Bote Paddle Board Reviews

BOTE is notorious with fishermen as being one of the go-to fishing skiff, kayak, hard board and now inflatable boars companies. 

In these Bote Paddle Board Reviews, we go through every single model in their line-up. We compare the boards actively to each other and help you decide which model will suit you and your lifestyle. 

We analyze how the boards perform to each other and which you should choose based on a variety of different criteria including who it’s for, on-water performance and board features and design. We also look through a lot of customer reviews to give us a fully balanced outlook on each model.

We also go through an overview of the company as a whole and how they are to deal with as a customer. 

Let’s get into the review!

Best Bote Paddle Board Reviews Line-Up

Below are your choices for BOTE SUPs. What should be noted is that BOTE uses two different constructions for their boards AeroULTRA which is a single layer of PVC and the AeroBOTE which uses a dual layer PVC construction for their boards. 

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BoardDimensionsWeightMax CapacityActivityPrice
Flow Aero8′ X 32″ X 6″15 Lbs150 LbsKayak Hybrid/ Kids$$

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Easy Rider 10’4″10’4″ X 36″ 6″28 Lbs250 LbsKayak Hybrid$$$

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Low Rider 11’6″11’6″ X 36 X6″38 Lbs500 LbsKayak Hybrid$$$

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Kids Flow Aero 8’ X 30” X 4.5” 17 Lbs100 LbsKids/ Recreational$$

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Wulf Aero10’4” X 34” X 6”20 Lbs250 LbsRecreational$$$

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Breeze Aero 10’8”10’8” X 33” X 6’ 20 Lbs250 LbsRecreational/ Light Touring$$$

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Breeze Aero 11’6”11’6” X 33” X 6”22 Lbs315 LbsRecreational/ Light Touring$$$$

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Flood Aero11’ X 32” X 6”28 Lbs275 LbsRecreational/ Fishing/ Light Touring$$$$

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HD Aero11’6” X 34” X 6”30 Lbs315 LbsRecereational/ Fishing$$$$$$

Jump to
Rackham Aero 11’11’ X 36” X 7”36 Lbs300 LbsFishing/ Recreational$$$$$$$

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Rackham Aero 12’4”12’4” X 38” x 7”45 Lbs400 LbsFishing/ Recreational$$$$$$$$

Jump to
Traveller Aero12’6” X 30” X 6”30 Lbs275 LbsTouring/Overnight$$$$$$

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$ = $200 I do this because prices often fluctuate throughout the season.

Kids Flow Aero (Kids Pick)


  • Dimensions: 8’ X 30” X 4.5” 
  • Materials: AeroBOTE Technology (dual Layer PVC) 
  • Weight: 17 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 100 Lbs

Who It’s For:

Judging by the title of the SUP you guessed it! Kids! The Kids Flow Aero ranked 10th on our Best Kids SUPs for a few reasons. For one, its maximum capacity is 100 lbs which are relatively low, even for a kid’s board. 

The reason for this SUPs existence is to be your younger child’s first board. According to one reviewer, their 6 and 9-year-old (who is 89 lbs) seems to like the handling of the board. I would say anyone past the 10-year-old mark will start having a bit more difficulty trying to navigate this SUP. 

On-Water Performance

One thing that this board will do better than any other BOTE board is maneuverability. This is thanks to its 8’ length and shorter width. Which is great news for your child first navigating the board. But bad news for youtube “adult” because you probably won’t be able to stand on the SUP, to begin with!

Looking at some of the reviews on this board most younger/ smaller children seem to really like how the board paddles. But there are a few who probably have bigger children that felt the board was a bit more unstable for them due to the 100 lb maximum capacity

Board Features and Design

Truthfully in terms of Kids SUPs I do believe there are better ones like the Bluefin Cruise Jr and the Atoll Youth SUP due to their value. These SUPs can take on bigger loads and therefore grow with your children as they learn the ropes while the Bote 8’ Flow is rather limited to 3-4 years before your kids will outgrow them. 

