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In this review, we will be going over all the Sea Gods Paddle Boards. Sea Gods, started by Mandy and Ryan Johnston is an inflatable paddle board company that started in 2018 and has in a relatively short time delivered some of the highest quality ISUPs in the industry

I am fortunate enough to live in the same town as the Sea Gods headquarters. Recently Mandy invited me out to test some of their paddle boards during an Advanced Flat Water paddling seminar hosted by Paddle Canada and David Dreves.

Sea Gods Paddle Board Line Up

The Sea Gods line-up consists of two types of boards. The ULF (stands for Ultra Light Fusion) and the CX lineup which is Cross Weave drop stitching. Cross Weave Drop Stitching means strands of drop stitch are weaved together in a cross pattern. This makes the CX boards 20% lighter while maintaining the rigidity of the heavier ULF boards

Sea Gods CX Tech Boards

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BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Diatom Ten6 CX10’6″ x 34″ x 6″20 Lbs340 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$$$$$

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Skylla CX11′ x 33 x 619.5 Lbs350 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$$$

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Carta Marina CX12′ x 32″ x 6″21 Lbs350 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$$$

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Elemental Wave CX10’6” x 32” x 6”18 Lbs250 LbsRecreation$$$$$$

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Medusa CX11′ x 34″ x 6″21 Lbs350 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$$$$$

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Ketos CX14 x 28″ x 6″25 Lbs350 LbsTouring/ Racing$$$$$$$

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$ = $200 USD

Sea Gods ULF Tech Boards

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BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Diatom Ten6 ULF10’6″ x 34″ x 6″24 Lbs340 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$$$$

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Carta Marina ULF12′ x 32″ x 6″25.5 Lbs350 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$$

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Elemental Wave ULF10’6” x 32” x 6”22 Lbs250 LbsRecreation$$$$$

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Infinite Mantra ULF11′ x 34″ x 6″24.5 Lbs350 LbsRecreation/ Yoga$$$$$

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Ketos ULF14 x 28″ x 6″25 Lbs350 LbsTouring/ Racing$$$$$$

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ASR Kids ULF8 x 28 x 4.517 Lbs120 LbsRecreation$$$

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$ = $200 USD

Below we will be reviewing each board and stating the stats of both the CX and ULF versions of these boards. 

Sea Gods Diatom Ten6 CX, ULF


Diatom Ten6 CX10’6″ x 34″ x 6″20 Lbs340 Lbs MaxCross Weave ULF technology and heat molded seams
Diatom Ten6 ULF10’6″ x 34″ x 6″24 Lbs340 Lbs MaxULF technology and heat molded seams

Who It Is For

The Sea Gods Diatom Ten6 is for folks who want to stand on their first time up on the board. It is also a great board for recreational paddling as well as a great yoga SUP. 

For those who are smaller, I would recommend the Diatom Ten6 CX board as it is 20% lighter which means that you will be able to transport the board more easily from the car to the water compared to its ULF cousin. 

On-Water Performance

When I was on the water with the Diatom Ten6 the first thing that occurred to my mind was “Wow! This is a stable board!”. As we went through some of the drills I couldn’t help but feel that I could push the envelope a bit further whether it was leaning a bit further out to complete that sweep stroke or feeling more comfortable pushing my foot further back to complete those pivot turns.

The Diatom Ten6 won’t be the best tracking board in the Sea Gods lineup but if you angle your strokes closer to the rail of the board it tracks as you would expect a recreational board to track. 

What really stood out was the maneuverability of the Diatom Ten6. I could perform about 4-5 forward sweep strokes to do a complete 360 with the board which was very impressive. To date, the Diatom Ten6 was the most stable board that I have tried to do pivot turns on which allowed me to move further back onto the board when doing them. 

Board Features and Design

With two versions being offered of the Sea Gods Diatom Ten6, what are the differences between the ULF and CX versions? 

For one the CX is 20% lighter compared to the ULF due to the cross-weave drop stitching involved. A lighter board will have different behavior patterns in the water. For one, the acceleration and maneuverability will be better with the Diatom CX but it will also be a bit more influenced by wind and waves. 

The Diatom Ten6 is one of the better-looking recreational boards you will find. The deck pad has smaller diamond grooves which allow this board to be comfortable for SUP Yogis and recreational paddlers alike. 

