Best SUP Companies and Brand Reviews

It’s easy to look on the internet and see a bunch of best of lists about paddle boards. But what they usually don’t tell you is how the SUP Companies treat their customers, what the warranties are and how the SUP’s are made! This is what this directory hub is for

Below is a list of some of the best SUP companies for inflatable paddle boards.

This is meant to be a directory for those looking for a reputable inflatable SUP Brand and want to be able to compare models to each other. 

We have divided them into two categories. The best SUP Brands which represent reputable inflatable paddle boards that can last you many years due to high quality materials involved.

And the Best Budget SUP Brands for those just starting out who want a board that they can play with recreationally. These brands can last you a few years and are trusted manufacturers who have been around for 5 years plus. 

This is a long list so below is a comparison table that acts as a Table of Contents.

Click the ISUP brand names on the left to go to each overview.

ISUP BrandActivityProduct LinesCustomer ReputationWarranty/ ReturnsWhere to Buy
Atoll Recreation/ Light Touring14,9/5 Stars Amazon2 Year Warranty/ 60 Day Return Atoll Website/ Amazon
Bluefin Recreation/ Touring 124.1/ 5 Stars Trust Pilot5 Year Warranty/ 30 Day ReturnBluefin Website/ Amazon
Bote Recreation/ Fishing84.2/ 5 Stars Facebook Reviews2 Year Warranty/ 30 Day ReturnBote Website
Gili Sports Recreation/ Touring/ Yoga10 3.7/6 Stars Facebook Reviews

4.7/5 Stars Amazon Reviews
2 Year Warranty/ 60 Day ReturnGili Website/ Amazon
Hala Recreation/ WhiteWater/ Touring184.9/5 Stars Facebook Reviews5 Year WarrantyHala Website/ Oudoorplay
iRocker Recreation/ Light Touring/ Fishing9Not Available3 and 1 Year Warranty/ 60 Day ReturniRocker Website
Isle Surf and SUP Recreation/ Light Touring. Yoga54.9/5 Stars Trust Piot

4.4 Stars and Above Amazon
2 Year Warranty/ 60 Day ReturnIsle Website/ Amazon
Naish Touring/ Racing84.5/ 5 Stars Facebook1 Year Warranty/ 45 Day ReturnNaish Website/ Greenwater Sports
Nixy Recreation/ Light Touring/ Yoga/ Fishing/ Travel5Not Enough Ratings2 Year Warranty/ 30 Day ReturnNixy Website/ Amazon
NRS Recreation. WhiteWater/ Touring194.4/ 5 Stars Facebook3 Year Warranty/ 30 Day ReturnNRS Website/ Outdoorplay
Red Paddle Recreation/ Surfing/ Touring/ Racing19Not Enough Ratings5 Year Warranty/ 30 Day ReturnLocal Dealers/ Green Water Sports
ROCRecreation33,7/ 5 Stars Facebook

4.8/ 5 Stars Amazon
1 Year Warranty/ 30 Day ReturnROC Website/ Amazon
Sea Eagle Recreation/ Touring/ Fishing44.2/ 5 Star Facebook3 Year Warranty/ 120 Day ReturnSea Eagle Website
Sea GodsRecreation/ Touring/ Yoga84.3/ 5 Star FacebookProduct Lifetime Warranty/ 30 Day ReturnSea Gods Website/ Amazon
SerenelifeRecreation/ Yoga34.7/ 5 Stars Amazon1 Year Warranty/ 30 Day returnSerene Life Website/ Amazon
Starboard Recreation/ Touring/ Racing9Not Enough Ratings2 Year WarranyLocal/ Green Water Sports
Thurso Recreation/ Light Touring74.5/ 5 Stars Facebook2 Year Warranty/ 30 Day ReturnThurso Surf Website
TowerRecreation7No Information2 Year Warranty/ 30 Day Money BackTower Website/ Amazon

Prices change all the time in the Stand Up Paddle Board world. So it can be tough to update them all the time. so we’ve developed a price rating system that goes by $200 increments in our product tables. This will help you compare the boards each brand has more easily.

$ = $200

$$ = $400

$$$ = $600 

And so on. These are based on the Paddle Boards regular prices so if you see something on sale, you are in luck!

Best SUP Brands and Companies List

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In the below lists we go through each reputable SUP manufacturer with the Company Overview, Reviews (Boards compared), Customer Service, Warranties and Guarantees and Where to Purchase them. 

The Inflatable stand up paddle board brands from this list are made of military grade Fusion layered or triple layered PVC. Typically the more expensive the board is the more attention to detail  is put into the boards manufacturing. 

Board manufacturers like Hala, Naish, NRS, Red Paddle and StarBoard make more specialist SUP’s made from more specialised materials to make their boards durable for their more extreme tasks. 

Atoll Paddle Board

Based out of Huntington Beach California, Atoll is a one product paddle board line that focuses on the one all around paddle board that comes in 4 different colors. If it aint broke don’t fix it am I right?

Who Atoll Paddle Boards are for

Atoll paddle boards are marketed to all sorts of different paddle boarders. It’s like a jack of all trades for those who want a board for fishing, light touring/ expeditions, yoga, and of course recreational paddlers.

If you are looking for your first paddle board and want something that can grow with you, Atoll would be a good choice. It’s slightly pointed nose and 32” wide frame make it a decent board to go on touring expeditions as well.

One demographic that Atoll would be good for is hikers. The backpack that comes with the board does not feature wheels. We think that’s a good thing for hikers who want to carry a more lightweight, comfortable package. 

Because the board is so versatile it can be used in a variety of different calm water environments like coastal bays, calm rivers, and small to bigger lakes.  It’s also a pretty good board to bring to the back country!

Atoll SUP Reviews

Atoll only features one line of paddle board.The board features 4 different colors and can be had at around the $750 price point.  All of Atolls paddle boards are made of machine laminated dual layer PVC construction. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Atoll 11’ 11’ X 32” X 6”21 Lbs400 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$

Atoll Customer Service

The Atoll board is one of the highest rated boards on the list when it comes to customer satisfaction reviews on Amazon. A lot of customers are overall impressed with how quickly Atoll has responded to their requests. Even during Covid. 

Something that Atoll does very well is stay in contact with its customers throughout the shipping process. On Atolls website they state that all in stock items ship within 2 days of reviving the order. 

Atoll Warranty and Returns Info

For every Atoll paddle board you get a 60 day return policy although the customer is responsible for the shipping costs. 

All Atoll ISUPs come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty against defects.

Where to Get Atoll Stand Up Paddle Boards

The main places to buy Atoll paddle boards are from the Atoll Website and Amazon.There are also local dealers that sell Atoll boards as well.

You can buy Atoll Paddle boards anywhere in the world but the buyer is responsible for VAT, taxes Tariffs, duty that may occur. Shipping to the United States and Canada is relatively hassle free. For me living in Vancouver Canada, the shipping costs approximately $75.  

Bluefin Paddle Boards

Located in West Yorkshire UK, Bluefin paddle boards are the go to quality boards for folks who live in the UK and Europe. They got their start in the beginning of 2010 just when the SUP boom started to appear.

They have since revolutionized their board with some really awesome features like the Air Duo double air chambers. Don’t sleep on these guys, they are doing big things!

Who are Bluefin SUP’s for? 