In terms of accessories, the board comes with a hand pump, aero bag, removable center fin, and of course the repair kit. There have been a few complaints about the Aero’s paddle sinking due to it being aluminum. Aluminum paddles and kids are not really the best combination as aluminum paddles can sink and are heavier. And as we all know kids can be notorious for misplacing/ dropping things. 


  • Great entry-level board for beginners
  • The board is very stable at multiple points on the board due to its round shape
  • Board has a nice design
  • You can include an electric pump in one of the packages
  • Board is for the most part budget friendly


  • The paddle is aluminum which is where they cut the costs a bit
  • Board has some bend to it 
  • Not a fan of the slide-in fin box

Rider Series (Kayak Hybrid Pick)

Flow Rider Kids8 X 32 X 615 Lbs150 LbsAeroUltra (Single Layer PVC)
Easy Rider 10’4″10’4” X 36” X 6’ 28 Lbs250 LbsAeroUltra (Single Layer PVC)
Low Rider 11’6″11’6” X 36” X 6”38 Lbs500 LbsAeroUltra (Single Layer PVC)

Who It’s For:

The Rider series is a BOTE’s answer to the latest kayak hybrid craze in the paddle board world. The series comes in 3 different sizes.

  • The Flow Rider: For Kids
  • The Easy Rider: For Beginners
  • The Low Rider: For Taller Beginners

On-Water Performance

One thing this series specializes in is primary stability and manauverability. In my testing with the Easy Rider board I found it to be supremely stable, both when sitting and standing.

The series also offered very good manauverability which actually shows some of the better numbers in our SUP tests.

Board Features and Design

The best thing about these boards? In my opinion the best thing is the seats that come with this series. The kayak hybrid seats that BOTE make are an absoloute game changer. The kayak seat is super comfortable and give people who have stiff hips, joints and bad backs some relief compared to many kayak seat hybrids out there.

All 3 of these boards feature a wider design which allows them to maintain good stability in the water. Depending on your size, I’d reccomend the Easy Rider for people under 5’10, the Low Rider for folks above the 5’10 mark and the Flow Rider for smaller paddlers such as kids around the 7-10 year mark.

Click here to read the Bote Easy Rider 10’4″ Review.


  • This line is fantasic for newer paddlers thanks to the boards stabililty
  • These boards are designed to be very manueverable
  • The kayak seats are some of the most comofrtable my butt has sat on
  • Comes with a good amount of accessories with the package


  • Won’t be the best boards for touring/ tracking
  • Because of the wider width these boards will be slower
  • Does not come with leash

Wulf Aero


  • Dimensions: 10’4” X 34” X 6” 
  • Materials: AeroULTRA Technology (Single Layer PVC) 
  • Weight: 20 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 250 Lbs

Who It’s For:

The Wulf Aero is a great-looking board for introductory paddlers getting into the sport. The board is like a shorter version of the Drift paddle board which is BOTE’s off-brand Amazon board that’s 11’6”. This makes the BOTE Wulf an ideal board for smaller to medium-sized paddlers whose primary concern is board stability. 

In my mind, the Wulf Aero is also a pretty good looker for an introductory board thanks to its Native Floral design. I do like how BOTE has incorporated graphics from some of their more premier boards into the entry-level SUPs. 

On-Water Performance

If this is your first paddle board and you want to paddle something that feels stable in the water. Then the Wulf Aero is a solid choice to go with. The board has a rounder shape compared to other all-around models which make the board feel more stable on multiple standing points. Again, another handy feature for beginner paddlers just finding their feet. 

The Wulf’s 34” width and shorter 10’4” length make it a fairly maneuverable board as well compared to thinner 32” SUPs. Making is a solid pick to paddle along those mangroves in the Florida Keys. 

In terms of Speed and tracking this won’t be the best SUP in the BOTE lineup but it will be more than ample for casual paddling purposes that span from a few hours to a day. 

Board Features and Design

The Wulf Ultra uses Ultra Aero single-layer PVC technology. So there will be a bit more bend in this SUP compared to BOTE’s more expensive AeroBOTE construction boards like the Flood and HD Aero. 

