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In this review, we go through the new for 2022, Atoll 9’ SUP. There is currently not a ton of information on this SUP just yet so I reached out to the folks at Atoll to get some answers about their new line of SUPs.

Atoll has been a company that has impressed me in the past. In fact, we did a full test of the Atoll 11’ sup on Saltspring Island in the early Spring when the water was pretty chili. 

If you are interested in the Atoll 11 and our tests, take a look at our Atoll paddle board review page

We go through who the Atoll 9’ is for, the pros, and cons and include stats that you can’t find anywhere else. On our Best Kids SUPS page, the Atoll 9’ paddle board ranked #2 on our list. 

Find out why below and let’s review!

What Did We Think of the Atoll 9 SUP?

We were thoroughly impressed with the Atoll 9’s usability with a varity of different kids from different age groups. With Kids SUPs one of the most important things is the boards stability on the water. We can safely say that this board lived up to it’s fathers (Atoll 11) reputation of being stable and keeping that famous Atoll durability that people expect from this brand.

It’s higher 160 lbs maximum weight capacity also makes it a good pick for kids that are a bit older and bigger who are just too small for the bigger adult 10’6-11′ SUPs.

Atoll 9’ SUP Review Ratings

Below is how we rank the Atoll 9’ Paddle Board. Click the Below links to jump to each section.

Total Score: 8.1/10 (Accumulation of rating Averages Below)


  • Atoll has a good background in making tough and stable SUPs
  • Ideal for Kids, teenagers, and smaller adults
  • Tracking is good for the size of the board
  • Comes with solid quality accessories
  • Has FCS fin that can be swapped for other makes
  • Good for a variety of different environments
  • A good size SUP that can grow with your kids


  • SUP may be too big for smaller children to handle
  • New SUP so there may be kinks to iron out
  • I personally wish they included some bungee deck webbing in the back of the board

Who Is the Atoll 9’ SUP for? 

The Atoll 9’ is primarily designed for kids, pre-teens, and teens. It can also be used by smaller adults who prefer to have a more maneuverable board

This board has a 30” width which makes it a bit more hydrodynamic meaning you can expect the board to have some decent tracking onboard compared to other Kids SUPs thanks to the 9’ length, the 30” width, and the ability to change the fin to other types like a racing fin. 

The Atoll 9’ would not be recommended for any beginner paddlers over 5’5” and 160 lbs. However, if you are taller and want to use this board for its maneuverability it could be an underrated surfing pick provided you have the skills in place. 

What SUP Activities Can you Use the Atoll 9’ Stand-Up Paddle Board For? 

Despite it being a smaller paddle board the Atoll Youth SUP still has some usefulness for a few different SUP activities. 

Starter/ Learning Board

This SUP will give anyone under 5’5” a fairly decent platform to learn on. Although it may not be as stable as some other KIds SUPs like the Nautical Kids for example. 

Still, the 30” width is about medium ground in terms of Kids SUP dimensions and its 9’ length is on the high end. Which bodes well for stability. 

Recreational Paddling

Once the learning curve is out of the way this board will perform fairly well in the water. No you won’t get the same tracking and speed as the Atoll 11’ SUP but it should be a good companion for a child, pre-teen or teenager

This board is best used in flat water conditions, although it can take a bit of chop that comes it’s way. Atoll boards are notorious for being a little bit higher off the water compared to other SUPs so keep this fact in mind for windy conditions where the wind can have a greater effect on this board. 

Kayak Hybrid

The Atoll 9’, much like its brother the Atoll 11, can be used as a kayak hybrid. The Atoll 9’ paddle board is designed very similarly to the 11 so therefore you will be able to fit a kayak conversion kit onto the SUP

I actually believe this is a very underrated accessory to have, especially when you or your child is tired of standing and want to take a break sitting. Not only would they be learning paddle boarding techniques but also kayak paddling techniques which could come in handy for future kayak excursions.

On-Water Performance 

On-Water Performance Score: 7.6/10

Below is what you need to know about the Atoll Kids SUP on-water performance. Some of these judgments will be based on my usage of the 11’ board. Seeing as the 9’ Youth SUP is essentially just a 2’ shorter version of the original Atoll paddle board. 


The Atoll Youth SUP will provide ample stability for kids or adults that are about 5’5 and shorter. It’s not the most stable kids’ SUP due to its average 30” width but it’s up there in our Kids SUP stability ratings. 

In my experience, the Atoll 11 is one of the most stable SUPs I’ve tested. It was just a smidge behind the Nixy Monterey paddleboard. 


In this case, the 30” width coupled with the 9’ length will make this not a bad board in terms of tracking ability. If you move the center fin back you will get a tiny bit of better tracking ability. 