Bluefin have a range of 12 different paddle boards for different activities and purposes. Bluefin is most well known for creating high quality Recreational and Touring boards. They are durable and meant for a wide variety of different shaped paddlers. 

Their most advanced lines are the Cruise and Sprint Carbon Lines which feature the Air Duo double air chamber (one air chambe to uplift the deck and another that surrounds the board).. This is a very innovative feature that gives the board even more rigidity in the water. This also makes them more heavy as a result. 

These are great boards to take in a wide variety of conditions like coastal waters, bays, lakes and slow moving rivers

Other lines include the Aura fit, Voyage and the Mammoth SUP’s that are meant for yoga, fishing and multi-person paddlers respectively. 

Bluefin Paddle Board Reviews

Bluefin SUP’s are made of pro weave drop stitch materials with a thermosealed UV resistant PVC coating. All of these boards feature some of the densest drop stitch material measured at 11200m2.

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Cruise Junior8’ X 28.5” X 4.75”24 Lbs176 LbsRecreation$$$
Cruise 10’ 8”10’8” X 32” X 6”33 Lbs330 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$
Cruise 12 Ft12’ X 32” X 6”34 Lbs385 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$
Cruise 15 Ft Tandem15’ X 35” 6”42 Lbs529 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
Cruise Carbon 10’ 8”10’8” X 32” X 6”35 Lbs330 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$
Cruise Carbon 12 Ft12’ X 32” X 6”38 Lbs383 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$$
Cruise Carbon Tandem15’ X 35” X 6”44 Lbs529 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$$$
Sprint 14 Ft14’ X 30” X 6”27 Lbs352 LbsTouring$$$
Sprint Carbon 14 Ft14’ X 30” X 6”TBD425 LbsTouring$$$$
Aura Fit10’8” X 35” X 6”TBD200 LbsYoga/ Recreation$$$
Voyage10’10” X 38” X 6”42 Lbs397 LbsFishing/ Recreation$$$
Mammoth 18 Ft18’ X 60” X 6”60 Lbs1,433 LbsGroup Paddling$$$$$$$$

Bluefin Customer Service 

On Trust Pilot Bluefin features (as of this time of writing) a 4.1 out of 5 stars customer service rating. 

While many people are happy with the responses made by Bluefin there are a few problems that have to do with miscommunications via email and delayed shipping/ Duty issues. 

The positive thing out of this is that Bluefin personally responds to most trustpilot ratings so they do seem responsive to these requests. 

Bluefin Warranty and Returns Info

Bluefin is one of the few SUP’s in the industry to offer a 5 year warranty on their paddle boards. With the customers responsibility to pay for the return shipping. 

Bluefin also features a 30 day money back guarantee which is pretty standard for this industry. 

Where to Get Bluefn ISUP’s 

You can purchase Bluefin paddle boards directly from their website. With Bluefin, you get free shipping to the following countries

Bote SUP Boards

Bote comes from a couple (Corey and Magna) who had a dream to make paddle boards that stood out from the crowd in both looks and design. The company was funded through a cashed in 401 K worth 7 grand and a few credit cards.  A true American success story!

Today Bote Makes unique solid and inflatable stand up paddle boards, inflatable kayaks, docks and accessories that go with them. I would say it’s gone well for them so far!

Who Bote SUP’s are for

Looks wise Bote has some of the most unique looking paddle boards I’ve seen. If design is a big part of your Stand up paddle criteria then you may have a gander at these boards.

Bote’s specialty is inflatable all around boards that feature a pointier nose. With some models made for fishing, touring and recreation specifically in mind. If you are big into rack and cooler accessory systems, Bote boards may be the perfect fishing companion for you. 

Bote Paddle Board Reviews

In their boards Bote uses AeroBote and AeroUltra technology. Which involves composite fusion coupled with fusion drop stitch material to give the board more rigidity. 

This is by no means a budget brand as their boards are on the pricey side of the coin with the most expensive board being $1,897. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Flow Aero 8′8’ X 30” X 4.5”17 Lbs100 LbsKids/ Recreation$$
Breeze Aero 10’8”10′8″ X 33″  X 6″ 20 ;bs250 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$
Breeze Aero 11’6”11’6” X 33” X 6”22 Lbs315 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$$
Flood Aero 11’11’ X 32” X 6”28 Lbs275 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
HD Aero 11’6”11’6” X 34” X 6”30 Lbs315 LbsFishing/ Recreation$$$$$
Rackham Aero 11’11’ X 36” X 7”36 Lbs300 LbsFishing/ Recreation$$$$$$
Rackham Aero 12′4″12’4” X 38” X 7”45 Lbs400 LbsFishing/ Touring$$$$$$
Traveller Aero 12′6″12’6” X 30” X 6”30 Lbs275 LbsTouring/ Recreation$$$$$

Bote Customer Service

With about 300 reviews Bote has a 4.2 out of 5 star business rating on Facebook. As of late there have been a few critical comments about customer service, related to the materials of the board. 

BoteBoards Warranty and Returns

Bote features a two year limited warranty for their inflatable products that have Aero technology. Some notable things that the warranty does not cover includes:

  • Wear and tear
  • Cosmetic flaws
  • Overinflation
  • Exceeding the boards maximum capacity
  • A puncture from improper storage or unreasonable uses

The Bote Return Policy is 30 days. The product must be in new condition with all its parts and accessories when returned

Where to get Bote SUP Boards

You can purchase online from the United States, Canada and Australia. Bote has dealers focused in Florida, New York, Idaho and Washington. For  more Budget friendly boards you can also check out their Drift line they sell on Amazon as well. 

Gili Paddle Board

If you are an environmentally conscious paddler then Gili may be your brand. A portion of every board sale that goes through Gili goes to their Oceans Initiatives programs. This program takes a portion of all money made and divides it up to be sent to different ocean charities. These include

  • Coral Reef Alliance
  • Project Aware
  • Oceana
  • Save Our Turtles (One of the boards has the logos design on it) 

If making the difference to the environment is an important thing for you, you’ve probably already found your SUP!

Who Are Gili Sports Stand Up Paddle Boards For? 

Gili specialises in making all around paddle boards for a wide range of waters from lakes to rivers and oceans

The Aire series is for paddlers just getting into the sport who want a good quality SUP at a decent price.

The Adventurer Series features a Recreation/ Touring hybrid board that is ideal for day touring. 

The Komodo is the Jack of All Trades board that can perform a wide array of paddling activities well. 

The Meno series is for those who want a super stable board for those who want to practice Yoga or just feel extra stability while paddling.  

The Manta boards are for 3 or more paddlers who want to navigate a giant paddle board together. 

Gili Paddle Boards are at about the medium rung of offering a good quality board without over charging for it. Solid quality boards that are environmentally conscious at great prices!

Gili Paddle Board Reviews

Gili’s SUP’s are made of Fusion Dual Layer technology which allows their boards to be super lightweight. Other SUP manufacturers that do this include Nixy and Isle Surf and SUP boards.

