iRocker Nautical Paddle Board Reviews

Rather than giving individual iRocker nautical paddle board reviews, we will be contrasting and comparing the Nautical brands to each other.

The Nautical brand line is rated as our best cheap inflatable paddle board pick. And for good reason. 

iRocker has managed to bring in a lot of the features of the more expensive iRocker and Blackfin brand lines and fuse them into these boards, all the while keeping the price at a more than respectable level. 

We use key metrics such as who it’s for, on-water performance, board features, and of course customer reviews to help you make an informed choice. We will also be linking to individual reviews to give you even more information about each SUP. 

Ready? Let’s Go!

Nautical Paddle Board Reviews

The Nautical brand line by iRocker is a line of budget SUPs that, I must say are an improvement over most of the boards you will find on Amazon and big box stores. 

But why is that? A lot of this is down to the Nautical board’s construction. You see most boards sold on Amazon and big box stores uses a single layer of PVC construction. While it may last a year or two after some wear and tear these boards eventually get leaks and become useless. Sometimes these manufacturers don’t even have warranties!  

Nautical Boards come with a double layer of PVC construction which makes them more durable and can usually last longer than a few seasons. In fact, the Nautical line comes with a 2-year warranty for 2021 models and beyond. 

Below is a stats comparison chart of the Nautical lines

BoardDimensionsWeightMaximum CapacityActivityPrice
Nautical 10’6”10’6” X 32” X 6”20 Lbs240 LbsRecreation$$$

Nautical 11’6”11’6” X 32” X 6”22 Lbs265 LbsRecreation$$$

Nautical Kids9′ X 32″ X 6″17.5 Lbs220.5 LbsRecreation$$


iRocker Nautical 10’6” 


  • Length: 10’6″
  • Width: 32″ 
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials:  2- Layer PVC stitching
  • Weight: 20.78 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 240 lbs

Who It Is For

The iRocker Nautical 10’6″ is an ideal SUP for beginners who are about 6’0 and 200 lbs and below. People who have better balance or some sort of SUP experience can be over those size and weight dimensions and feel stable. 

The Nautical 10’6” is best for calm water environments like lakes and calm days on bigger rivers/ beaches. The stability of this board is one of its stand-out features thanks to the SUP’s slightly wider profile. 

On-Water Performance

As mentioned above the main reasons to get this board would be for stability. The 10’6” Nautical is one of the more beginner-friendly boards to learn the sport on

The maneuverability on this board is pretty respectable as well thanks to its shorter length. Especially when doing sweep strokes and those side paddles in the water.

What this SUP is NOT for is speed. The more rounded profile will not win you any races on the water. If you do want something a bit quicker I’d recommend upgrading to the Cruiser or the faster All Around 11. 

Board Features and Design

The Nautical 10’6” comes with the same feature compatibility as the Blackfin and iRocker models. Almost anything outside the Scotty mounts on the iRocker shop can be installed onto this SUP. 

Another thing that makes this board stand out from the budget category is the amount of deck rigging there is. Oftentimes with budget paddle boards, there’s only bungee storage at the front. On top of that, the Nautical features 7 handle grips on the board. One on the nose, middle, and tail as well as 4 on the sides of the bungee deck rigging. 

What Customers Think

Some of the most common comments were that the SUP was very stable and lightweight to carry. Many others have also commented on the durability of the board including more than a few customers from the iRocker Owners group that lamented that they had the board for over 3 years. 

Others appreciated the accessories that the Nautical came with. Someone from Reddit pointed out that this board tracked better thanks to its fin set-up (same found on iRocker and Blackfin Boards). They also pointed out that the nylon + fiberglass paddle combo was better than most other SUP boards at a similar price point that came with an aluminum paddle

One the downside Some more experienced paddle boarders like Melanie thought that the board did feel sluggish in the water and opted to upgrade to the All Around 10 board


  • One of the best budget 10’6” boards on the market value-wise
  • Stable enough for most beginners 6’0 and under
  • Has a lot of the same compatibility as iRocker/ Blackfin
  • Ideal for smaller paddlers who want to try paddle boarding
  • Accessories that come with board are of good quality for price point


  • One of the slower iRocker boards
  • Bigger paddlers may have trouble keeping balance on this SUP
  • Has a relatively light maximum capacity

iRocker Nautical 11’6” 


  • Length: 11’6″
  • Width: 32″ 
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials:  2- Layer PVC stitching
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 265 lbs

Who It Is For

The Nautical 11’6” SUP is for bigger/ taller individuals who want a stable board but don’t want to break the piggy bank to do so. Yes, there will always be better models out there that I recommend for bigger/ taller individuals, but few of them can match what the 11’6” provides from a value per dollar standpoint. Only the Gili Air 11’6” rivals it in terms of pure value. 

That being said, this is not a high-performance SUP. Chances are if you really start getting into paddle boarding and want something a bit quicker on the water, you will probably upgrade from this SUP. 

On-Water Performance

This board is a slightly faster, stable, and better tracking board than the 10 ‘6” thanks to its longer length. It is however less maneuverable and may be a bit bulky for smaller paddlers to handle the first few tries. 