The 10’4” WULF features two different packages. The introductory package includes the standard bag, repair kit, center fin, and coiled leash and paddle. The Wulf Aero package includes the Aero Pump auto electric pump as well as an inflatable Belt PFD. Which is really everything you need to get on the water. 


  • Great entry-level board for beginners
  • The board is very stable at multiple points on the board due to its round shape
  • Board has a nice design
  • You can include an electric pump in one of the packages
  • Board is for the most part budget friendly


  • The paddle is aluminum which is where they cut the costs a bit
  • Board has some bend to it 
  • Not a fan of the slide-in fin box

Breeze Aero 


Breeze Aero 10’8”10’8” X 33” X 6’ 20 Lbs250 LbsAeroUltra (Single Layer PVC)
Breeze Aero 11’6”11’6” X 33” X 6”22 Lbs315 LbsAeroUltra (Single Layer PVC)

Who It’s For:

The Breeze Aero comes in two different sizes. The 10’8” and the 11’6” with different designs and accessory combos that you can include with these boards. The Breeze is meant to be BOTE’s mid-range board that appeals to both beginner and intermediate paddlers of most sizes

The Breeze Aero is meant to be a kind of cruiser board that you can take around in most reasonable conditions.

On-Water Performance

In terms of On-Water performance the Breeze, like many of BOTE’s boards will be one of the more stable cruiser boards that you will come across. Several customers have complimented the board on its stability, even in waiver conditions. 

For slightly better speed and tracking it’s best to get the 11’6” board. Although this SUP won’t be the fastest all-around SUP that you will come across due to its more rounded profile. But it will be a little bit better in this department compared to the shorter Wulf Aero. 

Board Features and Design

The Breeze is designed very similarly to the Wulf Aero in terms of the on deck set-up. The Breeze is a more established lineup that has been around for a few years though. As a result this paddle board has more color and accessory options that you can choose from including adding a BOTE seat or Kula cooler to either package. 

This SUP like the Wulf Aero is made of AeroUltra PVC material which means it’s a single layer of PVC constriction. This will give the board a bit more flex when encountering waves and choppier conditions. 


  • Decent price point
  • Good Board that can do most On-water performance metrics well
  • Comes in two different sizes
  • Has a lot of different graphics and accessory packages to choose from
  • Front Storage is roomy


  • Not sure why the included fin on the 10’8” is different from the 11’6” SUP
  • The fin is slide-in which is convenient but can be damaged easier

Flood Aero


  • Dimensions: 11’ X 32” X 6” 
  • Materials: AeroBOTE Technology (Dual Layer PVC) 
  • Weight: 28 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 275 Lbs

Who It’s For:

The  Flood Aero is for those who want some versatility in their SUP. A true all-around board, the wide deck pad of the Flood aero can be used for various SUP activities such as SUP Yoga, SUP Fishing or even using it as a kayak hybrid thanks to its Aero SUP paddle seat compatibility.

It’s a great board for both beginner and intermediate paddlers and is just a tad bit shorter width-wise than the Breeze Aero at 32”. Unlike both the Wulf and Breeze Aero this SUP has more compatibility with add-ons

On-Water Performance

The Flood Aero will have more glide compared to Wulf and Breeze thanks to its longer length and slightly thinner build. The tail and nose are also more tapered making it a solid board for intermediates who want an upgrade from their starter board. In fact, if you were to do a race between this and the other all-around SUPs offered by BOTE this board would most likely come out on top. 

This model has an interesting center fin that measures 10” long and allows the already slender board to track fairly straight in the water. This would have a similar performance to the iRocker All Around 11 board as they have similar dimensions and weight listings

Of course this extra length and thinner width it does make this SUP just a tiny bit more difficult to turn, especially when doing sweep strokes. 

Board Features and Design

This board can be almost anything you want it to be thanks to some key features placed on the board. Firstly the Flood Aero comes with Rac mounting points that can house either BOTE’s fishing rack or the bucket rack. The fishing rack features 2-rod holders while the bucket rack has 4-rod holder placements. This Rac mounting system can also house a wheel Rac which can be used to roll your board to the water. 