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
10’6 AIR10’6” X 31| X 6”19 Lbs280 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$
10′ MAKO10’ X 32” X 6”20 Lbs260 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$
11’ Adventure11’ X 32” X 6”22 Lbs290 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$
12’ Adventurer12’ X 32” X 6”23 Lbs330 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$
10’6” Komodo10’6” X 33” X 6”21 Lbs340 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$
10’6” Meno10’6” X 35” X 6”23 Lbs450 LbsRecreational/ Yoga$$$$$
11’6” Meno11’6” X 35” X 6”24 Lbs485 LbsRecreational/ Yoga$$$$$
12’6” Meno12’6” X 31” X 6”24 Lbs300 LbsTouring/ Recreation$$$$$
12’ Manta Ray12’ X 45” X 8”35 Lbs725 LbsMulti-Person$$$$$$
15’ Manta Ray15’ X 56” X 8”52 Lbs1150 LbsMulti-Person$$$$$$

Gili Sports Customer Service

On Facebook Gili has a 3.7 out of 5 star review. However it only has (at the time of writing) 22 reviews so I don’t think that’s a fair sample size to judge the company on. On the Facebook page they are responsive to customer requests but are adamant that they are having some issues keeping up with demand

On Amazon Gili’s Paddle board ratings range from 4.7 and above which is really good considering they have multiple lines of paddle boards on that platform. 

Gili Warranty and Returns Info

Gili comes with a 2 year Limited warranty which is standard across many paddle board manufacturers. Of course the warranty does not apply to things like

  • Miss-Use
  • Punctures from impact into objects
  • Issues with loading
  • Normal Wear and Tear

Gili features a 60 day money back guarantee where the product and accessories must be returned in new condition. The responsibility of return shipping costs is on you. 

Where to Get Gili SUP

The main places that people buy these boards are from the Gili website and on Amazon. Gili features international shipping but charges apply based on country. Orders in the USA take between 1-5 days transit days to get to their destination. Gili tries to ship out all orders within 1-2 business days. 

Hala Paddle Boards

Hala Boards started off at the banks of the Yampa River in 2011. They are the indisputable leaders in White Water Paddle Boarding and have quality to back it up. They also have boards that are great for your more recreational paddlers as well.

Who are Hala Boards for? 

For those who want specialty boards in the name of adventure Hala is one of those turn to. They sell extremely durable specialist boards that range from White Water paddling to touring and surfing. 

As a result of being a specialist brand Hala boards are usually more on the expensive side for the intermediate to advanced paddler. 

The Atcha series are meant for your serious Stand up paddle board white water performers. 

The Rado, Fame. Hoss and Straight up series are more for a wide range of conditions that offer almost unbeatable stability. 

The Asana is made for those Sup yoga enthusiasts while the Nass series are for touring. 

Hala also features a surfing series which you can find in the Milligram, Peno and Playita SUPs. 

Hala SUP Reviews

Hala boards are made from multi-coated fusion drop stitch which makes the boards light while adding a few layers of protection against those sharp rocks and submerged logs.

All of Hala’s carbon construction boards have patented carbon stringers adding extra rigidity to the boards. The Atcha, Fame, Rado and Radito series has a retractable Stompbox system

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Atcha 7117’11” X 34″ X 6″22.5 Lbs250 LbsWhitewater$$$$$$
Atcha 868’6″ x 34″ x 6″22.5 Lbs250 LbsWhitewater$$$$$$
Atcha 969’6″ X 36″ X 6″26.2 Lbs275 LbsWhitwater$$$$$$
Rado 10’10”10’10” X 35″ X 6″28.5 Lbs325 LbsRecreation/ Touring/ River$$$$$$$
Radito 10’10′ X 34″ X 6″26.5 Lbs300 LbsRecreation/ Touring/ River$$$$$$$
Fame All-Water11’3″ X 36″ X 6″26.5 Lbs300 LbsRecreation/ Touring/ River$$$$$$$
Asana10’6″ X 34″ X 6″22.5 Lbs275 LbsYoga/ Recreation$$$$$
Hoss10’10” X 35″ X 6″23.5 Lbs280 LbsRecreation/ Touring/ River$$$$$
Carbon Hoss11′ X 33″ X 6″25.5 Lbs275 LbsRecreation/ Touring/ River$$$$$$$
Straight Up10′ X 33″ X 6″23 Lbs250 LbsRecreation/ Touring/ River$$$$$
Carbon Straight Up10’6″ X 32″ X 6″24 Lbs275 LbsRecreation/ Touring/ River$$$$$$$
Playa11′ X 32″ X 6″23 Lbs225 LbsRecreation/ Touring/ River$$$$$
Carbon Playa10’11” X 30″ X 4.75″23 Lbs220 LbsRecreation/ Touring/ River$$$$$$$
Carbon Nass12’6″ X 30″ X 6″25 Lbs260 LbsTouring$$$$$$$
Carbon Nass- T14′ X 28″ X 4.75″27.5 Lbs250 LbsTouring$$$$$$$$
Milligram6’11” X 30″ X 4.75″14.8 Lbs220 LbsSurfing$$$$
Peno6’11” X 32″ X 2″+ 3″24 Lbs230 LbsSurfing$$$$$$$
Playita9′ X 31″ X 2″+2″23 Lbs250 LbsSurfing$$$$$$

Hala Customer Service

Hala has a fantastic 4.9 out of 5 stars on it’s Facebook page. With lots of customers hailing Halas quick response to problems that may arise. Many others were supremely impressed with the durability and the quality of materials involved in the making of the boards. 

After scanning through multiple reviews, it took me a while to get to the one that complained about a seam leak.

Hala Gear Warranty and Returns Info

The boards feature a 5 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects which is one of the highest in the Stand Up Paddle Board world. 

I haven’t been able to find return information about them so I will be shooting them over a question about that. 

Where to Get Hala Inflatable Paddle Boards

Hala has a wide net of both local and online retailers that you can purchase from all over the world. Below are some of the common online retailers you can buy Hala Gear.

You can also purchase directly from Hala on their website

IROCKER Paddle Boards

Irocker are some of the most commonly reviewed paddle boards and I have had the pleasure of trying one of their models recently. When I tried the All Around 11 I thought it was a really well made board that had some great day touring potential.

They have a wide range of All Around Inflatable Paddle boards that span all budgets

Who are IROCKER Stand Up Paddle Boards for?

Irocker Paddle Boards are meant for paddlers who appreciate customizability coupled with affordability. In fact Irocker has the most accessories I could out of any other inflatable SUP manufacturer. 

Many of these accessories can be mounted onto the board thanks to mounting buttons that feature on all 5 makes of their boards. The 3 makes consist of the Nautical, All Around, the Sport, Cruiser and the higher priced and highly customisable Backfin series. 

The Nautical series is for the beginner paddler who wants a quality budget kayak they can paddle. They are made of double layer PVC. 

The Sport, All Around and Cruiser series feature triple layer PVC material to insure durability. The All Around and Sport boards are good for longer treks while the Cruiser is more focused on the recreational/ fitness paddler. 

Last but certainly not least is the Blackfin series. If you are big on having a stable fishing vessel with a whole bunch of mounting options you have probably found your SUP. These double up as quality touring and multi day boards as well thanks to their high maximum capacity. 


