Thurso Surf Paddle Board Reviews

In this portion of company overviews, we will be going over Thurso Surf Paddle Board Reviews. 

Thurso Surf has been a player in the inflatable paddle board game since 2016 and was one of the first brands to step up to the plate to deliver a well-constructed product at a good price point. 

Over the past few years, Thurso Surf has done a good job of recognizing where the industry is going and has since made its boards lighter and constructed with better materials. Infact all of their main boards come with triple-layer PVC coating followed by a woven drop stitch core which strengthens the board even more to make it more rigid and durable in the long run. 

They also are known for outfitting their boards with high-quality accessories and a number of onboard features that are meant to make your paddling trip a bit easier. 

Best Thurso Surf Paddle Board Reviews Line Up

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BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Waterwalker 120 (10 ft)10’ X 30” X 6”22.5 Lbs260 LbsRecreational$$$$

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Waterwalker 126 (10’6”)10’6” X 31” X 6”23.7 Lbs300 Lbs Recreational $$$$

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Waterwalker 132 (11’)11’ X 32” X 6”25.3 Lbs330 Lbs Recreational$$$$

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Expedition 138 (11’6”)11’6” X 30” X 6”24 Lbs330 LbsTouring/ Recreational$$$$

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Expedition 150 (12’6”)12’6” X 31” X 6”26 Lbs400 LbsTouring/ Recreational$$$$$

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Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose (11’6)11’6” X 34” X 6”29 Lbs370 LbsRecreational/ Fishing/ Multi-Passenger$$$$$

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Thurso Surf Tranquility10’8” X 34” X 6”27 Lbs240 LbsYoga/ Recreationa$$$$

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Thurso Surf Adept9’ X 28” X 4.7”19 Lbs120 LbsRecreational$$$

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Thurso Surf Prodigy 7’6” X 30” X 4”19 Lbs80 LbsRecreational $$

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Below is Thurs Surf’s Inflatable paddle board range. Since its inception, Thurso Surf has added a few newer addictions such as the Expedition 150 in 2022. 

So which board is right for you? Read on as we review each series and inform you who it’s made for, what you get, and how the board performs in the water as well as those bullet point pros and cons that everyone loves so much!

Thurso Surf Waterwalker Series


Waterwalker 120 (10’)10’ X 30” X 6”22.5 Lbs260 Lbs Max CapacityDual Layer Layer Fusion PVC , woven drop stitch core, Carbon Fiber Side Rails
Waterwalker 126 (10’6”)10’6” X 31” X 6”23.7 Lbs300 Lbs Max CapacityDual Layer Layer Fusion PVC , woven drop stitch core, Carbon Fiber Side Rails
Waterwalker 132 (11’)11’ X 32” X 6”25.3 Lbs330 Lbs Max CapacityDual Layer Layer Fusion PVC , woven drop stitch core, Carbon Fiber Side Rails

Who It’s For:

The Waterwalker series encompasses a wide range of paddlers of different heights and widths. For the vast majority of paddlers, the 132 Waterwalker would be well suited for most folks of different SUP backgrounds as it is the widest and longest

However, if you are a smaller paddler who wants a board that’s better suited to your body type then the 120 Waterwalker is a good pick. Of course, the 126 Waterwalker serves as a good in-between board for those who are around 200 lbs and under and are under 6’1

On-Water Performance 

Of course, its hard to go over the complete on-water performance of each of the 3 boards here so we will give you the points you need to know most about each board

  • Waterwalker 120 (10’): This is great for smaller paddlers such as folks around the 5’0 – 5’8” range. This board is the most maneuverable of the lot thanks to its 10’ length. It’s 30” width makes it a bit less stable, especially for larger, more inexperienced paddlers. 
  • Waterwalker 126 (10’6”): This Is the best in-between board. It’s not the fastest, nor is it the most stable or maneuverable. It’s a decent board for most paddlers 6’1 and under that are below 200 lbs. For those who feel the 132 Waterwalker is a bit too big to maneuver for them, the 126 is a solid all-around choice. In general most 10’6” can fit at least 80% of paddlers. 
  • Waterwalker 132 (11’): If stability is your primary concern then it’s best that you opt for the 132 series. This will be the board that tracks the best, is the fastest, and will be the most stable of the lot. For those who are over 5’6” and are unsure which board to get, this one will probably be the best bet. 

