100 percent of their money back. Additionally, NIXY covers the added shipping cost for up to one year from the purchase.

ISUPs come with a two-year limited warranty covering everything except everyday wear and tear. Accessories, such as electric pumps, include a reduced one-year warranty.

In terms of warranties and refund policies, NIXY products are pretty standard. However, many other brands offer longer warranties, and most match or beat NIXY’s return policy in the length of time.

Where to Buy NIXY Inflatable Paddle Boards

Photo from Nixy’s FB Page

Buying a NIXY ISUP outside the US is the biggest complaint among customer reviews. However, because the company sells directly through Amazon, this is your best bet for speedy and sound delivery with the added superb customer service.

As of 2022 The shipping for the Nixy Newport from California to Vancouver Canada would be roughly $85 USD

Countries serviced through NIXY’s Amazon page include the USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the UK.

Similar Paddle Board Manufacturers

iRocker and Thurso Surf offer a couple of comparable competitors to NIXY’s lineup. Both boards feature a bigger line-up but their designs are a bit more limited. 

Thurso Surf

Photo by @redintheface23
See Thurso Surf Reviews

Thurso Surf paddle boards are typically bigger in dimensions, making them a bit less portable. They do, however, match NIXY’s return policy and warranty, and are more or less equivalent in construction. They offer 7 boards in their lineup compared to NIXY’s 5. But their boards cover the same demographics as NIXY. 


Irocker All Around 11 pic
My friend’s 2020 iRocker All Around 11

The iRocker also closely resembles NIXY boards regarding accessories, dimensions. Irocker has 9 brand lines compared to Nixy’s 5 but the styles are bit more limited. These SUP’s are close to compare but iRocker is made of double and triple layer PVC, which while provides more durability, also makes the boards heavier. 

A real life example of some of the differences would be: the G4 Venice grants better deck space to yoga practitioners than the iRocker Cruiser. That said, the iRocker has NIXY beat with its three (for iRocker and blackfin Lines) and one-year warranty (Nautical Lines) and 60-day return policy.

Authors Note: Video coming out on Newport vs All Around 11 comparison. Stay tuned!