Gili Adventure 11′ sup board 2024 Review

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The Gili Adventure 11’ Sup Board is a great board that can suit a wide range of purposes. In this case, it can range from beginner to intermediate paddlers alike.

The Adventure 11 has evolved throughout multiple generations to include more and more accessories. A lot of the time a lot of paddle board companies will offer very similar accessories as their competition. So what differentiates Adventure 11 from the others?

One of the things that stood out most to me was the fact that the Adventure 11 included a 9” race fin. I don’t see many All Around SUP boards include this as a feature these days. 

This design of fin means that the folks at Gili mean business when it comes to On-Water tracking. 

What else differentiates the Adventure 11 from other paddle boards, both from Gili and other manufacturers? You will just have to read on! 

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Who Should Be Using the Gili Adventurer 11′ Sup Board?

From Gili Facebook Page Photo: Julie

The Gili Adventure 11′ Sup Board is for anyone looking for a fun and stable sup board. It’s perfect for beginner paddlers who are looking for a board that is easy to use and has a lot of stability. 

It is also a great board for those who want to use it for more touring/adventure-related purposes. So even if you are new to paddle boarding, you will have a tough durable board that will grow with you as your skills improve. This is the sweet spot for paddle boards in my opinion. 

If you are a fisherman be prepared to perk your ears. The Adventure 11 comes with 3 action mounts and two Scotty mounts. The Gili Adventure is one of the few SUP boards that actually include this feature in their boards. Things you can attach include rod holders, cup holders as well as anchor mounts, and the Gili tackle rack for the Scotty Mounts.

Pros and Cons of Gili Adventurer 11

Below are things that I personally like and dislike about the Gili Adventure 11 Inflatable Paddle Board. 


  • It is very durable, so it can stand up to most bumps and scrapes
  • The backpack is one of the more comfortable packages to carry
  • You can choose from 3 Paddle types 
  • Easily Customisable with Kayak conversion D rings, Mounts and deck webbing
  • Comes with a Race Fin for better tracking
  • Great pick for longer touring excursions
  • Vibrant colors and design
  • Includes 2-year warranty, 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Tracks well
  • The board is lightweight to carry to the shoreline
  • Has great stability
  • Great for carrying cargo due to front and rear deck bungees


  • Because this Gili adventure 11′ has a large surface area, it can be difficult to control in strong winds.
  • The deck pad should be more diamond grooved
  • Not as maneuverable compared to other Gili boards thanks to longer fin and length
  • Could Have Included Double cylinder, Triple Action Pump

Gili Adventure 11 Stats Deconstructed

  • Type of Board: All-Around
  • Length: 11’
  • Width: 32”
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Volume: 238 L
  • Weight: 22 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 330 Lbs

Below we go through all of Gili’s board specs and features as well as Gili’s included accessories. 

Gili Adventure inflatable SUP Board Features

  • Colors: 4 (yellow, blue, teal, orange)
  • Material: Fusion Layer Technology
  • D Rings: 20
  • Onboard Storage:
    • Front: 3 point bungee storage, 
    • Back: 2 point storage
  • Deck Pad: EVA Traction Pad
  • Deck Mounts: 3 Action Mounts, 2 Scotty Mounts at the Back
  • Paddle Holder: Yes
  • Kayak Conversion Kit Compatible: Yes
  • Grab Handled: 3 (front, back, and middle

This board is constructed with a fusion dual layer. Similar to that of Nixy as well as other good quality SUP boards. This fusion laminated material allows the board to be lightweight all the while being easier to fold and just as durable as double PVC or triple PVC layers. 

At 11 feet long, this board is perfect for larger riders or those looking for more stability in their ride. Additionally, the Gili Adventure 11′ Sup Board comes with built-in carrying handles at the front, back, and middle of the board. 

This SUP is designed with an increased width compared to other Gilli paddle boards like the Gili Air and Meno models. Making it perfect for stability when going on longer touring excursions.

The Adventure 11  lightweight frame makes it easy to carry or transport from your car to the shore. The built-in nylon carrying handle allows for quick and safe transportation. I do wish that the handle has a neoprene cover as they are easier on your hands though. 