Irocker boards are constructed of double layer PVC (Nautical Series and Triple Layer for Irocker and Blackfin Boards. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Nautical 10’6”10’6” X 32” X 6”20 Lbs240 LbsRecreation$$$
Nautical 11’6”11’6” X 32” X 6”22 Lbs265 LbsRecreation$$$
All Around 10’10’ X 32” X 6”24 Lbs370 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
All Around 11’11’ X 32” X 6”26 Lbs435 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
Cruiser10’6” X 33” X 6”25 Lbs400 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$$$
Sport11’ X 31” X 6”25 Lbs385 LbsRecreation/ Light touring$$$$
Blackfin Model X10’6” X 35” X 6”27 Lbs450 LbsFishing/ Recreation$$$$$
Blackfin Model XL11’6” X 34” X 6”29 Lbs485 LbsFishing/ Recreation/ Light Touring$$$$$
Blackfin Model V12’6” X 32: X 6”30 Lbs485 LbsFishing/ Recreation/ Touring$$$$$$$

IROCKER Customer Service

Being one of the most popular SUP’s around you will see more negative reviews, it’s just a numbers game. I have heard of some complaints in SUP Facebook groups though. It appears it can take a while for them to get back to you sometimes. 

My friend who ordered an All Around 11 board had to deal with shipping delays and got some delayed responses from customer service. This was also in the summer of 2020 where paddle board orders were through the roof. 

IROCKER SUP Warranty and Returns Info

Ircocker has different warranties for different boards that go as follows:

2021 and beyond Irocker and Blackfin Boards have a 3 year limited warranty

Nautical Paddle Boards have a 1 year limited warranty.

This is because the Nautical paddle boards are made for dual layer military grade PVC while the Irocker and Blackfin boards are made of triple layer military grade PVC. 

Where to Get IROCKER Inflatable Paddle Boards

You can buy Irocker Paddle Boards directly from their website in these locations. 

All of these links are websites directed to the local websites where Irocker has distribution centers. 

Isle Surf and SUP Paddle Boards

Founded in 2004, Isle Surf and SUP was originally started by two San Diego surfers in their parents’ storage unit. Since then it has become one of the bigger online retailers of good quality and affordable paddle boards.

If customer service is important to you, you may not want to sleep on these guys!

Who is Isle Surf and SUP for?

Isle Surf and SUP is a recreational style SUP brand that caters to beginner and intermediate paddlers. In Fact we made the Isle Pioneer the best beginner pick in our best inflatable paddle boards guide

The Pioneer is for recreational paddlers who want that extra balance when first trying out an inflatable paddle board thanks to its wider width. 

The Explorer is more for paddlers who want a bit more tracking and glide from their board but keeps its stability on the water. 

The Scout is for yoga and health enthusiasts who want enough deck space to do their poses.It can also double up as a fishing SUP. 

The Megalodon series is a multi-person board that comes in 12’ and 15’. 

Isle Paddle Board Reviews

All boards within this category are made of Airtech Fusion Lite technology which machine seals a special bonding layer between the PVC layer and the drop stitch material. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Pioneer10’6” X 34” X 6”24 Lbs285 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
Explorer11’6” X 32” X 6”24 Lbs300 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
Switch11’6″ X 35.5″ x 6″19 lBS425 LbsRecreation/ Kayak$$$$$
Sportsman11’6″ X 36” X 6”27.6 Lbs350 LbsFishing/ Recreation$$$$
Megalodon 12’12’ X 45” X 8”34 Lbs650 LbsMulti-Person/ Recreation$$$$$$
Megalodon 15’15’ X 56” X 8”50 Lbs1050 LbsMulti-Person$$$$$$$

Isle Surf and SUP Customer Service

For those looking for a good customer service oriented brand Isle Surf and SUP has a phenomenal 4.9 out of 5 star trust pilot rating based on 2288 reviews

The most popular Isle SUP ratings on Amazon range from 4.4 to 4.6 out of 5 stars

Isle Surf and SUP Warranty and Returns Info

Isle Surf and SUP has a 2 year Limited warranty on it’s inflatable paddle boards from the purchase date. This warranty is only for people using it for recreational use. The warranty does not cover this board being used as a rental. 

Isle has a 60 day guarantee on all of their products but it does come with a 20% restocking fee per item. Another interesting thing that Isle does is have a 30 day price guarantee. Meaning that if the price of their boards changes within 30 days of your purchase they will match that discounted price. 

Where to Get Isle Paddle Boards

You can purchase Isle Surf and SUP inflatable boards on the Isle Website. Isle now has distribution centers in Canada, UK, and Europe. You can also visit their clearance section here.  

Naish SUP

Naish is a family run business of surfers who call Hawaii home. It started with a surf shop in the back of a warehouse and has since been at the Hamakua location until it closed thanks to Covid in March 2020.

Thankfully their product lines are still running and are one of the benchmarks for SUP Racing and Surfing Boards. 

Who is Naish Inflatable Paddle Boards For?

Naish is known for having some of the best surfboards, longboards and kitesurfing boards around. But they also have jumped onto the inflatable paddle boarding scene.. 

The Naish brand is for specialist boarders who have experience in the sport. Naish are well known as having some of the best racing and touring boards around. Some of that technology translates to their inflatables line making them some of the fastest inflatable boards on the planet.  

The Nalu boards are all around paddle boards that use Fusion drop stitch for their boards. 

The Touring Fusion line is for, you guessed it touring paddle boards that have double layer rails to insure stiffness and rigidity on those expeditions. 

The Maliko Carbon 14 is for those who want to SUP race with a pointy nose that slices through the water. 

Naish does feature a few other models like the Crossover, Alana, Gram and Goliath. But we picked the most popular Naish SUP’s for simplicity purposes. 

Naish Paddle Board Reviews

Naish boards are more pricey because of their name and the materials that are used to make these paddle boards. The Maliko series actually has carbon strangers on the top and bottom of the board to insure rigidity. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Nalu Fusion 10’6”10’6″ X 32″ X 6”22 Lbs265 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
Nalu Fusion 11’6”11’6” X 34” X 6”23 Lbs265 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$$
Touring Fusion 10’8”10’8” X 34” X 6”23 Lbs265 LbsTouring$$$$$
Touring Fusion 12’12’ X 34” X 6”24 Lbs265 LbsTouring$$$$$
Touring Fusion 12’6”12’6” X 32” X 6”23 Lbs256 LbsTouring$$$$$
Touring Fusion 14’14’ X 30” X 6”25 Lbs265 LbsTouring$$$$$$
Maliko Fusion Carbon 14’14’ X 27” X 6”28 Lbs240 LbsRacing$$$$$$$
Maliko Fusion Carbon  Light 14’14’ X 25” X 6”27 Lbs220 LbsRacing$$$$$$$

Naish Customer Service

It’s hard to really judge the customer service when it comes to their inflatable paddle boards as the bulk of their sales will be from hard stand up paddle boards, surf boards and kite surfing boards. Still their Facebook page has 4.5 out of 5 stars for all of their products. 

Naish Warranty and Returns Info

Naish has a 1 year warranty on all of its products including inflatable paddle boards. Which in my opinion is pretty low considering most SUP’s on this list have at least a 2 year Limited warranty. 

The return policy is 45 days for items that are unused and in original packaging

Where to Get Naish SUP’s

You can purchase these boards from their website or other local retailers and surf shops throughout the world. If you prefer going the online route, Green Water Sports is a good place to browse.  

Nixy Paddle Boards

My first “Upgrade SUP” was indeed a Nixy Paddle Board and I personally love them. Nixy Paddle Boards was started by Ale and Nicolas Artigas who were searching for an appropriate inflatable paddle board for their family. After not being able to find one they just decided to make one themselves!

I belive Nixy is one of the boards that are ready for take off in 2022. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Who are Nixy SUP for?

