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In this Nixy Newport Review, I will be going over my full experience with the Nixy Newport G4. I have spent over 40 hours paddling this board all Spring/ Summer and Fall and have paddled it in lots of different locations.

This board has been used in everything from my first rough water test in White Rock to the calm lakes of Bunzen and Sastmat lakes. It’s also had to battle against tides, waves, and rocky estuaries.

It’s safe to say I’ve put this board through the full grind. So if you are looking for an honest review that has a lot of miles put in you’ve come to the right place. 

Before I begin this review I do want to state that Nixy sent me this board for an unbiased review in the spring of 2021. So while I actually do like a lot of things about this board I will also not shy away from things that I think they can improve on

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How did it fair? I’ll give you a little hint, it was rated as the Editors Choice on the Best Inflatable Paddle Boards list. Let’s get into it!

What Did we Think of the Nixy Newport G4 SUP?

The Nixy Newport G4 has been one of my favorite all around SUPs. Years after testing this Newport G4 it is still one of my favorites thanks to its on-water perfomance and accessorie package. Out of all the boards we’ve tested this has been perhaps the most thouroughly tested board so we have a few insights to share from these findings.

We found this board to be one of the best all around SUPs to date because there is no area that is truly detracted from this board. It manages to blend stability, speed, manueverability and tracking very well and the boards design is very well though out.

The Accessories package is also one of the best offered by an inflatable paddle board company. The paddle is one of the lightest, the bag is one of the most comfy and well thought out from a design perspective. One thing we do wish was that the Newport followed what other board companies are doing which is including an electric pump in the package.

Read on as well detail one of our most trusted and tested SUPs!

Nixy Newport Review Ratings

Nixy Newport G4 Pic

Below is how I Rated the Nixy Newport G4 model. Click the Links below to jump to each section.

Total Score: 8.8 /10 (Average of Below Numbers)


  • Great on-water maneuverability
  • The board is well Thought out and designed
  • Great customer satisfaction ratings
  • Customer service is very responsive
  • Tracks very well for a 33” wide board
  • Accessories that come with board are high quality 
  • The bag is one of the best in the business
  • Ability to customize the board with M8 Mounts
  • A good amount of storage room on the front and rear of the board
  • Price point is reasonable 
  • Its Speed and glide impressed me
  • Board has held up well over the year with few blemishes
  • Stable on Calm waters
  • Great board that can evolve with your skill level


  • Outline of deck pad could use some work (glue came off a portion that contours the D rings) 
  • Play in the board makes it a bit more unsteady in wavey waters
  • Price could be a tad too high for what a beginner wants to spend
  • Bag could be too bulky for those wanting to go on a hike

Who Should be Using the Nixy Newport?

The Nixy Newport is an All-Around board so it can be used for many different paddlers. However, it mostly caters to paddlers that are in the beginner – Intermediate skill range

The SUP is ideal for smaller to medium-sized paddlers. I am on the taller spectrum and the Newport feels fairly stable for me. The difficulties lie in more difficult wavey conditions. 

The way I like to think of it is that the Nixy Newport is a great Paddle Board that you can grow with. Meaning as your skillset improves you will still find the Newport series useful to you for a variety of different SUP Activities

Is the Nixy Newport Good for Beginners?

Yes, the Nixy Newport can be a great board for beginners. 

I felt that this board was fantastic to paddle in very calm conditions like in small to medium-sized lakes. But was a bit more tricky when bigger waves were put into the equation. We go through this more in-depth below. 

But if you want a super stable paddleboard that feels like you are standing on a stable platform. You may want to look at wider/ longer models of Nixy Paddle Boards like the Venice or Monterey paddleboards

What SUP Activities can the Nixy Newport Be Used For?

The Newport G4 can be used for a variety of different uses. Some activities that I thought the Newport G4 would be good for include. 

Recreational Paddling

The Newport G4 is an excellent candidate for recreational paddling in many different environments and waterscapes. This is what I usually use my G4 for

The board has ample bungee deck room storage at the front and the rear which means you can go paddling for hours and be able to bring most of the supplies you would need like snacks, water, and sunscreen. I also bring a smaller cooler that I strap to the back of the board when I’m out for hours.

SUP Fishing

The Newport G4 is more than ample for fishing in calm lake conditions. The board has 5 M8 action brackets which means you can screw in the Nixy Rod Holder accessory as well as things like action cameras, regular cameras, or phones. 

