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Ahh yes, SUP Electric Pumps, one of the biggest upsells that you will find on review websites, including mine. Admittance is the first step, right?

While it may be annoying seeing phrases like “To make life easier for you, you should get an electric SUP Pump” there is a good amount of truth to it. 

Pumping an inflatable paddle board with a manual pump is a lot of hard work. While gymgoers may like the pump, it’s not as ideal as for people who have had injuries in the past. 

In my personal experience, I injured my back in the fall of 2021 so manual pumps were no longer an option for me so I did some research and dove in and bought an electric pump. It has now become one of the most Useful SUP Accessories that I use!

In this guide, I will inform you all that there is to know about electric SUP Pumps as well as let you know my personal experiences with them. 

Let’s get pumping!

Best SUP Electric Pumps

Below is my list of the best-rated electric SUP Pumps, including models I have used throughout the last few years. We review both units that can be hooked up to a 12 V cigarette lighter of the car and have battery capabilities

For those looking for Manual pumps we have a Best SUP Hand Pump guide here.

1. Outdoor Master Shark II Electric Pump (Top Pick)

  • Power Source: 12V DC Connector
  • PSI Range: .5-20 PSI
  • Dimensions: 12” X 9.5” X 4.85”
  • Battery Capability?: No

Ease of Use

The Outdoor Master Shark II Electric Pump is the first electric pump for a paddle board I had ever bought and it is something I still use for all my non-iRocker Ultra boards that come with their own electric pump. 

The pump was relatively straightforward to use. You first have to plug it into your car in the 12V “cigarette lighter” to power it up. Next, you have to choose the PSI setting and then press power. This is probably one of the easier Electric pumps to figure out as the buttons are pretty straightforward.

Pump Capabilities

This is one of the fastest electric SUP pumps in the market and for me, it consistently swaps places with the iRocker electric pump in terms of pumping speed. It usually pumps to 15 PSI within about 11 and a half to 12 minutes depending on how much it has been used. It’s also one of the more durable and well-made pumps on the list with a built-in cooling system to prevent overheating. 

Okay, now onto the things that I felt the Shark II pump could have done better. There is no battery capability with this pump, Outdoor master does not now sell a battery for this pump and instead opted to build the Outdoormaster Whale which uses battery power. 

Another thing that I felt they should have used was a crocodile clip adaptor. I’m skeptical about pumping more than 2 SUPs on this as I have an older car. And in past experiences, electric pumps can blow a fuse on your car’s cigarette lighter. Still, I have blown up 3 different paddle boards on it without any problems, I just give the pump a few minutes break in between pumps 


The good thing with the Outdoor master Shark II pump is that it can be used on more than just paddle boards. In their package, they include Boston valves, C7 Valves, H3/HR valves, pinch valves, and an 805 valve. These valves are appropriate for a wide range of air mattresses, water toys, and other inflatable products. 

What Customers Think

You won’t be able to go anywhere without seeing the Outdoor Master Shark II pump recommended by the general public. This is because it is a durable SUP pump that now comes with a 2-year warranty (previously 1). 

As of now, the Outdoor Master Shark II Pump has a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon with many customers liking the durability of the pump. Many of them can successfully pump 2 boards in a row with no breaks.

However, there have been some complaints about the hose not fitting onto certain brands of paddle board valves. 

In my experience, you have to kinda force it in at first and then it’s pretty smooth sailing (the engineering way!). The vast majority of the complaints are directed at the loud noise the pump makes at the 2nd stage. To be honest this is pretty unavoidable and you will have to get used to ruining a few people’s quiet afternoons for at least a couple of minutes. 