Nixy Paddle Boards are made for the niche of people who want a good board that can grow with them as their skill level increases. As a Nixy G4 Newport Owner who has paddled all summer on this board I can attest to that. 

The Newport series is the All around board that is Probably one of the most versatile on this list. It can paddle in lakes, bays.light coastal conditions and slower moving rivers. 

The Venice Cruiser series is great for beginners but is an excellent nomination for SUP Yoga. This is due to its large deck pad.

If you are a big traveller than the Huntington is the board that you should be looking at. It has two packages available that have different sized bags. For travel purposes the Huntington G4 is probably the way to go. 

The Monterey is the more heavy duty touring/ Fishing hybrid SUP that can carry the most weight at 400 Lbs max capacity. 

For those who want lightweight touring and speed the Manhattan is the ideal SUP to get to cover great distances thanks to it’s pointy nose and thin profile. 

Nixy Paddle Board Reviews

All Nixy Paddle boards are made of Advanced Fusion technology coupled with carbon rails to insure the boards rigidity in the water. 

All of these boards come with a really nice bag (probably one of the best for ISUP’s) a typhoon triple action pump, a carbon hybrid paddle and an ankle leash. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Newport 10’6’’ X 33” X 6”21 Lbs300 LbsRecreational/ Light Touring$$$$
Venice10’6’’ X 34” X 6”23 Lbs350 LbsYoga/ Recreation$$$$
Huntington9’6’’ X 32” X 6”18.75 Lbs250 LbsTravel/ Fishing/ Recreation$$$$
Monterey11’6’’ X 34” X 6”25 Lbs400 LbsTouring/ Fishing$$$$$
Manhattan12’ 6” X 28” X 6”23 Lbs
350 Lbs
Racing/ Touring$$$$$

Nixy Customer Service

Nixy is a relatively newer company on the SUP scene so there’s not a lot of information on their customer service. However I received a Nixy board last spring and I can attest that they are very responsive and the shipping time was more than reasonable

While they don’t have a ton of reviews yet, customers have been happy to send recommendations to their Facebook page.

Nixy Warranty and Returns Info

Nixy has a 2 year warranty on all of their ISUP’s for everything except wear and tear. 

They have a 30 day Return Policy on all of their products including their paddle boards.

Where to Get Nixy Inflatable Paddle Boards

You can get the Nixy Paddle Board straight from the Nixy website or Amazon. They have free continental shipping for any product over $25 in the United States. You can buy Nixy boards from anywhere in the world but you have to be mindful of taxes, tariffs and shipping costs that may come up on the bill.

NRS Paddle Boards

NRS (Northwest River Supplies) is a world renowned company that specialises in outdoor gear and river running. They also consequently make inflatable paddle boards that can be used for a wide variety of different tasks. 

NRS are some of the most respectable paddling brands out there and their craftsmanship shows.

Who are NRS Inflatable SUP Boards For? 

NRS inflatable paddle boards are for paddlers who want more bite from their SUP. meaning they are intermediate to advanced riders who are willing to pay the price for a premium board. 

These activities can range greatly. The Axis boards are for paddlers who want some touring/ racing prowess to cover distances faster.

The Thrive and Phase series is an all around board that can do many things well such as touring, fitness and light river running. 

The Whip and Quiver series is meant for surfing white water and down river paddlers thanks to it’s short stature. 

The Osprey and Hero boards are meant for fishing excursions that require a lot of gear. 

NRS Paddle Board Reviews

All NRS boards are made of heavy duty PVC drop stitch construction with double sidewalls to increase durability and rigidity. These boards also feature Axis Technology which is an acrylic stiffening agent integrated on the deck for added rigidity. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Escape 11.611’6″ X 32″  X 6″26 Lbs250 LbsTouring/ Racing$$$$$$
Escape 12.612’6″ X 30″  X 6″ 27 Lbs250 LbsTouring/ Racing$$$$$$
Escape 14.014′  X 29″  X 6″ 34 Lbs250 LbsTouring/ Racing$$$$$$$
Thrive 9.109’10” X 30″  X 5″ 23 Lbs180 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring/ Rivers$$$$$
Thrive 10.310’3″ X 32″  X 5″25 lbs 200 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring/ Rivers$$$$$
Thrive 10.810’8″ X 34″  X 6″29 lbs250 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring/ Rivers$$$$$$
Thrive 11.011′ X 36″ X 6″31 lbs275 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring/ Rivers$$$$$$
Mayra10′ 4″ X 34″ X 5″26 Lbs220 LbsYoga/ Recreation$$$$$
Whip 7.87’8″ X 33″  X 5″20 Lbs150 LbsWhitewater$$$$$
Whip 8.48’4″ X 34″  X 5″22 Lbs180 LbsWhitewater$$$$$
Youth Amp9′ 2″ X 29″ X 4″ 21 Lbs120 LbsKids$$$$
Osprey Fishing10′ 8″ X 36″ X 6″34 Lbs275 LbsFishing/ Recreation$$$$$$
Heron11’ X 39” X 5”30 Lbs300 LbsFishing/ Recreation$$$$$$$
Quiver 9.89’8″ X 36″ X 6″26 lBS250 LbsWhitewater$$$$$$
Quiver 10.410’4″ X 35″ X 6″  28 Lbs250 LbsWhitewater$$$$$$
Beast18′ X 60″ W X 8″ 85 Lbs8-10 PaddlersMulti-Person$$$$$$$$
Star Phase 10.210’2″ X 32″ X 5″16.2 Lbs180 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring/ Yoga$$$$
Star Phase 10.610’6″ x 34″X 5″17.5 Lbs200 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring/ Yoga$$$$
Star Phase 10.810’8″ X 35″ X 6″19.8 Lbs250 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring/ Yoga$$$$

NRS Customer Service

Out of 205 Reviews NRS has a 4.4 star rating on their Facebook Page which is pretty good! Looking through the reviews lots of customers like how knowledgeable the staff is. Of course not all of these ratings have to do with paddle boards. Many of them are for different items NRS sells kayaks, life vests etc. 

NRS Warranty and Returns Info

NRS has two different kinds of warranties for their boards. They have the 1 year limited warranty on their STAR SUP boards and a 3 year warranty on the rest of their inflatable paddle boards. 

NRS has a 30 day refund period

Where to get NRS Stand Up Paddle Boards 

You can purchase NRS SUP’s from their website as well as online at They also have distributors worldwide

Red Paddle Paddle Board

Red Paddle Co are some of the most well crafted paddle boards on the market. As a result the price tag shows it. Located in South Devon UK, Red Paddle has offices and teams in over 50 countries worldwide. 

Red Paddle are have some of the best technological break throughs with their SUP’s in the past few years. While many of their lines are pretty pricey, Red Paddle Owners are fiercly loyal to their boards.

When you see someone pull up with a Red Paddle board, you know they are going to be hauling butt on the water!

Who Red Paddle Inflatable Paddle Boards are For

If you are big into any sort of extreme adventuring on the water then Red Paddle is probably your board. Red paddle has a wide range of paddle boards that span from Surfing to Touring, Racing and travel boards. 

For those who want some surfing performance from their inflatable paddle boards the Whip and Co Ride 9’8” are great choices that specialise in board maneuverability.

The Co Ride lines and Co compact paddle boards offer good all around performance that can excel in many different scenarios thanks to its high PSI rating. The Co Compact lines are meant for travel as they have separating squares on the deck pad to help them fold as compact as possible.