The SUP also comes with a paddle holder, Magnepod station, cooler tiedown points in the middle of the board as well as two paddle straps. There is also a rear two rows of bungee deck webbing where you can stash a small tackle box or dry bag.  You can also add BOTE’s kayak seat formation to this SUP thanks to its 4 D rings in the center of the board. 


  • Best Speed out of BOTE’s All Around boards
  • Features a lot of customizability options
  • A decent amount of bungee storage on this SUP
  • We really like the Rac compatibility 
  • The board has cool decal designs


  • Maybe a bit pricey for a starter board
  • I wish they would use US Fin box set-up on this SUP

HD Aero 


  • Dimensions: 11’ X 34” X 6” 
  • Materials: AeroBOTE Technology (Dual Layer PVC) 
  • Weight: 30 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 315 Lbs

Total Rating 8.25/ 10 (Averages of Below Scores)

  • On-Water Performance – 8.1
    • Stability 9.5
    • Tracking  8
    • Speed 7
    • Maneuverability 8
  • SUP Construction – 9
  • Board Features  – 8.5
    • Deck Pad 8.5
    • D Rings 9
    • Deck Bungees 8.5
    • Action Mounts: 8
    • Handles 8.5
  • Accessories – 7.6
    • Backpack 7.5
    • Paddle 8
    • Pump 7.5
    • Fins 7.5
  • Set-Up/ Take Down – 8

Who It’s For:

The HD Aero, like the Flood, can be seen as an extremely versatile SUP. The main difference is, this board is 2 inches wider at 34” in width. This makes it a more steady platform for fishermen who want to stand/ fly cast on the fly. It could also be used as a decent Yoga SUP although you should note that this board’s 30 lb weight may make it a bit more tricky to transport for smaller paddlers. 

It can also be a pretty good beginner SUP but its price point may be higher than what a beginner would want to dip into. But if you have the budget and are interested in pursuing SUP fishing then this is a pretty good board to start and grow with.

On-Water Performance

Stability will be at the forefront of this SUP and will be the main focal point in the SUP’s design. But unlike the Breeze and Wulf Aero boards, this SUP does feature a bit more of a tapered tail and nose. This with its 11’6” length makes it not too shabby for tracking to counter that 34” width. 

While the tapered Nose, tail, and the Bote removable drag-free center fin all aid in the board’s glide. This won’t be the fastest SUP simply due to the 34” width which will give the board a bit more drag in the water. In terms of maneuverability, it won’t be as quick of a responder as the Breeze, Wulf or even the Flood for that matter. This is due to the board being 11’6 in length and its heavier weight listed at 30 lbs. 

Board Features and Design

In terms of board capabilities, there’s a lot to list. First off like the Flood Aero, this SUP comes with rack mounts that can house BOTE’s fishing rack or bucket holder rack that allows you to house more rods onboard. This package also comes with a removable paddle sheath which is a device that sits on the nose of the board that allows you to slide your paddle into and hold it while you are preoccupied with other things like fishing, changing tackle, etc. 

As with the Flood Aero, this SUP also has a Magnepod retention system as well as 3 rows of bungee deck webbing at the front and 2 in the back. It also has the D rings for a kayak seat, a shoulder strap holder, and rear ones on the deck pad for a cooler. 

It should be noted that the package weight weighs in at about 48 lbs which is on the heavy side of ISUPs. So it’s best you are relatively close to shore when packing and unpacking this SUP up. 