Additionally, this board comes equipped with 3 action mounts and two Scotty mounts.

Photo from

The action mounts can support things like drink holders, Go pro adapters as well as fishing rod holders. So you can have a drink of that favorite beverage, have a line cast off the board and film yourself doing it all in one go!

The Scotty mounts are for fishing racks that can be attached to the board. It appears that these are not available on the site yet but will be available in the near future. Check their site for future updates. 

Lastly, the reason why I recommend this board for both fisherman and touring enthusiasts alike is the fact that it has 3 point bungee deck webbing at the front and 2 stage bungee deck webbing at the back of the board. This gives you more space to put cargo like backpacks, tackle, extra rods as well as smaller coolers onboard. 

In a way, the Adventure 11 is made similar to the iRocker 11 All-Around board but with a couple of small differences. The All-Around 11 is heavier to carry and has a wider tail. It is also made of triple-layer PVC which contributes to this weight difference. The All-Around 11 also has more deck bungee on the back of the board.

However, both Adventure 11 and All-Around 11 are similar in that they both have similar board profiles, and have the snap on fin system. 

While the snap-on fins are convenient, I personally prefer US fin box systems. This is because you have a wide variety of configurations you can choose from as opposed to just that clip-on style that the manufacturer has. 

Gili Adventure 11 ISUP Accessories Explained

  • Bag: Backpack with No Wheels
  • Paddle: 3 types (Fiberglass with Nylon Blade, Carbon Fiber with Nylon Blade, Full Carbon Fiber Paddle)
  • Pump: Single Cylinder Double Action Pump
  • Fins: 9” Race Fin with 4.5” side fins
  • Leash: 8” coiled leash

The Gili Adventure paddle board comes with a backpack, your choice of 3 different kinds of paddles (more on this below) as well as a good quality bag, leash fins and a pump to get you started.

Gili Adventure 11 Backpack

The Gili Adventure Backpack is a great backpack for anyone looking to go on longer treks. The Gili Adventure 11′ Backpack is also comfortable to wear, thanks to the padded shoulder straps and back panel.

This is a great backpack for anyone who wants to do a bit of light hiking before taking a dip. The Gili adventure 11′ bag also includes several compartments so that you can stay organized. 

It features a properly labeled fin pocket and outer pocket for other accessories on the front as well as a big roomy area to store your board, pump, and paddle in. The 2021 and beyond models have increased storage room so that you can come back after a long days paddle and properly stow everything you need without fighting the bag.

As a SUP boarder I can’t tell you how annoying it can be battling with a bag that barely fits everything so good job Gili!

The only thing missing is the wheeled backpack. However, you can get that separate from the Gili website. 

Gili Adventure Paddle 

The Gili Adventure paddle board allows you to choose between 3 different paddle options. 

The cheapest is the Fiberglass shaft with a nylon blade. This is the one that comes with the package at no extra charge.

The more expensive paddles are the carbon fiber shaft with a nylon blade and the full carbon-made paddle. These cost you an extra $58 and $156 from the regular price. The sale price may be more or less depending on the time of year.

The Gili Adventure Fiberglass Paddle features a soft-grip handle and a contoured, padded blade with textured inserts for extra grip.. The Gili Adventure Fiberglass Paddle is also adjustable, so you can customize it to fit your height and paddling style.

If you are just starting out the fiberglass paddle is a fine choice. I personally don’t mind using fiberglass myself. The thing I try to stay clear of is aluminum paddles as those are the heaviest.

Gili Adventure 11 Pump

The Gili Adventure 11′ SUP Board Pump is a two-stage single cylinder pump that does the job. 

This means that when you pump BOTH up and down you will be contributing air to the board. I personally prefer 3 stage double pumps like the ones that Nixy and Thurso have because they do make the fill-up process easier. 

This pump that comes with the Adventure 11 is made with an aluminum barrel and a strong plastic base, making it both lightweight and sturdy. It also has an integrated gauge so you can easily monitor the PSI of your board. 