The thing that I found Atoll SUPs are missing is removable 5” side fins. These make a big difference in terms of the board’s tracking ability in the water. But being a kid’s SUP there is also a greater chance of those side fins getting lost. Thankfully with the glued-on side fins that the Atoll 9’ inflatable SUP provides, you won’t have those problems. 


The Atoll 9’ won’t win any races. But that’s not what it’s designed for. Compared to other kids’ SUPs though the board will perform well. The pointed nose and tail coupled with the 30” width won’t make this paddle board too much of a dog for your kid to paddle


Maneuverability will be this SUP’s specialty. It’s an area where your child’s board will most likely have an advantage over your bigger 10’-11’ paddle board. 

Nine feet in my mind, is a good length for a kid’s paddle board as it will allow them to grow with the board without having to deal with the bulky length of a bigger Adult SUP. 

Atoll 9’ SUP Specs Deconstructed

  • Type of Board: Recreational
  • Length: 9′
  • Width: 30″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Volume: 194 L
  • Weight: 19 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 160 Lbs

Construction Score: 7.6/10

The Atoll 9’ SUP like the 11’ is made of machine laminated dual layer PVC. Based on the welding in the name, this material would be a dual-layer fusion PVC. If you have been on this site a while you will know that this would be my material of choice for mid-tier boards

Not only do you save weight on glue and PVC but the welds tend to be better constructed as well, meaning less room for human error in the manufacturing process. 

The Atoll 9’ features a drop stitch core which has recently been reinforced. Which means it’s a woven “criss-cross” drop stitch construction. Which is what many top ISUP manufacturers have as the standard for their boards. 

Atoll 9’ Board Profile

Compared to the 11’ Atoll this board looks like a bit of a chunkier version based on the pictures. Looks can be deceiving though as the board is actually 2 inches shorter in width wide compared to the Atoll 11 board

The stumpier look will ensure the board will be mostly stable for paddlers under 160 lbs and under. Although we do think that since this board is constructed the same as the 11. And we know Atoll typically likes to understate their maximum capacity. The 160 lbs maximum capacity probably means that this SUP will still maintain decent on-water performance until the weight limit is passed

Whats On Deck

Board Features Score: 8/10

The Atoll 9’ may not have all the fancy doohickies that other boards like the Gili and iRocker boards do. But there is beauty in simplicity and this seems like something Atoll will never change

While there may not be as many deck bungees there are a lot of free D rings which we will go into more depth below. 

Atoll Deck Pad

One of the things I love about Atoll is its diamond-grooved deck pad. In my opinion, these deck pads give you the most grip out of the grooved and smooth deck padding found in other boards like the Nautical Kids SUP. 

More Grip = An easier time for you or your child to get accustomed to the feel of the board. 

The deck pad also takes up about 2/3rds of the board which gives your child a good amount of space to explore the handling of the board when they go to different areas. 

Atoll D Rings

The Atoll 9’ paddle board features 15 D rings. 6 are reserved for the front deck webbing but there is a whopping 8 free D rings that you can use to strap just about anything (resonable) onboard

This includes the kayak conversion seat which would take up 4 d rings. But the good thing is you would still have 4 free D rings in the back! You can even strap a cooler to the back along with the kayak conversion seat. 

This is a pretty cool feature as most boards (let alone kids’ boards) give you only 4 free D rings that would automatically be used up by a kayak conversion seat. 

Atoll 9’ Deck Bungees

This board comes with 3 roads of deck bungees that are located at the front. It’s always nice when a kid’s paddle board features deck bungees as it allows them to participate in some of the onboard carrying duties. 

One thing I will say, based on my experience with the Atoll 11’ SUP is that the deck bungees are more spaced out. I get that they are trying to keep as much space on the board for gear. But for smaller items like water bottles, I find there is less coverage which makes round objects get loose easier. 

Atoll Handles

The Atoll Youth SUP features 2 neoprene covered handles. One in the middle and one in the back. 

“In my experience with the 11’ SUP, the neoprene handles really help. I’ve had to carry boards with nylon handles before and those really dig into your hands let me tell you! “

Editors Notes

I do wish Atoll had a handle at the front of the board to allow you to guide it in the water. But this isn’t a huge deal. 

Atoll Youth SUP Accessories Explained

Atoll Accessories

Accessories Score: 7.3/10

Below we will be going through the accessories of the Atoll Youth SUP. Luckily a lot of the accessories are pretty much the same as the ones that come with my 11’ Atoll paddle board. So I will detail my experiences with those below. 

Atoll Backpack

In my mind, the Atoll bag is still one of the best non-compact bags around for transport. There are no wheels that add extra weight. Making is a pretty good hiking pick thanks to its sufficiently padded back padding and shoulder straps. 