The Diatom CX and ULF both have different designs. The ULF is designed by Markovka which has more yellow and has a cellular design on it. The CX is designed by Jamie Locke whose designs are inspired by Mandalas. 


  • A great pick for beginners who want to be sure-footed when boarding this SUP
  • One of the best-designed recreational boards I’ve seen
  • The board is very maneuverable, especially with sweep strokes and pivot turns
  • Very stable and you can lean quite a bit of weight on each side
  • The board is very well designed and made of quality construction


  • Tracking is limited due to single dolphin fin
  • Won’t be the fastest recreational board due to the dimensions

Sea Gods Skylla CX Paddle Board

Drew Brophy Edition


  • Dimensions: 11’ x 33”: x 6”
  • Weight: 19.5 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 350 Lbs
  • Materials: Super reinforced Cross-Woven 12800/M2 Drop Stitch Fabric, .7 mm PVC

Who It Is For

The Sea Gods Skylla is a paddle board that is meant for the casual paddler who may want a bit more tracking and speed from their board. All the while maintaining a good level of stability for newer paddlers who still prioritize the stability when on their boards. 

On-Water Performance

From my testing of the Skylla in wavey conditions I thought the board handled very well. It wasn’t as steady as the Carta Marina which is a longer board but it more than held its own. I even managed to surf a few small waves coming back in with the waves which was quite enjoyable!

The Skylla offers the stability that many all-around paddle boards I’ve tried possess but it has a bit extra speed due to the pointed nose profile. The width is wider than many touring boards which makes this a hybrid all-around/ touring SUP that keeps its stability but will sacrifice a bit of speed in doing so

I also appreciated the pointed nose when going into waves. Yes, you will get more wet cutting into the waves, but you also gain more control as you are spearing through them instead of rolling on top. This is something I’m really starting to appreciate with pointy nosed paddle boards. 

Board Features and Design

The Skylla is Sea Gods first attempt at integrating the cross weave drop stitch material to make the board lightweight. The 19.5 Lbs is a pretty amazing feat, especially for a board that is 11’ in length. 

The board also has some well-designed onboard accessories that I do appreciate. For one, I really like how they designed the deck bungees. They have 4 rows of bungee deck webbing in the front and two in the rear making it a pretty good choice for stashing bigger gear for longer trips.  On top of that the Skylla Cross Touring board also features two action mounts at the front for those who want to document their journey on the go with a cell phone or go pro. 

Click here to see our Full Sea Gods Skylla CX Review – Drew Brophy Edition.


  • A great board that serves as an in-between to an all-around SUP and a touring board
  • The board has solid stability and did great against coastal waves
  • The board is faster than many All Around boards out there
  • The board actually has decent maneuverability and was able to do pivot turns
  • Has lots of onboard accessories


  • The Boards tracking could be aided by side fins but it can also be argued that it would take away some of the board’s glide

Sea Gods Carta Marina CX, ULF Paddle Board

Carta Marina CX12′ x 32″ x 6″21 Lbs350 LbsCross Weave ULF technology and heat molded seams
Carta Marina ULF12′ x 32″ x 6″25.5 Lbs350 LbsULF technology and heat molded seams


Who It’s For:

The Carta Marina is a touring board made for folks who want to cover more distance all the while having the option to overnight it. The Carta Marine is a board that offers fantastic stability for paddlers of many skill levels as it features an All-Around board width of 32” coupled with a touring width of 12’

The Carta Marina can be used in a wide range of different waterways from coastal environments all the way to calm lakes and bigger slow-moving rivers. You can also use this board to add extra passengers including two adults or an adult and a kid/ dog. 

On-Water Performance

The Carta Marina offers great stability which was fully demonstrated when I took this bad boy out for a paddle in wavey conditions. A lot of the time I wouldn’t even dream of taking a touring board and letting the waves hit the side of the board but with this SUP I felt more than comfortable paddling alongside them thanks to its 32” width

The Board also did what a touring board is supposed to do. Which is track well! While it was hard for me to directly compare this board’s speed and tracking to other touring SUPs its stability was the biggest factor that stood out. This was mostly due to the conditions I had the SUP in and trying to absorb as much as I could from the class I was in.

The Carta Marina maneuvered decently for a 12’ board. Doing forward sweep strokes was a bit of a challenge but that’s not the fault of the boards’ construction but more the nature of 12’ boards.