I would recommend this for casual/ recreational fishermen though. If you are (or in many cases think you are) a pro with lots of fishing equipment it’s best to upgrade to something like the Monterey SUP

Kayak Hybrid

Just because you are SUPing doesn’t mean that you are regulated to just standing! In rougher water conditions I have no problem sitting while paddling. I have actually just ordered the Nixy kayak Seat and Kayak Paddle to further optimize this set-up. I’ll update you on how this goes. 

Nixy Newport On-Water Performance

The Newport definitely did not disappoint when it came to On-Water Performance. In fact in several areas, it actually surpassed my expectations.

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Total On-Water Score8.58.0
Stability Score8 /108.3
Tracking Score8.5 /107.8
Speed Score8 /107.7
Manueverability Score9 /108.1
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested


The Nixy Newport is a good beginner board to learn on for calm water environments like small to medium-sized lakes. The board was easy enough to stand up and kneel down on. For beginners, I would suggest you start in these environments, to begin with. 

Where things got a little bit more tricky was in more wavey conditions. Because this board has a good amount of play (movement from leaning side to side) waves can change the dynamics of the movement. This as a result can cause those initial unsteady twitches that can cause you to fall off the board. 

When I first tried the board it was in very wavey/ windy conditions and I had a tough time standing up on it. So I just knelt.  To be honest I probably should not have been out there but I was just too excited to try the board out!

Editors Note


One of the things that surprised me most about this board was the tracking ability (ability to paddle in a straight line). The Newport is a bit on the wider end of All Around Paddle Boards because of its 33” width. My first thought would be that it would impact the board’s tracking ability. But as soon as I climbed on and paddled in calm water this definitely was not the case.

Tracking FactorPaddle StrokesAverage Paddle Strokes (All Around)
Paddle Strokes
To Keep Straight Course
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

The Newport features 3 fins, 1 center 9” fin followed by two 5” side fins. These fins are one of the major reasons why it tracks so well. As the above video points out. It takes like 6 strokes on one side for you to start seeing some turning movement.

Another thing that helps it track is the board’s streamlined teardrop shape. The board’s front rocker also allows the water to gently flow off to each side of the board which helps its hydrodynamics. 


Another thing I highly underestimated was the board’s glide. Once you get up to a certain speed you can paddle at a respectable pace. For comparison’s sake, I was more than able to keep up to my friend who has an iRocker All-Around 11 board. 

Of course don’t expect to show up to a SUP race and win with this board, because you are not going to. But then again this board is not built for speed as it has to sacrifice some of that for stability and maneuverability to make it an all-around board.


One of the big pluses with this board was its maneuverability. Because it’s 10’6” it can get the best of both worlds when it comes to give/ take for tracking and maneuvering. 

Doing sweep strokes while standing felt very stable all the way throughout in calm water.  You could also do subtle little turns be paddling where the middle of the board is when at a standstill. 

Editors Note
Paddle StrokesAverage Paddle Strokes (All Around SUP’s)
Paddle Strokes for Reverse Sweep Stroke44.2
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

The smooth maneuverability of the board is thanks in part to its thinner profiled tail. I noticed when I tried a sweep stroke on bigger boards like the All-Around 11 I got a bit more kickback towards the end of the stroke. This was partially because of the longer profile but I also believe it has to do with the profile of the tail. The All-Around 11 has a more square tail which is made more for tracking and less for maneuverability.

Nixy Newport Specifications Deconstructed

  • Type of Board: All Around
  • Length: 10’6”
  • Width: 33”
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Volume: 300 L 
  • Weight: 21 Lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 300 Lbs
Rating FactorScoreAverage Score (All Around)
Construction Score9 /108.3
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

Below we will (figuratively) take apart the board and explain exactly what this board and its accessories have to offer. The Newport is made of fusion layered drop stitch material. This means that the board has 2 PVC layers fused together into a single layer in a glueless single shot process. This makes the Newport lightweight at 21 pounds while making it more durable for bumps and bruises. 

The Newport also has Carbon Side Rail technology. These carbon side rails allow the sides of the board to be more rigid which in turn makes the board feel more stable. This also allows the board to keep its shape so that it does not sag. Keeping the Newport SUP profile to be sleek and hydrodynamic while paddling.