  • Pump is Durable 
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 5 different valves for many inflatable products (not just SUPs) 
  • One of the fastest-pumping electric pumps
  • Can pump up to 3 boards in my experience


  • I wish this package came with a bag of some sort, Kind of annoying to throw the whole box in the trunk as it takes up more room
  • No battery capability
  • No crocodile clips

2. iRocker Electric Pump 

  • Power Source: 12V DC Connector, Crocodile clips
  • PSI Range: .5-20 PSI
  • Dimensions: 7″ x 8.5″ x 4″
  • Battery Capability?: Yes

Ease of Use

In my experience, the iRocker Electric Pump is fairly easy to use although it may take a little bit of fiddling around first (shout out to those who don’t read instructions like me! :D). In Fact, I remember when I first shot a set-up video I had to pause the video a few times to figure it out, but after 2-3 minutes it was easy peasy. This was probably due to the 1 extra button that threw me off a bit. 

Simply set your desired PSI range (I do 14-15 for brand-new SUPs) and press start. It will automatically stop once it gets to your desired PSI range.

The above video jumps to when I use the Electric SUP Pump

Pump Capabilities

The iRocker pump got good marks for its pumping speed and its overall capabilities. Not only can it plug into your car’s 12 V adaptor. But it can also be plugged into iRockers battery pack to make it more portable, as well as be powered by crocodile clips. 

In my experience, this pump usually inflated to 15 PSI in just over 12 minutes. I personally highly recommend using the crocodile clips for pumping more than 2 SUPs. See the below explanation. 

When we used this pump we tried pumping 3 boards non-stop. What ended up happening is that the fuse to my friend’s car actually broke. So word to the wise, if you have an older car, used the crocodile clips and clip it to your car’s battery!

– Editors Notes


The iRocker electric Pump may not have as many of the bits and bobs as the Outdoor Master Shark II, however, it does feature a latch to keep the cords wrapped inside. Although it must be said that the cords should be folded the way they came in and not just stuffed inside. Otherwise, they don’t fit and you will have to spend a minute or two fiddling with them. 

The iRocker electric pump also comes with one hose that can be connected to the inflation or deflation valve. Just a heads up, if you don’t own an inflatable paddle board yet or are looking for a new one. The iRocker Ultra series all come with electric pumps in their package as well as a nice little carrying pouch within the package. 

If you get an Ultra series SUP I highly recommend that you use the deflation port of your electric pump. This makes folding the board in half lengthwise a heck of a lot easier.

What Customers Think

First I’ll detail what both me and my friend think as we both have iRocker electric pumps. In the beginning, it was actually my friend who got the electric pump first. He’s been using it for about 2 years now and it’s still going strong. 

The only thing to note is the fuse incident mentioned above that blew the fuse to his old Mazda. I’ve had mine for about a year and have had no problems to date. This pump works on most ISUP models, as I’ve tested it on 6 different ISUPs to date. 

In terms of what customers think, many people have reported an inflation time of about 10 to 12 minutes which seems about in line with what I have experienced with this product. Many stars come from people who are super appreciative about not having to use a manual pump again so they can save their efforts for paddling. 


  • Can be powered by battery or crocodile clips
  • One of the faster SUP pumps I’ve used 
  • Comes with Ultra boards
  • The inner compartment for cords is handy
  • Durable, my friend has been using his for 2+ years


  • Inflating 3 boards has blown the fuse in my friends Mazda
  • No other adaptors come with the package
  • No cooling mechanism

3. Nixy Ventus Electric Pump

  • Power Source: 12V DC Connector, 12 V battery cables, Crocodile clips
  • PSI Range: .5-20 PSI
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 8″ x 5″
  • Battery Capability?: Yes

Ease of Use

The Nixy Ventus pump is relatively easy to use, like many other electric pumps, set the PSI you want and then press power and it’s off! The pump automatically shuts off when it hits the desired PSI amount. There are 4 buttons, plus, minus, PSI/ Bar, and the power button. 

This pump is a bit bulkier than some of the other electric pumps but a big plus is that it comes in a carrying case that makes room for the battery should you purchase it.

Pump Capabilities

The Nixy Ventus is about in line with the next fastest pump after iRocker and Outdoor Master clocked in at 11-12 minutes depending on its usage from the cigarette lighter

The good thing about the Nixy Ventus is that it is versatile. Not only does it come with crocodile clips (See my blown fuse story above) but it also can be powered by a 6,000 mAh battery pack which is sold separately. This is ideal when parking is scarce or you need to go for a bit of a hike to get to a body of water. 