Board Features and Design

The Carta Marina, much like the Skylla is designed to have a good amount of gear on it. Thanks to the 6 rows of bungee deck webbing (4 in front 2 in the rear) as well as the two M6 action mounts at the front of the board for go pros, cell phones, etc. The child handles near the front of the board also help any passengers that possess hands to hang on, especially in wavey conditions that I encountered!

One of the things that really stands out with this board is its design. I especially love the 2023 Carta Marina CX design which features a nautical map on the front PVC followed by a bonded EVA deckpad that is a carved shape to avoid colors fading from dye. The back of the board features a Kraken taking hold of the ship is Jenny Kirby’s commisisoned design specifically for Sea Gods! 

See The Sea Gods Carta Marina CX Review here.


  • The board is very stable for a touring board
  • Handles coastal waves very well
  • Has a lot of well-thought-out features on board
  • The CX board’s detailed design has especially caught my eye
  • The board features good tracking and speed


  • Not very maneuverable but that’s down to the board’s dimensions

Sea Gods Elemental Wave CX, ULF


Elemental Wave CX10’6” x 32” x 6”18 Lbs250 LbsCross Weave ULF technology and heat molded seams
Elemental Wave ULF10’6” x 32” x 6”22 Lbs250 LbsULF technology and heat molded seams

Who It’s For:

The Elemental Wave is the traditional sized 10’6” length board with a 32” width. These boards are meant for about 80% of the paddlers out there and it balances stability with on-water performance factors like speed and tracking. The Elemental Wave will be the board that will be better equipped for a faster gliding speed compared to Sea Gods’ other All Around board the Diatom Ten6.

The Elemental Wave comes in the 20% lighter CX drop stitch construction as well as the ULF construction which is last year’s version. The designs of both boards are very different but the shape and features remain similar. 

On-Water Performance

The Elemental Wave ULF and CX will be the in between board for those who want the benefits that an all-around board can offer. The board will have great maneuverability with above-average speed and tracking thanks to the board’s slightly tapered tail. 

Having observed the Elemental Wave during the Advanced flat water paddling seminar I could see that the board was highly maneuverable and nimble. I also noticed that it was very responsive in the water to paddle strokes. Its on-water behavior reminded me a bit of the Blackfin Ultra CX board. 

Board Features and Design

The Elemental Wave CX and ULF boards feature 3 rows of bungee deck webbing up front and two at the back. The board also comes with 2 Action mounts for go pros or camera holders. This specific model comes with a dolphin fin that will help the maneuverability of the board. If you were wanting to change that behavior you can stick a touring fin on to help increase the tracking ability of this board. 

The CX board is designed by Heather Renaux which features a mermaid drawn from the Mexican Day of the Dead perspective looking longingly at a sailing ship above. The ULF version is done by artists Colleen Malia Wilcox who created this painting using water colour on a canvas. It features elements of different shades of blue and pink on all PVC elements of the board. 

The deck pad has two-leaf carvings on it which also makes this board stand out. Much like other Sea Gods boards the deck pad is splice bonded


  • One of the most maneuverable boards from Sea Gods
  • Features the right amount of bungee deck webbing for an all-around board in my opinion
  • The designs of both boards are beautiful
  • Both versions feature action mounts


  • Tracking will be a bit compromised compared to other all-around boards with 5” side fins

Sea Gods Infinite Mantra ULF


  • Dimensions: 11’ x 34” x 6”
  • Weight: 24.5 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 350 Lbs
  • Materials: 12800/M2 Drop Stitch Fabric 

Who It’s For:

The Sea Gods Infinite Mantra ULF board is a wide board specifically made for SUP yogis and paddlers who want the most stable platform to stand on. This is achieved thanks to the board’s width carrying through most of the board including the rounded nose and larger squared-off tail. 

This is an ideal board for bigger SUP Yogis who want a board that will give them balance while practicing some more difficult positions. It’s also a great board to use for multiple riders such as two adults or a solo rider with a kid and or SUP Pup. 

On-Water Performance

The Infinite Mantra will not only be the most stable paddle board in the Sea Gods lineup. But also one of the most stable inflatable paddle boards you can get your hands on. A big part of this is the shape of the board. The Infinite Mantra has a wide squared-off tail even compared to other Yoga SUPs which helps make it a great stable platform for paddlers of most sizes and shapes. 