The Co SPort and Co Voyager lines are ideal for touring long distances and come in a variety of sizes and weight ratings. If you are planning to haul a lot of gear, go bigger!

The Elite lines are for the serious SUP racers who want an edge in competition and SUP races they enter in. Red Paddle claims they are the fastest inflatable SUPs on earth.  

Red Paddle Co Reviews

Red Paddle uses MSL Fusion technology in which they machine laminate a layer of high density PVC to the adhesive layer in controlled conditions. Which removes the human element of coating the inner section of the board. 

This process makes the boards more durable, save weight and increase rigidity which makes for a supremely solid board. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Whip8’10 X 29” X 3.93”16 Lbs200 LbsSurfing$$$$$$
Co Ride 9’8”9’8” X 31 X 3.93”19 Lbs210 LbsSurfing/ Recreation$$$$$$
Co Ride 10’6”10’6″ x 32″ x 4.72″20 Lbs220 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$$$$
Co Ride 10’8”10’8″ x 34″ x 4.72″23 Lbs265 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$$$$
Co Ride Windsurf10’7″ x 33″ x 4.72″24 Lbs265 LbsWindsurfing/ Recreation$$$$$$$$
Co Activ10’8″ x 34″ x 5.9″24 Lbs265 LbsYoga/ Recreation$$$$$$$
Co Wild11’0″ x 34″ x 5.9″27 Lbs330 LbsWhitewater/River/ Recreation$$$$$$$
Co Sport 11’11’0″ x 30″ x 4.72″21 Lbs200 LbsTouring/ Recreation$$$$$$$
Co Sport 11’3”11’3″ x 32″ x 4.72″24 Lbs240 LbsTouring/ Recreation$$$$$$$
Co Sport 12’6”12’6″ x 30″ x 5.9″26 Lbs265 LbsTouring$$$$$$$
Co Voyager 12’12’0″ x 28″ x 4.7″26.5 Lbs240 LbsTouring$$$$$$$
Co Voyager 12’6”12’6″ x 32″ x 5.9″28 Lbs330 LbsTouring$$$$$$$
Co Voyager 13’2”13’2″ x 30″ x 5.9″28 Lbs330 LbsTouring$$$$$$$$
Co Voyager 15’15’0″ x 34″ x 8″40 Lbs3 PaddlersTouring/ Recreation$$$$$$$$$$$
Co Elite 12’6”12’6″ x 28″ x 5.9″25 bs265 LbsRacing$$$$$$$$
Co Elite 14’14’0″ x 27″ x 5.9″26 Lbs265 LbsRacing$$$$$$$$
Co Compact 9’6”9’6″ x 32″ x 4.72”16 Lbs210 LbsTravel/ Recreation$$$$$$$$$$
Co Compact 11’11’0″ x 32″ x 4.7220 Lbs240 LbsTravel/ Recreation$$$$$$$$$$
Co Compact 12’12’0″ x 32″22 Lbs265 LbsTravel/ Recreation$$$$$$$$$$$

Red Paddle SUP Customer Service

Red Paddle does its best to support owners by inviting Red Paddle enthusiasts to join their Facebook groups. They do this to build a community and help support others who have questions.

On the other end of the coin Red Paddle has a fairly low Trust Pilot score. Although many of the grievances are about shipping. 

Red Paddle Warranty and Return Info

All Red Paddle Boards from 2020 and beyond feature a 5 year warranty on their products. One thing you must know is that you must register the board to activate the warranty within 3 months of purchase. This warranty does not extend to models older than 2020 or accessories. Those boards feature a 1 year warranty.

Red Paddle has a standard 30 day return policy that is unused, unworn and unwashed. Labeling must be intact as well. 

Where to Get Red Paddle Inflatable Paddle Boards

Red Paddle has dealers from all over the world. If you are looking for somewhere online Green Water Sports has a large selection of current and future year models. 

Roc Paddle Boards

If you are a common paddle board browser on Amazon, chances are you’ve seen this SUP pop up many times. ROC is a family owned paddle board business but the majority of their revenue does indeed come from Amazon. 

Who are ROC Inflatable Paddle Boards for? 

Roc paddle boards are for beginner paddlers who don’t want to spend too much money on their paddle board. ROC has 3 different paddle board lines. 

The most common of the Roc series is the Explorer Paddle Boards. These boards are for beginners who want the first step introduction into paddle boarding who plan on using the SUPs recreationally. 

The Scout is a more wider stable board that is ideal for balance challenged individuals (like me when I first started). It is also a good board for SUP Yogis who are on a budget. 

Roc’s newest line, the Alliance series is the more reliant board made for more weight and more use. 

Roc Paddle Board Reviews

In their boards ROC uses single layer military grade PVC coupled with Duraweld welding technology

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Alliance10’ X 32” X 6”18 Lbs350 LbsRecreation$$$
Explorer10’ X 32” X 6”17.5 Lbs300 LbsRecreation$$
Scout10’ X 33” X 6”17.5 lBS300 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$

ROC SUP Company Customer Service

In terms of customer service ROC has two tales of the coin. Their Facebook Page features a 3.7 out of 5 star review out of (at the time of writing this) 12 reviews. Most of these complaints are from people who have bought from a company posing as them on social media. 

On the other side of the coin, and perhaps a more accurate measure. Their Amazon reviews are an astonishing 4.8 out of 5 stars with more than 7100 reviews. This is probably the most accurate measure for how to judge this company due to the great volume of reviews. 

ROC Warranty and Returns Info

To find the warranty for ROC boards you have to look at their terms and conditions. The warranty is for 1 year that covers manufacturing and workmanship

Returns are 30 days that only cover brand new and unused items in the original packaging

Where to get ROC Stand Up Paddle Boards

You can purchase ROC paddle boards from their website or Amazon.

Where to get Thurso Surf Inflatable Paddle Boards

You can Purchase Thurso Surf from their website in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

Sea Eagle Paddle Boards

Those who are familiar with kayaks might be doing a double take seeing this brand on the list. But yes Sea Eagle does sell Inflatable Paddle Boards! And some of them are actually pretty unique!

Sea Eagle is a very trustable brand as they’ve been selling inflatable products since 1968. They have some of the best warranty and return conditions as well.

Who Are Sea Eagle Inflatable SUP’s for? 

Sea Eagle are for customers who want some innovation and different package options available with their boards. 

Sea Eagle has 3 lines of paddle boards The Longboard is the recreational paddler made to do whatever activity you throw at them/ 

The Needle Nose series are for paddlers who want to do some touring. It’s patented razor sharp nose cuts through the water like a hot knife in butter. 

And lastly is the behemoth Fish SUP 126. It is one of the widest SUP’s on the list and for good reason! If you are a fisherman who wants all the bells and whistles this board is about as good as you are going to get with a SUP. 

Sea Eagle SUP Reviews

The Sea Eagle Needle Nose is made of 1000 Denier Reinforced Drop Stitch material while the Longboard 11 and FishSUP are made of 1100 Decitex Reinforced Drop Stitch.