Board Features and Design

While the Water Walker series may look like a simple board from the outside there is a lot to like about this paddle board series. The new 2023 126 and 132 Waterwalker series now features a 2 textured deck pad that consists of striped and diamond-grooved deck padding which I think is a good addition. Especially for those folks who want more grip on their feet while doing pivot turns. 

Other onboard features include 2 free D rings for kayak conversion seats or shoulder straps as well as a paddle holder on each side which I think is a rather ingenious design. While Thurso Surf lacks the action mounts of other boards it does have a designated action camera mount on the top of the paddle board.

New for 2023 Thursosurf much like other manufacturer such as iRocker have now included an electric pump with their package as well as an upgraded storage bag that you get from the more expensive Expedition series. 

Check out our Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 Review here!


  • A lot of solid improvements on the 2023 board
  • Dual paddle holders are very handy
  • Accessory package is one of the better ones for a SUP of its price point
  • Three different sizes that fit almost all paddlers
  • The 2023 boards have a really eye-popping/ unique design to them
  • Comes with an electric pump Which is handy


  • Thurso’s 120 board may be a bit less stable for taller folks such as myself
  • Cargo section in the back will only be good for smaller items

Thurso Surf Expedition Series


Expedition 138 (11’6”)11’6” X 30” X 6”24 Lbs330 LbsDual Layer Layer Fusion PVC , woven drop stitch core, Carbon Fiber Side Rails
Expedition 150 (12’6”)12’6” X 31” X 6”26 Lbs400 LbsDual Layer Layer Fusion PVC , woven drop stitch core, Carbon Fiber Side Rails

Who It’s For:

The Expedition series is for folks who want to cover more ground faster. The Expedition 138 and 150 are meant for touring purposes and are designed to be able to carry a good amount of cargo. Ideal for those who want a board that can carry some camping gear for those overnight trips. 

The tapered nose and 30/”31” width make the board stable enough for most paddlers to stand on all the while allowing you to travel at a faster clip more consistently. The tapered nose also does a good job of parting the water of any waves or wake you encounter on your journey. 

The 138 is 11’6” which makes it a good touring board for medium to smaller paddlers who want an effective touring board. While the 150 is meant for those who are over 6’0 that crave a bit more stability and distance in their paddling. 

On-Water Performance 

The Expedition series will be the best-performing board in the Thurso Surf lineup for tracking and speed. This is thanks to their longer dimensions and tapered nose and tail. 

What also makes this board a great pick for touring is the fact that the bungee deck webbing in the front is more elongated compared to all-around boards like the Waterwalker series. This elongated deck webbing allows you to fit bigger items like tents, sleeping bags as well as backpacks to make the most of your storage use on the board. 

While the Expedition series excels in tracking and speed. Maneuverability will be a bit of a different preposition. This is not so much a fault specific to the Expedition series but rather most touring boards. 

Thankfully Thurso Surf did their part to help this by adding a small kick pad in the back of the board to help raise the nose of the board on those pivot turns. Although admittedly the nose is a bit heavier compares to some other inflatable touring boards of its dimensions. 

Board Features and Design

The Expedition series features a lot of similar features to the Waterwalker series including the 4 free D rings, paddle holders on either side, the 32 oz carbon hybrid paddle as well as the bulkier carry bag and triple action pump. 

Admittedly the pump is almost the exact same as Nixy’s so I’m guessing they are getting the pump from the same manufacturer and just putting their brand names on it. 

As you would expect with Thurso Surf boards. They are constructed using a dual-layer PVC fusion process wrapped around a  woven drop stitch core. This makes the board as rigid as possible while allowing it to maintain its lightweight 24 lbs using fewer materials. 

The board also features carbon side rails which helps keep the rigidity of the board. How much is up for much debate in the SUP community but there seems to be a strong correlation between rigidity and built-in carbon side rails that can’t be ignored. 

See Our Full Expedition 150 Review here.