  • The HD Aero is very versatile
  • Comes with a handy paddle sheath
  • A Great board for bigger folks due to its larger length and width
  • Tapered nose and tail help the board be more hydrodynamic
  • Five rows of bungee deck webbing


  • One of the heavier BOTE Packages
  • Probably overkill for smaller paddlers

Rackham Aero (Fishing Enthusiast Pick)


Rackham Aero 11’11’ X 36” X 7”36 Lbs300 LbsAeroUltra (Single Layer PVC)
Rackham Aero 12’4”12’4” X 38” x 7”45 Lbs400 LbsAeroUltra (Single Layer PVC)

Who It’s For:

The BOTE Rackham Aero only narrowly missed out on being the Best Fishing Paddle Board on our list. The Rackham Aero is like a Hobie fishing kayak for the inflatable paddle board world. In other words, this is a SUP with almost endless fishing possibilities including a swivel Apex pedal drive. The Rackham Aero is kind of like an in-between between a kayak, paddle board, and fishing skiff.

This is also a great SUP for big guys and gals where budget is not an issue and neither is speed. Its side walls give you that extra security feeling that you get from kayaks as well. The Rackham Aero comes in a 12’4 length and 11’ length

On-Water Performance

While BOTE Boards are primarily built to be stable the Rackham Aero takes this to the extreme. But in a good way. The paddle board is a whopping 38” wide which is about as wide as you will find from an inflatable SUP. This makes it an extra stable platform to cast from no matter what your height or weight is. 

This would also be a great pick for a fly fishing SUP as the board does not rock very much as you can walk around the board

Being such a stable board there is no doubt that this skews a lot of the other on-water performance metrics. But that’s okay as we understand no one in their right mind would enter this board in a SUP race. BOTE has come up with a clever way to counter the bigger/ heavier craft though. More on this below. 

Board Features and Design

The Rackham Aero has almost too many features to talk about in this two-paragraph section but I’ll give it a go. First off, most of the models of this SUP actually come with BOTE’s inflatable chair to turn the board into a kayak hybrid. 

Of course, the biggest thing that sticks out about this board is the fact that it is APEX pedal drive and Rudder system compatible. The pedal drive allows you to use your feet to propel the SUP without having to do any paddling. This will help with the speed deficiency the paddle board would have if you just paddled it. 

As with the other boards, the Rackham Aero comes with a paddle sheath, a Rack receiver (mounts for Fishing and Kula Racks) as well as the handy dandy Magnepod mount for whatever beverage you choose. 


  • One of the most stable SUPs you will ever encounter
  • The Apex pedal drive compatibility is a cool feature
  • Comes with an inflatable seat
  • Can include most accessories Bote makes
  • Extra thickness ensures rigidity


  • You will probably need a kayak cart to haul this SUP to the shoreline
  • The board won’t win any races in just about anything
  • Space may start to come at a premium with too many accessories and the paddle sheath installed

Traveller Aero


  • Dimensions: 12’6” X 30” X 6” 
  • Materials: AeroBOTE Technology (Dual Layer PVC) 
  • Weight: 30 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 275 Lbs

Who It’s For

The Traveller Aero is BOTE’s response to more and more SUP manufacturers making touring boards as the segment grows in the SUP industry. Its 30” skinner width and pointed nose and tail make it best for intermediate to advanced paddlers who have some paddle boarding experience already. 

The board is ideal for touring coastlines, lakes, and bigger rivers while covering a decent amount of distance compared to the other All Around boards on this list. 

On-Water Performance

While most BOTE boards specialize in having great stability. The Traveller goes the other way. It’s most at home with tracking and speed as are the characteristics of most touring SUPs. 

Its pointed nose profile allows you to travel longer distances and allows you to get that extra bit of glide per stroke. 

Stability and maneuverability will be this board weaker points at thinner boards typically have a trickier time requiring more sweep paddles to do a full 360. It’s 12’6” in length, while great for long-distance straight paddling can be a bit of a hindrance for areas where you need maneuverability. 

Board Features and Design

What makes this board unique compared to many other inflatable touring boards is its versatility. The Traveller shares the same features as other BOTE boards such as the Flow and HD Aero boards

For one the board has rack mounts on it so you can use it for BOTE’s fishing rack or Kula rack. The board also has ample bungee storage for longer trips,3 at front and 2 at back. It also includes the removable paddle sheath, Magnepod station, and D rings for both the inflatable BOTE seat as well as the carry sling for those smaller paddlers to help carry the board. You can also tie down a cooler due to the D rings on the inside mid-part of the board. 