The board won’t be a speed or tracking champion due to the way it’s set up but its maneuverability will be one of the better ones out of the 11’ paddle boards. This will be due to the board’s wider width and the single dolphin fin which makes the board more maneuverable. 

Board Features and Design

One of the first things we should mention about this board being a yoga board is the fact that it has a wide expansive deck pad that actually measures bigger than your yoga mat. The deck pad is diamond grooved and splice bonded meaning the deck pad has different colored pieces of the deck fitted together separately. In my experience, Sea Gods deck pads feel great on your feet and grip well. Which especially comes in handy when handling those swells. 

Like many of the Sea Gods 2022/2023 SUPs, this board features 3 rows of bungee deck webbing at the front and 2 in the rear. I personally like the placements as most sized yogis will have more than enough room to move around the deck without worrying about the webbing getting in the way. The good thing as well is that the bungee deck webbing is removable. 

The artwork in the Infinite Mantra is done by Lindsay Kokoska who custom prints yoga mats, tapestries, and other gifts. The print on the bottom of the board is one of her original pieces. 


  • One of the most stable paddle boards you can paddle
  • The Board is well-designed for SUP Yogis
  • Can take multiple riders onboard
  • The board is very well constructed 
  • A great design for SUP Yogis


  • Maybe a bit too bulky for smaller paddlers to go on it solo

Sea Gods Medusa CX


  • Dimensions: 11’ x 34” x 6”
  • Weight: 21 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 350 Lbs
  • Materials: Reinforced Cross Weave Drop Stitch

Who It’s For:

The Medusa is the cross-weaved version of the Infinite Mantra ULF. It provides plenty of extra stability for SUP yogis of most sizes as well as multiple adult riders or riders with a few kids or SUP Pups. 

You get all of this with a board that is 3.5 lbs lighter with the same shape and dimensions as Infinite Mantra. Making it a board that is easier to carry to and from the shore. 

On-Water Performance

The main difference in paddling the Medusa compared to the Infinite Mantra will be the board’s weight which will influence how it behaves in the water. The Medusa will be a bit more influenced by outer elements such as wind and waves.

But on the other hand, the lighter weight will give the board more acceleration and a bit more maneuverability which means fewer strokes to turn the board fully around. 

Board Features and Design

The Medusa CX has the same onboard features as the Infinite Mantra and is also compatible with either one or two kayak seats depending on how many straps they have. The board also has handles on the sides which keep the middle handle out of the way of passengers riding or performing some moves for yoga. 

Inspired by the board’s name, the Medusa is created by Christine Kuo whose art can be found on many surfboards. It features a Medusa jellyfish at the top of the board followed by two floating gently in the sea at the bottom. 


  • This would be the better board for smaller Yogis due to the board’s lighter weight
  • Maneuvers well for 11’ board
  • Bungees are out of the way of passengers and are removable
  • US Fin box allows some customization for board
  • The Board is supremely stable


  • May get bullied a bit more by the wind due to lighter weight

Sea Gods Ketos CX, ULF


Ketos CX14′ x 28″ x 6″22 Lbs300 Lbs MaxCross Weave ULF technology and heat molded seams
Ketos ULF14′ x 28″ x 6″25 Lbs300 Lbs MaxULF technology and heat molded seams

Who It’s For:

The Sea Gods Ketos is a board for those who want to go fast! This 14’ board is meant for intermediate paddlers who have experience paddle boarding and want to go a bit further and faster on their journey. I would not recommend this board for complete beginners. As cool as the board’s shape looks, the learning curve will be much greater for those new to paddle boarding.

Watching Ryan tackle the waves in the Ketos on the way to the calmer waters of the White Rock pier was impressive. Riding this board with waves coming to you from the side is no easy feat for a 28” wide board!

On-Water Performance

The Sea Gods Ketos will be the best tracking and fastest paddle board in their lineup. This is of course due to the 14’ long length and narrow 28” width coupled with a Sea Gods Touring fin. Upon observation I could see Ryan hauling butt on this board all the while dealing with waves hitting the side of the board. Even for someone’s skill level like Ryan I could tell that there were moments where he had to quickly jerk the board to save his footing.

Being a 14’ board it will also be the least maneuverable and least stable board from Sea Gods. But that’s not the fault of the board itself but rather the nature of the beast with 14’ racing-style paddle boards.