  • The best series for speed and tracking in the Thurso lineup
  • The board tracks very well and tops many reviews’ best touring boards lists
  • Features the same amount of accessories as the water walker series
  • Accessory package is one of the better ones
  • Comes with a US fin box and touring fin for more choices


  • The rear cargo netting area is smaller compared to other touring sups out there
  • When carried the board slants to the ground which means the handle needs to be recentered

Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose SUP Board


  • Dimensions: 11’6” x 34” x 6”
  • Materials: Dual Layer Layer Fusion PVC , woven drop stitch core, Carbon Fiber Side Rails
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 370 lbs

Who It’s For:

The Max Multi-Purpose SUP is an all-encompassing board that focuses on activities that require stability. The board is covered entirely with a striped deck pad which makes it yoga-friendly, kid-friendly, dog-friendly, or fishing-friendly. 

In my mind, this is a great board to have at your local family cottage or cabin as it’s stable enough for all skill levels while still having some on-water performance on hand to go out for a day paddle. 

On-Water Performance

For activities that demand more stability such as casting that fly rod or maintaining that handstand the Max Multi-Purpose SUP is up to the task. At 34” wide the board is a full 2-4” wider than any of Thurso Surf’s all-round or expeditions SUPs. In my experience 34” paddle boards are very stable and therefore extremely easy for beginners to learn on. This coupled with its 11’6” length frame and the board should be good for paddlers of all sizes to hop onto. 

One of the areas that may be a bit of a struggle for smaller paddlers is maneuverability. Simply put, longer, heavier boards take more effort to turn around. Unfortunately unlike the Expedition series, this board does not feature a kick pad. At the same time, were not entirely sure if it would be aided by one as most of the customers who buy this board are probably looking to use it for more recreational purposes. 

Board Features and Design

There is always a caveat to increased width and that is a reduction in speed. The Max Multi Purpose SUP will not be the speed demon in the Thurso line up but it can be a great board for bigger expeditions that require you to haul a lot of gear! While the Thurso site does not mention it too much we believe that the 6 rows of deck webbing are perfect for multi-day excursions (multi-day fishing excursions anyone?).

The board features an entire deck pad that spans from the tip of the nose to the rear at the tail. Giving the board good traction on just about any area. What we do also appreciate about this board is the 7 grab handles that allow you to grab the board from different areas to carry it to and from the shoreline. 


  • One of the most stable boards in the Thurso lineup
  • Elongated deck pad makes it a great board to do multiple activities on
  • Underrated fishing board also has fish ruler
  • Lots of cargo room thanks to 6 rows of deck webbing
  • Great board for pets and kids


  • Will be sluggish in the water
  • Board is a bit heavier than other boards of its dimensions

Thurso Surf Tranquility


  • Dimensions: 10’8” x 34” x 6”
  • Materials: Dual Layer Layer Fusion PVC, woven drop stitch core
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 240 lbs

Who It’s For

The Thurso Surf Tranquility is Thurso’s answer to other manufacturers who make yoga SUPs. The rounded nose and squared-off tail help give the board extra stability. This coupled with the board’s 34” width makes it extremely stable when trying those more challenging positions. 

This is also one of the better-looking yoga boards in my opinion. It has a natural wood finish with a nice blue lotus flower design on the nose and a smooth and cleanly designed deck pad. SUP manufacturers don’t always get the names right but this one seems to have hit perfectly. The board just looks like the meaning of tranquility.

On-Water Performance

What’s the main reason you would get this SUP? For stability purposes of course! While it may lack the length of the Max Multi Purpose SUP it does have more of a squared-off design which will make the board feel more like a platform in the water. Making it great for most levels of yogis or tippy beginners who lack a bit of balance (don’t worry I was one of you once). 

What do you not get this SUP for? Speed. But to be honest I really don’t think this is at the top of every SUP yogi’s mind when looking for a yoga board. In my experience boards that have rounded hulls tend to create drag. Thankfully this yoga board does have a bit of a rocker design to mitigate some of this issue. 

In my mind, I would get this board as a specialist yoga board. While you can use it for recreational paddles as well, the Waterwalker or the Max Multi Purpose boards will do a better job at tracking and gliding more gracefully in the water. 