With the SUP, fin, pump, and paddle all packed away the total package weigh 26 lbs. That shouldn’t be much more than that giant backpack that is filled with textbooks that your kid normally hauls to school.

If there was something I would change with this bag it would be to add some more pockets. The bag features a front zipper but not much else which sort of limits the smaller accessories you can bring. Things can be very easily lost in the shuffle in the main compartment so if you have a few things you are bringing with you. You may have to pack it in a smaller bag/ backpack.

Editors Notes

Atoll 9’ Paddle

The kid’s paddle is made of fiberglass with carbon wrapping. Making it a pretty lightweight paddle for a kid to use. Especially compared to the aluminum kind. 

In my testing, the paddle felt sufficient and lightweight. Not the lightest paddle but it did the job just fine. I did appreciate the sturdiness that the paddle had when putting in harder paddling strokes

Atoll Pump

The Atoll pump is a single chamber pump that has a dual setting much like many pumps that come with inflatable paddle boards. It’s sufficient and it works but if you thought pumping the board would be a lot of effort for you, just think about how much effort your kids would need to put in! 

For kids’ SUPs, I recommend getting an electric pump. Not only will it save you effort but it will also save you time in terms of being able to set up the youth SUP or even your own paddle board for that matter. 

The Outdoor Master Shark II worked pretty well for me with my Atoll board. But there are a bunch of other good picks. We reviewed the Best Electric SUP Pumps here. 

Atoll Fin

Atoll Fins

The Atoll 9’ Youth SUP features an FCS/ USC fin mounting system for the center fin. What is cool with the Atoll fin box is that its a larger surface area. Meaning you can change the positions of the center fin to be further back or to the front. 

If you are looking for a better tracking set-up for this board I would recommend grabbing a touring/ racing fin and placing it further back

The Atoll board also comes with two 2” side fins that are glued to the board. In my experience, these do not really do much for tracking and are more for show. 

Atoll Leash

The Atoll leash is a 10-foot-long leash that has double swivels to prevent it from being tangled.

About Atoll Paddle Boards

Derek Maneuvering Atoll

Atoll has been one of the mainstays in the paddle boarding industry. This board is known for its quality, durability, and its fantastic customer service. In fact, I rarely ever see customer complaints against Atoll paddle boards which means they must be doing something right!

Atoll has been in the paddle board game since 2014 and has its headquarters in Huntington Beach, California.

Atoll Warranty

Atoll features a 60-day return policy and a 2-year warranty on their products. In terms of kids’ SUPs, this is on the higher end of the coverage. 

If you are outside of the United States and you order an Atoll board you may be responsible for VAT, duty or other fees/charges that apply.

What Customers Think

As of now, this is a new product for 2022/2023 so I have not been able to find any reviews on this matter. I will update as this product line gets more years and customers in. 

In my own personal experience with the Atoll 11 paddle board I thought it was a great performing board for its price range. It was one of the most stable paddle boards I’ve paddled. Heck I even put this to the test by paddling a small lake on Salt Spring Island in the middle of March!

– Editors Notes

Where to Buy Atoll 9’ Youth Paddle Board

You can purchase the Atoll 9’ paddle board from Atoll’s Website. If you live in a different country other than the United States then it’s worth it to check out Amazon for their selection as well. 

Comparable Boards

In terms of 9’ youth SUPs, it was only fair to compare this board to two of the most popular kids’ boards. 

iRocker Nautical Kids

Nautical Kids Paddle Board Review

The Nautical Kids features the same length as the Atoll board but it is 2 inches wider at 32” wide which will make this board feel like a bit more of a stable platform. The Nautical Kids also features deck rigging on the front and rear of the board which is something to consider if you are bringing a bunch of smaller accessories with you. 

You can see our full Nautical Kids Review here.

Bluefin Cruise Jr

If added accessories are important to you then you may want to choose the Cruise Jr as it has the kayak conversion kit included in the board. It’s a very stable board although it is a foot smaller lengthwise and the Cruise Jr will weigh significantly more. 

Should You Get The Atoll 9’ SUP? 

The Atoll 9’ Youth SUP is a great children’s pick. It was rated #2 in terms of Best Kids’ SUPs. Being an Atoll the board there’s little doubt that this board will have the same durability and dependability as its bigger 11’ brother. 

You Should Get the Atoll 9’ SUP if:

  • Your or Your child is 5’5 and below
  • You plan to use the board for day paddling
  • You are paddling on calm flat water or a lake
  • You want to do-it-yourself capabilities with your kid’s SUP
  • You want the option to attach a kayak conversion kit to the board
  • You want your child to have a good stable starter SUP
  • You want a reasonably priced kids’ SUP

Got any experience with the Atoll 9’ paddle board? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

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