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Longboard 1110’10” X 30” X 6”28 Lbs200 LbsRecreation$$$
NeedleNose 12412’5” X 30” X 6”30 Lbs224 LbsTouring$$$$
NeedleNose 1414’ X 30” X 6”33 lBS275 LbsTouring$$$$
FishSUP 12612.5 X 40” X 6”44 Lbs500 LbsFishing$$$$$

Sea Eagle Customer Service

On Sea Eagle’s Facebook Page they have a 4.2 out of 5 star review consisting of (as I’m writing this) 140 people. Most of the complaints were about shipping or some manufacturer and communication defects. 

Of course a lot of those reviews are also not about paddle boards. 

Sea Eagle Warranty and Returns Info

Sea Eagle features a limited three year warranty on all of their boards and boats. It covers manufacturing defects in material and workmanship.

One of the things that stands out with Sea Eagle is the fact that they have a 120 day return policy. Which is good for any line of business really. They call this a trial period and while other SUP manufacturers want the product back in brand new condition. Sea Eagle states: 

 “Products returned must be:

1.Clean. Any dirt, mud, stains or debris on returned products will result in a cleaning fee at the discretion of Sea Eagle Boats, Inc.

Where to get Sea Eagle SUP’s 

You can purchase Sea Eagle SUP’s directly from their website.They also have a list of dealers that you can buy locally from. 

Sea Gods

Sea Gods are one of the more recent paddle board companies that are creating shockwaves in the industry. Not only do these boards have some of the best design practices, incorporating cross weave drop stitching and fusion layers PVC but they also have some of the most unique designs. 

Sea Gods use local artists to show case their work on the bottom of their boards. Many of their designs are truly breathtaking. Sea Gods is run by Mandy and Ryan and are located in my home town of White Rock. 

Who Sea Gods is For

Sea Gods is meant for a varity of different paddlers. One common theme I found when testing these boards was that these boards were stable! Sea Gods features two main products lines. The CX (Cross Weave Drop Stitching) and the ULF classes. Many of their boards come from both versions with the CX boards being roughly 20 % lighter than the ULF boards. 

Sea Gods offer an array of all around paddle boards like the Diatom Ten6 and Elemental Wave as well as touring/ touring hybrid boards such as the Carta Marina and Skylla. 

They also offer super stable SUPs for SUP Yogis such as the the Infinite Mantra and Medussa CX paddle boards. For the little ones Sea Gods features the ASR which stands for “Adult Supervision”. 

Sea Gods Reviews

Below is the selection of Sea Gods paddle boards that they have to offer.  They can be categorized under CX and ULF varieties. As you may notice there are boards that are in both categories. 

Sea Gods CX Tech Boards

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Diatom Ten6 CX10’6″ x 34″ x 6″20 Lbs340 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$$$$$
Skylla CX11′ x 33 x 619.5 Lbs350 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$$$
Carta Marina CX12′ x 32″ x 6″21 Lbs350 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$$$
Elemental Wave CX10’6” x 32” x 6”18 Lbs250 LbsRecreation$$$$$$
Medusa CX11′ x 34″ x 6″21 Lbs350 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$$$$$
Ketos CX14 x 28″ x 6″25 Lbs350 LbsTouring/ Racing$$$$$$$

$ = $200 USD

Sea Gods ULF Tech Boards

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Diatom Ten6 ULF10’6″ x 34″ x 6″24 Lbs340 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$$$$
Carta Marina ULF12′ x 32″ x 6″25.5 Lbs350 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$$
Elemental Wave ULF10’6” x 32” x 6”22 Lbs250 LbsRecreation$$$$$
Infinite Mantra ULF11′ x 34″ x 6″24.5 Lbs350 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$$$$
Ketos ULF14 x 28″ x 6″25 Lbs350 LbsTouring/ Racing$$$$$$
ASR Kids ULF8 x 28 x 4.517 Lbs120 LbsRecreation$$$

$ = $200 USD

Sea Gods Customer Service

Sea Gods offers fantastic customer service and are often very responsive to anything the customer needs.  This reddit thread best supports this as an unbiased 3rd party experience. 

Sea Gods also has a 4.3/ 5 star rating on their Facebook page which is generally a decent indicator of how a SUP company’s customer service really is. 

Sea Gods Warranty and Returns Info

Sea Gods offers a 30 day money back guarantee followed by a lifetime warranty! What does a lifetime warranty mean though? The lifetime warranty refers to the reasonable lifetime of the product and not the person. You can find more information on warranties and return policies on their pages here. 

Where to Buy Sea Gods Paddle Boards

You can purchase Sea Gods Paddle Boards from their website or on Sea Gods now has sites live in Canada, the United States and Australia.

Serene Life Paddle Boards

SereneLife, along with ROC paddle boards have been one of the mainstay paddle boards on Amazon. And that’s because of the quality you get for the price. I’ve fully tried out the 2021 Free Flow board and I have to say. I was impressed!

Who Serene Life SUP’s is For

Serenelife paddle boards are for beginner paddlers who crave stability. This can be a hard ask when you are first trying out an inflatable paddle board. It usually takes some getting used to. But with Serenelife boards you get that extra stability needed. 

The Free-Flow is the board that I have tried and liked a lot for stability. They are great for beginners who want to take the board out for a recreational paddle. They are also great for smaller people to perform SUP yoga on. 

The Thunder Wave is also a recreational spec of board that is a bit shorter and comes with less accessories. It’s also a tad bit cheaper. 

For a more specialised yoga board the Free- Flow 10’ is ideal because it has a larger deck pad which gives you more confidence to practice yoga on. 

Serene life Paddle Board Reviews

Serenelife, much like many other of these budget paddle boards, are made of single layer PVC. All the packages come with a pump, fin, ankle leash, repair kit and a bag. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Free-Flow 10’5” 10’5” X 30’’ x 6’’19.6 Lbs275 LbsRecereation/ Yoga$$
ThunderWave10 x 30’’ x 6’’19.6 Lbs275 LbsRecreation$$
Free-Flow 10’10’’ x 30’’ x 6’’29.42275 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$

Serenelife Customer Service

The best indicator to see how well the company performs is by looking at their Amazon review. They have well over 13,000 customer reviews on their Free Flow product page that has been accumulating over many years. Out of those reviews they got an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars! Which is pretty impressive.

Serene Life Warranty and Returns

Serenelife has a 1 year manufacturers warranty (interestingly enough I had to find this information on Amazon). 

Another strange thing is that I could not find their return policy anywhere on their website. However if you bought them from Amazon (which like 80% of them have been bought) it will be subject to Amazon conditions

Where to Get the Serene life Inflatable Paddle Boards

You can purchase Serenelife from their online store or Amazon. 

StarBoard SUP

Founded by Svein Rasmussen in 2994, StarBoard is a windsurfing and paddle board brand based in Thailand. 

Starboard are best known for their racing hard racing boards with their signature blue and orange design. They also make inflatables that span from SUP Racing all the way to yoga.

Who are Starboard Paddle Boards for

Starboard is for paddlers who want to level up their paddling efforts and get a specialist board that covers a wide range of areas. 

Paddlers looking at Starboard are usually intermediate or advanced paddlers. However Starboard does have some All Around models in it’s arsenal. 

The Igo Zen series is made exactly for that light touring and recreational purposes. It also has the cheapest price tag starting at a fair price of $799.

The Touring Zen and All Star Airline 12’6 are great touring boards with the Airline featuring more material rich construction and streamlined features like the tapered nose. 

For those entering SUP races the All Star Airline 14’ series is the way to go. With Welded Fusion Drop stitch technology all packaged in a 23 lb board. 