Board Features and Design 

The Yoga Tranquility board has a lot of useful features on it that SUP Yogi will appreciate. For one it has two handles on the sides which gives more clearance for your arms when you are holding the board. Often times for smaller SUP folk, having the handle in the middle can be too bulky, and it’s hard to get your hand to the middle of the board. But with this adjustment, the Tranquility is an easier board to transport to the shoreline. 

One of the things I feel they could improve on, especially being a yoga board is the deck pad. It looks great but we feel that it should be elongated and take up more room. This and giving the bungees an adjusting easy-off bungee system to give the paddler an easier time to take the bungees on and off. 

One o the things we really appreciate on this board, and I’m sure SUP Yogis will too, is the paddle holders on both sides. There’s nothing more annoying than worrying about a paddle falling in the drink while you are in intense concentration trying to hold that difficult pose you’ve been trying at the studio. 


  • Dual paddle holders are a very welcome addition
  • This board is very stable thanks to its shape
  • Comes with the great accessories that Thurso is known for
  • The design on the board is one of the better ones out there
  • Go pro is handy for those influencer SUP Yogis


  • I feel that the board could be cut down a bit in weight
  • Will be one of the slower boards in the Thurso lineup

Thurso Surf Adept


  • Dimensions: 9’ x 28” x 4.7”
  • Materials: Dual Layer Layer Fusion PVC , woven drop stitch core, Carbon Side Rails
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 120 lbs

Who It’s For

The Thurso Surf Adept SUP is for smaller paddlers and youths who are in that in-between face of being too small for an adult SUP and too big for a kid’s SUP. It’s also a great board for smaller-framed adults who crave a bit more maneuverability in environments such as tight rivers or even surfing a few small swells.

It should be warned though that even though this is a youth SUP it’s not necessarily the best pick for those who are a bit bigger. In Fact, the 28” will definitely feel unstable for those who are 5 ’10 and over 150 lbs. 

On-Water Performance

For those who want a responsive SUP in those tighter waterways the Adept Youth will be a good pick. Youth SUP boards typically are very good at being responsive because of their narrower and shorter frames compared to regular all-around SUPs.

In terms of tracking this youth SUP will do fairly well for a 9’ board although it will be on the lower end of the spectrum for that type of on-water performance among Thurso paddle boards. To help the board track a bit better this SUP like the Waterwalker series has a 2 +1 removable fin set-up which will make a good amount of difference

The stability of this board all depends on who stands on it. If you have a 4’10” person that weighs 90 lbs they will probably think it’s pretty stable. However, if you put me on that board when I first started out, I would probably sink like the Titanic!

Board Features and Design

The Thurso Surf Adept has stripped back a couple of features compared to the bigger Waterwalker series. It comes with a single chamber pump instead of the dual chamber triple action one. The board itself also only has one paddle holder on its right side. Not to say that a total deal breaker but it is something to note. 

Other than the few things mentioned above the Adept does have a lot of the same features as the main Waterwalker series such as the 2+1 fin setup, the carbon side rails, and construction as well as the bag and the D ring arrangements. 


  • Has most of the same features as Waterwalker series
  • One of the more maneuverable boards in the Thuso lineup
  • Ideal for kids in the between adult all around and kids SUPs
  • Can be used for surf or tighter waterways for intermediate paddlers


  • Will be unstable for bigger youths and adults
  • The pump is stripped back

Thurso Surf Prodigy 


  • Dimensions: 7’6” x 30” x 4”
  • Materials: Double Layer PV with Drop Stitch Core
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 80 lbs

Who It’s For

The Thurso Surf Prodigy is mostly for smaller kids who want their own SUP. Its dimensions, even when compared to other Kids’ SUPs, are relatively small. Because of the smaller size, this SUP is relatively limited in terms of its uses.

I’d recommend that that is for kids between the ages of 5 to 9 or smaller framed youths. Anything over 80 lbs will start pushing the limits of this board

On-Water Performance

Interestingly this board has a wider width compared to the Adept. Although as mentioned above the 7’6” frame will limit the board greatly on its usefulness for people over 100 lbs. For a kid that’s 4’ this board will be a good board that will feel stable for them. For someone like me whos 6’0, I’d probably be face-planting in the water more than a time or two!