Newport SUP Profile

The Nixy Newport is a bit of a hybrid between the longboard and surfboard shape. The nose is slightly pointed while the tail is more pointed compared to other All-Around board models like the iRocker All Around series

The pointed Newport tail gives the board some extra play compared to boards that have a more square tail. This allows you to maneuver better in the water and make pivot turns easier when at a standstill.

The Newport G4 has a bit of rocker to it as well that allows it to absorb smaller to medium-sized waves while giving you a bit of a surfing option as well. 

I was a little bit skeptical of its tracking ability because its width is an inch wider but it was a very pleasant surprise. I even found that the tracking on this board was better than my off-brand touring board I bought years back. This was in large part thanks to the shape of the board and the fins. More on that below!

What’s on the Deck

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Board Features Score8.58.1
Deck Pad Score8.5 /108.3
D-Rings Score8 /108
Deck Webbing Score8 /108.1
Action Mounts Score9 /107.8
Handle Score8.5 /108.2
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

The Nixy Newport G4 comes with a wide variety of features and is in my opinion one of the better All-Around boards when it comes to onboard accessories. 

The Newport Deckpad

I liked the Newport deckpad that came with the board. The little grooves on the board help ensure that water does not flood the deck when the waves hit, It allows water to drain off which is a nice feature. In terms of paddling comfort, the deck pad is comfortable enough to stand on for hours. It’s also pretty good for kneeling

This was after over 12 uses

The one thing that I’m not as big of a fan of is the shape of the deck pad. When Nixy inserts their D Rings the deck pad is forced to go around it. I found when folding the board the glue came off one of the areas that contoured the D rings. 

It was just a small area so it was by no means a deal-breaker but I did not find this problem with the iRocker boards. This is because their deck pad does not have any curvature like Nixy’s do.

Newport D Rings

On the Nixy Website they state that they have 16 D rings but from my count on the board the Newport has 14

  • D Ring on the Nose (for towing)
  • 4 D Rings on the front Deck
  • 2 on the middle (for their kayak seat)
  • 6 on the rear (for bigger gear)
  • 1 on the tail (for a SUP Leash)

Deck Bungees

The Newport is an ample All-Around Choice to haul some gear for a few hours of day paddling. The maximum capacity is 300 lbs so you won’t be able to haul as much gear as the iRocker All-Around 11 board. However, at least on my day paddles, I find it’s more than necessary for 

Nixy Rear
Item idea for rear cargo netting
  • My Sandals
  • A Small cooler
  • Water Proof Speaker\
  • 2 Water Bottles
  • Sunscreen
  • Dry bag/ Day bag

After I load the board with this gear I feel that I start running out of bungee room. I’m sure if I rearrange some things around I could fit more things. But I definitely noticed that my friend’s iRocker All-Around 11 board had more storage and weight capacity. 

Nixy M8 Action Mounts

The Newport comes with 5 action mounts. 

  • 2 on the front of the board 
  • 2 at the rear
  • 1 on the tail of the board

What you place on them is entirely up to you! But 5 action mounts is above average to most all-around boards.

These action mounts are compatible with other Nixy accessories such as phone holders, action camera holders, single rod holders as well as camera mounts. I do wish Nixy made a cup holder as I particularly liked the one my friend had with his iRocker set-up. 

Nixy Handles

Ohh Hey there!

The Newport features handles on the front, rear, and middle of the board which I thought were good placements. The front and rear handles are good for handling the board around in knee-deep water or on the sand. Although I don’t recommend dragging it on the ground too often as this can wear the board’s material out after a while.

The middle handle is one of the more comfortable SUP’s I’ve carried as it is covered with a neoprene cover. This type of thing is something you don’t appreciate until you try other SUPs that just have something like a nylon handle that digs into your hands. 

The Newport’s 21-pound weight also makes it easy to carry, even for longer distances where you have to walk a few hundred meters to get to the water. 

Paddle Holder

This was the one accessory whose placement I thought was a bit odd. When you are on the board the paddle holder is partially submerged in the water. I personally don’t want to keep my paddle in the water and would prefer it to be dry. I also thought that they should not have used white bungee deck lacing for it as it is the part most exposed to the elements.

When I paddle I often find myself hitting the paddle holder (I like to keep my paddle strokes close to the board for tracking reasons). I also never use it. I usually wedge my paddle to the front deck lacing because it’s easier to access that way. But fishermen might like it more.