Although I have recently vowed to never touch another SUP pump for as long as I live with my Outdoor Master Shark II electric pump.

Gili Leash

The Gili leash is pretty standard with what you find in SUP leashes. It features a swivel base both on the ankle part and the attachment part to ensure that there are no future tangles.

Similar to what iRocker does, the SUP Leashes are color-coded based on the style of board you get. 

Gili Fins

Gili adventure boards come equipped with Gili custom fins that offer superior tracking and ability.  This is thanks to their 9” Race fin that they include in the package. This is one of the features that I was really drawn to. 

Most SUP companies give you somewhat of a standard fin but Gili doesn’t mess around including that long tracking fin! This undoubtedly improves the tracking ability of the Gili Adventure 11.

One of the things that I’m not as big of a fan of is the clip-on fins. If you are just starting out and want to get out quickly, they are a great addition. But if you are wanting to experiment with different fin types you need to buy something from Gili. 

Having said that, Gili does feature 7 different fin configurations that you can play with so you do get some choice based on the environment you are paddling in. 

Gili Adventure 11’ SUP Board On-Water Performance

The Gili Adventure stand up paddle board is a full-sized sup that has excellent stability. With Gili’s v-shape hull and diamond tail, this board paddles smooth and fast but also turns fairly well for anyone who wants to maneuver in a pinch. 

With a large girth and extra width, this board provides added buoyancy for those who may have balance issues (like moi) . The Gili Adventure 11 is an excellent board to use on lakes or calm rivers. Its 32” width also gives it some extra stability should you encounter some chop or waves.


This Gili SUP Board is specifically designed for stability, and it does a great job of providing riders with lots of support. It is a great choice for beginner and intermediate riders who like to explore. This makes it easy to stay on top of the board even in choppy water. 

For this reason, it is the perfect board for new riders who may not have a ton of experience on a paddleboard. It’s also great for light surf and flatwater cruising thanks to its unique shape and design.

The Gili Adventure 11′ SUP Board offers an ideal weight capacity of up to 330 pounds so most people will be able to stand up and use this board on their first outing. The maximum load capacity makes it easy to include kids in your paddling adventures. However, keep in mind that all riders combined can add up to 330 pounds pretty quickly! 

Of course, you can also have dogs and any extras like backpacks, coolers, kayak conversion kits as well as tackle boxes for the anglers. Of course, the lighter you are, the more stable this board will be since it has a wide weight range overall. It’s not the heaviest maximum weight capacity for a board in its range (iRocker has a 435 Lb maximum capacity)  but it definitely does the job

The high-density EVA foam not only adds comfort to your ride but also helps prevent injuries like ankle twists or knee hits that can occur when traveling through more tricky conditions. 


This is one of the better All-Around 11 boards for tracking. What makes it stand out is its thinner profile coupled with it’s fin set-up.

Photo from Gili’s Facebook Page Picture Credit: Katie Walkins

Gili actually includes a 9” race fin which will really help the performance of the board. In my experience fin, setup is the 2nd most influencing factor only to board design when it comes to tracking. There is very little correction needed, meaning you can paddle faster without needing to correct. 


The Gili Adventure 11′ SUP board is a great choice for anyone looking for a fast, stable board. In speed terms, the Adventure 11 will definitely outperform other more budget-friendly boards in their lineup like the Gili Mako, Air, and Komodo packages. 

Having said that if speed is your main concern, take a longer look at Gili’s 12’ Adventure board or the 12’6” Gili Meno Touring board

Longer and more narrow boards will give you better speed and a higher weight capacity. So in a way the Adventure 11 is a blend of performance and stability fused together


The Adventure 11 has good maneuverability but it is definitely not the most maneuverable board in the Gili lineup. If board maneuverability is your main concern you want to look for something a bit shorter in length like the Mako 10’ or the Meno/ Komodo 10’6”

While you can definitely take this board on some slower rivers I would not use this particular model on waterways with lots of twists and turns. This is because the 9” race fin puts a higher emphasis on tracking while its longer length makes it a bit more effort compared to the above boards.  One thing you could do is change the middle fin on the board to a river fin to improve maneuverability. 