Board Features and Design

The Ketos has a rather unique feature that distinguishes it from other Sea Gods Paddle boards. While it may not be noticeable at first. The Ketos has a protruded bump on the bottom of the nose that acts as a displacement hull which gives it more surface area below the water that allows the nose of the board to track. It also features a stringer at the top of the board.

The board also has handles on the front, rear middle as well as two front handles in the front middle of the board. It also features a kick pad which will help you maneuver the board better doing pivot turns

The Ketos is designed by Luke MacBain who is also a paddling enthusiast who is a full time animator. This design used digital watercolour as part of his design on the humpback whales. The piece is inspired by Luke running into a family of humpback whales a few years prior. 


  • Has unique elements to the board like the keel
  • Board tracks and is the fastest in the Sea Gods lineup
  • Kickpad is a nice touch
  • Lots of grab handles to carry the board
  • Great fitness board


  • Maneuverability and stability will be the worst in the Sea Gods lineup 
  • Not an easy board for a beginner to learn on

Sea Gods ASR ULF


  • Dimensions: 8’ x 28” x4.5”
  • Weight: 17 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 120 Lbs
  • Materials: ULF (Ultra Light Fusion Technology, machine laminated to drop stitch

Who It’s For:

The Sea Gods ASR is specifically for kids! ASR stands for adult supervision required. And this is true as the first few times your kid is trying out their own SUP you will want to be there with them the entire time. Thankfully the board can carry an adult on the back to show them how it’s done the first few times. 

This SUP will be good for children at about 4-12 years old depending on their weight and height. The maximum suggested capacity for standing will be around 120 lbs or so. It can also be used as a maneuverable surfing SUP for adults that have some intermediate experience.

On-Water Performance

The ASR will be stable depending on whos standing on it. The smaller/ lighter the paddler is the more stable the board will feel for them. As soon as your child starts to get into the teens the stability of the board will start decrease as they grow in weight and size.

Out of all the Sea Gods boards this board will have the best maneuverability thanks to the boards 8’ long length. This can come in handy for adults that want to surf a few smaller waves or want to do some quick maneuvers in smaller spaces. Keep in mind, if you are an adult wanting to stand on this board you will have to have some experience with paddle boards as boards with a shorter length and width will be more tricky to balance on. 

Board Features and Design

One of the features that stood out to me with the ASR is the tri-fin fixed setup. This has some pros and cons to it. 

The pros are that there are no fins to clip on or set up and assembly is a bit quicker as a result. The cons are that the fins do take up some space in the rolling process so thats something you need to keep in mind if you are trying to fit it in the bag.  Although in my experience with the Sea Gods bags they are usually more than baggy enough to hold most of their boards. 

The ASR features some pretty unique artwork which the top of the board, Miles Vassos (one of the animators of Land Before Time) made the character logo at the top of the board. The bottom of the board is pretty unique as it features local artist Oliva di Liberto who does counter culture infused illustrations. In this case, there is a drag with rainbows coming out of its eyes that has a squirrel gripping its tail. The more you look at this design the more details you see!


  • Good maneuverability
  • Ideal board for younger kids wanting to learn basic paddling strokes
  • The design of this board is cool, especially the bottom
  • Some bungee deck webbing at the front for miscellaneous things


  • The board will feel more unstable for bigger kids
  • The board will not roll up as well with fixed fins

Sea Gods Manufacturing Process

As mentioned above, Sea Gods has two lineups based on how the boards are manufactured. 

ULF (Ultra Light Fusion Technology): This is the technology that Sea Gods has used for a lot of the company’s lifespan. It features .7 mm Ultra Light Fusion PVC which is machine laminated directly to the drop stitch. This saves on glue which is one of the main reasons inflatable SUPs can come undone over time. This technology also features double-reinforced PVC on the rails, heat-molded seams as well as UV Protective glazing to protect the artwork from sunlight. 

CX (Cross Weave Drop Stitching): This pattern has been used since 2021 on the Sea Gods Skylla but has since been implemented into most of the Sea Gods Lineup. The cross weave is a crisscross pattern that helps the strands keep more rigidity while under pressure. This means there is less drop stitch incorporated into the board which makes the board up to 20% lighter.  

Sea Gods is one of the higher quality manufacturing ISUP companies that take over 36 hours to manufacture and cure their boards from start to finish. 