There have been reports from Nautical customers that this SUP is a bit more floppy and therefore leaves a bit of on-water performance on the table. This is due to the bend in the board which gives it more drag in the water. If stability and learning how to stand on a SUP are your main concerns, this SUP will be more than enough. 

Board Features and Design

The features and design are practically identical to the 10’6” model so we will use this space as an opportunity to talk about the accessories. The accessories that come with the board are more than respectable for the price that you pay. One of my biggest gripes with Amazon boards like Serenlife is the fact that the accessories that come with the SUP are pretty poor. 

The bag is harder to carry and the paddle is heavy (the handle came loose for me). With the Nautical boards, you get a solid quality bag with padding (very underrated quality). After having my fair share of experienced carrying different bags to and from the shoreline, the padding makes a BIG difference. 

The Nautical also comes with a fiberglass paddle with a nylon blade which makes the paddle more lightweight which in turn will give you more performance over a longer time period on the water. 

What Customers Think

Many customers that are over 6’0 tall had glowing reviews about the stability of the 11’6” Nautical. Including this one from Betty T

We finally got a chance to use our iRocker out at Skaha Lake in BC. Perfect size for my husband who is 6′ 4″ and 210 lbs. So very happy with our choice of board. 5 stars for sure!

– Betty T (Nautical Customer)

Lots of Nautical customers were also impressed that it was stable enough for not only them but also their dogs as well. Some customers as mentioned above really appreciated the bag and the quality of accessories that you get for the price tag. 


  • This is the best budget board to get for people 6’0 and over 200 Lbs
  • Lots of customers 6’ and over love the stability of this SUP
  • Has a higher weight capacity which means you can have a bit more gear on it
  • Slightly quicker on the water than the Nautical 10’6”
  • The quality of accessories is pretty good for the price tag you pay


  • Sags more than other iRocker SUPs
  • Not the fastest board out there, as your skill set improves you may need to upgrade
  • Less maneuverable than the Nautical 10’6”

iRocker Nautical Kids


  • Length: 9’
  • Width: 32″ 
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Materials:  2- Layer PVC stitching
  • Weight: 17.2 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 220.5 lbs

Who It Is For

You probably guess before you even read this… It’s for kids! The Nautical Kids SUP is a great board that is catered to kids from 7 to about 13 years old depending on their size. Often times kids are given boards that are too big for them so maneuverability and paddling can be especially tough. 

Now finally kids can get a board more customized to their weight and body size without having to paddle and handle a behemoth board. 

On-Water Performance

One of the most obvious things about this board is the fact that it will probably be the maneuverable board in the iRocker line-up thanks to its 9’ foot frame. Although something that will help the tracking will be the fin set-up which is the same design that comes with all iRocker boards. 

The stability of the board will largely depend on the child that is on it. If your child is younger and therefore smaller they will have little to no trouble standing on this board. As they get older (in the later teens range) there will be more problems with stability in which you will have to upgrade to a bigger nautical or an All Around/ Cruiser board. 

Board Features and Design

This particular model is pretty bare-bones compared to other Nautical/ iRocker boards, it must be said. The Nautical kids feature one action mount and only come with the fins and paddle. It would have been nice if iRocker could have included a bag to carry the board around in as well as a pump to inflate the board!

What does stay the same with this board is the fact that it has the same handle and D ring positions as the Nautical series and features 6 rows of bungee deck rigging which is a good amount of storage for a small board. 

What Customers Think

Nautical Kids Paddle Board Review

Because this is a new line for a bit of a niche market there is not a lot to be said about the Nautical kid’s line here. From a couple of reviews, I’ve seen customers seem mostly happy with their purchase. 

Although there was one count of the deck pad peeling off at one of the edges. 


  • Finally a good quality board for kids!
  • Good maneuverability
  • Good for younger kids up to their teens
  • Smaller adults can also use this board
  • Cheapest Board in iRocker line-up 


  • No bag or pump included in the kit which I feel is a big con
  • Only one action mount
  • Kid will eventually outgrow this board

iRocker Nautical Add-On Accessories

One of the best things about the Nautical series is the fact that you can use the same add-ons as any of the iRocker SUP boards all the way up to the Blackfin series. The board features 2 action mounts at the front which is compatible for: 

While the Nautical may not be my #1 go-to fishing vessel. It can be used as such and should be stable enough for you to do so once your water legs are under you. 

Perhaps the most useful accessory I would include is the iRocker electric pump. If you are a first-time SUP buyer I’ll do a spoiler alert for you. Pumping with a manual pump is tough! Unless you are looking for a specific “pump workout” I recommend just letting the electric pump do the work for you. Yes its about an extra $130 but it will make your life much easier/ Especially if you plan to get some use out of your board!

** iRocker Ultra 10, Ultra 11 and Ultra Crusier Boards come with an electric pump**

Other things you can attach to the SUP includes

With the Nautical you can also use the Kayak Conversion kit incase you are tired of stand up paddling. 