We have yet to test the full capabilities of the Venus other than the cigarette lighter so it will be interesting to see the differences between the battery pack and crocodile clips. 


Something that rated highly for the Nixy Ventus is the fact that it came with a good amount of nozzles for various inflatables as well as a portable bag. The portable back is a pretty underrated feature because it takes up less space than a box while still having space for a battery pack

The Ventus has an Active Tech cooling fan which prevents the pump from overheating on those warm summer days. 

What Customers Think

A lot of customers actually use this pump for inflatable kayaks and boats which was a bit surprising to me. But many of them were impressed and could easily set the PSI from low pressure like 3 PSI to 10 for drop stitch flooring. 

Interestingly enough one customer pointed out that the pump runs slower when the car is not running, even when connected by the crocodile clips. I personally always like to keep the car running simply because I don’t want to get into a situation where my car battery dies and I’m stranded. 


  • Comes with a good amount of accessories
  • Carrying bag and storage compartment in the pump is handy
  • Battery pack compatible
  • Comes with alligator clips


  • The pump is a bit bulky
  • Pumping speed is just a little off Outdoor Master and iRocker pumps

4. Outdoor Master Whale

  • Power Source: 6000 mAh Battery,
  • PSI Range: .5-16 PSI
  • Dimensions: 14.5″ x 8.6″ x 6.7″
  • Battery Capability?: Yes

Ease of Use

The Outdoor Master Whale is different from other SUP Pumps on the list in that it is battery-powered. So if you are planning to pump a fair distance from your car this may be your go-to option. Yes, some pumps on here can be powered by a battery but that’s always one extra thing you have to get. With the Outdoor Master Whale, you just grab it and go. 

To start it hold the on the button for a few seconds, set the PSI to your desired amount (I like to start it at 14-15 PSI), and then press the on button again and it does its thing.

Pump Capabilities

The Outdoor Master is a 2 stage rechargeable battery SUP pump. A 6000 mAh Lithium Ion battery powers it. What’s cool about this pump is that it can be charged with both a 12C car connector (cig lighter) or it can be plugged into any wall outlet

The battery on the Whale is actually pretty impressive. I have heard that this pump can blow up more than 4 paddle boards on a single charge which is more than impressive in its own right. The LCD screen also can light up for those night paddles where you need to see the pressure. It also comes with an LED light to help you see what you are doing when packing up.  


This SUP comes with 5 different nozzles that can be used for SUPs, inflatable boats/ kayaks, pools, toys, and even inflatable tents. It comes with a USB Port for DC charging inside the storage flap as well as an LED light, dual-stage cooling fan, and a 12 V car charger and wall charger. 

What Customers Think

On Amazon, as of fall 2022, the OutdoorMaster Whale has a 4.6/5 star customer satisfaction rating. 

Being a relatively new unit in the SUP pump game there have been a few complaints about some battery malfunctions. However for the most part if it is within the warranty period Outdoor master was able to send a new unit. 

One customer was impressed with the functionality of the pump but noticed that there was something loose inside and thought the unit was pretty big which made storage a bit difficult. Again some patience should be shown as oftentimes there are kinks to be worked out in first versions. 


  • The Idea of this being an all-in-one battery pump is cool
  • Inflation time takes about 11-15 mins for 15 PSI which isn’t bad for a battery unit
  • Comes with lots of adapters, and lights for LCD and LED light in back
  • Outdoor Master has good customer service which usually makes returns easy


  • Some reports of the battery not working or failing
  • LED light should be on the other end to see what you are doing
  • PSI range should be higher for SUPs that require it like Bluefin and Red Paddle

5. Sea Gods Electric Pump

Photo by Sea Gods
  • Power Source: 6000 maH Battery
  • PSI Range: .5-16 PSI
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Battery Capability?: Yes

Ease of Use

Another electric pump, but this time from my hometown. Sea Gods make an impressive battery-powered SUP pump that rivals that of the Outdoor Master Whale. I’ve spoken to Mandy (the owner) about this pump briefly and she informed me all about the pump’s portability. It was one of the first times I had heard about full battery-powered SUP pumps so I was intrigued. 