Another thing to note is the Gili Adventure 11′ has a more pointed nose and tail. This can make the board less efficient in choppy water as you need to make more power strokes to move through the chop. 

This is a characteristic I found with more point boards is that you have to be facing chop directly head-on as opposed to absorbing waves on the side. If you let it hit the side then things become more unsteady. 

About Gili Sports

Gili Logo

The Gili Sports Company is a leading manufacturer of SUP boards. The company was founded in 2010 by two friends, both of whom were passionate about stand-up paddle boarding and surfing. They wanted to create the perfect board for their own use, and soon found themselves making boards for friends and family as well. Word spread quickly, and the Gili Sports Company was born.

The company is committed to delivering high-quality, functional boards with excellent value. Their head office is in Australia, but they work with authorized dealers around the world.

One of the big things that stand out with this company is that they are very passionate about the oceans they paddle on. When you purchase a Gili SUP a portion of the proceeds of each sale goes directly to ocean-related charities like Coral Reef Alliance, Project Aware, Oceana, and Save Our Turtles


When you purchase a product, you typically expect a certain level of warranty coverage in case something goes wrong. With Gili Sports’ 11′ SUP Board, you can rest assured that your investment is protected with a two-year warranty against manufacturer defects and a 60-day money-back guarantee

The warranty range is fairly standard with SUP’s of it’s price range but the 60 day return period definitely makes it stand out over other competition. 

What Customers Say

The Gili Adventure 11 has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating based on (at the time of me writing this) 334 reviews on their website

A lot of reviews have cited how sturdy the board is. Many customers loved the stability of the board despite it being a bit more of an all-around- touring hybrid. In Fact, even a 70-year old who was more accustomed to canoes and kayaks was able to stand on it after a few tries! Good job Tom! 

Other more experienced paddlers really liked the tracking ability of the board. Several people remarked how well the board tracked thanks to its 3 fin set-up and longer width. 

Some customers took this board on a day touring excursion with one gentleman saying he went on a 5-hour paddle with a packed lunch! He did recommend that if you do those types of excursions that you should get the kayak conversion kit so you can sit comfortably after too much standing. 

One of the more critical things said by customers was the fact that there were some cosmetic outliers like seams not glued properly. This would be covered as a manufacturing defect should things go wrong with the board. 

Where to Buy the Gili Adventure 11’ ISUP

You can purchase the Gill Adventure 11 online on its Website or at online retailers like Amazon

Comparable Boards

Below are some similar boards that are comparable to the Gili Adventure 11

iRocker All-Around 11

Irocker All Around 11 pic

The iRocker All-Around 11 Paddle Board is similar to the Adventure 11 in that it is ideal for beginner and intermediate riders looking to cruise, fish, paddle leisurely or even do yoga. This board is versatile enough to do it all. 

With a wide stance of 32 inches, this board is very stable making it easy for newbies to get on the water. Its length allows for smooth gliding over the waves while its rounded nose cuts gracefully into the water. The wide tail makes turns quick and simple. 

Click here to see the iRocker All Around 11 Review here.

Atoll 11

Atoll SUp Board pic

Atoll is known as being the durable rugged pick with a high maximum capacity. It has remarkably similar stats to the Gili Adventure 11 with its dimensions and volume. The Atoll board is recommended for riders and gear of up to 315 pounds but it has been loaded with up to 550 lbs in weight. Which makes this a great backcountry/ multi-day pick.

Click here to see the Atoll 11 Review here.

Is the Gili Adventure 11 For You?

If you are new to the world of paddleboarding and want a durable inflatable board that can grow with you while giving you good stability, the Adventure 11 is a great board for that.

This is also a fantastic addition if you are looking to paddle for longer periods of time whether you are touring, fishing or just paddling around for a few hours. 

Things that help aid the Adventure 11 in those areas are its front and rear bungee storage system, its 9” race fin and its 11’ length. 

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