  • One of the more versatile inflatable touring SUPs
  • A lot of add-on capabilities are a bonus
  • Glides better than any of the other BOTE models
  • Can be used with the seat


  • Board is a bit heavier compared to other inflatable touring SUPs
  • Relatively new model so kinks may still need to be worked out
  • Touring ISUPs Should have a US Fin box but this one does not. 

BOTE Inflatable Kayak Hybrids

We won’t spend a lot of time on this as these are considered kayaks. But BOTE’s inflatable kayak collection is something for fishing enthusiasts to note as these boats can be paddled with a paddle board formation. They, like the Rackham Aero, can be packed up and stowed in their included bags. Below are some of the choices

  • Bote Deus Aero: The Deus Aero is an inflatable kayak hybrid that actually ranked #1 in our Best Paddle Board Kayak Hybrids list. This inflatable kayak gives you a stable platform for fishing or just some good old recreational paddling in the water. The package comes with a removable seat set-up, aero rack receivers, a bag, and a center fin. 
  • BOTE Zeppelin Aero: The Zeppelin Aero is what your typical inflatable kayak would look like but with shorter sidewalls. The Zeppelin Aero comes in the 12’6’ tandem formation or the 10’ single formation. If you are looking for a steady tandem craft that can be converted into a single then the Zeppelin Aero is a pretty decent pick.
  • BOTE Lono Aero: the Lono Aero is the premier inflatable kayak that has a thinner profile to allow it to mimic similar performances to a hardshell recreational kayak. On Top of that, you can add the pedal drive to this kayak to make it a hands-free craft. Some packages of the Lono Aero come with an Apex pedal drive, electric pump, bag, 5-piece paddle, sand spear sheath with shear, and an inflatable seat. 

BOTE Add-On Accessories

Bote is one of the more accessory-rich inflatable paddle board manufacturers out there who make sure there are modifications to make paddle boarding, and fishing for that matter easy peasy. 

Apex Pedal Drive: The Apex drive is a pedal propulsion mechanism that you can install on the BOTE Rackham model. Give your arms a rest and go hands free!

BOTE Kula Cooler: The Kula cooler is rated as our best hard SUP cooler for a number of reasons. It’s one of the few coolers where the design is centered around paddle boarding. It can be used as a bucket or a cooler or even both! Almost all of the paddle boards on our list are able to either have D rings to tie this cooler down or have a rack mount for the Kula rack mount accessory. The Kula cooler also comes in a soft version as well. 

Rack systems: BOTE has a variety of different rack systems that you can use to attach to any SUP that features rack system housings. The HD, Rackham, Flood and Traveller Aero all have rack mounting points that are compatible with the following rack systems.  You have a choice between the: 

  • The rocket rack is a short rack that has 4-rod holders. 
  • The tackle rack which is a tall rack with two handles and two-rod holders, 
  • the grab rack which has a grip bar in the middle for when you are moving around
  • the bucket rack which surrounds the Kula cooler and has 4-rod holders. 

Aero SUP Paddle Seat: An Inflatable seat that can be secured onto any of the paddle board models that BOTE makes. It can also be used on other SUPs as well. This seat can inflate to 7-10 PSI. 

Magnepod Pod Bottles: You can buy magnetic water bottles or Soup containers from BOTE to allow your drink to stay onboard thanks to the power of magnets. The HD, Breeze, Rackham, Flood and Traveller Aero are all compatible.

Wheel Rac: If you have bought one of the heavier SUPs from BOTE then this wheel Rac will probably be of use to you. Especially if you got one of the Rackham Aero packages. This wheel Rac system can be used to wheel your SUP along without asking a stranger to help carry your board to the shoreline. The HD, Breeze, Rackham, Flood and Traveller Aero are all compatible.

Travelink Carry Sling: If you got a heavier SUP or you are a smaller person then this accessory will be of great importance to you. The carrying sling is meant to go over your shoulder to give you extra leverage for the heavier load. This is especially ideal if you are carrying your board that is already loaded up with accessories. 