To start it up you have to hold the power button for 5 seconds until turns on. Set your PSI and push the power button again and you are off! This like the others on the list is a 2-stage pump where at first the pump will become quiet until the board has pressure on it, and then it pumps into its 2nd stage. 

Pump Capabilities

The pump is battery powered so you can take it almost anywhere. Unfortunately like the Outdoor Master Whale, it maxes out at 16 PSI. I’m not entirely sure what the reasoning behind this is for battery-powered pumps but it is what it is. Fortunately, most SUP companies have an ideal range of 14-16 PSI. For SUPs with a larger PSI range, you can always attach your manual pump to top it up!

The Sea Gods pump can be charged by a wall charger or by a 12 V charger. It also features USB ports that you can plug other devices into. you can charge things like a Bluetooth speaker, phone, or any other electronic device you want. The pump takes about just under 15 minutes to inflate the paddle board on its battery and it can inflate at least 2 SUPs on a full charge.


The Sea Gods Electric Pump comes with 5 different valve attachments, the hose as well as extra washers. It also comes with a wall adapter, and 12v cigarette lighter charger as well as a handy carrying case that makes it easily transportable

What Customers Think

Sea Gods is an up-and-coming company. They also just released this product over the last year or so. As a result, there won’t be as many reviews on this electric pump as others. From what I could find, most of the customers like it and found it supremely portable and compact. I will update this as more reviews come in. 


  • Well-thought-out design
  • Very portable 
  • Has well thought out features like LED lights and USB ports of other devices
  • Comes with a nice carry bag


  • Not a lot of information is out on this Pump since it’s new
  • This pump is a bit slower compared to Outdoor Master Whale
  • Maximum inflation of 16 may be too little for some SUPs

Gili 12 V Electric Pump 

  • Power Source: 12V DC Connector, 12 V battery cables, 
  • PSI Range: .5-20 PSI
  • Dimensions: 10.67” x 7.32” x 6.57”
  • Battery Capability?: Yes

Ease of Use

The Gili 12 V electric pump is one of the cheaper SUP pumps due to its design. Truthfully it mimics the design of a lot of the other SUP pumps that you can find on Amazon, but we won’t speculate any further than that. 

To start it up, hold the power button until it turns on, adjust the PSI, and press power again and you are off! This SUP pump can go up to 20 PSI in pressure

Pump Capabilities

The Gili pump can plug into the cigarette lighter or be used via a battery pack that Gili sells separately. There have been rumblings of this SUP pump overheating but Gili has since put in a built-in overheating protection mechanism in it. 

The good news is this pump can blow up to 20 PSI and can reach 15 psi in about 11-12 minutes which is a pretty decent time. In the past, these pumps have been known to have overheating problems. In Fact, the 20 mins run time will give you almost enough time to blow up 2 boards.


The Gili 2-stage pump comes with the 12v adapter, alligator clips as well as 5 different attachment pieces for the hose that can inflate a variety of different inflatable products. 

What Customers Think

There are not enough unbiased reviews to have anything to really go off with this pump. One of the customers complained about the pump burning out after inflating 2 paddle boards. This is probably related to the 20 mins run time that Gili has for this pump. 


  • Can inflate to 20 PSI
  • Gili has made improvements to this pump
  • Can run with a 12 v cord, alligator clips, or battery


  • 20-minute run time will only do 2 boards
  • Has the same generic shape as Amazon-style electric SUP pumps
  • There have been some complaints about fitting onto other ISUPs

What to Look for in an Electric Paddle Board Pump

Electric SUP pumps have a few defining features that will allow you to weave around the reeds and find what best fits you and your situation. Below I have listed the 3 most important factors ( Versatility, Price and Durability) and then go into other factors that go into the pump’s capabilities.  