Starboard SUP Reviews

The technologies involved in the Star Board lines range from fusion welded to single layer PVC technology with the more expensive lines being more feature rich. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
iGo Zen 10’8”10’8″ x 33″ x 5.5″19.5 Lbs265 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
iGo Zen 11’2”11’2″ x 31+” x 5.5″19.6 Lbs220 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
Touring Zen 12’6”12’6″ x 30″ x 6″20.5 Lbs240 LbsTouring/ Recreation$$$$
All Star Airline 12’6”12’6″ x 27″ x 6″21.8 Lbs200 LbsTouring/ Racing$$$$$$$$
All Star Airline 14’14’0″ x 28″ x 6″24.9 Lbs340 LbsRacing$$$$$$$$
All Star Airline 14’14’0″ x 26″ x 6″24 Lbs230 LbsRacing$$$$$$$$
All Star Airline 1414’0″ x 24.5″ x 6″23 Lbs200 LbsRacing$$$$$$$$

StarBoard Customer Service

Doing some digging around I really couldn’t find a lot of information on their customer service. Usually that’s a good thing because Dissatisfied customers are more likely to post than satisfied ones. 

Hence why you always have to take customer satisfaction with a grain of salt. 

Starboard Warranty and Returns Info

Inflatable Paddle Boards feature a 2 year warranty from Starboard. With the same terms.

I could not find a return policy on StarBoards Website so it probably is down to what dealer you use to buy the SUP. 

Where to Get StarBoard Inflatable Paddle Boards

Starboard has many different shops around the world that sell them. If you are looking to go the Online route GreenWater Sports sell some models as well. 

Thurso Surf Paddle Boards

ThursoSurf is a relatively new player in the Inflatable paddle board game but they have been taking the All around board world by storm lately. Lots of people love the wooden design board look that Thurso has to offer coupled with their affordable pricing. 

Who ThursoSurf SUP’s are for

Thursosurf boards are great for people who want a quality board at a good price. They are more positioned for beginner and intermediate SUP enthusiasts

By far the most popular line is the Waterwalker series. This series comes in 3 sizes and is best for those who want to paddle for a few hours. You can do some light touring on this board as well.

Speaking of touring, Thurso has a touring package in the Expedition touring line that tracks and has better speed than other Thurso Surf models. 

They also have a Kids board called the prodigy junior to introduce your little one to paddle boarding. Afterall who wants to sit on their parents paddle board forever!

For maximum stability there are the 34” wide Tranquility Yoga and Max Muktu boards. The Muktu board is meant to be a multi person board to paddle while the Tranquility is for.. You guessed it, yoga!

Thurso surf Paddle Board Reviews

ThursoSurf features a nylon drop stitch core surrounded by a graphic topping (wood color), UV coating, PVC coating and high tenacity polyester followed by another layer of PVC coating on the inside. 

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Waterwalker 12010 X 30” X 6”22.5 lBS150 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
Waterwalker 12610’6” X 31” X 6”24 Lbs180 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
Waterwalker 13211’ X 32” X 6”26 Lbs210 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$$$
Expedition Touring 13811’6” X 30” X 6”26 Lbs180 LbsTouring$$$$
Expedition Touring 15012’6” X 31” X 6”26 Lbs400 LbsTouring/ Recreational$$$$$
Max Muktu-Purpose11’6” X 34” X 6”31 Lbs300 LbsRecreation/ Multi-Person$$$$$
Tranquility Yoga10’8” X 34” X 6”29 Lbs240 LbsYoga/ Recreation$$$$
Prodigy Junior7’ X 30” X 4”19 lBS80 LbsKids$$

Thurso Surf Customer Service

Being a relatively newcomer to the paddle boarding scene it’s difficult to get a feel what customer service is like for ThursoSurf with not a lot of reviews. Their Facebook page (as of the time i’m writing this) has a perfect 5 star rating out of 5 reviews

If you look on Amazon Reviews their board has a 4 and above star rating. The vast majority of the reviews were positive but there was one that said the board popped just after the 2 year warranty window. 

Thurso Surf Warranty and Returns

All ThursoSurf paddle boards feature a 2 year limited warranty on all of their paddle boards. It has the usual inflatable SUP terms of no outside damage and misuse of the board.

ThursoSurf also features a 30 day money back guarantee where you can actually try “use” the paddle board.

Thursosurf can also be found on Amazon! 

Tower Paddle Boards

The original Shark Tank Paddle Board! These boards were all the rage when they changed the standard of the industry to having 6” paddle boards being the standard. They use a double layer construction and hand glue the rails togther.

Who Tower Paddle Boards are For

Tower SUP’s are for people who are beginners to the sport and want to get into paddle boarding.

The S Class is a good starter board to get your feet wet with paddle boarding for a solo paddler.

Tower also sports more advanced boards in their lineup like the 8″ Xtereme and X plorer series that boasts extra stability for those larger paddlers who are over 6’0 and 200 lbs weight.

Tower features boards that use a direct to consumer model, so they are able to cut out a lot of the middle men in their production and give your boards at an affordable price point.

Tower Paddle Boards Reviews

Tower often has sales on their paddle boards which makes them an affordable pick for those who want a board at a good price point.

I have tested the Yachtsman before and while its a durable and solidly built board. I did find that the board lacked in stability compared to some other brands. But keep in mind I’m 6’0 and about 185 lbs.

BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
S- Class10’4″ X 32″ X 6″20 Lbs275 LbsRecreational$$
Yachtsman10’4” X 32” X 6”26 Lbs400 LbsRecreational$$
Adventurer 210’4” X 32” X 6”25 Lbs400 LbsRecreational$$
Mermaid10’4” X 32” X 6”25 Lbs350 LbsRecreational$$
iRace12’6” X 30” X 6”27 Lbs400 LbsRecreation/ Light Touring$$
Xtreme 10’4″ X 35″ X 8″29 Lbs550 LbsRecreational$$$$
Xplorer 1414 X 32” X 8” 43 Lbs700 LbsTouring/ Multi- Person$$$

Tower Customer Service

It’s hard to get a gauge of exactly how their customer service is as their Facebook page does not have any reviews. 

Tower does have a customer reviews section on their website. While I believe that these are real reviews. It’s not often that brands will post any real negative reviews of their brands on their website. They have full control over what reviews they can approve. 

Tower Boards Warranty and Returns Info

Tower features a 2 year warranty on their inflatable SUP’s. This, like most SUP manufacturers, covers abnormal defects in manufacturing or craftsmanship. It does not include wear and tear of the SUP.

Tower features a 30 day money back guarantee that has to be in unused and original condition.

Where to Get Tower SUP Boards

You can purchase Tower Paddle Boards directly from their website or on Amazon if they have them in stock. You can buy them anywhere in the world but just keep in mind that international shipping, taxes, duties and tariffs do apply to you. 

An Extra Note on SUP Companies

As we build out this site,  we go into more detailed reviews about the brands and the boards they support. If you are still unsure as to which board you should choose check out our Best inflatable Paddle Boards page where we stuff a massive buying guide inside explaining exactly things to look for. It took me over a week to make so it’s well worth it!

When looking at a specific SUP company, always look at the warranty/ return policy, its customer service and its shipping rates. If you live outside of the USA like I do you always have to be mindful of these extra costs like tariffs and taxes.. 

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