Sand Spear and Sheath Holder: This is ideal for anchoring your board to prevent you from drifting away from that ideal honey hole or drinking spot. Some of the SUPs already have the sheath included in their packages to that you don’t have to hold onto it and have your hands free while fishing or doing other activities. 

There are still a few more which I haven’t mentioned. To see all other BOTE Accessories click here. 

BOTE Customer Service

One BOTE’s Facebook page they have 3.9/5 star customer reviews on various different products of theirs out of almost 400 reviews. 

In terms of the positive a lot of people felt for the most part BOTE made quality products and were overall happy with the various products they received.

In terms of complaints, a lot of reviews I read were unhappy with BOTE’s 20% restocking fee on returned items. We go through this more below. 

BOTE Warranty and Returns

BOTE offers a Limited 2-year warranty on their paddle boards and a 30-day return policy. As quoted by BOTE:

Subject to the terms of this policy, we offer returns within 30 days after the date of purchase. You may return your product for a refund back to the original payment method. We charge a 20% restocking fee on all returns.

Returned items must be in like-new condition with no visible signs of wear and be returned with all originally included parts and accessories.

All products are inspected upon arrival at our distribution center. If the product is found to be in poor condition, or if any originally included parts or accessories are missing, this may reduce the amount of your refund.

You are responsible for all return shipping costs. If you require a pre-paid shipping label, please contact us. The cost of return shipping will be deducted from the refund that you receive.

Where to Buy BOTE Paddle Boards

BOTE currently has websites for the United States and Australia. After talking to a service rep he confirmed to me that BOTE was looking to expand into Canada in the near future as well. 

If you are outside of these you can check BOTE’s dealer listing or your local Amazon store for BOTE paddle board availability. 


Below are common BOTE questions we receive. 

Which BOTE Paddle board Should I Choose? 

– The Bote Kids Flow Aero is best for Kids under 10 years old or very lightweight paddlers who want a maneuverable board
– The Wulf Aero is a great introductory SUP that is super stable in the water.
– The Breeze Aero is a Jack of all trades all-around paddle board that is great for both beginner and intermediate paddlers in a variety of different conditions. 
– The Flood Aero is an all around activities board with an extensive deck pad that’s great for kayak hybrid, fishing, or SUP yoga.
– The HD Aero is a fishing paddle board that is meant for stability but can still be had at a  relatively inexpensive price point.
– The Rackham Aero is a heavy-duty fishing vessel made for almost any BOTE fishing accessory you can think of to be included. This is a more expensive and heavier board.
– The Traveller Aero is a touring paddle board that has the customizability of SUPs like the HD and Flood Aero. It’s meant to track well and travel longer distances at a faster clip. 

Where Are Bote Paddle Boards Made?

BOTE’s paddle boards are made in China but they are designed and go through quality control in Miramar Beach, Florida. In January 2022 BOTE was acquired by Kent Outdoors.

What Are Bote Inflatable Paddle Boards Made of?

Bote paddle boards are made of two types of PVC. AeroBOTE and AEROUltra construction. The AeroUltra technology is a single layer PVC construction while AeroBOTE is a dual layer PVS construction. BOTE uses composite drop stitch fibers inside of the boards to make sure the boards hold shape. 

Similar Manufacturers

Below is a list of manufacturers that are similar in price point and quality to BOTE.

iRocker Paddle Boards

iRocker offers a larger distribution channel but is known for its large reach around the world. While iRocker is not as fishing centric as BOTE, they do offer the Blackfin line-up which rivals many of the BOTE boards in terms of add-on accessories and stability. 

See All of our iRocker Paddle Board Reviews here

Nixy Paddle Boards

Nixy, like BOTE, offers great craftsmanship with their SUPs although Nixy is more focused on recreational SUPs. However, the Monterey can in many ways be compared to boards like the HD Aero in terms of dimensions and on-board adaptability. I do tend to think that Nixy has better quality accessories such as their fins, bags, and even the paddles that come with their SUPs. 

See All of our Nixy Paddle Board Reviews here

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