One of the things that I like to look for in a SUP pump is how many different ways a pump can be hooked up or charged. In my mind the more the better! For SUP pumps run by a car, I want to see ones that have both 12V “cigarette lighter” connections and alligator clip connections

I’ve has an experience in the past where the 12 V cigarette lighter attachment actually blew a fuse in my friend’s old Mazda after filling 3 boards. So as a note of caution I usually hook up the electric pump to the car’s battery via the alligator clips when I am doing more than 2 boards.

– Editors Notes

For Electric SUP pumps that are battery powered I want to see a Wall charger as well as a 12 V charging/ power option, for those just-in-case moments when you forgot to charge your pump at home. 

Battery VS Car Hookup for SUP Pumps

So when should you favor a battery-powered SUP pump vs a car hook-up sup pump? 

Car Powered (12 V Car Connectors) Should be used when..

  • There is ample parking and enough space somewhere close to your car to blow up your SUP
  • You want your SUP to be blown up in a shorter amount of time
  • Your vehicle will be close to the water/ launching spot
  • You want a more affordable SUP pump

There are a few places that I like to set up and blow up my SUP. Both of them usually involve soft grass! If you have a landing mat then even better!

Battery Powered SUP Pump Should be used when..

  • Your vehicle is no-where close to water
  • You have a bit of a hike to get to a body of water
  • You don’t want to buy a battery pack for a car-powered SUP pump
  • Parking is crowded

Hey, sometimes the day does not go your way and there is nowhere to set up your SUP. This situation is especially true on sunny summer weekends which draw crowds to lakes and beaches. So, if you have a battery-powered pump charged and ready to go you can set your SUP up by the water instead of circling the parking lot for a half hour or more

Price Point

On a whole, Electric SUP pumps that are more expensive are usually more durable because of the technology put into them. Decent SUP pumps usually start at the sub $100 mark. Better quality SUP pumps like the Outdoor Master Shark II can be found for about the mid 100 level

Battery-powered electric pumps can be found at about the $200 to mid $200 price point due to the built-in battery. If you were to price it out getting a somewhat reputable 12 V electric pump like the iRocker would equal about $130, add a battery pack to it, and thats about another $100 which makes the price about $230.

So really the price difference would be around $20 give or take not including sales or discounts that go on through certain times of the year. 


Once you buy a SUP pump you want the thing to last right!? Something I also look for is some sort of cooling mechanism. The cooling mechanism (often a fan) will be the thing that stops the pump from overheating and allows it to continue operating. The most important clues that I look for when shopping for electric paddle board pumps are:

  • How long is the manufacturer’s warranty?
  • What do customers say?

From what I have seen, warranties for good quality electric pumps range between 1-3 years warranties. Ideally, we are looking into the 2-3 year range. 

A good clue as to looking at the durability of the questioned SUP pump is unbiased customer reviews. I personally would skip the manufacturer’s site. Some manufacturers just put reviews on their sites that put them in a good light. Instead, I look for more unbiased sources. 

Reviews on Amazon often give a good clue as to how good the product really is. If you look at reviews between the 2-4 star range, those will be the most detailed and thought-out reviews.

You can also find reviews on paddle board groups on Facebook (there are many of them) as well as google “ (enter electric sup pump here)”. Reddit can range in reliability but in my experience, it’s mostly honest and experienced folks that frequent them.

Inflation Speed

I notice that a lot of review sites put focus on the speed of the pump. But, is your life really going to be that much worse off if you have to wait an extra minute or two? Probably not. But we also understand you want to get into the water ;). 

  • A decent inflation speed for 12V electric SUP Pumps powered by cars is 11- 12 minutes. 
  • A descent inflation speed for battery-powered SUP pumps is around 14- 15 minutes.

These averages are based on first-use basis, as the pump gets more use without any breaks the inflation speed will be slower. 

Deflation Capabilities

Most inflatable SUP pumps will have a valve for deflation purposes. A lot of people (myself included for the longest time) would manually press the air out of the SUP. But really, if you use the deflation port, folding up your SUP is going to be so much easier! 