Sea Gods Add-On Accessories

Sea Gods have accessories that allow you to get into the water quickly! They have partnered with Mustang Survival to be a distributor of the Khimera, Youth and Child life vests as well as the Minimalist inflatable belt pack

They also offer a few different fins that are brightly colored and bendable to protect the fin box. They have a unique Kumano fin system which is the click system. You simply add that plug to one of the holes on the base of the fin and pressure it in until it clicks! This is a rather clever way of adding a fin to your board quickly and efficiently! Some fins they have include…

  • Kumanso All Around Fin: The dolphin fin shape haves the board a good blend of maneuverability and tracking.
  • Kumano Touring Fin: A 9” fin that has some surface area and adds more tracking. I actually bought this fin for my touring board and it helped my board have a few extra strokes on each side for tracking. 
  • Kumano River Fin: A 4” river fin that is ideal for shallower areas like river beds or low tides. This fin will make the board feel more maneuverable
  • Race Fin: This 7” fin is not Kumano compatible but it can be used for most US Fin box systems. This is ideal for paddlers who want to go a bit faster due to its lower drag profile. 

Sea Gods also has a few other things to help get you onto the water such as 3 piece carbon fiber tear drop-shaped paddles which help you get more power with each stroke. They also have a kayak blade add-on as well as a kayak seat that is compatible with almost all of their ISUP models. 

Sea Gods also have their very own branded electric pump as well as extra bags and dual-chambered pumps. 

Sea Gods Customer Service

Over the fall of 2022 Mandy informed me that they had no returns on their paddle boards which is a pretty remarkable feat in itself. But it also goes to show the difference quality of construction can make. 

But sometimes mistakes can happen, as with any business. This reddit thread perfectly illustrates how dedicated their customer service is, even when mistakes are made. 

When looking at customer reviews I like to find sources that cannot control reviews such as Facebook Reviews. On Sea Gods Facebook page they have a 4.3 / 5 Star review on there as of June 2023. This is a pretty good Facebook rating as oftentimes I find ISUP ratings to be found in the 3.9 and below stars rating. 

Sea Gods Warranty and Returns Information

Photo by Sea Gods

Sea Gods are one of the standouts in the industry in that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a life time warranty! What exactly does that mean?

It should be noted that the wording refers to the reasonable lifetime of the item and not your lifetime.  

Unfortunately from scanning their website, there is no clarity regarding what is a reasonable lifetime of the item. But judging by Sea Gods’ pledge to have less of their SUPs in landfills I can imagine it would be a reasonable amount of time. 

The warranty covers manufacturing defects to the materials or craftsmanship. Like other SUP companies, it does not cover damage from external damage misuse, improper care, or impacts/ accidents. The Sea Gods team can repair this at a reasonable cost though. 

Please read the full warranty terms and conditions as to how to start a warranty claim. 

It should also be noted that Sea Gods will charge a 10% restocking fee for any refunded item. The board must also come in “like new condition” meaning there’s no scuffs or scrapes on it.

Where to Buy Sea Gods Stand Up Paddle Boards

Photo by Sea Gods

You can purchase Sea Gods Paddle Boards directly from their website or at your local Amazon store where they fulfil orders from their headquarters and treat them as if you had ordered it from their store!

Sea Gods website now has distribution world wide!.

You get free shipping when you buy from their stores in:

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Australia 

Similar Manufacturers

Sea Gods are very unique in the way the paddle boards are designed by local artists. So in that respect it’s hard to find other companies that replicate that aspect. However, below are some similar manufacturers that abide by similar manufacturing standards as Sea Gods.

Nixy Sports

A company that encompasses unique designs and features Fusion technology coupled with cross woven drop stitch. Nixy also produces lightweight boards that are made of quality materials. Much like Sea Gods they are a family-run shop that has distribution in the United States and Canada. 

Nixy features Touring, All-Around, Yoga SUPs, and Expedition SUPs. 

Red Paddle Co

Red Paddle is rather unique to the SUP industry because they design and make many of their items in-house. Red Paddle is a worldwide brand that offers high-quality products just like Sea Gods. Only Red Paddle is based in the United Kingdom. 

Red Paddle offers a huge array of paddle board products from all around, touring, racing multi-person and excursion boards as well as even windsurfing SUPs. Red Paddle has worldwide distribution and can often be found in a variety of independent outdoor stores.

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