Newport SUP Accessories

Rating FactorScoreAverage SUP Score
(All Around Boards)
Accessories Score9 /107.9
Backpack Score9 /108.1
Paddle Score9 /107.8
Pump Score9 /107.6
Fin Score9.5 /108.1
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

One of the things I was most impressed with was the accessories that came with the Nixy Newport. 

One of the most common things that I see ISUP manufacturers do is skimp out on accessories. Only to give you an uncomfortable bag that’s nearly impossible to pack back inside. Fortunately, this is not the case for Nixy as they take care of their customers in that respect. 

Nixy Backpack

The Nixy bag is the most comfortable and spacious SUP bag that I have come across so far. Yes it’s a bit bulky and is on the heavier side. But if you ask me I’d much rather have a bulky bag that you can fit everything into easily. 

The bag comes with a spacious front pocket where you can put anything from PFD’s to dry bags, speakers, and just about anything small to medium-sized you need. 

One of the most ingenious things about the backpack is that it has paddle holders on the side. This saves you A TON of space inside so that you can nearly fit your board and pump inside without a lot of hassle. 

Sometimes it can be a bit tough to fit the blades into the side pockets but it usually works itself out after some shuffling. There are two clips on either side of the bag to help keep the paddle in place as well so they are not flopping around. 

One of the things that can completely put a damper on any SUP trip is trying to fiddle with the board and accessories and somehow putting it all back. I had this trouble, especially with the Serenelife boards. Thankfully with this bag, you have plenty of room for both the board and the pump as well as little pockets inside the bag for the fins. 

Last but not least my favorite part is the 3 wheels! This is a great feature for those who have to walk a ways to get to the water. The wheels work on grass and cement/ paved areas. 

The bag itself is comfortable to carry on your back although I wouldn’t recommend this for a hiking backpack as the wheels add weight to the bag. If traveling is important to you look at the Huntington Ultra-Compact package by Nixy and save on luggage fees!

The Nixy Paddle

I’ve grown to become quite fond of this paddle as it has even displaced my old carbon paddle to be my go-to. The paddle itself is a carbon-fiber hybrid that weighs 1.54 pounds. It can be adjusted from 67” to 84” in length so it can fit most paddlers’ height requirements. 

The things I liked most about the paddle are that it floats and it has a comfortable T grip for your hands. It is also easy to adjust on the fly by just a leaver lift and a slight adjustment. 

The Nixy typhoon Hand Pump

Out of all the manual SUP pumps I’ve tried, I liked this one the most. Although it has to be said I hate almost all manual SUP pumps. That’s why I decided to get an electric pump to save my back. You may shrug it off for now but eventually, chances are you will be in the same boat! 

The Typhoon pump is a 3 stage progression pump. What that means is there’s an adjusting knob that you can set for the pump to distribute maximum air pressure (3 stage) to minimum (1 stage). When you first start out you start at the 3 stage level to help distribute the maximum air pressure to the board. As it gets more difficult to pump (usually at about 8 PSI) you can switch to the 2 stage to finally the minimum 1 stage at about 10 + PSI. This will make pumping easier.

The pump also features a pressure gauge as well as handles that screw out. While I appreciate that they are trying to make the SUP pump more compact I wish the handles would fold down instead because it saves you the trouble of digging through the pockets looking for those handles. Very very minor complaint though.

Nixy Fins

I am a big fan of these fins. Not only are they made of solid material (not cheap plastic) but all 3 of them are also FCS Universal which means that you can swap fin setups and use fins that are not just exclusive to NIXY. 

I also love how these fins are tool-less. They all have screws already attached to them that you can screw in. While they may take a tad bit longer than the snap-in fins that iRocker has, I’d gladly take the slightly slower installation time to be able to install whatever fins I please to improve the performance of the board. 

Nixy SUP Leash

The Nixy Leash is comfortable to wear and I also find that it’s not uncomfortable. I also very much appreciate the fact that the base has a swivel as often the leash can get all tangled up. 

Nixy Newport Set-Up/ Take Down

The setup of the Newport G4 was pretty straightforward. Unpack the bag, roll the board out and inflate. I have inflated my Newport multiple times with both the provided manual pump and an electric pump. 

Surprisingly, pumping the board manually actually took less time. But it also took way more effort and in my mind, I’d much rather trade that bit of time you save for the pumping effort expended. 