This is especially true for bigger SUPs or travel/ compact SUPs like the iRocker All Around Ultra 11 that need to be folded in half lengthwise.

In terms of SUP pumps you usually do the exact same process as you would inflate the board. But you would attach the hose to the deflation side of the pump instead of inflation. 

Other Inflation Purposes

If you are a water enthusiast like I am. You will be looking for other things to inflate during summer. Things such as inflatable boats, inflatable kayaks, floaties, inflatable docks, or even air mattresses. It’s always nice to have a SUP pump that can fill these lower PSI things as opposed to having to get a separate pump just to inflate those things.


While this is not the end all be all criteria there certainly is some purpose to having some useful accessories come with your electric pump. Things like:

  • Battery Capabilities (Either has it inside or can be used with an add-on) 
  • Different charging attachments (for battery-powered)
  • Different power outputs (I look for crocodile clips as well as a 12 V cigarette lighter)
  • Different valve attachments

These I would say are the most important but there are also some SUP pumps that come with USB outlets for devices and have LED lights to see what you are doing. 

Tips on Operating Electric Paddle Board Pumps

After a few years of operating different inflatable paddle board pumps I have a few things below to share. 

Alligator Clips Vs Cigarette Lighter

When looking for SUP pumps I make sure that car-powered SUP pumps also come with alligator clips that hook straight onto your car’s battery. This will less likely break a fuse in your car’s 12V connector. I have a rule of thumb I have developed over the years. 

  • 1-2 SUPs being pumped: Use Cigarette Lighter
  • More than 2 Sups being pumped: Use the Alligator clips

I attach the alligator clips to the car battery and then run the car to reduce the risk of the car’s battery draining.

Check Air Valve Pin Before Inflating

Well duh! IThis is probably the response you have to this. And yes I agree! However, you don’t even know how many times I have just attached the SUP pump to the board only to find out the valve pin is down. 

I now have a rule. After deflating the board and rolling it up, put the valve pin back up! In the past, I left the valve pin down after deflating and rolling the board only to hear a TSSHHHHHHH noise after my first attempt at inflating it with the pump. 

Keep to the Boards PSI Recommendations

Too many people question the paddle boards’ PSI recommendations and underinflate the board fearing that there was a mistake in the instructions and the SUP is going to blow up. 

SUPs are made of thousands of drop stitch threads that help the board keep shape so the board will not just “blow up” like it would with a regular pool toy that was overinflated. 

Landing Mats Are Handy

I was a bit late to the party with this one but landing mats will help keep your board clean. When your SUP is all wet loose grass likes to stick to it like velcro which ends up making your board look like it went through hell and back. 

Landing mats allow your board to not only dry but also make rolling your SUP easier. Without getting grass, sand, or dirt on it which over time when unchecked, can wear down the materials of your paddle board. 


Below are some common FAQs I get about inflatable paddle boards. 

Why Can’t I use a Regular Electric Pump?

Regular electric pumps that pump up pool toys usually do not have the capability of pumping high-pressure items like SUPs. 

These devices usually have a smaller running time as well which will automatically shut off before getting anywhere near the PSI that your paddle board needs. 

What PSI Should I Pump My SUP to?

The PSI that you pump your SUP to should be within the manufacturer’s recommended PSI range. For most SUPs, the range is at about 14-16 PSI. 

How Long Does it Take to Inflate a SUP With an Electric Pump?

The inflation time will ultimately depend on the type of electric SUP pump that you are using. An electric SUP PUMP will usually take 11-15 minutes to inflate a paddle board to 15 PSI. 

So what’s the Best Electric SUP Pump? 

The Best electric SUP pump that plugs into the car in our testing is the Outdoor Master Shark II pump followed closely by the iRocker electric SUP Pump. Both pumps are some of the most reliably built in the industry and can pump 2-3 boards with no break in about 11-13 minutes time for each board. 

The Best battery-powered SUP pump was the Outdoor Master Whale pump which features a built-in battery. It can inflate over 4 boards on a single charge with about 11 -15 minutes per board.  

Have you got any suggestions on what the best electric SUP Pump is? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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