Maneuverability will be this board’s main strength as 7’ boards will turn very easily. Making it a pretty good choice for small child paddlers who are just getting the hang of paddling. To make this board track straight, it’s best to teach them proper paddling technique, IE paddling as close to the side of the board as possible. Otherwise, it will be a bit of a squirrely ride. 

Board Features and Design

The Prodigy is mostly designed to be as stable of a platform as possible as it has the thickest outline out of the Thurso group. You won’t be winning any races nor will this board be the best tracking youths SUP

There is however some bungee deck rigging at the front as well as a decent-sized deck pad that will help your child move up and down the deck to find their ideal paddling position. Interestingly the board comes with a thruster fin setup of 3 equal-sized fins to make up for the shorter length of the board. 


  • A great first paddle board for a small child
  • Very maneuverable
  • Comes with a lighter carbon hybrid paddle
  • Stable for kids 5-9 years old who are of a smaller frame


  • Will be too small for larger children
  • Kids may quickly outgrow this board
  • Board is mostly designed for stability and not longer paddling

Thurso Surf Add-On Accessories

Thurso Surf has additional accessories to help make your time on the water just a little bit more enjoyable. While Thurso does not have as many add-on accessory innovations as say iRocker or Nixy. It does have just what you need to get out there. 

We won’t list them all but rather the most note-worthy ones. 

SUP Kayak Seat: Want to turn your SUP into a kayak hybrid? The SUP Kayak seat allows you to do this. It attaches to the 4 free D rings on most Thurso SUPs. It is shaped differently compared to other SUP kayak seats in that it’s smaller. We do wish that this and the kayak blade came as a package.

Carbon Hybrid Blade: The attachment point that goes onto the handle of your paddle board paddle. It weighs 16 oz and has an 87 sq inch diameter. 

Thurso Surf Deck bag: This cooler bag is a lower profile which allows it to easily be stashed under your boards bungees. It can fit up to 20 cans and is 16” X 12” X 6”. I personally like low-profile coolers as they are not in the way and you can stash them easily.

Thurso Cooler 20 and 10 can Bags: Similar in design to the Yeti Soft Coolers. The Thurso soft cooler bag offers 48 hours of insulation which makes it a good pick for those long day or multi-day paddles. 

Thurso Surf Electric Pump: One of the more interesting electric pumps out there. The Thurso Surf electric pump has an inflate and deflate option. It has a 12V DC voltage 13 A max current and is powered by the car’s battery (alligator clips or the cigarette lighter. Its max pressure is 15 PSI. If you’ve read any of our articles you will know that we are big proponents of electric SUP Pumps!

Thurso Surf Customer Service

Thurso Surf is a relatively smaller SUP company but so far they seem to be doing a good job. With ten 5/5 star reviews on their Facebook page

Thurso also has a lot of reviews on their product pages that you can browse. Although do keep in mind that companies do have full control over what’s shown on their reviews on the website. 

Thurso Surf Warranty and Returns

Thurso Surf come with a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects against its products. It also comes with a 30-day return policy

As with most SUP companies, you will have to pay for the shipping costs of returning your paddle board for inspection. 

The limited warranty does not cover any external damage from the environment that was caused to the board by you. For example impacts, transportation, sun damage, delamination, etc.

Where to Buy Thurso Surf Paddle Boards

You can purchase Thurso Surf boards from their website or on Amazon

Thurso Surf also has distribution in the United States, UK, Canada, Germany, and EU. 

Similar Manufacturers

Below are some similar brands to the Thurso Surf brand. 

Gili Sports

Gili is known in the SUP spaces as being one of the more environmentally friendly companies out there in that it donates a portion of its proceeds to ocean charities. 

They have a wider line-up of paddle boards that span from recreational, to touring and even multi-person SUPs. The most popular lineups are currently the Gili Air and Adventure series. 

Click here to see Gili Paddle Board Reviews.

Nixy Sports

Nixy Sports offers a smaller lineup of SUPs similar to Thurso Surf. Both companies have similar philosophies in wanting to produce the highest quality SUPs as they both have woven drop stitch technology and carbon side rails to further aid in the boards rigidity. 

Nixy’s most popular paddle boards are its Newport and Venice lines.

Click here to see Nixy Paddle Board Reviews.

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