Rating FactorScoreAverage Score (All Around)
Set-Up/ Take-Down Score9 /108.2
Average Score is based on data base of SUP’s we’ve Tested

I’ve inflated the board from the ranges of 10 PSI to 15. Nixy recommends you fill this board to 15 PSI. You can definitely feel subtle differences in the stability when it’s inflated to 15. This is because the board is more rigid at 15 which means you get less drag which gives you a bit more performance by stroke. In my mind, it’s best to stick to the manufacturer-recommended 15 PSI.

Install the fins and whatever accessories you want to add and you are off!

Coming back from the water and packing it all up is also a pretty straightforward process. One of the biggest differences between the Newport and the Other boards is the placement of the valve. You will notice that 90% of paddle boards have their valve on the back of the boards so that you can start rolling it up from the front. But the Nixy valve is on the nose of the board

I thought this was a rather interesting placement as now you have to start folding the board up from the fins area. I wasn’t sure how this would play out at first but it definitely works. It also makes the board flatter by folding it from the back as you have to have a fold line between the side and rear center fin.

The end result was a flatter deflated board. This also gives you more room in the bag to place the manual pump without having to battle and wrestle the bag as Stever Irwin did with his crocodiles (RIP). 

About Nixy Sports

The Nixy brand was founded in 2015 after the family was fairly disappointed with the SUP options available in the market. So they opted to create their own high-quality SUPs. The company is run by Ale and Nicolas Artigas in southern LA.

Nixy Sports Warranty and Return Policy

The Nixy Newport comes with a 30 day return policy on all Nixy products. The Nixy boards come with a 2 year limited warranty on their boards for manufacturing defects. It should be noted, however, that their accessories only come with a one-year warranty. 

What Customers Think

Of the companies we reviewed, the Nixy Newport had one of the best ratings when it came to customer service for ISUP manufacturers. Some even took the time to write on Nixy’s Facebook Page being appreciative of their friendly customer service and fast shipping times

A lot of the positive Amazon reviews come from experienced paddlers who were looking for something lightweight, portable and rigid. It’s usually a sign of a good make when veteran paddlers give your board 5-star reviews.

The most common complaints I found were actually more directed at 2019 and previous models in regards to the fin system. The complaints were mainly that it’s easy to lose the screw/ washer when installing the fin. Nixy has since fixed that blemish and have used screw-in fins. the screw is already attached to the fin so there are no tools required!

Where to Buy the Nixy Newport Boards

You can purchase the Nixy Newport Boards on their website or on Nixy is mainly an American brand that ships mainly from the USA. So if you live outside of that (like me in Canada) then you will have to pay extra for shipping. In my case, it’s around $75 shipping from LA to Vancouver British Columbia. 

If you live in other countries it’s best to use Amazon associated with your country as there is more than a good chance they will have a Newport on there. Go to the Amazon link above to see if the Newport is available in your country. 

Comparable Brands

Below are some SUP Brands that are comparable to the Nixy Newport series.

iRocker 11 All-Around 

The iRocker All-Around 11 may not be as direct a comparable as say the iRocker Cruiser is but this is a board I have had a lot of experience with. It also is a good comparison to see how a 10’6” compares to an 11’. Overall the differences were not vastly different from each other but little things like tracking and glide I found to be a bit better with the All Around 11 while maneuverability and play favored the Nixy Newport

You can see the Detailed iRocker All Around 11 Review here.

Gili Komodo

Gili in many ways has very similar ideologies to their boards as Nixy does so it only makes sense to compare their 10’6” board with the Newports. It features the same weight, thickness, length and width as the Newport but differs in its board profile and its volume is 75 Liters less.  The profile of the Gili is a bit wider and the curves are slighter than the Newport giving it less play but more stability in the water. 

You can see the Detailed Komodo 10’6″ Review here.

Should You Get the Nixy Newport G4?

This would be a firm yes from me. After spending over 40 hours on it I can say that it is still my favorite All-Around SUP I have paddled to date. 

If you are a beginner who wants room to grow and the ability to do other activities like fishing, light touring on the board then the Nixy Newport is probably one of the best options out there.

The Newport also has a very high rating in terms of customer satisfaction both with the board and customer service/ shipping time with the company. Having dealt with them in the past I can confirm that they were responsive to a few of my requests and shipping to Vancouver was only about a week for me. 

Got a Newport? What did you think?

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