I’ve tried it before and it’s great to have that seat for extra lumbar support. If you are sitting without that seat your back will start to get sore and you will have to change positions soon.

– Editors Notes

iRocker Customer Service

iRocker has grown to be one of the biggest SUP manufacturers in the game. As a result of this, you will see more reviews on 3rd party sites that may be a bit less favorable. Another thing to remember is that often it’s the most dissatisfied customers who are the loudest. 

Good places to look for unbiased reviews on their customer service is iRocker SUP Owners Group in Facebook and Trustpilot

In my experience dealing with them, they have been very professional and have answered all of my questions accordingly. I actually got the Blackfin Ultra CX ordered and within a couple of days it arrived on my doorstep!

My friend had some shipping delays with his All Around 11 board but this was also right in the heat of COVID delays July 2020

– Editors Notes

iRocker Nautical Warranty and Return Policies

All Nautical Products come with a 2-year warranty and a 90-day return policy.

This is about as good as you will get with a warranty and return policy for Paddle Board in its price range. Most boards within that range have a 3-month all the way to a 1-year warranty. 

Some of the Caveats to this is that:

  • The Products can not be found in poor condition, and must be returned as like-new
  • All returns have to include all the parts and accessories that came with the SUP
  • All products will be inspected upon arrival of their distribution center, if it’s found to be in poor condition this will reduce your refund amount
  • You are responsible for all return shipping costs

It must also be noted that other iRocker products have a 3-year warranty on boards 2021 and later. 

Where to Buy iRocker Nautical Products

You can buy Nautical SUPs and accessories from the iRocker store online!

iRocker has distribution centers in

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe (located in Germany)
  • Australia

If you are in one of those areas be sure to order from the local iRocker store so that you can save on shipping and Duty costs. Their distribution centers ship from the above local centers. 


Below are some common FAQ’s that I get about the Nautical paddle boards. 

Whats The Difference Between IRocker, Blackfin And The Nautical Series?

The main difference between the iRocker and Blackfin lines compared to the Nautical is the price and the construction of the boards. The Nautical is considered the more budget-friendly board compared to the other two. 

In terms of materials, the Nautical is made of a dual-layer PVC while the iRocker/ Blackfin series are made of triple-layered PVC for more protection.

What Are The Main Differences Between Nautical Boards And Amazon/ Big Box Retailer Boards?

The main differences between Amazon boards and Nautical SUPs is the construction and accessory compatibility. 

The Nautical is made of a stronger dual-layer PVC construction while the vast majority of inflatable boards from Amazon and big box retailers use single-layer PVC. The double-layer PVC construction allows the board to be more durable and rigid.

The Nautical also has more compatibility with add-on accessories like phone holders, go pro holders, cup holders, and even single rod holders. The 6 rows of bungee deck webbing also give you more options in terms of what to put on your boards for onboard storage. 

Why Does The Nautical Have A 2-Year Warranty While The Irocker SUPs Have A 3-Year Warranty?

The iRocker and Blackfin boards have a longer warranty because of the materials used in their designs. They are made of either dual laminated fusion PVC or triple layer PVC compared to the double layered PVC which is a less durable material in the long run. 

How Do You Inflate The IRocker Nautical Paddle Board?

nautical inflate

There are two ways to inflate the iRocker Nautical paddle board. You can either use an electric pump or you can pump it with the manual pump that the board comes with.

Open the cap to the valve, place the pump hose onto the valve (Must be a Halkey Roberts Adaptor), and twist it on. Make sure the pin on the valve is up! The hose should lock on. Next, it’s time to start pumping! If you have an electric pump I usually like to set the PSI level to about 15. Set it a PSI or two lower if it’s really hot out. 

How Do You Roll A Nautical Paddle Board?

One of the first things you should observe when you get the SUP is how the manufacturer rolls their boards and mark down the fold lines with a temporary marker. The fold starts at the tail of the board. The folding is a lot easier when you use the electric pump to deflate the board. 

You can either fold the board into squares or you can roll it up. Both rolling styles seem to fit in the provided bag

Similar Paddle Board Manufacturers

Below are similar paddle boarding manufacturers that sell similar products to the Nautical brand.

Gili SUP

The Gili line that is most compared to with the Nautical is the Gili Air Series. And in my opinion it is one of the most comparable. The Gili Air series also features 10’6” and 11’6” beginner boards that are accessory adaptable and have a good amount of deck webbing. The Air series comes in at about a pound lighter but only has a 1-year warranty compared to the 2 that iRocker carries on their Nautical boards. 

BOTE Board

The most comparable board to the Nautical series from BOTE is the WULF Aero and Breeze Aero which are meant to be BOTE’s Wulf Aero. The Wulf Aero comes in one size at 10’4” which is about 2” smaller than the Nautical 10’6” which makes the WULF slightly more maneuverable. 

The Breeze Aero comes in 11’6” and 10’8” variations. The Breeze Aero comes in 12 different variations that come with different compatibilities and sizes. One of the compatibilities that some of the Breeze models have is the MAGNEPOD technology which is a magnetic device in the board that keeps metallic cups in place without having to worry about tipping over.